Jen and I

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Jen and Dontholien are best friends and get even closer on a tropical island.
Jen and I [Dontholien] became best of friends when we started working at the same company about a year ago. We have much in common, including both being in our early 20s, loving the same type of music, reading the same types of books, on the same social network, addicted to dancing, and being almost always horny and having active sex lives [we both really love morning sex]. We look different in many ways – I’m tall with red hair and penetrating azure blue eyes, while Jen is shorter with long dark brown hair and big brown “doe” eyes. But we have similar features too – we both are slim, have average size boobs with hyper-sensitive nipples, and our bare butts are pictured in the top category on the web site [not its real name, but we don’t want you looking there – we want you reading this].

One other way we’re different – Jen is truly bisexual, while I have always been straight. I will admit to being bi-curious (though I don’t think I ever admitted that to Jen – at least not when sober).

At our company’s Christmas party the first year we worked there, the bosses seemed to have been feeling particularly happy – and generous. They were giving away prizes for all sorts of things including a raffle, talent contest, and standup comedy routines. The party was really wild and uninhibited for a company event, and the excitement culminated when as the last act of the talent contest Jen and I did a modern dance. Our act was so risqué that I was [mistakenly] sure we would be interrupted from finishing by one of the bosses. The dance concluded with us doing a strip down to flesh colored leotards with nipples and bush hair painted on them. The place went wild! We got a standing ovation and dozens of hoots and hollers!

Jen and I were floored when we were awarded the Grand Prize for the entire event. We each got an all expenses trip for two for 5 days and 4 nights to Aruba. Holy Shit! And we would even get 3 days off work for the trip! In the middle of a Northern Hemisphere particularly cold and snowy winter!

Since neither of us had ever won anything significant in our lives we were thrilled. We were also thrilled by the admiring looks and warm hugs we got from our co-workers while accepting the prize with only our leotards on. It seemed like ever male co-worker insisted on giving us a congratulatory hug, and it was like each one had an ax handle sticking out from his crotch. We loved it!

The only hard decision was who to bring with us. Jen and I each had a handful of fuck buddies – or maybe you would call them “friends with benefits.” Jen had two guy “buddies” and two girl “buddies”, while I had three guy “buddies”. Jen had never met one of my buddies, I had never met one of her guy buddies and didn’t like the other one, and I didn’t like either of her girl buddies. We each decided to invite the guy unknown to the other. Jen’s buddy was Craig, and mine was Brian. Both were really good looking, fit guys, about our age, maybe a year or two older.

Craig and Brian were thrilled to be invited. So we made arrangements for the trip at a mutually convenient time, Brian drove us all to the airport, and off we went.

While I really liked Brian and Jen really liked Craig, I found myself ogling Craig most of the way there on the plane. Plus I caught Jen ogling Brian.

We had adjoining rooms at a 4Star hotel right on the beach. We got there early enough to go swimming and body surfing before sitting down to a wonderful dinner right at the waterfront. There was a dance floor, and of course Jen and I insisted on dancing our meals off. We danced with our buddies, switched buddies to dance, danced with other guys at the hotel, and were going like energizer bunnies until we closed the place down. While it was fun, by the last dance I was really ready to fuck.

I went to the washroom as the ballroom was closing down and when I came back, Jen, Brian and Craig were in what seemed to be a serious conversation. As I approached they stopped talking – all I heard was Jen saying “Got It?” to both of the guys. I saw them nodding a response, with sly grins on their faces. When I asked “What’s up?” Brian came up to me and planted a juicy kiss on my lips and whispered “I’m going to fuck your brains out” into my ear. I forgot all about my question, and off we went.

When we got to our room, Brian and I were both raring to go. A cattle stampede couldn’t have kept us from fucking. We roughly undressed each other and got in a really delicious 69 position with me on top.

One thing I liked about Brian was his long – and expert – tongue. He was lapping my pussy lips with that pink pleasure provider, and stroking my G-spot while fingering my little cunt. I was simultaneously doing – with all humility – a great job of sucking his dick while gently massaging his balls. Our mouths were too active to say anything, but some guttural sounds of pleasure occasionally came out. But then Brian started caressing my clit with his snake-tongue while intensifying his punishment of my G-spot, and I couldn’t suck or fondle him anymore. All I could do was blissfully scream.

When I climaxed Brian sopped up all my juices, and as soon as he finished – without giving me any time to recover – he picked me up, spread my legs so that one was on either side of him, and with us face-to-face stuck his stiffy into my moist pussy. While he was bouncing up and down he was sucking one nipple and massaging the other, and with his remaining hand was squeezing my ass.

I always liked fucking Brian because he usually lasted a long time. This was no exception. He pounded me through three orgasms before I heard him grunting, he wrapped both arms around my back and put his chin on my shoulder, and squirted three or four bolts of cum into me. I had the best climax of the night when his hot cream hit my cervix. I hope I didn’t too enthusiastically scratch his back with my nails as he came, or scream loudly enough to wake other guests.

We stayed face-to-face kissing, playing with each other’s nipples, and hugging. I swear I heard Jen moaning in the adjacent room, which brought a smile to my face. Now, however, the long trip, the swimming, and the dancing caught up with us. I don’t think Brian had his now limp dick out of my snatch for 30 seconds before we fell asl**p in each other’s arms. Just before we both went to dreamland, however, I made it clear to Brian that I wanted an even better fuck the next morning – he went to sl**p with a big smile on his face.

While sl**ping, I was exclusively dreaming of, and anticipating, a great morning fuck. While night time sex is great, morning sex is better. [While middle of the night sex is often the best, there was no way that was happening now considering how wiped out we were.]

While at least still half asl**p, I thought I heard Jen come into the room, and I thought I felt her shake Brian. But I dismissed that as part of the dream. I don’t know how long it was after that, but I suddenly woke up and reached over to grab Brian – hopefully his dick or ball sac. I moved my arm all around, but he wasn’t there.

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself.

“Well maybe he’s in the bathroom” I mused.

So I went into the bathroom – no Brian. While sitting on the throne, I heard a knock on the door between our adjoining rooms. Still naked I opened it up – and there was a naked Jen.

“Those assholes went out golfing this morning” Jen said with obvious disgust in her voice. “Craig left me a note. I didn’t want a note, I wanted a cock.”

“Goddamn it” I mumbled as I motioned Jen to come into my room. We sat on the bed next to each other whining about how fucking awful it was that the guys would leave us when we needed sex so badly, after we invited them on this trip.

As we were talking I suddenly noticed that Jen had her eyes closed, fingers from one hand in her pussy, and the fingers on her other hand massaging a tit. I could see her nipples getting really hard. I thought to myself “Wow, Jen is one hot, horny little she-devil.”

Jen sensed me staring at her. She turned toward me and said “Dontholien, I’m so fucking horny right now I’m about to explode.”

“I know,” I responded, “I had my heart set on a good morning fuck.”

With that she moved her right hand over to my right thigh and started stroking it. Her fingers were soft and gentle, yet purposeful. With her left hand she reached over and gently squeezed one of my nipples. The natural sensitivity of my nipples, combined with my expectations for a good fuck, the suddenness of the situation, and my true affection for Jen, overwhelmed me. My bi-curiousness came to the forefront, and before I knew it Jen was on top of me fingering and tonguing my cunt while hers was right above my face.

I instinctively went after Jen’s pussy. Never having eaten pussy before I was a little apprehensive. But then I thought “Shit. Just do what you like having done to you!” So I licked her clit, ran the fingers of one hand over one pussy lip, and stuck two fingers into her super-moist gash. She had the most beautiful little pussy, with soft, smooth lips, and a clitoris even more hyper-sensitive than her nipples. I soon started sucking on her lips while fingering her clit, and I brought her to an orgasm. It wasn’t long before I had her pussy lips engorged and her clit red and prominent, and she was uncontrollably moaning while almost continuously climaxing.

While I was joyfully abusing Jen’s female parts, she was expertly working on mine. Though her tongue was smaller than Brian’s, she was licking me even more expertly than he had, and knew just where to stick her fingers and how much pressure to apply to drive me crazy!

It seemed like we both were continuously climaxing when through the fog of my orgasms I looked over to the doorway adjoining our rooms. There, standing naked, with their dicks sticking out like flagpoles, were Craig and Brian. Their eyes were wider than I thought was humanly possible, and they had the happiest looks ever on their faces.

While I stayed on task, I continued to look at Craig and Brian. Suddenly Craig’s eyes met mine. I have never seen a more lustful look on anyone’s face in my entire life. His look got me more charged up than I already was – something I would have thought was impossible.

Without a sound Craig and Brian moved toward us. Brian lifted up Jen, and Craig lifted me up, and they turned us on our hands and knees facing each other. Within seconds after that, Craig stuck his really thick cock into my leaking cunt, grabbed my hips, and started jack-hammering me. At the same time I could see that Brian was doggy fucking Jen. Both Jen and I were squealing in delight, and as best we could we kissed each other while massaging each other’s hyper-sensitive nipples.

After a few minutes of this bliss, Craig started drubbing me more intensely than I have ever been fucked before – so much so that I could no longer kiss Jen, though I still could massage one of her tits with one hand. Then Craig ran a thumb over my oozing pussy to scoop up some juices, then stuck it into my asshole. When Craig blasted a tsunami in me I went way over the top. The combination of his fat dick continuing to reciprocate in my tight cunt, his thumb reaming my asshole, his hot spunk washing my vagina, and Jen squeezing my nerve-ending-rich nipple, produced a sensory overload. My brain was fried. I passed out.

I woke up probably only a couple of minutes after I had passed out. Jen’s pleasure screams probably snapped me out of it. I looked over and saw Brian grunting as he was obviously ejaculating into Jen while Craig had his head under her chest and was sucking one of her nipples and squeezing the other.

In my still orgasmic semi-consciousness, I saw Craig’s still half-hard dick. I crawled over to it and started sucking it, taking it ever further into my throat as it hardened. Soon all three of Jen, Brian and Craig were moaning, on the verge of sobbing with satisfaction.

Once we all regained our composure, we showered off (four in a stall was really cramped but do you really think we gave a shit how clean we got) and went down to breakfast. I innocently asked Brian why they had gotten back from golf so early. He, Craig and Jen all spewed orange juice through their nostrils when I asked that. After they blew their noses and stopped guffawing, Jen said “You are so naïve, Dontholien, that is one of many reasons I love you. They didn’t go golfing. They were waiting in my room hoping that your horniness would lead to exactly what happened.”

I was totally shocked. But I have to say I really loved the experience, so there was no way I could get mad. But I asked the guys “Why do men enjoy seeing women go down on each other?”

“Because it is a higher density of women – you get to see two pussies and four tits all at the same time. Since guys are visually stimulated this doubles the excitement” Brian volunteered almost without hesitation.

“Also,” Craig chimed in, “you get to see someone who knows exactly how it feels working on a woman, so you’re bound to get pointers and become a better lover.”

“That really makes sense” voiced Jen. “I hope you get to see some more this trip” she continued, winking at me as I blushed.

After breakfast we all went for a walk on the beach. But sand and surf were not on our minds – sex was. Once our breakfast had digested we went back to the hotel, stripped, and Jen bounded to the head of my bed, spread her legs, and gave me a “come hither” look as she was curling her finger. “Oh what I won’t do to make the guys happy” I chortled, to laughs all around.

Brian and Craig turned out not only to be good lovers, but also very flexible, and – given their high level of motivation – also good teammates. As I was eating Jen’s delicious cunt with my ass in the air, Craig porked me with his fat little appendage and slow fucked my pussy. As he was doing this – and I still don’t believe it was possible but it happened – Brian stood on the mattress, lubed my rosebud, and then squatted down and stuck his cock in my asshole while supporting his arms on my back. The architecture of the situation did not allow Brian to completely penetrate me, but enough so that he was able to develop sufficient friction to cum in my second hole. In fact, the guys came in me close to simultaneously – and Holy Shit did that feel good! I had to stop eating Jen’s cunt I was so stimulated, but being the good friend that she is, as I was being blasted by the guys she moved under my chest and sucked and pinched my nipples, intensifying my already monster orgasm even more.

It took me a good half hour to recover from that unique fuck. After that, Jen and I switched positions, and Craig and Brian were only too happy to repeat their circus act and double penetrate Jen as she was expertly eating my cunt. This time they came exactly in sync, and I returned Jen’s favor by sucking and twisting her nipples as she was climaxing, causing her to go almost comatose.

Since I’m getting tired – and wet – just thinking back on that time of our lives, I’ll summarize the rest. We fucked each other’s brains out the next four days. There was more sex juice and cream deposited in those four days then in any four week period that I had experienced before.

I found out on the trip that I wasn’t actually bi. The thought of having sex with any other woman besides Jen didn’t appeal to me. But I really loved her, and I was constantly horny, so when we got back we rented an apartment together. She and I satisfy each other’s sexual needs most weekday mornings. On weekends, we fuck guys as many times as we can. Of course Craig and Brian are now our favorite fuck buddies (and the only ones we share); one Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon a month we have Brian and Craig over and try to recapture those days in Aruba. While we never have quite matched that intensity, we always have a great time, and Jen and I really enjoy getting fucked a couple times by each of the guys, and they enjoy watching Jen and I between fucks.

Wait until you see what talent we’ll display at the next “Talent Show”!
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Wow was a very good trip, and story.