My Girlfriend and Her Daughters p1

After years of sexual fantasies, his wishes finally cum true.

I’ve been dating a gorgeous brunette for about six years now. Her name is Robin and she is very sexy, has a great figure and a super personality. We get along great and we really accent each others personalities. I am deeply in love with this woman as we both near the age of forty.

Robin is about five feet six inches tall, long jet black hair wavy hair down to the middle of her back, gorgeous steel blue eyes and she has a body to die for. Her breasts are a magnificent 35C with these dark nipples that really get puffy when she’s aroused. She always has a dark tan so the pale white globes of tit flesh capped by those dark nipples looks very erotic.

Her legs are very long and sexy but what I like most is her perfect heart shaped ass. My cock hardens every time I gaze upon that sweet butt of hers and she knows it as she teases me all the time. Seeing her sweet pussy from behind as she bends over is a sight to behold. Robin looks a lot like Kate Beckinsale, only she is hotter than the actress in my opinion.

Robin is divorced and for the past six years, I have helped her raise her two daughters who are now 16 and 18 years old. When I met her they were only ten and twelve so I watched these two grow up to be very sexy young ladies. Over the years, I’ve watched them develop into young women, watching their hips widen and develop very sexy curves, their breasts went from nothing to full and sexy handfuls teenage breasts.

I love Robin very much so I’ve always kept my i****tuous secrets to myself and never spoke of my relationships with my gorgeous s****r, my sexy aunt and my sweet teenage niece. I worked very hard at maintaining a proper relationship with her daughters over the years, mostly by living separately apart from them. I spend many nights, mostly weekends with them, but I have my own house and during the week, I go home to my own bed.

Her daughter Rebecca, Becky, is the oldest and is a near splitting image of her mother. For me, she looks like a younger teenage version of my girlfriend. Becky stands about five feet five inches tall, shoulder length wavy jet black hair, sexy pert little 34C cup up-turned breasts and a perfect sweet little butt which is near as perfect as her mother’s. She too tans easily, as she sports a very dark tan and sexy tan lines.

Over the past two years, Becky has driven me wild with lust and has been the fantasy of many of my orgasms, sometimes while thrusting my thick swollen cock deep inside her mother’s tight wet pussy. She dresses very sexy around the house in front of me, giving me a constant hard-on. I try hard to hide it from Robin but I think she knows what her daughter is doing to me as I’ve caught her sexy “what are looking at” smile.

The constant parading around the house in short shorts, bikini tops and bottoms, or even in her sexy sheer panties, causes my cock to swell and throb. One time she was wearing a pair of sheer white laced panties and I could see her dark pussy hair through it. I thought I could also see her sweet little pussy lips but I couldn’t be sure. Needless to say, my cock was stone hard in seconds as Becky giggled as she walked by me.

Now to make things even worse, the younger one, Kimberly, is starting to follow her older s****r’s lead, wearing sexy attire but Kimmie has walked into the bathroom on me showering and one time while I was trying to piss with a morning hard-on. She was wearing only a pair of sexy blue panties and a loose t-shirt exposing her sexy mid drift. My eyes gazed at her smooth belly with the sexy vee her abs formed down to her little pussy mound.

My cock is a good seven inches long but when hard, it’s very thick. She just gasped as she looked at my thick cock throbbing in my hand as she backed out of the bathroom. I was floored but I quickly locked the door and jerked off thinking about the sexy little girl who was just standing before me. Sometimes I feel they both are doing this as some master scheme to tease me into a heart attack or something.

Kimmie is a sweet little package of young teenage beauty. She stands about five feet two inches tall, also has shoulder length jet black hair but she has very sexy blue-green eyes like mine. Her body is still developing but is about as sexy as a 16 year old could be. She always gives me these hot sexy little looks with pouty lips to get her way with me, which always seems to work.

It was a warm August Saturday morning, around 9am, when I stood up from Robin’s bed and I admired her perfect nude body. I gazed upon her sexy globes of perfect butt flesh and long legs as she lay on her stomach. I could see her pussy mound between her legs and began thinking of our hot sex session the night before. My cock hardened inside my loose fitting grey shorts as I turned and headed towards the bathroom for my morning piss and to relieve my morning woody.

I went down the hall to the bathroom and relieved myself. To my surprise, with my thoughts of Robin’s sexy body, my cock stayed semi-hard as I started back to our bedroom. As I walked down the hall, I approached the laundry room and I could hear someone doing laundry.

I looked inside and got quite a shock, standing there in only a pair of sheer yellow bikini boy shorts and matching bra was Becky. She was on her toes putting detergent into the washer and turning it on. I gazed lustfully at her sweet sexy bikini clad ass inside those very erotic and sexy looking panties. My cock instantly swelled to full mast at the sight of her sexy butt.

“Oh hi Rob.” She said as she turned, looking down at the huge tent in my shorts.

“Are you feeling ok there?” Becky said as looked up into my eyes and smiled.

“Good morning honey. Shouldn’t you have some clothes on there young lady?” I asked.

“Oh I thought I could slip in here without you catching me. Do you like me in this color?” she asked teasingly.

Just like her mother, Becky always has a deep dark tan so the yellow looked extremely sexy against the dark tan and her sexy white tan lines. I was lost in a lustful trance as I took in every inch of her sweet teenage body. My cock was throbbing madly, pre-cum formed a small wet spot on the front of my shorts.

I could see her sexy dark nipples, again like her mother’s, all swollen and puffy looking, straining to be set free from the confines of her tight fitting bra. As my gaze passed down over her smooth tanned abs, following the curves of her hips until I looked at the sheer yellow material covering her sweet teenage pussy mound. As I gazed upon her sexy pussy, I could see a small wet spot forming.

“Yes Becky, you look very sexy in yellow.” I moaned out softly, bringing a smile to her lips.

“I really like how smooth and sexy the material feels.” She said as she cupped her breasts and pushed them together creating a gorgeous deep cleavage for my lustful view.

“Hmmmm yes, very nice indeed.” I moaned out between gasps of air as this young lady sexy body took my breath away.

“Come here Rob, feel this and see how soft it is.” She said as she reached down to the elastic band just above her pussy mound and pulled it out for my touch.

My hand trembled with excitement as I reached forward. My mind said, what the fuck are you doing but my throbbing cock won out as I touched the material, my hand only an inch from her teenage pussy mound. I could feel her heat, smell her excitement as her hand covered mine, pressing it into her panties to touch her moist pussy.

My fingers probed and felt her heat, her wetness as I slid my fingers up and down her opening. Her hips pushed forward against my fingers, forcing her labia open as my fingers passed up and down lightly. As my thumb flicked over her swollen clit, she moaned out softly.

“Ummm yes Rob, that feels sooooooo good!” she moaned softly.

“God honey, I can’t believe we’re doing this. What if your mother catches us?” I panted out as I pressed her back against the vibrating washing machine.

“Come on Rob, after the loud sex you guys had last night, she’ll sl**p for hours yet.” Becky replied.

She was right, after over two hours of fucking and sucking last night, Robin always took a long peaceful sl**p. My mind drifted to seeing Robin riding my cock last night in a hot reverse cowgirl position. I loved to what her sexy ass, her pussy mound from behind as my thick cock spread her open, gliding in and out of her tight cunt.

As I fingered Becky’s young pussy with my right hand, she tilted her head back as I lowered my lips to hers. She whimpered softly into my mouth as I chased her tongue with mine. My left hand reached around her back and unclasped the sexy yellow laced bra. Her gorgeous tits fell free as the bra dropped to the floor.

Her breasts were absolutely perfect up-turned cones of white flesh capped by large swollen dark puffy nipples, smaller than her mother’s but very sexy in their own way. She moaned again into my mouth as I pressed a finger into her tight wet cunt. Her hips were undulating against my hand as I cupped her pussy mound, sliding a finger teasingly in and out of her pussy.

She leaned her head back, moaning softly as I leaned forward, taking her swollen left nipple between my lips. Holding it between my lips, I softly flicked my tongue across the erect bud atop those soft young breasts all the while still fingering her hot wet pussy inside her panties.

“Ummm yessssssssss, I love my nipples sucked.” She moaned softly.

I moved to her right breast, giving it the same soft caresses, then back to the left again. Her moans were becoming louder as her juices flowed even more. Just like her mother, her pussy got extremely wet as her sexual excitement increased. She was grinding her mound into my hand, harder and harder as her moans increased.

“Oh yes, oh god yes, ummmmmm that feels so good.” She kept moaning.

With the washing machine gyrating and vibrating behind her, I knelt down before her and slid her soaking wet panties down over her smooth sexy teenage legs. I could smell the strong aroma of musk from her arousal as her gorgeous pale white pussy mound came into view. Her pussy was glistening with her sweet teenage juices.

I couldn’t believe how much her pussy looked like her mother’s. She had a jet black racing stripe just like mom with a tight looking labia and her swollen clit protruding just above her opening. I spread her pussy lips open, gazing upon her pink glistening inner flesh as she whimpered and moaned softly.

“God Becky, your pussy is gorgeous just like your mother’s.” I moaned out as I cupped her soft butt flesh, picked her up and sat her on the cold metal of the vibrating washer.

“Oh, that’s cold!” she said in shock smiling.

“You’ll soon forget that.” I said as I positioned her long legs over my shoulders and looked closely at her perfect little wet pussy mound.

I moved my nose close to her pussy and took a whiff of her sweet musk. My cock was stretching my shorts as it was rock solid by now. I flicked my tongue softly, teasingly as I licked her juices up and down her open pussy lips. I traced a soft trail of her juices mixed with my saliva down to insides of each of her knees and then gliding back up to the folds of her slick pussy.

I teased her over and over again until my tongue finally grazed her swollen clit. She jumped at my touch, pressing her mound into my lips as she tried to f***e more of her aroused love button between my lips. I laid my tongue flat as I slowly passed up and over her erect clit. I then took my tongue and traced the point all around her throbbing clitty.

“Oh my fucking god, ummmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss!” she moaned out.

As I licked Becky’s pussy for all my worth, over and over, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, her moans were getting louder and louder. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands pulling down my shorts, freeing my throbbing cock. As I looked down between my legs, I got the shock of my life as there sat a naked little girl, between my legs, looking up at me as she grabbed my huge swollen cock with her little hands.

“Kimmie, what are you doing?” I asked her.

“I want some of this too, please Rob.” Kimmie pleaded.

Looking up into my eyes, I watched as Kimmie guided my hard thick cock head toward her mouth. She closed her eyes as her soft lips parted, gliding my huge purple cock head into her hot wet mouth. What a sight as I moaned out in lust as I was now having sex with both of Robin’s gorgeous teenage daughters.

While Kimmie was sucking my throbbing shaft, I went back to work on Becky’s sweet tasting young pussy. As I licked and sucked softly on her clit, I enjoyed the tongue lashing Kimmie was giving my hard thick cock. Although not as experienced at giving head as her mother, the taboo nature of this sex was driving me wild with lust. My deep sexual desire for Robin’s two daughters was now becoming a reality.

I was lavishing Becky’s sweet pussy as her s****r Kimmie sucked my swollen shaft. As her soft little lips gliding up and down my rod, the swollen cock head slipped into her mouth over and over. I was getting close to cumming as was my sweet Becky.

“Becky, get on the floor on all fours. I want to fuck you from behind.”

She quickly slipped off the washer and positioned herself like I asked. The soft carpet on her knees as Kimmie sat next to her. I was very surprised at what happened next. Kimmie moved up, laid on the floor in front of her s****r and spread her legs.

“Oh yes Becky, lick my pussy, ummmm yessssssssss!” Kimmie moaned out.

God this was so fucking hot, I was about to slide my thick cock into my girlfriends gorgeous little 18 year old daughter while she sucked her 16 year old s****r’s pussy. My cock throbbed in my hand, feeling very heavy as I knelt behind Becky to guide my cock into her entrance.

As I pressed my huge swollen cock head against Becky’s pussy, spreading her open, she moaned hard into her s****r’s young pussy. Kimmie’s face was flushed, eyes closed as her s****r licked her teenage cunt. Kimmie’s pussy was lightly covered with hair but was completely soaked with her juices and her s****r’s saliva.

“Ohhhhh yes Rob, fuck me!” Becky pleaded.

My cock spread her tight young pussy open as I slowly pressed forward. On my knees I watched her perfect little ass as I pulled her slowly backwards driving my cock deeper and deeper. Finally her soft butt flesh touched my thighs as my cock was buried inside her to the hilt. I held her there on my shaft, feeling the tightness of her young hot pussy, enjoying every second of hot taboo pleasure.

I started a slow teasing fucking motion, so slow Becky was begging me to fuck her faster. I slowly increased the speed, until we had a good driving rhythm going as I pressed forward on each inward thrust. I would change the angle of my thrust, hitting new nerve endings inside her tight cunt, causing her to moan into her s****r’s pussy.

I watched in desire as Kimmie moaned and whimpered as her s****r licked and sucked her throbbing clit between her lips. She lifted her hips, pressing her mound harder into Becky’s mouth. Her hands were pulling her swollen nipples and cupping her small breasts as her s****r sucked her clit hard between her lips.

“Oh yes Bec, you know just how to lick my pussy.” Kimmie moaned out.

Hearing Kimmie say that as my sexual excitement built as I imagined those two sexy teenage bodies thrashing each others pussies in a 69 position. I began to drive my hard cock harder into Becky’s pussy, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Her soft butt flesh was slapping into my thighs as her mouth and tongue lashed up and down her s****r’s sweet erect clit.

We continued fucking and Becky licking as all three of us neared orgasm. What we didn’t know was that Robin heard the noise of our love making and walked down the hall toward the laundry room. Upon looking around the corner, she was first going to yell for us to stop but she found herself suddenly excited as her juices quickly began to flow.

Robin’s knees trembled as her fingers went inside her panties and rubbed her swollen clit. Her nipples swelled and pushed against the material of her t-shirt as she watched her boyfriend fucking her oldest daughter doggie style. Her left hand moved up under her tee and cupped her breast, tweaking her hard nipple between her fingertips. She found watching this taking place was very arousing.

“Oh my, oh my God, I’m cumming!” Becky moaned as her orgasm swept over her body.

At the same time, Kimmie squeezed her s****r’s head between her legs and began to shudder all over as her orgasm began. Watching those two sexy teenagers in the throws of orgasm was too much to bear. I pulled my cock out of Becky’s tight pussy, laid it between her soft butt flesh and began to shoot off.

My first load shot clear up her back, a thick white hot rope of cum shot over her left shoulder and landed on Kimmie’s right breast. The second huge spurt of hot cum landed in the middle of her back, near her shoulder blades. The third, fourth and fifth loads covered her sexy white globes of butt flesh.

I had never cum so hard in my life, never shot a load of cum so far as I could remember. My head was spinning as I panting out, enjoying the intense sexual pleasure of finally fucking Robin’s sexy daughter, Becky. I watched as Kimmie looked into my eyes and spread my cum with her fingers, rubbing her swollen nipple with my juices.

As Robin watched her daughter cum, she thrashed feverishly at her clit until she trembled and shuddered with an orgasm of her own. Leaning back against the hallway wall, she panted hard as she couldn’t believe how hot and aroused she became watching her boyfriend have sex with her sweet young daughters.

As the waves of pleasure from her orgasm passed, she slipped off her t-shirt and slid her wet panties down her long tanned legs, naked, she moved back into the laundry room doorway and said, “Are you three having fun?”

We all turned and looked at her, standing there completely nude in the doorway. The girls looked at there mother’s sexy body and I could see both their eyes twinkle with lust. I stood up and moved over to Robin, my semi-hard cock still covered in her daughter’s juices as she reached out and began to stroke my cock.

As I looked lovingly deep into her eyes, my cock hardening between her fingers as we embraced and kissed passionately. Our tongues chasing each other as my hand reached around and cupped her perfect little globes of butt flesh. Her hand glided up and down my slick juice covered cock.

She looked over my shoulder at her sexy little daughters and said, “You two care to join us?” as we turned and headed back to her king size bed.

I could hear the girls rustling behind us as we all headed to the master bedroom. As I watched Robin’s gorgeous ass sway from side to side in front of me, I turned around to see both daughters holding hands walking behind me. Smiling from ear to ear, knowing they finally trapped me and got their way.

What happened next warrants a story of all by itself so stay tuned as I watched mother and both daughters lick each other to orgasms all at once. My cock hardens to a solid rod as I remember and write this down for all to read and hopefully enjoy in their own way

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2 years ago
Hot Story, cant wait for the next installment
3 years ago
good till the 16 year old came in
3 years ago
very good