Wish you were here

I wake up, horny, wishing you were in bed with me, my mind wanders, as does my hand.
I have just woken up. I'm lying in the big comfy bed, the sun is shining in through the windows, warming my naked skin.

Everyone else is away, somewhere, I don't know, but here I am all alone and I can't get you out of my mind. The conversation we had last night keeps going round and round in my head. You turn me on so much, I tingle when I remember some of the things you said, the way you said them.

I'm generally pretty horny in the mornings anyway, but that chat made me feel so hot, made me ache for you. I need to feel your touch, your skin against mine.
'Stroking as you type'? Fuck, I wish you were here in bed with me right now. I'd love a long, leisurely screw with you right now.

As I remember of some of the things you wrote it gets me so hot and the thought of you stroking, well, it does something to me...

I'd love for you to be spooning with me now, kissing my neck, your body a perfect fit into mine. Your hands running up and down my side. Only half awake, able to give ourselves over completely to pleasure.

You know how I love having my neck kissed, I am horny as fuck. I squirm lazily under your touch, breathing a little faster than before, feeling my face flush.

You slide a hand round, cupping my breast and you hear me quietly gasp as you brush against a nipple. You take it between your fingers, gently rolling it, I gasp again and push my arse back towards you. You're already so close, all I can feel is your huge erection at my back. Fuck, yes, I need you inside me, pronto!

I slide my hand down my front, over my belly and between my thighs.
My middle finger goes straight to the tiny valley where my clit nestles. Only ever so slightly moist. I press my finger a little harder, running over my clit and deep between my lips, ah, there it is. I am slick, ready. I run my finger back and forth, distributing the viscous moisture. Now I really am ready. I bring my finger up to my neck and you suck it, tasting me and I hear you inhale sharply, your approval obvious as I feel you push against me.

You're kissing my neck, caressing my nipple and gently grinding at my back. I arch my back and bend my knees and suddenly your cock is in just the right place. You've slid into me before you know it and it feels fucking good. I moan at the feeling of you, so rigid, pushing inside me. It's just what I needed, wanted, imagined.

I push my ass back and you begin to slowly screw me. Long leisurely thrusts, our breathing in time with the movements.

Fuck, I want you so much right now.

I love the feeling as you fuck me, so close behind me, so very intimate. I turn towards you, my back lying flat on the bed as you slowly pump into me. I twist round, bring my upper leg over your upper hip, my lower leg sliding between yours. All the time, you're still fucking me.

So now I'm almost at right angles to you, I put my hands under your knee, between my legs and pull it towards me, fuck fuck fuck, so fucking deep, oh god oh god.

Because your cock is sliding into me sideways, it means you're hitting a g spot and I start to cum almost straight away, long and hard. I'm panting. moaning, lost in my own little world, with you, the only other inhabitant.

Seeing me climax so quickly surprises you into cumming too, my hands still gripping your knee, you cum hard and deep, feeling my muscles so tight around you, contracting, squeezing.

I release my grip on you and you slow down, the last of your cum lazily oozing as the last of my orgasm pulses through me.

I wish, I really wish it could happen. I've imagined it so many times. Surely, if it's this amazing in the virtual world it would be a million times better in real life. Is that even possible?

Holy shit, I've gotten myself into quite a state thinking about it. I need to make myself cum now before I get up.

Wish you were here...
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