Emma Finds Her Master.

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We agreed to meet in the park. I was to have just a coat and high black boots on. It

was late and dark and I was to wait blindfolded. I felt amazingly horny. I heard a car pull

up, the door close, and someone coming. I felt his arm touch me, then a collar and

chain put around my neck. Then he opened my coat and let the chain go down

between my tits, it was long and it touched my clit, the cold of it sending bolts threw me

like an electric shock. He led me further into the park, and told me to get on all fours. I

did and waited. I could hear a bag being opened. He spanked my ass cheek, and slid

a finger around my little hole, he slides it in and I nearly came, I could feel the lube

going around my ass and the butt plug inserted.

“Mmmm,” I couldn’t help moaning.

I was breathing heavily not knowing what was next or if I was allowed to cum. He

always tells me when I’m allowed to cum. This time he wasn’t saying anything so I

wasn’t sure. I felt a vibrator being slid into my pussy, I was drenched and so horny, and

he kept pressing on my g-spot as it pushed in, it felt so good pressing. Then he

stopped, pulled me to my feet and drove me to his house with the plug still inside me.

Of all the things that had happened so far, I hadn’t expected Nick to just walk away and

leave me bound, handcuffs, a chain on my ankle. Collar had gone and with it that

chain. Wow that chain felt good on my clit. Now I’m completely naked and in a small

room like a dressing room. I could get to the door and look out, but that’s all, a small

two- way mirror allowed me to see out but no-one could look in.

Over the next half hour I could only think about when he would come back, I tried to get

comfortable but I couldn’t. No-where was right. Then I heard voices, a man and a

woman. They came into the bedroom and I watched, it was Nick and some woman.

She looked a bit d***k. She took off his shirt exposing his broad shoulders and

biceps, licking her tongue down his chest, over his stomach.

Jealousy poured through my body like a bolt of lightning.

I wanted them to stop, but I had no way of opening the door. Nick dropped down onto

the bed and she went to unzip his pants, desperate to get to his hard swollen cock out.

I felt my heart slide; he got me here to make me watch him fuck another woman? I

hated him.

My body said otherwise, my pussy was dripping wet, my clit hard and I ached. I

couldn’t look away, I need to watch, see what he did next. With everything I had, I

wanted that woman to just go, get sick, have a stroke, something just leave my man


She finally freed his cock and it sprung right up, hard and ready. I could see his veins,

so could she, she licked the head then all the way down to his balls, licking and

sucking, one then the other. His head went back I heard him moan. I wanted to murder

her. Nick held her head and ran his fingers though her hair, pushing her to his cock. As

she continued to suck, he looked at the two-way mirror. I could see a smile come to his

lips, and he moaned again, and it went right through me too.

I was shaking with rage.

Then he said something to her. I couldn’t hear it, but she got up and left. I was relived. I

walked around inside the room frustrated and angry, I heard the door open.

“How are you my pet?”

“Fuck you Nick!” I screamed.

He grabbed me and swung me around, opening a door and grabbing a belt, slamming

the door shut. He pushed me to my hands and knees, and whacked on my bottom.

Three more of the same came and I was almost in tears with the pain…but deep

inside my body I wanted more.

“My little slut is not allowed to address her Master in this way!”

Another sting came to my ass. I was still very upset, though I knew he was in control.

“You’re a fuck, Master.”

Then he smacked my ass again.

“Not the right answer, my little slut.”

Again I felt the pain, and again, my ass felt red and I could feel the welts forming. Again

he whacked me. I could feel it right though me, but worse, I could also feel very large

pool of liquid forming at my pussy. It started running down my thighs.

I was still angry, and oh how my ass hurt! But I still wanted Nicks’ cock deep inside me.

“Please,” I whispered “Please forgive me Master, for being a bad little slut.”

He laid the belt down over my ass. Was I getting another or was that it? I squirmed

around a little as the leather was touching the sensitive spots. One end of it slipped

between my legs, rubbing on my very hard clit and bare pussy lips. I moaned loud, as

the leather felt so good running though that area. Rubbing in the right place, teasing. I

still yearned for more. I felt like, one very raw horny as fuck person.

“I suppose you know, you have a very sexy ass, it makes me hard every time I see it.”

“No Master, I didn’t know that.”

“You know the first time I saw you, I knew I had to have you?”

“No I didn’t, you never made any moves in my direction.”

Then he dropped the belt and started to massage the welts in my ass slowly. It felt so

good. Then he dropped his hand down and slid a finger into my wet pussy, and I could

hardly stop my moan. He took the butt plug out. He slid his finger to my clit and started

to rub it, up and down and then roll it around in a circular motion. I was so relieved to

finally get some attention right where I wanted him to put it, ever so slowly working my

clit around and around masterfully. My eyes shut tight, as I could feel myself start to

build from somewhere deep inside me, I moaned and wiggled without realizing.

He slid two fingers in my pussy.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhh! Yesss! “I screamed.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Master,” I was just able to moan.

He rewarded me with more finger fucking. It felt so good, I thought I may cum. I was

getting what I so badly needed, I could feel my body betraying me as I really started to

thrust back into his fingers. Not what I wanted, but it would have to do, my need was so


He stopped all at once, he could feel it too, and he wasn’t going to allow me to cum


“Please Master,” I begged.

He stood up. “Undress me you little slut.”

I did as he ordered. I finally got his cock free and it was so hard, the veins sticking out

as it literally pulsed with every heartbeat. It looked magnificent and I wanted it, I wanted

it now. I felt the desire and the cream in my pussy, thinking of his cock between my


“Suck my cock as you saw the other woman do to me tonight,” he ordered.

“Yes Master, thank you.”

I felt a tightening inside me and an instant hate for her. She had my Masters cock in

her mouth. I realized, it was me he wanted now, only me, and I slid my tongue up and

down his shaft, around the head and lapped up the pre come dripping out of the

beautiful tip. I rolled my tongue around and around it, squeezing his balls and rubbing

my hands up to his ass. I sucked his cock deep down my throat and back up again.

Then all the way down again almost gagging. I looked up at his face he was in heaven,

eyes closed, head back and loving the way I sucked him.

“Ohhh!” he moaned, “Good little slut.”

He moaned and thrust his hips forward, meeting every stroke of my mouth. I sucked

him harder wanting to please my Master so badly. He put his hands gently on my head

and pulled me to meet him. As he thrust into me, my body shook scared of the control

he had, but wanting to be controlled by him so desperately. He got faster and harder

and pulled me closer, further down my throat he went. Then all of a sudden his body

shook, deep inside I felt it come up to his shaft, it sprayed out and filled my mouth full

of his hot cum. Down it went, I swallowed as fast as I could, I didn’t want to miss a

drop. A small bit seeped out of the corners of my mouth and he wiped it over my lips.

“That was amazing,” he said.

He reached around me and took off the handcuffs, undid the chain around my ankle,

and led me to his bedroom.

“Lie on the bed facing up,” he ordered.

“Yes Master.”

He went to his drawers and pulled out four scarves. He tied my wrists to the bed posts,

my arms were stretched out. I was breathing rapidly now. I wasn’t afraid, I wanted him

so much. As I watched, one scarf was long; he ran it up and over two hooks in the

ceiling. I hadn’t noticed them before. He tied my ankles up to them, my legs open and

my ass just off the bed, he tied one around my eyes. I have had something like this with

some past boyfriends, but never anything near this. He went back to his draw and

pulled out some black things. He came over and clamped one on my nipple, they were

pegs, he did the other nipple and then he moved to my clit. When this one clamped on,

it felt like a continuous pinching. It sent shock waves through my pussy, around my ass,

and my whole body, the pain was intense, and I wanted more.

“Ahhh!” I said, “Ohhhh yessss fuuuckk Master!”

Then I felt him opening up my thighs, he was on his knees, and I felt his hard cock at

my entrance.

“Yesss,” I was just able to moan.

“Ok Emma. Do you want your Master now?”

“Yes Master. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me. Please fuck me!”

His cock pressed right up against my pussy and he pushed inside me, touching the

peg on my clit. I felt shock waves run right though me, the pleasure and the pain

combined. I was in heaven. As wet as I was, his cock felt enormous as he slid it in, I

adjusted to him, forcing my tight pussy to take all of it.

“Can you feel how hard my cock is for you Emma? You just sucked it a few minutes

ago. That’s what you do to me.”

He pushed his cock in hard and fast, I pushed back against him, meeting every thrust.

He really felt like my Master now. I wanted to always be controlled and dominated, by

him. He made me feel things I had never felt before. I’d never even dreamt of, or done

this with another person. Yet I still wanted more. I pulled at my arm ties, I wanted to put

my arms around him, run my nails down his back. I know that would please him. He

was fucking into me harder now and fast. Then he pulled on a tie and my legs fell free,

dropping to the bed, bl**d rushing back onto them. He untied my arms and took the

blindfold off.

“Get on your hands and knees!” he ordered.

“Yes Master.” I obeyed right away.

He grabbed a huge dildo from the draw, and come up behind me. He slammed his

cock right up inside my pussy, fucking me harder. He lubed up my ass, sliding the

dildo in slowly, I was panting hard. My head going from side to side, I just needed to

cum. He pushed it right in as I relaxed my little hole, and turned the vibe on. I could feel

it building somewhere within me, I was going to cum and very hard. His cock pressing

my g-spot at every thrust forward. All of a sudden it was like things just stopped. I

exploded into an electrified orgasm that wracked though my whole body. I shook and

shuddered under him. I felt the spasms come on. He started to cum too, his lovely cum

heating inside my pussy more, my body just wouldn’t stop shaking. Spasm after

spasm still coming within me. Finally they stopped, his cock sliding out of me, we both

collapsed onto the bed, my legs still shaking. He un-did the clips and pulled my body

close to his. I wrapped one of my arms over his chest and snuggled into him. We


“Emma?” he said looking at me and softly brushing his nose on mine, “I love you.”

“Oh Nick, I love you too.” I reached up and kissed his lips again.
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