Oh What A Feeling

Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing

There were many times I had found myself sitting quietly wondering about myself as I

grew older. At a young age I began to explore my sexuality. I knew that I was

developing quickly and looked much older than the rest of my friends in highschool. I

found myself the object of many young men's desire, but wasn't really sure why. I met

Zach on weekend with some friends at a pizza place, he was dating one of my close

friends. Before I even met him I felt his eyes on me. I bent to pick up a quarter to stick

into a game and as I bent I could feel his eyes on my ass. I watched him all night his

black gorgeous hair blowing as he walked, his tight jeans held the contour of his firm

ass, which was almost more than I could stand.
I went home that night and lay restlessly in my bed, all I could think of was his dark eyes

staring at me, watching my every move. I could feel my nipples begin to harden under

my thin nightgown. I took my hand and placed it under my gown, I gently rubbed my

palm over my right breast and brushed my nipple gently. I could feel the stir between

my legs as I continued to rub and think about my dark haired guy. I slowly rubbed my

hand down my flat belly to the dark mound between my legs. I slowly and quietly

slipped my panties off, and spread my legs apart. I rubbed my mound of curly hair until

i could feel the dampness start to seep from between my hot slit. My right hand found

my hard little clit and i rubbed slowly and methodically in circles. I could feel it get

harder and harder as I thought about the guy of the evening being in bed with me. I

thought of his hand touching my hard nipples and his tongue finding the very tip of one

of them. My heart raced as I neared orgasm, i thought of his hands down between my

legs touching me in the place where no guy had ever been before. My pussy was so

wet I could hardly keep my fingers on my clit. As I thought of him putting his fingers in

me I came all over my hand, wet thick and hot, my legs quivered and my back arched

off the bed. I was breathless, i opened my eyes and decided that once was not

enough, I reached under my bed and took out a small Coca Cola bottle, i gently

rubbed the lip of the bottled against my pussy. As my excitedment continuted to rise, I

thought of my man of the night and pushed the bottle gently into my pussy and pushed.

I thought of the guy slipping his pants down and taking out his hard, big cock, that

stood out below his mound of black curly hair, rubbed the head of his cock against my

clit, i began to set the rhythm, he rocked against me with this big hard dick. I plunged

the bottle deeper into my hot wet cunt, I became more and more excited and was

afraid of being noisy and my parents hearing my moans from the next room. At last a

long orgasm ripped through my body. Finally, I lay satisfied.
The next day in school I saw the boy of my nigh time sexual encounter, I felt his eyes on

me. Throughout the day my mind kept racing to him. In between classes I felt someone

standing over my shoulder I turned and found myself staring into those beautiful dark

eyes. He handed me his telephone number. I took it and smiled at him. That night at

home all I could think of was being alone in my room with my bottle, and my fingers

deep in my pussy, making myself cum over and over. The telephone rang, it was the

guy, we chatted for a while, when he asked if he could come over, I was elated that he

wanted to see me. Even if he was seeing a friend of mine. I ran to my room and found

my tight white jeans, and put on a tight purple pull over that would make my breast look

even larger than they were. I waited for him to come nervously crossing and uncrossing

my legs. He came into my house, I walked nervously up the steps in front of him I could

feel his eyes on me. My parents were gone for the evening and had taken my baby

s****r with them. I turned on the music in my room and we sat and talked for an hour.

He sat close to me on the bed. I could feel his eyes on my heaving breast. He moved

closer to me and i could feel his breath on my face. I looked into his dark mysterious

eyes. I felt his mouth on mine, our kiss deepend I could feel his tongue in my mouth

and I kissed him back, his kiss got harder. I lost sight of who and where I was, I let my

body respond I turned around and sat on his lap I could feel his heart beating rapidly

as I pressed my full breast against him his arms went around my waist. I could feel his

hard cock pressing against my pussy. Our kisses deepended and he found my neck, i

could feel his hot mouth on my neck, I began to get wet, and I wanted him badly. I

waited for him to make the next move, he tugged my shirt from out of my tight pants,

and he touched my tits through my bra, he touched my nipped and felt them instantly

harden. He pulled at my nipples and he squeezed them. My mouth found his, at some

point we had flipped over onto the bed he was on top of me, my hand went to his

bludging cock beneath his black jeans. I unzipped them not sure what I would do once I

had his cock free. I reached into his pants and pulled out his hard, cock. He moaned

as did I. I found his hand rubbing my pussy under my tight jeans. He asked me if I

wanted him, and I told him that I did, more than I had ever wanted anything in my life.

He was up in a flash, pulling my jeans from my body, he rubbed his hand between my

legs over my wet hot crotch and my lacy little panties. He kissed down my flat hard

belly to the edge of my panties. He slid them down my legs and I felt him looking at my

pussy. I became so excited I could feel the wetness building. he pulled his pants off

and his underwear. I spread my legs for him and could feel my pussy open up. He

looked at my pussy and I felt his hand as hot as it was touch my clit, he rubbed my clit

harder and harder I felt my back arch and I became so excited i pulled him toward me

with my legs. He then took his hard dick in his hand and placed it inside me. He set the

the rhythm, I felt as though I would explode, I had never felt anything so wonderful in my

life, when I came the shuddering rang through my body, he came with me, his cum was

so hot as it spurted into my tight virgin pussy.
This was just the beginning.....

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very nice,thanks for sharing.