she wanted me to teach her sex!

My new neighbors had the most gorgeous daughter. To my

surprise she wanted me to teach her sex!
I can remember the day about six months ago when the new neighbors moved in. They

were a couple I would say in their mid thirties and their eighteen year old daughter. I

saw them move most of their stuff in as I always spend a lot of time working in the yard

on the lawn or trimming the shrubbery. I always managed to find some project to work

on to keep me busy. I couldn't help noticing the daughter. From a distance she

appeared to be a rather cute looking girl.

In the past six months I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the new neighbors since

they aren't at home very much. They both have jobs which apparently occupy a lot of

their time. Their daughter Kathie was always at home after school until her parents

finished work, usually by 6:30 or 7:00 o'clock in the evening. For a few weeks Kathie

would say hello or wave to me when she saw me working in the back yard. As time

passed we began having short conversations about what I was doing and she would

tell me about how she liked her new school. One day last week, Kathie came home as

usual to her empty house. When I saw her come outside she had on a short black skirt

and a halter top. It was then I realized how attractive this eighteen year old girl really


She's about 5'3" tall weighing only about 100 pounds. For a young petite little thing she

had the cutest pert breasts being held within that halter top. Her face has the cutest

most darling features you've ever seen with her short brown hair just above her

shoulders cut in a bang style. And what spectacular smooth tanned legs she has for a

eighteen year old as I stared at her sitting in the lounge chair in her back yard. As I

worked I kept staring at her admiring her darling little body. How is I didn't notice her

beauty before?

One time when she shifted her body in the chair I could see the white of her panties

underneath her skirt. I kept watching her for a least a half hour when I noticed Kathie

squirming around a lot. From where I was it looked like her hand was under her skirt in

her crotch. Was she masturbating herself? My eyes were fixed on her trying to see

what she was doing. Then all of a sudden she sat up seeing me staring right at her.

She quickly stood up and ran into her house. About five minutes later she came back

out walking over to me. "I'm so embarrassed," she said. I was daydreaming and didn't

realize where I was and what I was doing. I was thinking about this boy at school. I think

he likes me."

Actually I was surprised she was able to talk about what she was doing. Maybe she

looked innocent, but inside there was a young sexually unleashed hot woman. "Do you

like touching yourself like that? I asked. Her face got real red, blushing in front of me

stumbling to answer, " Uhh!!!!........... Uhhh!!!!............... well, yes I do............. Once I start

I can't stop." "I've heard some of my friends talk about having sex with their boyfriends

and how good it feels, but I'm afraid to." "Why are you afraid?" I asked. " I wouldn't now

what to do. I've never done it before. I need someone to show me." "Did............did.....

you like watching me?" she asked very shyly. "Yes, I did." "You're a very pretty girl."

"Would you...................uh!!!!!!!!!!!.......would......................No I can't............. Kathie turned

away from me and I touched her arm asking, "what's the matter?" "You obviously want

to say something." "Well,..... uh!!!!!!....... I was going to say,.....Would you show me

what to do." Kathie turned away again, then looked back. "You've always been so

nice. I know you wouldn't hurt me." "My parents don't get home for three hours. We

could do it now and you could teach me."

I was shocked at what she asked. I froze not knowing how to respond. After all, she

was only eighteen years old. I thought to myself, "I hope I don't regret this" and took

Kathie's hand pulling her towards my house. I couldn't believe I was going to do this.

We went up to my bedroom where I sat her on the bed. I positioned myself next to her

and gently kissed her saying, "just relax, Kathie." "I not going to do anything to hurt you.

I'm only going to show you how good you can feel. She was completely at ease and

apparently eager to learn what this sex thing was all about I ran my fingers over her

delectable little body stopping to untie her halter top. As it fell away exposing her

breasts, I was amazed how full and firm they were for such a young girl. My eyes fixed

on her large dark nipples. I touched them lightly with one finger, then cupped her

breasts in my hands feeling their soft fullness.

I leaned forward gently sucking them into my mouth. Kathie closed her eyes enjoying

the sensation of my tongue licking as her nipples became erect. I unbuttoned her skirt

and pulled it from her hips down her gorgeous legs. Her white panties were snug on

her rear end. Her tiny firm ass was so cute being held by the skin tight material. I

slipped two fingers inside the waistband of her underwear peeling them off her,

completely exposing her petite body. She sat there with a little scared look as I gazed

upon her magnificent figure. This was eighteen years old, I thought to myself? "You're

beautiful, Kathie. Do you know that?" "You could have any man you would want." The

compliments put her at ease. She took a deep breath and asked, "What do I do now?"

"Just lean back and enjoy what I do to you." I replied.

Kathie laid back on the bed with her legs still down on the floor. I slowly parted her

thighs admiring the pinkness of her young tender slit as it became more exposed. I

brushed my fingers across it and began gently fingering her virgin cunt. Once I saw her

start to respond to my touch, I moved my tongue in between her legs. Her cunt was

soaked. I licked the dripping juices from this virgin eighteen year old pussy tasting the

built up sweetness from within her burning hole. My tongue found her harden clit which I

rapidly tongued, then I slowly shoved a finger into her hot drenched hole. As soon as

my finger entered her hole, Kathie tightened her legs as an orgasm ripped through her.

She moaned with delight with the feel of her first man made orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! " "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Kathie moaned, as she was lost in a

delirium of her new found feelings.

Once her pleasure subsided I spread her legs wider to place my nine inch cock at her

tight virgin entrance. Kathie never said a word as I dominated her body positioning it

for her first fuck. I pushed ever so slowly penetrating her warm juicy slit with the head of

my cock and breaking into her sealed hole for the first time . Her young cunt was so

tight around my cockhead. Kathie let out a deep sigh as she experienced another new

sensation. I pushed further into her tight hot hole. I could feel every inch of her warm

pussy as it wrapped around my cock. Deeper and deeper I sank into her boiling cunt

until gradually my entire length was in her. "Ohhhhhhh!!! It feels so good." Kathie

moaned out. Slowly I pulled back out watching her soft cunt flesh hug my cock as I

withdrew. Then pushing back in again brought more moaning from this sweet young

thing. Over and over I slowly fucked Kathie's hot tight cunt until I knew she was on the

verge of another orgasm.

I had her in my arms kissing her sweet lips as I continued pumping my hips forcing my

big cock in and out of her tiny wet fuckhole. Then I sunk into her fully, burying my hard

cock to the hilt. She grabbed around my waist, her whole body shaking from the waves

of her orgasm, as she came again. I backed out asking her to get on her knees so I

could do her from behind. My cock ached as she positioned her cute little ass in front

of me. I could see right into her asscrack. I had to pause for a moment to admire her

tiny pink asshole. I inserted my cock back into her dripping cunt and fucked her some

more. She started responding again as my hard cock drove in and out. Then I stroked

my finger up her crack and touched her asshole. Gently I played with her tiny puckered

opening. "Do you like me touching you there, Kathie? "Oh, yes. It feels so........ good.”

she replied. "Do you want me to keep doing it? "Uh huh, please don't stop." "Okay, just

stay relaxed the way you are. I'm going to push my finger in a little."

I quickly grabbed the tube of KY jelly on my night table and spread a lot into her crack.

Then I easily pushed the tip of my finger into her anal hole. She tightened for a

moment, but then relaxed her ass again. "That's it. How does that feel?" I asked. "It

nice. It feels good." Kathie responded. I was still fucking her cunt while I pushed my

finger deeper into her ass. The lubrication made it easy to work my finger in all the

way, but she sure was tight. Kathie sighed again. Was she liking this anal penetration?

"Kathie, I'm going to try my cock in there, Okay? "It won't hurt, will it?" She asked. "I

wouldn't do that to you," I sincerely replied. "Just stay relaxed the way you are and let

me do everything. I want you to experience it in your other hole too." "But your cock is

so big," Kathie whispered worried it might hurt. I withdrew my finger from her butthole. I

leaned to her ass and kissed her lightly in several places on her buttocks. Then I

spread her cheeks apart and placed my cock on her asshole. I smeared some more

lubricant on her back entrance and some on my cock. I started applying pressure

against her asshole. This was not going to be easy getting my big cock inside Kathie's

tiny tight virgin asshole.

My cock looked immense next to the tiny hole it was about to enter. I didn't want to hurt

her and forever keep her from the pleasure of anal fucking. I pushed a little harder and

started to feel her anal opening spread. Then I pushed just a little harder and her

bunghole opened up swallowing the head of my cock. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It's so

big." "Are you Okay, Kathie" "Yes, Yes...... It's okay,.... It's so..... big." I pulled my cock

out and then slipped the head back in again. I repeated probing her tight asshole

several times so she could get used to the feeling of having her asshole penetrated.

Then I began the journey into her tiny virgin ass. I wondered if I could fit my entire length

inside her cute little bum. My cock inched along penetrating deeper and deeper.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! It's feels so big." "It's so big." I didn't stop. I fingered her cunt while I

kept forcing more cock up her anal hole. Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!........Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!...................

Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! "Don't stop." "Push it in more." It's feels

so good." I couldn't believe it. She like my cock in her ass.

I never would have thought a eighteen year old teenage girl would so willingly submit

her ass to me. I was a little over half way in and she wants more. I pushed in deeper

finally forcing all nine inches in her bunghole. I've never felt an ass this tight before. Her

tight virgin teenage asshole felt incredible gripping my hot cock. What a sight seeing

her cute little butt in the air with my huge tool buried inside. I can only imagine how she

felt having her asshole stretched that wide. Very slowly I started fucking her tight ass.

What an amazing sensation feeling her anal ring snug around my cock as I pushed in

and out. I only fucked her a short time. I couldn't keep it up long without cumming in her

and I didn't want to over work this tiny ass too much. So, I pulled out of her rectum

watching her anal hole close right up. I told Kathie to turn around. I wiped off the KY jelly

that was still on my cock and tried to clean it up as best I could. It was time for an oral


"I want you take my cock in your mouth, Kathie" "I want you to suck me, okay" "When I

cum, it's okay to swallow it. I want you to see what it tastes like. Alright?" Kathie was

quite receptive to my request and didn't question me at all. She took the head of my

cock between her lips licking the head. Then she slipped a few inches in her mouth. It

felt so nice having her hot young mouth around my dick. She held the base of my shaft

with her hand and gently jerked me in and out across her lips. I held her head pulling

her closer to go deeper in her mouth. She took me in further until I started hitting the

back of her throat. That was as far as she could take it. My cock was rock hard as she

pumped me in and out fucking her cute face. I couldn't take any more watching my

cock sliding in and out of those precious lips. I started cumming. First a spurt exploded

in her mouth surprising her with the quantity. She backed off with some of the sperm

dripping out of her mouth down her chin. Then a second shot splashed right across her

lips coating them white with the sticky cream. She opened her mouth just in time for

the third and fourth streams as it shot between her wide opened lips. The inside of her

mouth was full with my hot sticky jism hanging from the roof of her mouth dripping down

to the gobs already covering her tongue. My orgasm continued as more cum dribbled

from the end of my cock. I smeared it across her cheeks and forehead ending up with

my cock in her mouth. Kathie pulled my cock out and I could see the movement of her

tongue inside her mouth feeling the warm sticky fluid. Then she delicately swallowed

my fresh load of hot cream. Kathie parted her lips and I could still see some white cum

strands sticking to her mouth as she licked the sperm on her lips with her tongue.

She was so precious watching her eat my cum. As she looked at me her tongue kept

searching for remains of my sperm still on her face in hopes of a final taste. I leaned to

her giving her a long passionate kiss smearing the leftover cum all over her face. I

cleaned her up and helped her get dressed. Kathie said she would never forget her

first time. Neither will I. We still talk everyday outside and she doesn't blush anymore

when the subject is about sex. Now I wonder if the boy she liked in school has had the

pleasure yet of having her terrific body. She probably will be teaching him

94% (23/1)
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