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Introduction: So the girl's a little older than I might have otherwise had in, but one has to observe the house preferences' As always, comments and a vote are always appreciated.

So after 35 years of marriage, my wife decided she’d had enough (of what, she never did say) and one sunny day announced she’s going to go live with her s****r. She wanted a divorce and half of my retirement.
We went through several months of this and that legal crap and a few arguments over some small stuff, sold the house and quite a bit of the accumulation of all those years, got the k**s calmed down and went our separate ways.

I was staring 60 years old in the face, had a job I wasn’t all that fond of but could do, knew more than a few good fishing holes back in the mountains, and had a paid-off old 2004 4-wheel drive GMC pick-up to take me to ‘em. Heckuva place to start over from.

4 days after the divorce was final, I won the lottery.

It wasn’t the biggest jackpot there’d ever been, but it wasn’t any small shakes either. When you take the annuity, you end up with about 35 large every year for every million you won, after the state and the federales take their cut, for 20 years. The only thing was there were 185 of those millions in this particular jackpot, and not a soul in the world I had to share it with. You can work out the math if you want to, but I suddenly went from living paycheck-to-paycheck for years to rolling in it, literally overnight.

Now I’d never been a mean or stingy man in my whole life … well, okay, maybe a couple times when I was young and stupid. Oh, alright … maybe more than a couple times. Be that as it may, I paid all my k**s’ bills including their houses, bought them and their assorted wives and husbands all new cars, put some back for their k**s to go to college, and then paid the taxes on the whole shebang. I rolled some substantial cash into a few charities I favored and finally, and since after all those years it turned out I had not a clue as to what she wanted, I decided to just give my ex-wife a pile of cash and let her do what she wanted with it. It may not have worked out there at the end, but like I said, I’m not a vindictive man and we’d lived paycheck to paycheck for years, so I wasn’t going to have her wanting while I had plenty. I don’t know, maybe there was some thought of her coming back, but I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen because of money. As it turned out, I didn’t get any response from her at all, but I didn’t get the money back either. Oh, well, life has a habit of moving on, most times whether you like it or not.

I wasn’t happy with all the old memories where I was, so I stuck around at work long enough for them to train somebody in, made my good-byes and went my way. I puttered around the house I was renting doing yard and garden work for a while, went fishing for a while, then decided I’d do a little travelling before I crossed that 60 year mark. I didn’t care much for going overseas … I’d had enough of that when I was a younger man and put in my time in that lovely Asian country of Viet Nam. Besides, air travel wasn’t what it used to be and I figured there was still plenty of the good ol’ US of A I hadn’t seen yet.

I sold or donated most of what I still had and put what I had left in storage while I lived in a hotel for a couple weeks and scouted the local RV dealers. Ended up settling on a nicely-equipped Winnebago Vista and got a little chuckle out of the look on the sales guy’s face when after we got done haggling over the price, I wrote him a check for the whole thing. I guess most folks finance and I was the first one he’d had who just plunked down the cash. Went down the street a little ways an had the Jeep folks load me up a new CJ onto the trailer I was pulling, took a last look around at the stop sign and showed my backside to Las Cruces, my nose pointed mostly north on I-25 and headed for the Rocky Mountains.

A little bit north of Truth Or Consequences I decided I needed a break, so I pulled into a rest area. There wasn’t much to see, so I just walked around a bit down the sidewalk. As I got to the end of the walk, I noticed a lovely young lady sitting on one of the benches. I didn’t want to seem like a perv, so I just said “Hi.” “Hi,” she responded, “You going very far?” I said, “I don’t really know. I’m just taking a little trip up north, maybe do some fishing or head up to Yellowstone. Haven’t really figured it out yet.” “I’ve never seen Yellowstone,” she said. “Me either.” “I’m hitching a ride up to my grandma’s in Montana.” “Hitching? That’s quite a ways.” I looked around and didn’t see any cars she might be riding in, so I asked the obvious. “You got a ride from here? This is a mighty poor place to be stuck without one.” “No, and yes it is. I’ve been here for hours. Nobody’s interested in an 18-year-old girl for company.” “Now there’s got to be something wrong with them. You want a lift?” She brightened immediately. “Yes, please. What are you riding in?” She must have been expecting an old fart like me to be travelling in a Buick or some other geezer-mobile, because when I pointed out the Winnebago to her, her eyes got real big.

She stood up and I got my first good look at her, and I enjoyed it so much I looked twice. She was a short little thing, maybe 5’ 4” or so, likely wouldn’t weigh much more than about 110 if she was soaking wet, but she sure made up for it in face, tits and ass. Long black hair framing a pretty face with brown eyes, a pert little nose and full lips. A gracefully long neck led down to a yellow shirt left unbuttoned and tied just below what had to be a set of 34C’s if I’d ever seen any, no bra that I could see, and none needed, thank you very much. Down from there was a flat stomach with a lovely waist flaring out to a beautiful set of hips encased in a pair of cutoff jeans, out from which came a gorgeous pair of legs. The whole package left me tongue-tied and just a little breathless. She turned around from looking at my rig and caught me staring just before I could close my mouth and wipe the drool off my lips. She looked me in the eye and said, “If I go with you, am I gonna have trouble with you?” “Not unless you want some,” I replied. “I’m generally a pretty nice guy, and I’ve never been told I don’t treat the ladies well.” She considered that for a moment, then said, “Well, come on then, let’s hit the road. It’s getting late and I’m hungry.”
I grabbed her sole piece of luggage, a worn-out old backpack stuffed with enough of her possibles as to probably should have gone into two of them, and opened the door for her. “Your chariot awaits, ma’am.” She giggled a little at the old fart who was treating her like a lady and climbed aboard. I came in after her (I really just wanted to watch that tight ass climb up into the coach, and I swear she sashayed it just a bit more than necessary as she did), showed her where the second bedroom was, along with the facilities, then told her if she was starving there was a full fridge and to help herself. I meanwhile went on forward and got myself strapped in and fired up the bus.
I’d no sooner got up to speed on the freeway when she came up behind me and put her little hands on my shoulders. “Can I shower while we’re moving? I haven’t had a shower in two days.” I reached up and patted one of her hands and said, “You go right ahead, honey. I’ll try to keep it wheels-down and on the pavement.” “You’re funny,” she said, “thanks for letting me ride with you.” She leaned down and gave me a little peck on the cheek and headed off to the shower. “There’s towels in the cabinet right outside the bathroom there!” I called after her. I looked in the mirror to watch her walk away (loved that tight little ass) and as she turned to go into the bathroom, she looked at me and gave me a sweet little smile that seemed to me like it might have had just a touch of the wicked in it. I put it down to an old man’s reading something into what likely wasn’t there and got on with getting down the road.

About 20 minutes went by and I was beginning to wonder if she’d gone down the drain when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up in the mirror and my mouth dropped open at the vision I saw standing there. The somewhat frazzy-haired, just a bit sweaty waif I’d met at the rest stop had been transformed into a stunning, raven-haired beauty. Trying to recover, I said “Santa Fe’s coming up soon. Want to get some supper?” “Sure! Nothing too fancy, though. I really do have nothing to wear.” she said with a dazzling smile. “Honey, I can honestly say you’d turn heads no matter what you were wearing.” “Oh, stop it. You aren’t so bad looking yourself, you know.” I’d kept myself in pretty good shape over the years, mostly unintentially. Some of those fishing holes required some long walks to get to, and the yard work was a never-ending story.

We pulled into Santa Fe about 7pm, just as the sun was disappearing over the mountains in a beautiful orange fireball. I took the exit for the Historic District and saw what I was looking for. “Dinner For Two” was a little restaurant I’d eaten at before. Low lights and semi-private tables made for a nice setting, and the layout would make her comfortable. I found a place to park the bus and we went in to a nice Mexican dinner, finished with some nice red wine. We strolled the District for a little while and we got back to the RV right at 10. I hadn’t had such a nice, relaxing evening with a woman in a long, long time.

Inside the bus, she gave me a hug and thanked me for the dinner and the walk. I have to say I got a little aroused at the feel of her breasts on my chest, and I thought I felt her push her crotch into me just a little. I held her tight, maybe just a tiny bit longer than necessary, but she didn’t try to pull away until I actually released her. How good that felt! “I just realized I haven’t been hugged in months!” I told her. “No way!” she said. “Why so long? You’re such a nice man and you give such a nice hug!.” “That’s way too long a story to go into tonight. Maybe tomorrow we can swap histories.” “Deal!” she said, and I sighed as she pushed her bedroom door closed.

I went into the master bedroom, stripped down to my boxers and got in bed. I spent a few minutes reliving the day, and maybe I did dwell on that gorgeous body just a little. A lot, actually. I noticed my bone was threatening to make a showing, so I f***ed my thoughts off the gorgeous little lady and faded out.
I’ve always been a light sl**per, and so the click of the door opening brought me to full wakefulness. I reached under my pillow for the .45ACP I kept under there for “uninvited guests”, but the little bit of illumination from the stove hood light silhouetted my guest’s shapely body and I moved my hand away from the pistol. “Are you awake?” she whispered. “Yeah. Something wrong?” “I couldn’t sl**p … still buzzing from the wine, so I thought I’d see if you were still up.” “Sure. Come on in and sit down.” I sat up in the bed and saw she was clad only in an oversized t-shirt that just covered her marvelous butt. She sat down sorta but not really too close and I lightly rubbed her back. “What’s up?” “Nothing, really. I just wanted to talk a little. Is it okay? I’m not keeping you up am I?” “Oh, honey, if you only knew just how much you keep me up,” I thought to myself. “No,” I told her instead, “It was a good night. I felt pretty special being on a date with such a pretty girl.” She put her hand on my leg and squeezed it lightly. “You’re so nice. I’m really glad you stopped to take a break at that rest area.” “Me, too, and I’m really glad you didn’t mind talking to an old man who just happened to wander by.” “You might be older, but you’re in a lot better shape than most guys your age. You look pretty good, in fact!” “You’re pretty easy on the eyes, too” I started to say, but stopped in mid-sentence. “What?” she said, “Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry!”

She had such a look of concern on her face, I quickly said, “No, no. It’s just that … well, has it occurred to you that we never introduced ourselves? I’ve spent the afternoon and a wonderful evening with a very nice woman, and I don’t even know your name!” She looked at me and I looked at her, and both of us burst out laughing. “I never even thought about it!” she said, “Oh my god, how did we do that?” I sat up straight and very formally said, “Hello! My name is David, but please call me Dave.” “A pleasure to meet you, Dave. My name is Catherine, but you can call me Cat.” We shook hands, and I turned hers, brought it up and kissed the back of it lightly. “Believe me, the pleasure has been all mine. I am so happy to have met you.”

As I kissed her hand, she bit her lower lip which in every woman I’d ever met was a sign of attraction and arousal. I kissed her hand again, lingering a little as I lightly bit her knuckles and then kissed her fingers. “Oh,” she breathed, “You certainly know how to treat a woman. You remind me of … “ She blushed and turned her face away to hide it. “I remind you of …?” I encouraged her. She was still looking down at the bed, her face hidden by her long black hair. The effect was incredibly erotic, for some reason. I kissed the hand I was still holding. “Come on. You can tell me.”

She raised her head to look me in the eyes and whispered, “You remind me of my grandfather.” “How do I remind you of your grandfather?” I felt a little deflated at that. I was trying to be a sexually attractive manly man to her, and to be told I reminded her of her grandfather was a little … deflating. In more ways than one, if you get my drift.

“Not like that!” She must have read my expression. “My grandfather and I … we … we had sort of a relationship. Not … grandfatherly. I loved my grandfather and he loved me. We just … loved each other … more than just … like, a lot. You treat me like he did.” “Like he “did”?” “Yeah, he passed away a couple years ago. I really missed him for a long time. I still do.” “And I remind you of him?” “Yeah, you make me feel special like he did. You don’t judge me, you treat me like I’m a real person, like I mean something.” “Ah, Cat, despite the short time I’ve known you, I feel like we’ve known each other much longer.” “I know. I feel the same way. I feel so relaxed around you, like I can be who I really am; you accept me.” “Am I that obvious?” I said with a smile. She giggled a little. “I saw you watching me, you know. I think that was when I figured out you felt like my grandpa.” “I felt like him?” “Inside, you know? You make me feel special, like I can be whatever and say whatever, and you won’t think badly of me.” “That’s the only way I can be,” I said. “I can’t expect you to put on a front for me, and I wouldn’t want you to. Honesty means more to me than anything, and I’ll give you the same thing in return. Count on it.” “You really do remind me of him. You even talk like he did.”

She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my neck to hug me tight. As I slipped my arms around her waist, I felt her breasts brush my biceps and a soft moan escaped me at the contact. She pulled back just a little to look at me. Her lips were just slightly parted, and her face was right there, and I couldn’t imagine how she could look more beautiful. We just kind of fell into the kiss together at the same time. It was soft, just a feather’s touch at first, but as it continued I move just slightly to gently bite her lower lip and then her chin. “Ahhh,” she breathed, “I like that.” We kissed again, stronger, more hungrily this time. I began to realize how much I missed the touch of a woman, how long it had been, and how much I wanted to make this one in particular feel how much I wanted her.
She raised herself up as we kissed, moved forward and sat sideways in my lap. I kissed down her neck and then back up, sucking gently on her earlobes and nipping and pulling on them with my lips. I felt her hand pull mine up and lay it on her breast, which I began to squeeze and rub. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pulling and twisting it. Her breathing became deeper and more rapid as I did, and her tongue went into my mouth searching for mine. I moved my hand down to find the hem of her t-shirt, went under and up to caress her breast directly. “Ohhh,” she moaned. “Suck my tits. Please suck my tits.” I lifted her t-shirt over her head, put my hand back on her breast and pushed her onto the bed on her back. I kneaded it and pinched and pulled. She writhed and pushed her breast hard into my hand as I gently assaulted her now diamond-hard nipples. I wrapped my hand around it and lowered my lips to run the my tongue around her areola, then moved her breast back and forth to hit the tip of my tongue with her nipple, and finally sucked it into my mouth to bite and pull on it with my lips.

I slid my hand down her side, rubbing and squeezing when I got to her waist. I put just the tip of my forefinger under the hem of her panties and traced it around to her taut little belly, teasing her unmercifully. I lingered a moment where her pubes started just below her bellybutton, running my fingertip through the soft hair. Moving my other hand down, I held her at the point of her hips, then moved my hands around and pulled her up so I could get both ass-cheeks at the same time. Coming back around, I rubbed her thighs down to her knees, then back up underneath to her ass again. “Oh, pleeease,” she moaned, “I’m going crazy. Do you want me to beg for it?” “No, Cat, you don’t have to beg for anything unless you want to.” I whispered.

I hooked my fingers under her panties and pulled them down, kissing my way down her belly as I pulled them further and further down her legs. When I got them off, I kissed my way back up her legs, sucking on her knees then moving up to the inside of her thighs. I blew lightly on her pussy, flicking my tongue on her labia. I pushed it gently into her cleft, parting her pussy lips to lick her folds, then pushing it into her now superheated hole. I kissed and sucked at her, working my way up to her stiffened clit.

As soon as I hit it with the tip of my tongue, she jumped and inhaled sharply. Her hands went around my head to try to pull me in even closer to her pussy, but I resisted, holding back. I wanted her going up the wall by the time I got ready to give her what she really wanted. I poked and licked and sucked her little clit into my mouth. She immediately stiffened and wrapped her legs around my head, almost cutting off my air. “Oh! Oh! OH! Yesssss!” She came right into my mouth and I licked and slurped and sucked every little bit, never letting up on her little love button.

As she calmed down and recovered her breath, I started back up her belly and on to her tits. I sucked her nipples, bit them with my lips and my teeth. She was now bucking and grinding her hips into me. I got back up to her neck and then to her lips, where she kissed me fiercely. I moved between her legs and got my cock into position. She reached down and held my cock against her pussy and I pushed forward, entering her slowly at first. I pushed again and the head popped into her. “More. More. Give it to me. Please give it to me.” she breathed. I backed out a little, then pushed myself all the way into her.

“Aaaaggh” she moaned, raising her hips to get me deeper into her. “Mmmmm. Oh, yeah.” Her arms were around my neck and her lips locked onto mine. Her legs came up and went around my waist as I began stroking her pussy, slow and long. I wrapped one arm around her waist and got to my knees, lifting her with me to keep us tight together. Bracing myself with my other arm, I got a good slow rhythm going, pushing it all the way in then slowly withdrawing until just the head was still in her, then repeating it, grinding into her at the bottom of each stroke.

I increased my pace, now banging into her pussy while holding her hips in the air, the position allowing the head of my dick to press hard as it slid across her g-spot. I pumped her hard for a good 10 minutes, and was rewarded by feeling her pussy walls tighten and I knew she was seconds away from another orgasm. I rammed her hard just a couple more times, enough to send her over the top. Her legs squeezed hard as did her arms, and she screamed into my mouth as I felt her pussy gush around my dick and down my balls. Lowering her hips to the bed, I laid my full weight on her little body and, with a few more strokes, I felt my own orgasm rush up from my balls and right into and out my cock, firing out to fill her little body as I pumped her hard.

Finally drained, I rolled off her, bringing her with me to lay on my chest with my dick still in her. As it deflated, she “Mmmm”’d in my ear. “Oh, that was good,” she whispered, “That was so good.” “Catherine, you feel so good to me. Thank you.” She laughed a little. “Thank you. I needed that. I haven’t felt so loved in a long time.” “You and me both, honey, you and me both.”

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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story. I'm an old man with a RV, so maybe there is still hope!;)) Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Hope my Lotto win comes through soon too.