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I am 45. I am a gym teacher at a high school. I like my job because I get to look at hot cheerleaders all day. There was this one cheerleader who was so hot!!! her name was Katilyn. She had brown hair and huge tits.

There was another cheerleader. She was blonde and man she was hot. Her name was Cassie. Her tits were even bigger than kaitlyns, and very juicy. But all the cheerleaders were hot.

One day my daughter Emily wanted to try out for the cheerleaders. I told her she could but she would have to try out with a different gym teacher or people would think I was unfair.

She tried out with Bill, the other gym teacher. I watched through a hole in the wall.

My daughter tried her best, but Bill wasn't sure she was good enough.

“I think you need more practice Emily.”

“But I really want to be a cheerleader!” she said.

“Maybe we could work something out!” he said. Oh my god, he was blackmailing my daughter. I started to go in there and kick his ass but then my daughter took her top off!

“I really, really want to be a cheerleader! I will do anything you say!” she said.

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Bill ran up to her and started squeezing her huge tits. I felt my cock get hard and was ashamed. This is my daughter!!!

Bill played her tits for a long time and my daughter began to moan.

“Let me suck your cock!” Emily said and got on her knees.

Bill unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It was huge! At least 10 inches long and as big a round as Emilys arm.

Emily said “Oh my god! And put the vein covered tube of meat down her throat. She took the whole thing and didn't even gag. I was amazed and shocked. Where did my daughter learn to deepthroat like that?

Bill started to fuck her throat with his massive dick. Emilys eyes were watering but she didn't gag.

After a few minutes Bill told her to stand up and turn around. She got up and did what he said.

Bill lifter her skirt up and pulled her panties down. He then stuck his huge cock in my daughters pussy!

“Oh bill!” she said as he fucked her for a long time.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH Bill!!!! Emily screamed as she began to have an orgasm.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!” Bill said. He took his cock out of her and let the come go all over my daughters ass.

“You can be a cheerleader now. You are the best fuck ever!”

“Thanks Bill” my daughter said. She pulled her panties up and left.

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I drove home so I would be there before Emily. She came in the door carrying a bag with her new cheerleader outfit.

While she was in the bathroom I snuck and took the panty part of the outfit and hid them under the couch.

When Emily got out out of the bathrrom, I told her to put her outfit on and show me some cheers.

She took it to the bathroom and put it on and came back out to the living room in her outfit.

“I couldn't find the panty part.” she said.

“That's ok, just show me some cheers.” I said.

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She began to do cheers and jump around. I could see her pussy every time she jumped. My cock was getting hard. This is my daughter! I was so ashamed.

After her last cheer she did the splits. I could see her pussy wide open.

“I saw you and Bill today!” I said.

“Oh no! Daddy, I'm sorry. He made me do it!”

“He did not. I saw the whole thing.” I said.

“I.....I'm sorry daddy, I really wanted to be a cheerleader. Please don't punish me!”

“I have to Emily. Come over here.” I said. I took my cock out and told her to get on her knees.

“You are my dad! I can't!” she screamed.

“Suck it or I will have you kicked off the cheerleader team!”

“Ok” she said and put her mouth on my cock. My cock is about 9 inches long. She deepthroated me for a long time, until I thought I was going to come.

“Stand on your hands and spread your legs. I want to eat that young pussy” I said.

She did as I told her. Her body made a T when she did the splits while she stood on her hands.

I bent over and lapped her pussy like a cat.

“Oh daddy!” she moaned.

After a long time, she said her arms were tired so I told her sit on my cock. I forgot to say that I laid on the floor before I said that.

She mounted me and fucked me like a pro. She had done this before. I mean before Bill even.

[Boring shit]

The phone rang so I got up. It was my wife. She was coming home and wanted me to help her carry the grosheries in. I said ok and went back to fucking my daughter.

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My daughter got back on my cock on the couch.

“We have to hurry, your moms almost home!”

“Ok daddy” she said and started fucking me faster.

Just then my wife came in the door.

“I asked you to help me.......what are you to doing?”

“I'm sorry, mommy, daddy told me he had to punish me!”

My wife saw our daughters pussy and licked her lips.

“Thats ok, Emily. I think your daddy is right!”

My wife threw her clothes off and joined us. We moved to the floor. I was eating my wifess pussy, she was eating my daughter pussy and my daughter was sucking my cock on the floor as we made a big triangle and ate each other for a long time.

Suddenly, we all three started to orgasm.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!” we all said at the same time.

We then realized that we were all moaning and no one was eating eachother any more.

“Wait, Emily, you keep sucking me, and your mother will keep eating you while I orgasm.”

“Ok” they both said.


I exploded with the best orgasm I've ever had. My daughter swallowed every drop as I come at least a gallon down her throat.

“Ok, Emily, now you orgasm.” I said as I started to eat my wife again.


Then my wife started to orgasm.

“AAAAHHHH!” she sighed. It was the best orgasm she had ever had. She told me that later that night.

We all laid there sweating and exausted.

“I love you!” Emily said. She hugged us both.

“We loved you too!” we said.

“Let's do this every night!” she said with a smile.

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