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My First Anal Experience…
He looked at me lovingly… “Do you trust me Mara?”

“Yeah…” I nodded.

“I’ll be gentle baby, very gentle.” He kissed my forehead.

I was scared, but I trusted him. I believed he loved me, and I loved him. Mario had

been trying to perform anal sex on me for a while now; I wouldn’t let him. I didn’t

understand his fascination with my ass. He told me he would pick me up at school the

next day, early in the morning; and we would drive to a nice secluded spot. I couldn’t

sl**p that night, thinking and wondering what it would feel like. Would it hurt? Would I

like it? Would he like it? Where was he taking me? I was going crazy.

It was February 2004. Kind of cold in Arizona; I didn’t know where we were going but I

decided to wear a short black dress just a couple of inches below my mound of Venus,

knee high black high heel leather boots, and a long black leather jacket. My long black

hair was straight and silky, my skin tanned and soft, my lips full and ready. I didn’t

bother to wear panties or a bra. I knew I wouldn’t need them. I took one last look in the

mirror before I left, I was anxious but I looked HOT!

“Where the fuck are you going dressed like that?!” My older b*****r asked me.

I looked at him and without missing a beat I said “To school duh!”

“Right, I’m taking you then” He replied.

He’s so silly, but fuck it if he wanted to take me he could it wasn’t going to mess up my

plans. We drove in silence, and as we pulled up to the school my heart began to beat

so fast I felt like my b*****r could feel it. I got off and pretended to walk into the school.

I waited a couple of minutes and walked back out. Right away I noticed Mario’s pearl

Escalade. I sashayed over to him. He got off and opened the passenger door for me.

“You look lovely today Mara.”


We made small talk while he drove, I asked him several times where he was taking

me but he refused to say. We drove for a good hour and a half, I wasn’t really paying

attention to the road tough; I kept looking at him, so handsome, the fine lines on his

face told a story. A story I was desperate to know. His warm smile made me feel fuzzy

inside, his clear eyes made me trust him, and his calm voice made me forget who he

really was; a married man that lured me into a fantasy world, a world where I was free

and blissful. We finally reached our destination; Saguaro Lake . Yeah, in February ---

there were a couple of cars there, all apparently doing the same thing we were about

to do. We drove to a secluded spot and talked for a while.

“Well Mara, you want to get off and walk around, or just get in the back seat?”

“Let’s walk, I feel trapped in here”

We got off and walked towards the water, holding hands. He asked me about school,

and boys, typical teenage stuff. We walked and talked for a while, until we reached a

picnic spot, surrounded by trees and far away from the parking lots. We sat down and

immediately started to kiss; his lips were so warm and soft. My knees buckled, and I

sunk into his chest. I liked to lean on him, his broad chest made me feel small and

protected. Our tongues explored our mouths, and soon we were slurping each others

saliva. We moved closer, and closer until I was on top of him; gyrating my hips on his

harden manhood. I was getting so hot I removed my jacket and threw it on the floor. His

hands caress my body, and brought me closer to him; I could feel his heart beat

against my chest, his breath shallow, and his dick jumpy. I can feel it flicker against my

swollen pussy, like a caged a****l just begging to be released.

“Suck my dick babe” Mario whimpers.

I stand up, grab my jacket and place it on the floor right under him. I get on my knees

and gently bite his penis through his pants. His hands are in my hair now, his eyes

glaze over me, the unmistakable smell of pre cum fills my nose… My mouth waters... I

unbutton his pants and lower his zipper, my little hand releases his caged monster,

and it jumps and throbs proudly. I take it and slurp the pre cum right off his tiny slit, then

lick around the glans, and down the shaft. I lick my luscious lips, and guide his head to

them. As his penis penetrates my mouth a loud groan escapes his, he loves it when I

give him head. With half of his erect penis in my mouth I flicker my tongue against it,

sending shivers down his spine. My right hand reaches under him to caress his balls,

while my left hand glides up and down his shaft, and my head bobbles up and down on

his cock. I look up at him and give him my best “naughty school girl” look, and he

groans even louder. Both of his hands pushing down on my head. Forcing me to take

all of him into my mouth and into the back of my throat. My eyes water, I fight back the

urge to vomit, I can feel him pulsate inside my mouth, and I know he’s close…

“Ughhh hmmm damn..!”

He lets go of me, his cum dripping from my mouth… I try my best to save all of it, to

keep it in my mouth savoring it, before I swallow. His hand reaches out to me. His

finger wipes the side of my lips and penetrates my mouth. I suckle on it for a while,

looking up at him, I need him, and he knows it. He reaches down and pulls me up,

pulling me closer to him. He picks me up, I wrap my legs around him as we walk

around the bench and he lays me on the table. My legs spread, my lips glistening, so

wet, so needy, so hot. He reaches down and gently spanks my pussy.

“Uhmm yes daddy.”

“You like that babe?”


“I brought something for you and I know you’re going to love it.”

He reaches into his pocked and pulls out a pink bullet, places it gently on my clit, and

turns it on. Oh my, the vibrations are strong; I can feel them deep inside me. With his

left hand he holds the bullet in place, and guides his right index fingers inside me. My

pussy tightens around his finger, my orgasm is close he can feel it. He grabs his dick

and rams it into my pussy, it hurts a little, but the pleasure is greater. He fucks me hard,

and I cum on him. He keeps fucking me, and I keep cumming, my legs are numb, my

body is shaking, and I want MORE!

“Are you ready?”


He pulls out of my sloppy pussy, and rubs his head against my ass. He pulls a small

bottle of lubricant from his pocket and asks me to hold the bullet in place while he

lathers my ass up and of course his self. The lubricant feels thick, cold and gooey; but

he swears it’ll make it easier on both of us. Once he’s done he spreads my ass

cheeks, and places his head on my tight hole. I’m nervous my body’s shaking. He

looks at me lovingly and says: “relax” and I do.

His dick pushes into me, and I fell like he’s ripping me apart. It slides down; he groans,

he’s frustrated and he tries again. This time the head makes it in, and my ass is on

fire, I can feel the tears growing in my eyes. He stops, leans down and kisses me for a

while, I rub my clit vigorously with the bullet. I start to forget about his head in my ass.

He pushes in a little further, and my tears flow.

“Are you ok?” he asks.

“Yeah” I lie.

He pushes a little more, and now he’s halfway in. My tears are flowing, but I refuse to

look at him, he asks me again if I’m okay, and again I lie, I want to make him feel good.

I don’t want him to hate me. He pushes further into me, and starts fucking my ass. I’m

crying now, sobbing and hurting. He doesn’t ask me if I’m ok anymore, he knows I will

be. I’m a big girl, I can take it. My ass feels like its being torn, his dick feels like a razor

blade inside me. My head slides back and I see a couple walking by the water, holding

hands, being happy. I want that! I want to be happy, I want him to love me, so I let him

fuck me, I let him use me, I let him abuse me; and all for what? … So that he’ll love me.

I loose myself in my thoughts, and before I know it he’s done.

We walk to the truck, and he’s happy --- he tells me I was good, and I smile. My body

hurts, my soul hurts, but he looks at me and says “I love you Mara” and … just like that

… all’s forgotten. I love him too!

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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
very good but such a shame she can't love herself.