The Meeting

Fantasy Fullfilled
How did things turn out? You decide

..............choose your ending
Her flight had been delayed for hours, causing her to have precious little time to

shower, dress and prepare herself for the evening ahead. They had been meeting in a

rather unusual way for quite a while now. But every encounter together only increased

her desire for him.

She had gotten to know him a little more each time they met, and now felt simply at

ease with him. He was so easy to be with. He was funny, easy going and oh so

generous. He knew just what she needed and spent much time giving to her, satisfying

those needs.

So, tonight, as she showered, her mind drifted to their last delicious encounter...

PART ONE - The Massage

She'd had a hard day, so much shit going on at work lately. She was tense, tired and


He sensed her mood immediately. "Get your gear off love and lie down. Looks like you

need a good relaxing massage."

She knew he could melt away all the stress that tensed her muscles, so with her back

to him, she began to strip off her clothes. As she did so, he spread the large fluffy

massage towel across the bed, all the while watching her as she removed each piece

of clothing. She didn't see the appraising look on his face or hear the low moan he


She lay face down on the bed. He brushed the hair from her neck and kissed her

gently. She smelled the gentle perfume of the oil as he began to work on her neck and

shoulders. His fingers began to work their magic. As he ran his thumbs down her

spine, she felt the tension melt away. Inch by inch she relaxed. His hands reached just

under her armpits, just grazing her breasts as his palms slid slowly but firmly down to

her hips.

A little more oil now. He massaged her hips, feeling the curves of her body. Her

breathing was even and deep as he brought his fingers to her butt. Her outward breath

told him how she felt. He kneaded her with his strong fingers, still working slowly. As he

pressed his fingers deeply into her muscles, he felt the slightest rise of her hips, her

breath just a little faster.

He bent toward her and kissed each cheek, breathing out as he did so, letting her feel

the warmth of his breath on her delicious ass.

A little more oil. Gently he took each of her feet in turn. Pressing along the length of

each of her soles. Calves now. She had great calves, athletic, strong. He was a little

more aggressive here. Her muscles were toned. He had strong hands, a tradesman's

hands. He used his palms and thumbs to stretch the muscles, loosen them, from her

ankles to her knees. Gliding with the oil reaching a little higher each time.

A little more oil. As he ran his strong hands up her thighs, he parted them ever so

gently. He saw her luscious wet lips glisten. Each time his hands reached the top of

her thighs, he grazed his thumbs across her lips. Each time his hands reached the top

of her thighs she raised her hips to him. When the low moan escaped her lips, he told

her it was time to turn.

She sat facing him for a moment. He bent to her and kissed her lips before she laid

back. He told her to close her eyes and enjoy.

A little more oil. Shoulders now. Her mood had definitely improved. As the scent of the

oil filled her senses, she surrendered to his hands completely. After massaging above

her breasts, he let his palms graze over her nipples, instantly bringing them to life as

he massaged her belly. He was teasing her now. With each downward stroke of his

palms, he stopped just above her mound. With each downward stroke, she raised her

hips to him.

A little more oil. He knew by her breathing that she wanted him. As he massaged her

legs, once again he parted them. A little more this time. He saw those delicious lips

once again. She had become incredibly wet. So wet, her inner thighs and the little tuft

of hair above her pussy were damp. His hands glided up her thighs, fingers digging

firmly into the muscles. Again, when he reached to top of her legs, he grazed her lips

with his thumbs.

With each stroke, the pressure on her thighs became less. The pressure on her pussy

more. With each stroke, she bucked her hips to him until his fingers were buried deep

inside her dripping pussy and his thumb massaged her hard clit.

He new how close she was to orgasm, he knew her well. God he wanted to taste her.

He bent toward her now, his tongue circling around her clit, not touching it. "Oh Harry."

she moaned, "don't tease me." He flicked his tongue across her clit again and again.

She arched her back as she felt the waves wash over her, calling his name. He slid his

tongue inside her feeling the contractions, pulsing, gripping his tongue.

As she sighed and her body became still, he drank from her, licking and sucking.

Savouring every drop, breathing in her scent.

She smiled.

- Lighting the slow burning fire

She hadn't failed to notice the huge bulge in his jeans as he began her massage. With

every touch of his hands she imagined what she might treat him with.

She stood, naked, just a little way from the mirror in the bedroom. It was one of those

with three panels that could be adjusted to see from different angles. "Come to me,"

she whispered.

He took her in his arms and kissed her along her neck. She unbuttoned his shirt and

ran her fingers through the soft hair on his chest, he caressed her back, pausing to rub

the small of her back. He took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately on

her mouth. Her lips parted. Their tongues tasted each other.

She played with his nipples, so sensitive. She bent to lick them, they became hard as

she flicked her tongue over one, then the other, brushing her cheek against his chest.

She straightened herself and their eyes lock as she playfully teased him. She moved

her hands down, agonizingly closer, over his belly, along the waistband of his jeans.

She undid the button. The zipper glides down, releasing the pressure on his hard cock.

He's not wearing underwear today. His cock grows harder as it's released, its head

already wet.

She slid his jeans down, dropping to her knees. She kissed the tip of his cock and

gave it a little lick with the tip of her tongue. As she bent to take his pants from around

his ankles, her legs parted, he looked in the mirror and saw her pussy. She's glistening


She placed her hands on his hips and drew him to her, she licked him again and

again, circling the tip of his cock with her tongue, tasting him. He held her head

between his hands, stroking her hair, he moaned as he watched her in the mirror.

She reached down to her wet lips and as she slid her fingers inside, she took him into

her mouth. "ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss." He watched her in the mirror as she took

her wet fingers from her pussy and began to massage her clit. He moved his hips

slowly to her, gently rocking as she sucked him and pleasured herself.

Her legs parted a little more as she rolled her clit between her fingers. She could taste

him more now. She tightened her lips around him, as he rocked back and forth. Her

orgasm builds. She can feel the slow burning fire spreading up her thighs. "

Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk." He gripped her shoulders.

She couldn't wait any longer, as her orgasm washed over her, she moaned and

sucked harder. He felt her moan vibrate on his cock. He closed his eyes as he felt the

pulsing, his cum flowing into her. She sucked him gently now, draining him. She loved

his taste.

She looked up to him, licked her lips and smiled.

PART THREE - The Meeting

She hurried outside, thankful she'd ordered a cab, the sky looked about to burst. The

butterflies started in her stomach. Was her make-up OK, she'd only applied a little, she

hated the stuff. Was her dress OK. Christ she was nervous.

The cab pulled up outside the cafe where they'd arranged to meet. Pulling herself

together, she paid the driver and walked inside. She had hoped to arrive first, but

hadn't. As she neared the table, he stood up and smiled. He kissed her warmly on the

cheek and said "Hello love, it's great to finally meet you." She smiled, and said "Hello

Harry, likewise."

He was everything she had anticipated and more. He was real now, not letters on a


- The Meeting #2 - Her Version

My flight had been delayed, today of all days. I had precious little time to get ready.

Harry and I had arranged to meet in a little bar that night and I wanted to look hot. So,

instead of the long luxurious bubble bath I had looked forward to, it was just a quick

shower. I threw on the clothes I had planned to wear and applied just a little makeup.

It was freezing cold tonight. Luckily my jacket hid the extreme nipple action I had

happening. I was anticipating the pleasure of that later, Harry was a fantastic lover. But

right now it was just a little embarrassing.

I arrived at the bar at the arranged time, but Harry hadn't arrived yet. I was still feeling

the chill of the night, so hadn't removed my jacket. Then I caught sight of him through

the crowd.....How could I miss him? He had such a ruggedly handsome face.

Things weren't quite as they were supposed to be though. He looked terribly nervous

as he entered the bar. He was casting furtive glances all over the place. His eyes

rested on mine for a split second, but continued to scan the room. Then it hit me............

He was looking for the woman with the red scarf around her neck. It was around my

neck all right, under my jacket. And by the look of Harry, it was staying put.

Harry was about 5' 1". The perfect height and shape for a jockey, I mused. I heard his

voice then, when he ordered a beer. "Oh my God!!" he even had a squeaky little

jockey voice.

As he made his was to a table, I grabbed my phone and made a quick call to the bar.

The message was delivered to Harry minutes later. He looked devastated when he got

the news that he'd been stood up.

The cyber sex had been brilliant, but the reality?
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