Hidden Agenda

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As they washed their hands after doing business at the ladies room, Stephanie (the new girl from DC) and Claire, got a little office gossip going:

“So Claire, I hear ‘Jimmy the nerd’ has a thing for you uh?” Stephanie asked with a naughty wink.

“Yeah right!” Claire answered in a voiced drenched in sarcasm.

“Have you ever been out on a date with him?”

“Hell no, what would I be doing with a geek like Jim? Puhleeeeease!” said Claire.

“Oh really, just how much do you know about him then?” Stephanie persisted.

“Enough to know I don't wanna be caught hanging out with a loser like him”.

“I guess you’re right” Stephanie sighed, and then with a wishful twinkle in her eyes added, “but then he makes tons of money doesn't he?”

“Yeah right!" Well, news flash! I'm not really a material girl you know”, Claire countered in a not so complementary tone of voice...

Stephanie just wouldn’t drop it, and so she asked, “So what does it for you in a guy apart from great looks then?”

“Um let's see...” Claire paused for a moment, her eye brows wrinkled, wondering if she is ready to share that info with Stephanie...

“Oh come on girl, you could tell me....” Stephanie urged her.

“Well if you must know, a man has to have a decent sized asset if you catch my drift” she said her face lighting up with a naughty and bad girl smile.

“Oh Really?” Stephanie asked in an exaggerated expression of surprise.

“Yeah!" He's got to be able to make my pussy ache afterwards too”. She added hoping that would shock her friend into dropping the issue.

Of course it didn’t work; it just made Stephanie even more interested. “Wow! Ok back up just a second, ok... Did I ever tell you I worked with Jim before back in DC?”

Taken slightly aback, Claire, stopped with her hand mid motion, and her stubborn chin stuck out slightly. She didn’t know where Stephanie was going with this but she wasn’t sure she’d like it.

“Oh, did you now? Ok so what about it?” Claire asked.

“Well nothing except there was a lot of talk back then about how huge his umm... ‘Package’ is.” She blushes.

“Most of it was before my time at that firm, but rumor has it that there was this virgin at 30 girl, and well....when she and Jim you know...” she paused and gestures at sex, before continuing; “Well he tore her pussy to pieces, after that there was a mad rush and all the freaky girls in the office wanted a piece of the action. Don’t know how much of it is true, but the stuff about his package is for real” Stephanie concluded her face blushing deep red...

Claire whistled in excitement and then added, “Well I'll be damned!”

Now it was Claire who wouldn’t drop the issue, she looked sideways at her friend again and said; “Well, well, I surely love huge cocks, and from what you just told me, I guess I’ll just have to find out for myself won't I?”

“Yeah, I guess, but please keep this between us, ok...” Stephanie cautioned.

“Sure thing girl, Ssh!!” Claire gestures with finger across her lips.

As they finished powdering their noses and left, the toilet flushed in one of the stalls, and out came Jessica, 30-year old red head, and office supervisor.

Jess cocked her head and turned the information she just heard over in her mind, then as a plan of action formed in her freaky mind... she broke out in a wide smile, and then laughed with joy at her luck.

Jess had a magnificent, curly auburn hair and big brown eyes. At 5feet 8inches tall, her sexy thighs and hot legs were well conditioned and strong. She was a sexy woman by any standards. It was common knowledge in the office that she was a slut. It was also known in certain circles that she was bisexual in orientation. Being the office supervisor however has made it necessary for her to act the lovable bitch more often than not, so a lot is whispered behind her back than is said to her face.

******************** Claire spent the weekend planning her gambit, knowing how smart Jim was, she knew her plan had to be simple and innocent and completely believable. First, she decided she had to verify the size of his ‘package’. Then she had to seduce him, which shouldn't be too hard, considering he had already asked her out before...

It was 6 p.m. on Thursday and everyone else was gone for the day, but as usual, Jim was working late. Claire knew her timing had to be right, so after making sure that he knew she was still around, she gave him another half hour, by which time he would have finished whatever he was doing.

At 6.30 p.m., she went by his office and asked him if he was going to be here much longer, as she was thinking of leaving right away. His quick mind considered how nice she had been to him in the past week, and reasoning that she had finally made up her mind to give him a chance, he told her to hang on a couple of minutes while he shut down his work station.

They walked out of the office together and on their way out he offered her a ride home, then he offered her dinner on the way, both of which she accepted.

Meanwhile, across the corridor, from the partially open door of her own office, Jess had been monitoring them both, wondering what their next move would be. She has a strong hunch, and the success of her own plan depended on that one hunch. When they left the office together without incident, she smiled, with a bit of disappointment, yet feeling the excitement of hunter working hard to snare a worthy quarry.

When they eventually arrived in front of her building, Claire thanked Jim and when he attempted to kiss her, she didn’t pull away from him. He kissed her lips, and drew her into a romantic embrace, and nibbled on her lower lips; she pressed her soft firm breasts into his chest, causing his manhood to swell in response to the exciting sensual stimulus.

In order to maximize the opportunity, she opened her mouth and allowed him to slip his tongue into her mouth, and then she returned his passionate kisses with such enthusiasm, within a matter of minutes his erection had grown into a huge pulsing bulge in his pants, and the pressure of it against her tummy made her crotch dissolve into a puddle of juicy wetness, and her knees turned to jelly.

Her logical mind was telling her to end the contact for that night, yet her freaky mind urged her to continue and to explore a little further. She unzipped his fly and slid her hand through the opening, and then over the waistband of his shorts. She took hold of his manhood and her hand, she was excited by its powerful pulsing energy, her hand could barely encircle its girth and her eyes widened in awe. Just then they are disturbed by the sound of approaching footsteps, she hurriedly withdrew her hands out from his pants as they quickly separated.

A few minutes later, he was gone and she was safely in her room, so horny, and needing to cum badly. She hurriedly stripped and looked her body over in the mirror on her wall. Her nipples were rock hard and pink with her desire, her pussy lips were swollen and wet, and her clit was erect too. She cupped her breast with her left hand, and soon began to pinch and tease her hard nipples, while her right hand brushed over her wet sex. Her fingers found and stroked her erect clit and worked in a circular motion to pleasure it.

She moved to her bed, and from her nightstand drawer retrieved her dildo, and puts it to work. When her orgasm came amidst moaning and panting, she felt only slightly relieved, as her whole being was awash with her craving for Jim’s huge package which felt so alive and full of raw energy in her hand only a few minutes ago.

************************** It had been a long day at work; Jim had been avoiding her all day, and the hours just simply refused to move on. The few times she saw him passing by, memories of his thickness in her hands, made her hot and moist causing her to take a few more trips to the ladies’ than usual.

With everybody gone at 7.00 p.m., she entered Jim’s office, and as he started to apologize about last night, she shut him up with a kiss. They kissed deeply and passionately, and the heat of her desire soon made it plain to Jim that this was not a drill.

As he kissed her, nibbled on her lower lips, and then kissed her neck, she let out a moan, and then began to unbutton his shirt, and unbuckle his belt. Within a few minutes, she was down to her thongs and bra, and Jim was standing in his boxers, admiring the beauty of her very sexy body. Claire’s eyes were glued to the tent in his shorts; the tension in the air between them was so palpable. After an eternity, they made a mad dash to strip each other of the last items shielding them from complete sensual union.

Their devotion to the exploration of each other’s body was so intense that they did not hear Jess open the door a crack. Through the crack, she looked on hungrily as Jim unclasped Claire’s bra, when her beautiful pair of tits tumble free, she felt a shiver run through her.

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Kneeling in front of him, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, and slid it down to his feet, he stepped out of it, thus giving Jess her first glance at his huge cock, which was at that very moment standing erect and throbbing. It must be at least 9 inches by 2 inches of prime cock’, she thought as she mentally fanned herself to keep from melting into a puddle. Alas, she felt a rivulet of juice escape her pussy and run down the inside of her naked thighs.

Meanwhile, Claire grasped Jim’s cock in a two-handed grip and began to lick the precum off its shiny blunt head. As she opened up her mouth much wider to swallow his thick meat, Jess couldn’t contain the rising heat of her lust anymore as her soft whimpers turned into loud moans. She took her hand under her mini-skirt and rubbed her wet hot pussy and then thumb flicked her engorged clitoris.

Her moans soon attracted their attention and sent them scampering into a corner, covering themselves with their hands. Their eyes wandered to her crotch, catching her with her hand in her honey pot. The moment of tension that ensued was endless; suddenly without a word being said by anybody, she walked up to Claire and planted a kiss on her lips.

Claire was stunned, but before she could say anything, Jess turned to Jim and began to suck on his nipples. She sealed her hot wet mouth over his man boobs, and flicked the nipples with her snaky tongue. Jim soon began moaning in earnest as he felt tongues of fiery passion licking through his entire body. Claire however was still standing there stunned, and unsure of how to proceed. Jim briefly caught a glimpse of her through half open eyes, and her discomfort suddenly registered in his conscious mind.

He laid a hand on Jess’s shoulder staying her assault on his nipples, then it dawned on her too as she turned to face Claire. She only offered a warm smile, and then took Claire’s hand and led her to Jim’s spacious desk. She pushed her gently to the edge and then lays her down on the desk top, and then she reached behind herself and pulled Jim by his throbbing meat pole. She guided his thick manhood into Claire’s half-open mouth, and then returned to sucking on his nipples, slowly moving up to his neck, and finally up to his lips where she engaged him in a deep, heart racing tongue play. He was moaning and sighing in her mouth, as the slivers of pleasure licked through him from the tender oral ministration with which Claire was favoring his cock.

Claire was sucking on his thick cock and licking on the thick veins criss-crossing his fat shaft. She held on as best she could, restraining it from jumping about with one hand, while rubbing her own throbbing clit with the other.

Although she had been eaten by women a few times back in college, and she wasn’t planning on doing anything like that ever again, the presence of a naked Jess in such close and intimate proximity filled her with a mixture of awkwardness and great excitement that sent her pulse racing and her clit tingling and her wet hot pussy twitching.

She almost gagged as Jim thrust his cock deep down into her throat. As she opened wider to accommodate the pulsing head of his massive cock; she felt her legs being spread open and it dawned on her that there was truth in the rumor she heard about Jess’s sexuality. She left out a muffled moan as she felt the heat of Jess’s breath on her wet cunt, just as she began to lick first her cum soaked finger with which she had been rubbing her clit, and then she ceased all movement and began to choke on Jim’s cock when Jess swirled her tongue over her clit.

A cough roared out from deep within her throat, sending both the hard dick and a pool of spittle out and all over Jim’s crotch.

Jess knew from experience not to stop at that point, instead she wrapped her wet hot mouth over Claire’s throbbing clit and suckled away. With the heightened arousal in the pit of Claire’s stomach and the dull ache of her sexual need beginning to dissolve into a river of pleasure through the tender loving care of Jess’s mouth, her apprehensive sighs of uncertainty, soon turn into deep moans of sheer pleasure.

Jim felt the rise in the temperature of her lust too. The walls of her mouth, collapsed around his shaft, her hunger apparent as her throat opened up, making room for his cock to slide all the way down her throat until his balls were pressing hard against her chin, and sending shockwaves of excitement through him.

Claire’s was so far gone into the realm of ecstasy, she wondered if it wasn’t all a wet dream. As though to convince herself that she wasn’t going to suddenly awake before her building orgasm hits, she cocked her head with mouth still impaled by cock to catch a glimpse of Jess’s head buried deep in between her silken thighs. The sight of Jess’s undulating head as she ate the ache of need from her Claire’s cunt instantly sets her off. She began to quiver; her hips gyrated faster, and faster.

Jess raised the game when she flicked Claire’s clit with her wet finger, and dug her tongue deep into her pussy hole, tongue fucking her harder and faster with each thrust. Her body was awash with wave after wave of excitement until suddenly, her back arched, and her mouth closed tightly over Jims cock, as her eyes roll to the back of her head. Deep spasms seized her body as she succumbed to the multi orgasmic hurricane which ploughed through her as she let out deep a****l grunts… “Ughmmm!” The sounds of her release escaping through the seal of her mouth over his throbbing cock; forming bubbles of thick slippery spittle.

Jim pumped faster in his own desperation to catch up with her as she fell over the edge of the orgasmic cliff. The contraction of her throat, over his cock and the warmth of her spittle running down over his tight balls, all trip him and he began his own descent into the bottomless pit of sexual release.

He let out a deep grunt as he shot a stream of thick creamy cum into her mouth. Her mouth filled up and flowed over as cum seeped through the sides. She guzzled down as much as she could and went on to suck whatever was left directly out of his relieved balls.

Even though he had just ejaculated, Jim’s cock was still hard and nodding its residual hunger. Jess lifted up her head from Claire’s cum drenched twat, and Jim got even harder from just seeing her face glazed with Claire’s copious pussy juice, which she licked off the corner of her lips as the fire of her own lust burned hot in her seductive eyes.

They rearrange positions and it was time for Jess to return the favor. The girls got into a cock provoking 69 position on the desktop, and Jim was standing behind Jess, rubbing his fat and blunt dick head over her slit. He spreads her pussy lips open and plunged his throbbing meat into her hot juicy cunt. As he pushed deeper into her, stretching her warmed up pussy, she raised her head from the warmth of Claire’s pussy, and let out a loud moan. As she raised her head, her crotch was pushed lower, offering Claire her throbbing clit, which she sucked on even harder, sending a jolt of electricity through her.

Jim began to pound her deeper and harder in an ever increasing rhythm, and Claire continued to pleasure her clit in ways that even she did not realize she could. Her moans got louder tidal wave of orgasm swept over her body and her juices flowed from her swollen pussy to Claire's waiting lips, and onto her chin.

Jim’s shaft was covered in her thick pussy cream, which he rubbed around the puckered entrance to her asshole, and then he began to massage the cream past her tight sphincter deeper into her. He lazily fingered her ass, and soon his finger strokes picked up; he added another finger and drover her crazy with the two-fingered pleasuring her rear end. The pressure of his digital occupancy of her ass was so exciting that she frantically threw back at him. Jim upped the ante by adding yet another finger; the slut in Jess kept pace with his digital exploration as she wriggled her waist and thrust her ass at him harder, swallowing the three fingers he had inside of her, at that point he knew that it was time to feed her his enormous sausage...

He slid his cock from her pussy and rubbed the creamy wetness from it all around the lose entrance of her open ass. He pushed firmly but gently against her asshole and soon the head slipped inside. He kept up the gentle push and about a quarter of the way in she grimaced from the sweet pain, searing through her butt.

Jim held his cock in place for a bit whilst he caressed her sexy ass. Meanwhile Claire took her pleasuring of Jess to a new level by slipping her two fingers into her gaping cunt, after fingering her pussy for a while, and then finding her G spot she began to massage it. Jess’s pleasure raced deliciously towards its peak as she savored the girth of Jim’s dick hammering away at her ass, and the finger fucking, and clit suckling action that are accelerating the raging inferno of ecstasy that was threatening to consuming her soul.

Claire was busy writing an erotic tale with her fingers and reading it with her mouth at Jess’s swollen tortured cunt, when the spasms began deep in her loins, her pussy began to contract and squeezed Claire’s fingers, and soon the spasms spread with her entire body jerking spasmodically. Jim was affected by the jerking of her ass, and he buried his cock deeper up her ass, with his own ass clenching as his hips locked up.

The heat of hard cock shoved up her ass, proved to be the final straw, then her pussy clenched once more, as she squirted a jet of her juice, drowning Claire’s face in the liquid of her sated lust. Her tightening asshole gripped his cock and massaged it in its frantic jerks, tipping the fulcrum of his control as he pulled out of her ass, shooting mid air and splattering the whole of her ass with his cum. They rested up for a few minutes to catch their breaths, and then they got dressed and left the office together. In the elevator down, Jess, looked at both of them with a mischievous smile, and said, “I believe both of you are a couple now, aren’t you?” She winked.

They both look at her nervously, as Jim answered, “Well I guess so”. Claire shocked them all when she asked quite naughtily; “And you, how do you fit into the picture?”

They all remained silent for a moment, before Jess eased the tension with her throaty laugh and said; “Well I guess that’s makes me the invisible third. Oh yes, lets have a ménage trios, and why not”. She then quickly added, “Actually, I have a great idea, the weekend is here, why not let us party over at my place?” She smiled sweetly, the rest of the way to the basement carport, satisfied with the outcome of her long hours of surveillance over these two. ‘Mmmm! I have indeed killed two birds with one stone’, she thought, very pleased with the actualization of her hidden agenda.

The End

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