When It All Started For Louise

All names have not been changed to protect the

innocent, there are no innocent here!

I was waiting to see my lawyer, Jessica. They called my name. I was sent in and sat

down. We talked about my case for a while I noticed she was looking down my top.

I am NOT the author.am simply sharing
She asked me to come to her side of the desk, there is a huge amount of papers to

sign, as I did the signing, I noticed her looking at me, I felt a little tingle.

Now I’m 22 and I would say sexy, I’m bi-curious, she is gorgeous and a very well

dressed 23, a certain amount of seductiveness about her. The sun coming in on her

face gives her a look of pure beauty, it was striking. Was she flirting with me here in

her office.

I went back to my chair, sat down letting my skirt ride up a bit, she kept looking down

my plunging neckline, and now at my black tights, I open my legs a little, she notices

that right away and keeps looking. I open a bit wider daring her to lick her lips or make

some movement but I only see something in her eyes, lust maybe, her lips open in a

smile. The pink lipstick parting, her lips look so inviting.

She comes around and sits on the corner of the desk, her short skirt rides up, I can

clearly see, now at eye level, her black lace panties through her stockings, she opens

slightly, and watches my eyes, I can’t look away, I’m spell-bound and she knows it. I

feel a small wet patch in my own panties forming, and try to see if she has one too. Our

eyes meet and we stare at each other. I have the feeling she isn’t gay, but wanted to

be bi, maybe like so many other women.

"I’m noticing you can’t keep your eyes off me? Why is that?"

"Well since you ask, I’m bi-curious."

I wanted her, the more I looked at Jessica the more I felt that tight feeling of wanting in

my belly and between my legs.

"We need to talk more about your case, can you come back in two days?"

"Let’s get it over with, come to my house tomorrow afternoon, all the other information

is there ok?"

"I’d love to" she said

I stood up and walked to the door, I could feel the tightness of my skirt, around my ass

as I walked, and I turned just in time to see her staring as it wiggled.

"See you tomorrow!" The door closed.

I walk down the stairs and out of the building. I imagined her going back to her chair

and sliding her hand to her pussy, feeling the wet spot and rubbing her clit, thinking

about tomorrow afternoon, before the next person went in to see her.


It was now 6-30pm next afternoon and I was sitting on the outside balcony sorting out

all the papers Jessica would need, the doorbell rang and I went to let her in.

"Hello Louise" she said

"Hello, how are you, you look pretty!"

I led her to the table outside. It was a very warm afternoon, I had wine on the table and

we both had a glass. I gave her the papers and we sipped our wine, looking out at the

view. The hills were amazing out here. Then we looked at each other and smiled.

"I have made copies of everything so you can have them."

"Ok then, I won’t need to stay long."

"Oh no, you couldn’t go back now, it’s too close to dinner and you must stay."

"Of course I will, thank you."

I thought she looked so sexy. A breeze started to slowly whistle through the garden, her

dress was blown up and I could see her white thighs right up to her panties. Then the

breezed stopped and it went down, but still sat higher on her thigh. Then she moved

her leg up, I could see right up her inner thigh, right to her ass, she did that on purpose.

I could feel myself starting to get wet and I was squirming about in my chair. Then the

breeze picked up again, and even though the light was not good now, I’m sure I could

see the mound of her pussy as it blew her dress up. I wanted her so badly, I need to

touch my pussy and get to that itch. My stomach was turning with desire and I needed


We saw my gardener, come handyman, walking up the path. A very good looking and

strong 39 year old. As he got closer, I could see he was in shorts, had his top off, his

muscles bulging. I turned to look at Jessica, she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

"Who is that?" she asked

"Oh that is my live in handyman, he does everything around here. He’s wonderful, very

good with his hands."

"Hmm." I could hear her murmur.

She watched him walk into the house. She was moving in her chair and her legs

opened a bit.

I heard him enter the room behind me, probably to tell me he was done for the day.

"Hi," Jack said.

"Hi Jack," I said "This is Jessica, my lawyer."

They talked easily, I watched them flirt back and forward, I could see they liked each

other. I couldn’t stop myself from putting my hand over my pussy and holding it there,

feeling the warmth radiating though. Jack started to go inside we both watched as he


"I’m going to have a shower see you two soon."

"Let’s go inside." I say.

We went into to the kitchen, I turned and took Jessica in my arms and kissed her, she

didn’t hold back, the kiss was..electric. She kissed me just as hard and passionate

back. I slid my hand up to her ample breasts and squeezed, flicked the nipple, she

moaned and purred like a kitten. When we pulled away from the kiss her face was


"You are the sexiest person on the planet" I told her.

I grabbed her arm and led her to the bedroom we started to undress each other slowly,

taking in our sexy bodies. A knot of desire was in my chest, as each piece of clothing

was taken off. She softly and tenderly touched my body, running her hands over my

boobs and down to my ass. I shivered at her touch, it felt amazing as she caressed my

cheeks. softly squeezing, running her finger through my crack and teasing my pussy

lips ever so lightly. Oh I love that, she was so soft and smelt beautiful. I walked over to

the bedside table and showed her my toy collection. I selected a few and placed them

on the bed.

I slid down between her legs and kissed her thighs, right up near her pussy. She open

her legs wide to give me room. I lightly brushed her clit, she moaned loudly. My warm

tongue took over and she held my head to her. I licked slowly, building speed. She fell

to the bed, and opened wider. I crawled up to her, licked and sucked her pussy lips,

her juices started to flow. she tasted amazingly sweet.

I teased her pussy, licked and nibbled her clit. Her legs were moving, in and out, her

back was starting to arch, head thrown back. she was pinching her nipples, I sped up

a bit. she was close, then with one last moan she started to cum. With a gush she was

squirting in my mouth, coming so hard, hips moving up and down it was hard to hold

my mouth closed. I greedily lapped all her cum in, she tasted so good, I couldn’t get


As she came down from the high, she barely squeaked out.

"Now it’s your turn."

We changed positions I lay on my back legs open, pussy dripping, my need great. I

had that tight feeling in my tummy and below, I need to cum. I need it now. I squeezed

my tits as she kissed and licked from the bottom of my feet. I was twitching as she

slowly and teasingly moved closer to where I need it most. Up past my knees now, I

think my brain will explode, my inner thighs and I’m shaking now. Yes! She gets to my

clit and flicks it lightly it sends shock waves through me, turning to pure pleasure. I

pinch my nipples so hard thrash my head around, some of my body in pain and some

in ecstasy. Then we both hear a deep voice, it was Jack.

"Hello girls."

We both stop and look up towards the door. Jack is standing there, naked.

" I’ve been standing here for 10 minutes watching and my cock is rock hard!"

We both look at his hard cock, the veins sticking out and throbbing with every


We smile widely but hardly miss a beat with our own fucking.

"Oh wow Jack!" Jessica grins. "get that gorgeous cock in my pussy right now!"

I see Jack move to her ass, she sticks it up invitingly in the air. he puts both hands on

her hips and slides his hard cock in, she moans loudly sending vibrations though my

pussy, the sound muffled, and it vibrates right though me, I almost cum right there, but I

hold it back I know there is more to come yet. I watch his face, as he pounds her

pussy. Watching the look on his face, squeezing the middle part his forehead together

in lust. Jessica licks my clit with more vigor. Now she has a cock in her pussy it has

given her more enthusiasm, and she fucks my pussy with more speed. I see her grab

my dildo from the bed and slide into my pussy, I moan loudly with pleasure. Jack

looked at me surprised by the sound, just as I was, as I heard it myself.

Everyone was moaning and grinding somewhere, we all were getting closer to our

orgasms. I see Jack’s face tighten, then pure elation come over him as he cums,

groaning and grunting as he fills Jessica’s pussy with his hot cum. That pushes me

over the edge and I push onto the dildo and her mouth as I cum, I push down and my

whole body explodes, spasm after spasm takes me to a higher place, as I shake and

shiver uncontrollably, the spasms come on. Then they subside and I come back to

earth and my breath comes back to normal. Jessica has a look on her face like she

missed something, I sense quickly what it is. Jack lies on the bed catching his breath.

I get off the bed and go to a drawer, pull out my strap on dildo (eight inches long and

one and a quarter wide,) and strap it onto me as they both watch. Jessica still on all

fours, I get behind her and slide it into her wet pussy. I slide it in a few times and take it

out, slick with hers and Jacks juices. I get some lube that is close by and smear it on

the dildo and her tight butt hole, before she realizes, I slide it in slowly, she yelps in

pain, but the pleasure soon takes over and she pushes back to me moaning loudly. I

start to build up a nice rhythm, as she pushed back our timing gets better. She starts to

touch and spank her clit, rubbing it hard. I pound into her little ass, and her head drops,

after about five minutes of this, I see Jack is rock hard again, he lifts Jessica’s head

and slides under her, his hard cock at her mouth and she sucks it in. We both fuck her

like crazy, we are all out of control when she screams.

"Louise, YESS OHH YESSS!!!, fuck me, fuck my ass, I’m going to cum!"

"OH! Me too." yells Jack.

As she puts her mouth back on his cock and sucks it harder. I watch in fascination, as

her ass cheeks shake, whole body fits in orgasm. Jack pulls out of her mouth and

cums on her face, she licks it up, not a drop left. I pull out and unbuckle my rubber

cock. We all fall in a heap, cuddling, snuggling and kissing each other so exhausted.

"Now, anyone for dinner, the night is just starting" I say.
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