Something New

I walked out through the front door of my work building, and looked up for a moment to

admire the tall skysc****r directly across the road. It was one of many buildings

commonly associated with my city. I hailed a cab and, as I told the driver the location of

my apartment, scanned the streets to gather in all the people. They were all different,

each with different stories, different ideas, different lives. It was part of the grandeur of

New York, and the unpredictability was one of the main reasons my wife Jasmine and I

had moved here. Everything was spontaneous and exciting and new. That is, except

for our love life.

We had made love many times, perhaps too many times, and while it was great, it was

repetitive. The same positions every time. The same gentle rocking, the same face-to

-face tongue twisting, and the same pulling out to ejaculate on her stomach. Her pussy

was tight, her breasts were luscious, and her face was beautiful. But something had

changed since our first time. It was too predictable. Something had to happen.

Something fun. Something new. Something different. Change.

I paid the cab driver and hopped out. I had never considered cheating on my gorgeous

wife, but I did know that I was becoming bored with our love-making. The night before,

however, I had made plans to surprise her.

I walked in and she was already home. She was wearing a short, light-blue skirt and

sitting in a very unlady-like fashion watching the news. She looked up to me as she

clicked off the television. My eyes immediately shot down to look between her opened

legs and saw that she was wearing a black thong. She looked me in the eyes.

"Hello, Jonathan," she said with a smile, spreading her legs slightly to allow me a

better view.

"Come here," I said with a grin, and she got up and walked to me with an intentionally

overt swivel of her hips in each step. When she reached no more than a foot away

from me, I put my hands on her waste and pulled her close, meeting her lips with a

passionate kiss. She gently bit my bottom lip and pulled, then let go.

"Turn around, baby..." I whispered in her ear. She turned as she pulled her shirt over

her head and threw it on the floor, and I immediately unfastened her bra, allowing her

incredible tits to spill out. With my left hand, I began to roll her already hard nipple

between my fingers while my right hand slowly slid down her belly. I ran my hand over

her pussy through her skirt, and then lifted her skirt to reach down her panties.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned as I rubbed my finger over her clit, "that feels so good...." I slid

my fingers down and found her pussy. I inserted the tip of a finger while my palm

continued to rub her clit. I gently inserted the finger fully, and then removed it.

"Let's go...." I said, letting my whole hand slide over her clit as I pulled my hand away

and lead her to the bedroom. I pulled down her thong and threw it aside. She crawled

onto the bed and faced toward the head of the bed.

"Close your eyes," I said, bending her down, and she laid her head on the pillow. I

lifted her skirt above her ass and crawled off the bed to grab a bottle of lotion I had

bought the night before. I stood for a moment to admire her ass. She had her thighs

pinched together and her ass sticking up, and her pussy was clearly visible.

She giggled at the sound of my belt coming off, and when I was fully undressed, I

began to crawl onto the bed. She heard me coming and arched her back, popping her

ass up into the air. I took the cap off the bottom and squeezed it into my hands. As I

dropped my hands on her ass, her head shot up and she looked back.

"What's that?" she looked and saw the bottle on the bed next to me, "Oooohh, kinky!"

She gave me a wicked grin, and then laid her head back down, closing her eyes. My

hands ran all over her, from her shoulders to her tits to her ass and to her thighs. When

she was covered in oil, I inserted a finger into her pussy, and she let off a light sigh. I

wiggled my finger around as I rubbed the oil onto my cock. Then, as I pulled it out, I did

something she didn't expect.

I grabbed her hips and suddenly thrust my erect cock about an inch into her ass.

"What the F--!!" She let out a slight squeel as her head shot up. "What are you doing!!'

"Oh my God...." She whispered, turning back to look, wide-eyed, and began to push

her ass back, swallowing my cock.

"Oh my God!" She yelled, exhaling heavily as she dropped her face back into the

pillow. I slid my hands from her hips to her ass, and started to softly squeeze.

"That's... Uuuuhnnn.... That's amazing.... start... slllloooowwwwllllyyy..." She took in a

sudden breath and exhaled with a deep moan. She grabbed and pulled on the sheets,

and I saw her biting her bottom lip. Her face had a look of ecstacy.


I wasted no time, and slowly rocked back and forth as per her request. Each time I

pushed into her, she held her breath and bit hard on her bottom lip, and each time I

drew back, she opened her mouth and let out a sigh of pleasure. I slid my cock inside

her ass fully to the hilt, and kept it there as I reached around and grabbed her tits.

"Baby, it's so tight.... Does it feel good?"

Her breaths were short and quick, and she took a moment to reply, but she was able.

"Ye-ye-yessss..." she hissed, and I slid back, allowing my hands to run along her sides

to her hips.

"Go faster!" she pleaded, reaching down and violently rubbing her clit. Who was I to

not oblige this lovely lady? I gained speed, and she let out moans every time I

slammed my hips against her ass.

"FUCK! Why didn't we try this sooner!? It feels sooo-ooo-ooo good!" she moaned.

She got into it, pushing her hips back and forth to make the fucking faster and harder.

She let off a squeel each time I filled her. She looked back and into my eyes with a

very serious face.

"Don't stop for anything. FUCK ME! As hard as you can!" she put her face back into

the pillow and stopped rubbing her clit, grabbing onto the sheets and tugging hard.

She rocked her ass back and forth violently, and there was a loud slapping noise each

time our hips collided, and she screamed:

"Oh my fucking God! Can girls cum like this? This is AMAZING! FUCK! It feels so

fucking GOOD, THE WAY IT SLIDES IN AND OUT OF MY ASS!! I think I'm going to

have an orgasm... FUCK! I'm going to cum... OOHHH!!"

"Baby... I'm gonna cum..... I need to pull it out," I said.

"Fuck that! Uuuhhhh.... I don't care! Just... just cum inside! Squirt it into my ass.... Oh

my God! I... I...." she couldn't finish what she was saying, and she started convulsing,

and her ass cheeks were shaking violently, and her asshole tightened around my cock,

and her head was up, and she was screaming as she came, and I couldn't hold any

longer, and I did what she wanted, and I shoved it in as deep as I could, and my cock

convulsed, and it was ready to release the largest load I'd ever had, and I shot squirt

after squirt of cum deep inside of her ass, and it was incredible, and we were both in


Her orgasm lasted longer than mine, and she collapsed onto the bed, laying flat, and I

kept my cock inside.

"Let me enjoy it.... Keep it in...." she said, and I kept sliding it in and out until she was

finally finished, and my cock was soft inside her as I pulled it out and rolled off to the

side. She turned to face me.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you," I replied, giving her a kiss on the lips. Then, we both closed our eyes and

fell asl**p.

Now THAT, Goddamnit, was something new.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Wow A what a good story.LoL and well written, as always. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Nicely written... and preformed!! :)