My Secret Peep Show

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We watched in a horny state of awe as he sucked the head, pulled away his lips and then

I was sixteen and my b*****r a year older than me but because I “tested out” I was in the same grade as him. Most of my friends were from my grade so they were normally a year old than I. My best friend Jessie, s*******n at the time, and I were inseparable. Jessie spent most of the time at my house because both of her parents worked and because she enjoyed being a nudist which her parents were not.

The first time Jessie saw my b*****r masturbate was during one of the sl**povers at my house. It was the middle of the night when we decided we needed some nourishment. We hadn’t been to sl**p yet because we had been up gossiping and talking to girlfriends on the phone. After quietly gathering sodas and munchies we were heading back to my room when we heard soft moaning from down the hall. As we approached my b*****r’s room the moaning was louder but seemed muffled. The door to his room was slightly ajar allowing light to leak out into the hallway and allowed us to peer in; expecting to see that he had sneaked in a girl, hence the moaning.

My b*****r stands 5’ 11”, athletic build (baseball player and karate), extremely flexible, handsome, long legged and well endowed. I use to tease him saying he put most horses to shame (a little exaggeration but not much). As we peered in we saw he was alone. And the reason for the muffled moans was not because of a pillow over his mouth or a girl trying to keep quiet; it was because he had something in his mouth.

Jessie peeked in first but before I could get a look, her eyes widened to the size of silver dollars and her mouth dropped open in amazement. I knew it was not because of seeing my b*****r naked, as I said we are a nudist f****y and Jessie participated, it was not because of her seeing him erect for the first time, it wasn’t nor was it the fact his cock and balls shaved and his mound was trimmed short. The reason… he was on his bed, legs dangling down to the floor and bent over going down on himself. He could not reach to take all of his cock in his mouth, just the head, but it was enough, he was obviously enjoying himself.

I felt a tingling sensation between my legs and pressure building in my nipples for what I was watching was amazing. It was partly because it was my b*****r but mostly because I was watching my b*****r go down on himself.

We watched in a horny state of awe as he sucked the head, pulled away his lips and then flick the tip of his cock with his tongue. As he was going down on himself, he was stroking the shaft with one hand and squeezing his balls with the other. At times he was pumping so hard on his cock his balls were bouncing up and down slamming against his hand on the downward stroke. Each time his balls slapped his hand, a look of increased pleasure came across his face; a momentary vision of extreme pleasing pain.

After what seemed like… forever, his breathing increased, he stroked faster and looked as if he was pulling his balls so hard he was going to pull them off. He stopped sucking and licking his cock as he started to use both hands to slide up and down his shaft. His moaning became louder, breathing was heavier and faster as he threw back his head and arched his back. With the light on it was easy to see the color of his cock change from a tanned flesh tone to a deep dark red and the head of his cock swollen with pre-cum flowing down lubricating his shaft.

To my surprise he bent over and licked the tip of his cock, letting out a soft moan as he received some of the pre-cum. He started to moan even more, moaning “oh yeah, oh yeah... ooh…” as he leaned to one side, reached around and pulled something from his ass; it appeared to be a large dildo. As he sat up straight again his mouth opened letting out a long moan and cum shot from his cock. It looked instinctive the way he suddenly moved his tongue in the direction of the shooting cum as his cock twitched and seemed to jump as he tightened forcing more cum to spurt out and on to his hands, stomach and chest.

Mouthing watering, a dampness between my legs, Jessie and I quickly and quietly ran down to my room in hopes of he would not discover us watching him. We ran into my room closing the door all but part way so the latch would not make a sound. Jessie and I collapsed at the end of my bed, on our backs, side by side, arms touching one on top the other, we automatically held hands, breathing heavy and staring at each other not knowing what to say. That was when I notice Jessie’s nipples were hard and very erect. Without thinking I looked down at my own to compare and noticed mine were in the same condition as hers.

It didn't end there, more to.... come.

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hope you can find part 2