Lady in Red

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I had always thought of girls, not that I was really a lesbian, but I had a real interest in

their sexuality. I was always a very sexual person, but when I looked at girls from a

young age I was always more interested in what was under their clothes than what was

under a boys. It wasn’t until I was age 20 that I got to see what another girl was really

like. At age 11, once I had experimented with a friend but she had been embarrassed

after that episode and we were not friends any longer. At age 20 I worked for an

education firm. I met Leslie through the implementation of a new computer service for

my company. We worked long hard hours over the phone and when she came to the

city we worked long into the night.

She had been planning a conference in a nearby city and asked me to join her to go

over some plans for our program. I met her and that night after the set up was over for

the event we decided to go to the bar. I ran to my room and changed clothes. I had a

black plain cocktail dress that changed into, along with some nice small fishnets,

slipping my feet into my heels; I brushed out my long hair and twisted it into a French

twist tucking the ends into themselves. I applied lipstick and stood straight in front of

the mirror. I stopped myself short wondering why I was getting so dressed up to go out

with girl. I didn’t even go to this much trouble for my husband. I dabbed a small amount

of perfume on my neck, grabbing my clutch I walked out of the hotel room door.

Waiting for the elevator I was aware of a few men looking back at me for a retake. As I

stepped into the elevator, perhaps I had over done it. The guy in the elevator tried to

drum up a conversation, which I replied with yes and no answers and tried to flash my

wedding ring.

Walked off the elevator and down the hallway, turning right was another short hallway

that ended in the bar. There was a cheesy lounge lizard singing something 1950’s ish,

to the sounds of a plinking electric organ. I spotted her, she was small perhaps just at

5’0. Leslie was very small, she weighed maybe 100 pounds; she wore a red dress,

which was short catching her at mid-thigh perhaps a little higher. She wore her hair

short and spike. Her dress was adorned with a black tight cinched belt. I walked over

to where she sat perched up on the high bar stool, her legs crossed in black stockings

with the seam at the back making her legs even sexier than ever. I walked up and slid

into the stool beside her, she turned and smiled. She had taken the liberty of ordering

me a drink. She reached into her briefcase on the stool beside her and pulled out her

schematic she kept with her most of the time. I felt a little let down, she was just

wanting to work after all.

We downed three, four, and five drinks, I was feeling rather d***k. I was tired of

listening to the lounge lizard in his funky 1970’s leisure suit, which I was pretty sure had

been outlawed in the United States. We talked well into closing the bar, I was d***k

and she was as well. We had been flirting most of the night back and forth. I knew that

she was a lesbian and I also knew that she was single. On the other hand she knew I

was married yet she knew that I was bi-curious I made that known several times

throughout the last six months we had been working. We stepped off our stools and

staggering and swaying a little we headed to the elevator. Stepping into the elevator

she pushed the 4th floor and I pushed the 5th floor button. She asked me if I wanted to

come to her room for a quick night cap, because she realized that we had an early

morning ahead of us. I agreed, stepping off the elevator I walked behind her watching

her ass as she walked. We reached her room she slid in her card and the lock

released with a click. I walked into her room, and could smell the stale perfume that

lingered in the air.

Walking over I sat down at the table in the corner of her room. She went behind the

little bar in her room and made two drinks, carrying them over to the table she handed

me mine and pulled her chair closer to me. We drank in silence, of course I finished

mine first, and I yawned, telling her I really needed to go to bed. I stood up as she did

as well. She said yes she understood she needed to get sl**py but most night alcohol

seemed to have a reverse effect on her. She leaned into hug me, and I hugged her

back I was aware of her breasts pushing against mine. As I pulled back I found myself

looking into her blue eyes. I felt her breath across my lips, as I leaned in I put my lips on

hers, the pressure was slight and with a small flick of my tongue our kiss deepened.

Her arms went around my waist as mine rested on her shoulders. Her kisses became

more heated, her tongue exploring my mouth our tongues intertwined.

I had loved the way she felt in my arms, we parted lips and I looked into her eyes; I

decided I wasn’t as tired as I thought. My pussy was wet, I could feel it already making

my panties wet. I moved my face into her neck and began to kiss and lick her beautiful

soft neck. She moaned under my kisses as her arms tightened around my waist. I

became excited, as I kissed down the nape of her neck. Her red dress was low cut

revealing the tops of her breast. I kissed down to the tops of her breast taking time to

let my tongue dip under her bra and flicking her nipples. She felt very good in my arms.

She was breathing heavy. I stopped what I was doing, she looked confused, I took her

hand and moved her toward the bed, and I sat down on the bed with her standing in

front of me. She turned around and I unzipped her red dress. Under it she wore a red

little push up bra with matching red lacy panties and a garter holding up her black

seamed thigh highs. She turned toward me, and sat across me straddling my legs with

hers. I took her bra and opened the clasp in the front; let her breast out of their

confinement. She had beautiful little perky breast with small pink circles that

surrounded her red hard nipples. As she became excited her areola’s shriveled until

she was all nipple sticking out hard. My mouth found her right one, as I sucked and

nibbled with my front teeth. She held onto my shoulders as she rocked her hips while I

sucked her nipple. She leaned in forcing more of her breast into my mouth, I held onto

her nice firm little ass as I sucked. She began to moan and I could feel her thighs

tightening as she rocked her cunt on my legs I could hear from her breathing she was

going to cum. I didn’t want this yet, I wanted her to cum on my face.

I stopped her, and moved her over; she looked at me confused, as I stood to take off

my dress. And I stood in my black lacy bra and panties, I slid my panty hose off, and

stood in front of her, she climbed up on the bed and lay on the pillows in all her

splendor. I crawled up on the bed from the bottom and moved like a panther stalking

my prey until I was hovering over her. She tilted her face up and found my mouth. I

kissed her sweet little lips and decided to suck her nice tits again. I put one in my

mouth and sucked and licked her nipple. My free hand roamed down to her panties.

She was soaked, that sweet sticky wetness had run down the crack of her ass and

was already pooling on the bed under her tight little brown asshole. I pulled her panties

over to the side, she had a very nicely shaved cunt, and her outer pussy lips were

plump and smooth. I rubbed over them, as I felt her tremble beneath me as I continued.

I slowly and deliberately spread her small little lips open. I took my mouth from her tits,

and moved to where my hand was working. I positioned myself between her spread

legs. My eyes went to the center, this was the closest to another woman’s pussy I had

been. I spread her lips with both hands and looked at her beautiful slick wet cunt. Her

clit was bigger than mine; it had swollen with my caresses so that it stuck out between

her outer lips before I had pulled them apart. I pulled her lips further apart and I looked

at her inner lips glistening under their wetness. My tongue found those inner lips as I

took just the tip and began to lick lightly. She moaned and thrust her hips toward my

mouth. My other hand began to gently stroke her hard little clit. I rubbed her clit as my

tongue licked at her inner lips exploring the outer rim of her little tight hole. I took her

ass in my hands pushing her up with her legs in the air. Her legs spread I could get a

good look at her cunt, her hole was wide open and dripping wet, I began dipping my

tongue into her quickly I would thrust my tongue into that hole and pull it out just as

quick. She loved it she began to moan louder, as I tongue fucked her cunt. I felt her

thighs tighten as she began to cum her ass tightened and cum squirted from her hot

cunt into my mouth. I lapped at her juices; I had never tasted anything as sweet as she


She recovered quickly and began to undress me further. I lay naked on her bed as she

sat on top of me with her pussy resting on top of mine. I was painfully aware her cunt

was on mine, she leaned in brushing her tits across mine. Again that ache ran through

me, I wanted her touch my pussy and she knew it. She licked at my neck and my tits as

she continued to rock on my cunt. She moved between my legs and pulled my lips

apart. She looked up at me and smiled, she said my pussy was the juiciest she had

ever seen. I knew that it was because I was extremely horny. She plunged two fingers

into my cunt, she wasn’t gentle, she wasn’t slow she fucked me to a quick orgasm. I

was shocked that I had come so very quickly. She slowed herself down; her face

plunged between my wet hair covered pussy. Her tongue started at my clit and moved

into my succulent wet inner lips. Her tongue felt so soft moving over my inner lips I

began to buck my hips against her face as she fucked me with her tongue. She

spread my lips even further until I thought she surely would tear me. Just as I was about

to complain she thrust her hot tongue into my cunt. I exploded my cum into her face, my

hips rocked hard against her face and my thighs trembled uncontrollably. Her fingers

found my brown little asshole, she shoved two fingers into my cum soaked ass, as her

mouth closed in over my clit. She licked at my clit as she fucked my asshole hard with

her two fingers. I moaned and felt that the bed was spinning. I had never been fucked

like this before. She slid her fingers in and out of the rim of my asshole, as I felt another

orgasm rock my body. I came again, this time I was well aware of the cum shooting out

of my pussy and running down my legs and onto the bed.

I fucked her until the early morning hours when I was aware that we had to be at the

event that had brought us to the hotel. But that night I fucked her all night as well. I had

never had nor have I since had a pussy as sweet as hers, or an ass as hot. She made

my first bi-sexual experience one that was hard to beat.

100% (7/0)
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