My Teacher Teaches Me Anal

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It had been weeks since Mr. Denton had spanked and fucked me. I had put it from my

mind. He had showed no further interest in me and I had stayed out of trouble for the

most part. I had a new boyfriend, and one afternoon we were fucking behind the stairs

in the basement of the gym. He had is hand in my bra and was fucking me really hard.

I couldn't stop my moans of pleasure. He was grunting and thrusting into my wet cunt

and almost ready to cum. Suddenly I heard a sound. I looked up and Mr. Denton was

standing there watching me get fucked. Andy didn't hear him and shot his cum all over

my back.

Mr. Denton spoke, "Andrew get your ass back to class NOW!"

He zipped up and ran off, leaving me to face Mr. Denton. Mr. Denton didn't say a word.

He handed me some tissues and I cleaned off my back, I scurried to get dressed and I

started to walk away. Then I heard the words I both dreaded and looked forward to.

"Delilah, see me after school."

At then end of the day, I was nervous and at the same time my pussy was already

throbbing in anticipation of Mr. Denton's punishment. He wasted no time at all. He

locked his classroom door and told me to strip naked. Nervously I obeyed, hoping not

to give him a reason to spank me.

He looked me over from head to toe. He said, "You are so fucking hot, and yet you are

such a little whore. Do you just give that little pussy to anyone?"

"He's my boyfriend," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Well, I will have to teach you another lesson. This one you will NEVER forget. I want

you to get on your knees and suck my cock. Suck it like you did Andy's."

I dropped to my knees and undid his pants. I took his thick cock out and sucked the

head of it into my mouth. I got it very wet and slippery, and started taking more and

more into my mouth. His hands grabbed the back of my hair and he guided my

movements. I sucked slow and deep in and out for a while. His thrusts became more

frantic, and he shoved my face down on his cock, all the way down. He held my throat

there while he shot a hot load of cum in my mouth.

"You little bitch, you made me cum too fast," he yelled at me. "You are gonna pay for

that. Tell me princess, have you ever let a boy fuck your ass?"

"NO I practically stuttered, I don't want to either." My pussy started tingling in

anticipation though as I thought about how nasty and slutty that would be.

He said in a sweet voice, "Lay across my lap, sweetie. I want to stroke your ass."

I did, and he rubbed and squeezed my ass. He fingered my pussy and played with my

ass cheeks until I was squirming in pleasure. He pushed his finger into my tight

asshole, and I gasped and tried to pull away. It felt so strange.

"NO, hold still," he said firmly.

He started sliding his finger in and out of my ass, and I tried to squirm away again. My

ass tightened up against him, and I decided I wasn't sure if I liked it. My pussy told a

different story though. It was wet and throbbing.

Suddenly he stood up. "Delilah, You WILL let me fuck your sweet ass, and I will punish

you for being a slut."

I said, "No way, I am done with that." My eyes told a different story, and I licked my lips

in anticipation.

"Now I know your daddy," he said, "he would be very angry if I let this type of behavior

continue. He thinks you are an angel. You would hate it if he found out you were fucking

your boyfriend in the stairwell like a common street tramp, wouldn't you?"

My eyes widened. I knew I was defeated. I was getting so wet that my juices were

spreading over my thighs and even my ass crack.

He laid me back on his desk and licked my clit until I was so hot I couldn't stand it. He

bent me over the desk and licked my ass cheeks. His hands spread my ass cheeks

apart and he tongued my tight asshole, making me squirm and moan. He started

tongue fucking my ass. Then he lubed up his cock and started to slide it into my tight

asshole. It was too BIG. I knew it wasn't going to fit. I bucked away from him. He held

me down firmly. He pushed harder until the head of his cock was lodged in my tight

asshole. I couldn't take it. It was just too weird. I clenched my ass cheeks together and

pulled away hard. His cock slipped out.

"Bitch I said hold still, or your daddy is going to know what kind of whore his daughter


Then he took off his belt. My eyes were huge. My heart was pounding in excitement.

Was he going to use that on me?

He held me down over the desk, and doubled the belt up. SMACK, the first hit on my

bare ass burned like fire. I moaned. He started hitting me with the belt harder and

faster. Raising welts on my ass. I couldn't stop the tears of pain, yet my sweet pussy

was getting wetter by the moment. He was saying things as he hit my ass each time.

"You will take my cock in your ass! You will let me fuck that tight ass till I cum. I own you

now, you little slut."

After 20 hard hits with the belt, I was crazed with pain and lust. I begged him to stop. I

begged him to fuck my ass.

"Tell me slut. Tell me you are a whore and you want my cock up your ass."

I couldn't help it. I had never wanted anything more. I said it. "I'm a nasty whore and I

want you to fuck me in the ass with your hard cock."

He squeezed my burning ass. I moaned in pleasure and pain. He smacked it lightly

and said to me, "Reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me baby."

I did as I was told. He lubed his cock up again, and, slipped a lubed finger up my ass.

Then he pushed his cock inside slowly. I started to tighten up again, and he slapped

my already sore ass hard. I f***ed myself to relax. He started pushing in and out

slowly, sliding it in more each time.

Soon he was buried balls deep in my hot, tight asshole. He started thrusting in and out,

slowly at first then picking up speed. I had never felt anything like that. He told me to

finger my clit while he fucked my ass. I obeyed him. He started JAMMING into my

asshole. Harder and faster. It was painful, yet the most exciting thing ever. I was

screaming in pleasure and he shouted loudly as his balls began to tighten.

I screamed, "Fuck MY ass."

He fucked it harder and harder...suddenly he gave a shout and blew his hot load into

my tight asshole. He kept thrusting for a few minutes. Then he pulled out of my ass,

and spread it apart....I could feel it gaping open. He snapped a picture with his camera


"That's for insurance. Your ass is mine from now on. I catch you fucking another guy

again I send this to everyone."

I promised to only fuck him for awhile. No one else could make me cum that hard

anyway. I went home with a throbbing ass outside and in. It made me so hot, I

masturbated with my vibrator and came six times.

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3 years ago
damn good start to some fun fantasies!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
so very hot
3 years ago
Enjoyed your story