Finally! Summer!

Finally! Summer! For me, that has two meanings. School is over, I’m back from college. Finally, I get to lounge by the pool and relax for three months. Also, my baby s****r is named Summer. At 19, Summer had perfect long, blonde hair hanging down just past her shoulders. Her body had developed during my first year of college, so my summer break that year was quite a shock. When I left, she was a 5’6” gangly 16 year old girl with a pretty face. When I came back, she was still the same height, now age 17, but it seemed as though she was all legs. Her ass seemed to be sculpted by Michelangelo. Her flat stomach led up to full, firm C-cup breasts. Above that was her porcelain face. Such delicate features that formed a beautiful angelic face. The kind of face that intimated innocence, but a body that screamed sex.

Anyway, that summer was a wake up call for me. All along, my relationship with my s****r was that of normal siblings. We fought and bickered, but mostly for fun. We got along really well. Well, about as well as two siblings only a year apart from each other could. That summer, I became more protective over her. The typical big b*****r, not letting anyone touch his baby s****r. She seemed appreciative of it, and we grew closer. That was a few years ago. Over time, I realized my protective instincts were growing into feelings of jealousy and envy when she was with another guy. I noticed that the girls I dated at school looked like Summer, but they could never live up to her. Finally, I resigned myself to the fact that I was in love with my baby s****r.

Back to this summer. I pulled into the driveway and, as soon as I got out of the car, I was attacked by a swarm of flying blonde hair. My s****r literally flew at me and engulfed me in a hug. We hadn’t seen each other in about 6 months. God, she felt good against me. I held her tight and gave her a b*****rly kiss on the top of her forehead. She smiled cutely up at me and kissed my cheek.

As per usual, the both of us were kept up late by various questions by our parents. Studies, friends, boy/girlfriends, humorous anecdotes, the usual stuff. Finally, before we went to bed, they told us that we were going camping this weekend. There was a big trip with several families from my dad’s work. His boss, my dad, and several other associates would be joining us on out week long camping trip in the Catskills. There were a total of seven families. Summer was ecstatic at the news, I was less than thrilled. There had been several company gatherings that we had been f***ed to go to. They were hell for me. Four of the seven families had sons that were Summer’s age, and they doted on her. Anything she wanted, they gladly did. She was waited on hand and foot, and I hated that she enjoyed the attention. Summer loved it.

Fast forward to Thursday night, and there we were in the car. My s****r was asl**p, my parents discussing plans for the week, and me, sitting stoic in the back with my headphones in, letting my music calm my nerves. After the two and a half hours of driving, we finally arrived. As usual, my s****r and I set up our tent, my parents set up theirs and we waited for the rest of the families to arrive. As I had anticipated, Summer was soon the center of attention. Sodas, sandwiches, s’mores, anything she wanted was gladly brought to her without hesitation. She would bat her eyes, smile cutely, spending her time flirting with the hoard of boys surrounding her. It made me sick to my stomach. The entire night, this was how it went.

Finally, the day ended and it was just me and my s****r in the tent together.

“Do you really have to do that all day? You know I hate it.”

“What, with the guys? I’m not gonna do anything with them, I just enjoy the attention. It’s nice to have people paying attention to me, competing over me.”

“I understand that, believe me, I do. But their just gawking at you non-stop. Tell me that doesn’t get annoying.”

“Maybe a little, but it’s cute.”

“It’s sickening”

“Is someone jealous?” She just could resist taking a shot at me.

I sidestepped the question, not wanting to answer truthfully. “Summer, you know I’m protective of you. I just don’t want to see you get hurt, or taken advantage of.”

“I know, and it’s sweet of you, but I’m a big girl, and I can handle it.”

“I know. But you’re my little s****r, and I love you.”

“I love you too.” She gave me a hug and turned away, back into her sl**ping bag. I slept poorly that night, dreading the coming week and every guy ogling my s****r non-stop.

Although, this year, there seemed to be some silver lining. Apparently, there was a new f****y coming, one we hadn’t met in the previous company gatherings. Their car pulled up, and my eyes were glued to door. Out stepped a gorgeous 20 year old girl. Her hair was chestnut brown, her bust a firm D cup, her waist almost non-existent and her ass, well, it was incredible. Although completely smitten by my s****r, I couldn’t help but notice how hot she was. I knew I would never try anything with her. It would just seem like cheating to me. Even though I wasn’t actually with my s****r, it didn’t feel right to pursue another girl when I was already in love. But that didn’t mean I wouldn’t fuck with her head.

While all the guys were paying attention to my s****r, I decided to greet the newcomer, show her around the campsite and see how my s****r would react. The plan, in theory was perfect, but the execution could not have been worse. As soon as she stepped from the car, the four guys surrounding my s****r bolted to her, taking her bags, pitching her tent, and acting like love-sick puppies. My s****r was crestfallen. I watched her walk away, her head down, just looking at her shoes.

Momentarily, I was happy. The guys had finally left my s****r alone. But then I looked at her. She was slumped over, and her chest was heaving. She was sobbing, and no one seemed to notice her. Instantly I felt like the biggest ass on the planet. I watched her walk away, noticing where she went. I knew she would need her space at first, then want a shoulder to cry on. I waited about 15 minutes, maybe the longest 15 of my life, then walked after her. She was sitting on a rock overlooking the lake. Had she not been so upset, she would have been looking at a gorgeous sunset over a placid lake. I walked up to her and simply sat next to her on the rock. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t need to.

She just scooted closer to me and hugged me close to her. Her head in my shoulder, her tears being soaked up by my shirt. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed away her tears until she was no longer crying, lust hugging me. I knew better than to say anything. If she wanted to talk, she would say something. 15 minutes passed before she did.

She looked up at me, her eyes bl**dshot, but the brilliant green still shining through. “Am I pretty?”

“No. You’re gorgeous s*s. Beautiful even. Everything about you is perfect. Your hair, your angelic face, your body. And, you’re sweet, funny, smart. s*s, don’t doubt yourself. You’re absolutely perfect.”

“But…but then why did everyone go after what’s her face?”

“Guys are stupid s*s. Sometimes, they just don’t see how perfect someone truly is. She’s pretty, I’m not going to deny that. But you, s*s, you are just perfect. The type of girl anyone would be lucky to have. What every guy wants, but what some are just too blind to see.”

She stared into my eyes, seeing through me as only she could do. She flashed with indecision, and leaned slightly forward, as if unsure of what she wanted. I knew that this was my only chance. I took it. I leaned forward and kissed her. My lips tentatively moving against hers. It lasted only a few seconds, but it was by far the best kiss of my life. We backed away from each other, both of us unable to say anything. She just looked at me, her mind turning, trying to decide if she should give into her lust, or if she should walk away.

I leaned into her again, this time passing my her lips, and kissing her jaw line, up to her ear. “Summer, I love you. Everything about you. For me, there is no other girl, and there never will be as long as you are mine.”

She didn’t respond. She wrapped me in the tightest embrace I’ve ever felt. She loosened her grip and finally spoke. “So you love me? Come catch me and you can have me.”

As fast as possible, with reflexes that could only belong to an athlete she spun away from our hug and ran towards the lake, ripping of article of clothing after article of clothing until she was down to just her panties as she waded into the water. I shook my head to get out of my trance, and I ran after her, shucking my clothes as well. Completely naked, and the beach littered with clothing, I swam out to my s****r. My strong, powerful strokes reached her quickly, enabling me to clutch her near naked body to my skin. “Oh no! The big, strong man has me! How will I ever free myself?”

“Oh little lady. I don’t think that’s going to happen. You’re trapped in my clutches, you’re never getting free.” As I hold her from behind, my naked cock pressed into her panty-covered ass. I planted kisses along her neck, my hands tickling her stomach as I do, slowly rising up to cup her firm breasts.

She leaned her head back over my shoulder and kissed me softly. “Well, maybe I don’t want to get free, maybe I want to just be here.” As she finished speaking, she removed her hands from under the water and handed me her panties. She ground her bare ass against my hard cock, then turned to face me. “In fact, here is exactly where I want to be.” She locked her hands behind my neck and jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist. She kissed me deeply as I stood in the water. My arms encircled her holding her tight to me as we kissed. She broke the kiss and whispered into my ear, “Take me, now. I want you to be my first and only.”

I kissed my s****r passionately again, then reached down and grasped my manhood in my hand. She leaned back and, under the water, I pushed inside her, causing her to moan out in pain and pleasure. Tiny red droplets could be seen in the clear water. I held my baby s****r close to me, still buried inside her, waiting for her to be ok. She looked at me, tears in her eyes and nodded. My hands on her ass, I slowly started to saw in and out of her. My lips locked against hers, her body pressed against mine. Slowly, we made love, the gently waves we were creating emanating from the one point in the lake, slowly rebounding to gently lap against our bodies. Summer’s grunts of pain soon changes to groans of pleasure that were trapped in my mouth. Her nails dug into my back as she clenched and squeezed again and again. As she came, I came with her, depositing my seed inside her over and over again, filling her up until some of it floated to the surface of the pond.

Exhausted, both of us waded out to the shore, where we lay on our backs, letting the grass cushion us. Still naked, I had my arm around my s****r as she lay on my chest. My hands ran through her hair, hers circling on my stomach. She dipped down lower and lower until she was fondling my balls. She turned her head, and instead on laying on me, she began to kiss my chest, then down my stomach and to the head of my cock. Still flaccid, she took the entire length into her mouth and started sucking, causing my cock to grow, filling her mouth completely. She happily kept on sucking, bobbing her head up and down, finishing off with a lick up the length. She climbed on top of me. “Well, what do you know, you’re hard again!” With that, she lowered her pussy slowly onto my rock hard cock, and, inch by inch, filled herself up. “Mmm, I am never going to get tired of this feeling. Now hold still big b*****r, let me take care of you.” She leaned down and rested her hands on my chest, her tits dangling down, the slightest sway to them. Slowly she started to grind on my cock, then started to bounce. Her tits followed her every move, bouncing with her, tantalizing me. She got faster and moved to get me deeper inside her. With every bounce, she caused me to bottom out, impaling her completely. She leaned down further, letting her tits drag against my face. Happily I took a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it gently as she ground herself on my cock. Her moans in the night air like music to my ears. I let go of her tits, and she lay on top of me, her breasts pressed against my chest. She kissed me with a passion neither of us have never felt. As soon as the kiss ended, she came and came. Biting my shoulder to stop from screaming, she drenched my legs in her cum. Spent, she rolled off of me, her eyes still focused on me. They traveled down to my cock. She pouted. “You didn’t cum.”

“You can still fix that.”

She beamed again. Her lips covered my shaft, inhaling it and pressing it down her throat, bobbing furiously on my cock. Her spit flying everywhere, her tongue swiping over every inch. “Nice and wet, now let’s see, what to do with this cock.” She smiled at me, her eyes on me, her hands on her tits. She played with her nipples, then spread her tits and wrapped them around my cock. Holding them together around my cock, she began to suck on the head as I tit-fucked her.

“Fuck, Summer, I’m gonna cum.” She started sucking harder, bouncing her tits faster. I let loose, blasting in her mouth, rope after rope. She swallowed all of it, letting it pool over her tongue then flow down her throat. “God, I fucking love you.”

“I love you too big b*o, more than you know.” With that, we gathered our clothes and headed to our tent. We slept peacefully, me spooning against her, my hand gently covering her tits.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
That was amazing!! I'd love to have a relationship like that with my sister! Really hope that there will be more to this story
3 years ago
Great start!
3 years ago
very nice story