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A girl experiences the pleasure of lesbian love at the hands of a


This is the first of two emails between the friends. The second, "Email to Kay" relates

the experience of her friend with inquisitive boys and subsequently Val is taught the

sexual words of adults by her uncle, and he gives her pleasure following her dunking in the lake !

A letter from a young English nurse to her friend Val, who lives in America .

Val, your email about your 'first time' was just so delightful. You painted the picture so

beautifully for me that I was there with you in my mind. I found it incredibly erotic when I

read that your cousin came to you in your bed and whispered, "Don't worry. Shush! Let

it happen, it’s alright."

It was so real and TRUE. I could really picture it happening to you. I’d printed the email

out so I could read it in bed, but that became difficult because my hand was trembling

so much. My other one was between my legs, diddling away, I was so wet I actually got

my juices on the bed sheet because you made me so excited.

When I came, God, it was like Endeavor blasting off. (Did I tell you that my cums are

very explosive?) I felt as though I could wave to the ground and say "Cum in Houston . I

got no problem." (Giggle)

Before I start, do you still see your cousin? Is she still bi ? Has she had you again since

that time?

You have set me a hard task to follow your experience; your's was so good and so well

told. I only hope that mine will be as good for you but here goes.

My Dad was in the military and spent a lot of time abroad, so when I was a young teen

I was sent to a private school as a boarder. It was an old country house, the ivy on the

wall type. I don’t mean it was "exclusive" like the rich girls go to but it was very nice

with big grounds. On two sides of the boundary of the school were quite thick


Anyway, I had a crush for one of the girls in her final year. Her name was Martine and

she was French. She wore discreet perfume and seemed so exotic and beautiful.

Slightly dusky skinned (completely unlike my English pink and whiteness) and short

hair, naturally curly to her shoulders. She was really beautiful. She had everything going

for her, dark nearly black hair and soft brown eyes; I just fell in love with her.

Again, looking back I'm surprised nobody said anything to me. The teachers you know.

I just blushed and stuttered when I was around her. I suppose in a cloistered situation,

teachers knew that emotions would be stirred up. All those adolescent hormones

twanging away!! I bet they had a few smiles. Even though Daddy was in the military,

funnily enough I never ‘cottoned on’ to doing things with boys (or girls – unthinkable.) I

was a really naive girl, very slow to learn in those matters. Maybe the isolation in a

private girls’ school made me shy and unaware.

At my school, the girls would get into little groups, someone would say something

obliquely referring to sexy things and the whole lot would double up in little shrieks and

giggles all except me. Then I would ask one of them to explain and they would say

something like "You know Kay. Putting it in you" or "You know Kay, how a boy sticks

out in front." And I would say "Oh yes" and giggle with them. But I wouldn't really

understand. I didn’t really know what I was giggling at. My Mum had of course told me

the 'facts of life' but although I knew the technicalities and the ‘plumbing’ of boys and

girls, I didn't know about the emotions and the feverishness of it all.

During the final term that Martine was there, we had a House competition. Each House

had to solve puzzles and to find things in the grounds, collecting points when they were

correct. The girls were in pairs to find the clues, then to solve them. (Good initiative

and team training, hey!!) I couldn't believe it when I was teamed with Martine. But first,

just a few girls were chosen to hide the clues. (Sorry if you are finding this tedious, Val,

bad way to start perhaps.) Martine was the one chosen for our House and I of course

tagged along as her lap dog. Only one pair was out hiding clues for however long it

took, so the other House pairs couldn't be aware of where we were putting things.

Not much longer Val darling. Sorry, I should have missed out all the blather. I think you

say 'cut to the chase'?

We reached the woods with our satchels full of clues and Martine seemed to be in a

rush to get things in place. When we had done she suggested we sat in a little glade

we had come by, amongst the trees. Out of her satchel she pulled a large towel and

laid it down so we could sit and rest. She was talking softly to me, and saying things

like "you have been so sweet to help me" and "I could kiss you for it" and other nice

complimentary remarks, this to a girl already head over heels for her. Imagine how I

felt, her being so sweet to me. Placing an arm around me, she gave me a hug; I shall

never forget her bending her head to my ear. I could feel her warm breath on me as

said, "Would you like me to give you a kiss little Kay?"

Her breath tickled my ear and shivers started running up and down my spine. When

she kissed my cheek and the corner of my eye, I really began to tremble. She must

have felt me trembling because she said, "Are you alright Kay? Kay, can I kiss you?

May I please?" I couldn't speak. I just looked into her brown eyes and nodded. She

kissed me so softly, with such gentleness. She took her lips away and I wanted her to

do it again. I closed my eyes and felt her pulling me flat to the ground.

My mouth was so dry my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and I wanted to keep

licking my lips. Then suddenly she was kissing me again, my lips, my cheeks, my eyes

and her delicate fingers were gently brushing on my neck, just at the side.

I wasn't shivering anymore, I was shaking. I felt her light touch as she stroked down my

neck and then started to trace the edge of my bra through my school blouse. Fingers

were tugging at my buttons and I knew she was pulling my blouse apart then, a hand

on my naked tummy. It wasn't so much like a touch but, much lighter, more as though a

tiny breeze were caressing me.

"Take this off for me my little Kay," she said, slipping my blouse over my shoulders.

She held me sitting forward while she unclipped my bra. The coolness of the air, oh

God Val, it was unbelievable how good it felt. She lay me down again, and I had that

feeling, that almost impossible feeling low inside me. My breasts were quite small, but

they seemed to swell under her touch as she fondled them. She grazed her nails over

them and over my nipples and then she bent kissing them. Ohhhhhhh Val I didn't know

feelings like that were possible.

It was only when her hand dropped to the hem of my school skirt that I realised what

was happening between my legs. Both of my breasts felt ready to burst and just the

tips felt almost painful. But now I knew she was going up my dress. Not pulling it back,

just slipping under and up. When she got to my knees she tugged and my legs parted

as though they were disjointed. I remember that she pulled a knee up and then to one

side, and I just flopped straight open, spreading myself open for her.

When she riffled her fingers along my panties I know I yelled out. I don't know how loud,

but I couldn't stop the noise. Bending her mouth to my ear and said "SSShhhhh my

little Kay. It is all right. I shall not hurt you. It will be so nice for you and I shall love you."

She kissed me on the lips again, little kisses, but continuously. Perhaps to keep me

quiet, I don't know. All the time just her nails were grazing up and down my slit. Just like

you darling Val, I thought I was wetting myself. There was all this warm wetness down

towards my anus.

Her fingertips were finding their way under the leg of my panties and I felt her tugging

at the gusset to give her more room. There was coolness as the heat from my sex was

released and the cool air was intensely erotic as though a breeze were touching me.

The backs of her fingers now were brushing up and down my slit and I was making

continuous noises, a sort of high-pitched nnngghh, nnngghh , repeated and repeated.

My panties were coming down. I knew she was stripping me of them and I was lifting

my hips to help her get them off so she wouldn’t stop.

I lay there before her, half beneath her, naked above the waist and with my dress round

my middle, my panties thrown to one side. And her fingers, oh God, her fingers were

parting my lower lips. For the first time I felt as though there was something solid low

down in my tummy, it felt heavy there. She was sliding her fingers up and down my slit

and it seemed as though her fingers were coated with the thinnest of creams. Only

after did I realise it was my cream.

One of her fingers was teasing around my girly hole and I felt it pushing for entrance.

Then, my God, it was in. ‘Woweeee,’ for the first time, something was moving up and

down in my pussy hole.

She moved her mouth from my lips to my nipple and nuzzled on me. My whole body

was burning. Every nerve seemed to have grown out of my body and wanted to be

touched. Nothing could be better or more satisfying at that moment than to be touched.

Her thumb brushed on something I didn't even know I had, she was rubbing softly on a

lump that had grown from nowhere. I screamed , I know I screamed because the lump

in my tummy seemed to expand and blow up. I was shaking my hips onto her fingers,

crying, throbbing and she was saying, "Kay, my darling. My lovely Kay, cum for me,

darling. Kay, my angel my sweet………………."

Then she held me, held me tightly and the tide ebbed back. My tummy and pussy were

pulsing and throbbing. I felt her arms relax and I said, "Hold me Martine. Please hold

me. Please." She did and I calmed in her loving arms. She let me rest until I felt peace

again. Then another first, an unforgettable first, it was to feel the intense throbbing

receding, and little butterflies fluttering into my tummy and between my legs.

She didn't do anything else. She didn't ask me to do anything to her so I never knew

her body, but Val, I'm sure she did love me that afternoon. We never did it again. A few

weeks later, at end of term, she returned to France . And it broke my heart.

Talking to you like this, I've relived that afternoon, and I feel a little sad now. Like "le

petit mort" you know after intense emotion, “the little death.” She was my first love and I

often wonder where she is and what she is doing now. Does she ever think of me?

This wasn't merely a girlish diddle (or a Jill as you say in America ). It was as if a

bl**dy great door had been smashed open for me. But it wasn’t brutal, it was sweet,

gentle and loving and if I’d started late, it was a wonderful way to start.

I’ve tears in my eyes as I remember that precious moment in time; I must pull myself


Val, I will tell you about a few other diddles I have had in another email.

Now cum on it’s your turn my lovely, long-haired, beautiful Val. Are you going to send

me a sexy photo that will cream me?

If tonight you feel fingers in your sweet place, my darling, they are mine. Doesn't

MATTER who is with you. Boy or girl those fingers are mine.

With my deepest love

Your English friend Kay x x x x x
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