pure pleasure

A Sexy doctor invites her unmarried

college best friend to spend the weekend, and then tempts her ..
Horny House Guest

Dawn chatted away heartily while Robert weaved the car through the scanty Sunday

afternoon traffic on their way back home after dropping Jessica off at the airport.

Although he made the right noises at the appropriate moments, Robert's thoughts

were far from the topic of his wife's babble.

His mind is preoccupied with memories of his dirty passionate encounter with Jessica

the night before last. Jess as they called her, had been Dawn's closest friend through

their college days, and they went everywhere, did and shared everything together.

Then they had lost contact for about 4 years until they were re-united through a mutual

friend last year.

As Jess was still single, they all agreed that she should come and spend the

Thanksgiving weekend with then in their city. When she arrived Jessica turned out to

be even prettier, sexier and naughtier than Dawn had warned him she'd be.

Friday night they went out to dinner, and then ended up at the night club where they

had such a great time. By the time they got home, Dawn was glad they had hired a

limo for the evening because the drinks were great and none of them was in any

decent shape to drive.

On the Limo ride back home, Robert kept wondering if Jessica had deliberately

groped his crotch while they danced earlier, ‘or was that just an accident'. He

reasoned that having had so much to drink, he couldn't be sure, but then it doesn't take

a genius to know that there might be more to the way she teased him all evening. At

first he was nervous but then he began to relax as Dawn didn't seem to notice.


Dawn who is a doctor doesn't drink much, but when she does alcohol tends to make

her really horny. So once they arrived home, she practically tore the clothes off her

husband, leaving a trail of garments all the way to their bedroom. Once Dawn got into

that kind of mood, Robert knows that she wants to be fucked rough and dirty. In the

heat of their passion, they forgot to close their bedroom door.

Stark naked, Dawn climbed into bed, got on her knees and buried her head in the

Pillow. She was offering her wet hot pussy to for him to use as he pleased. He was

hard and ready to shake her down; he pushed her swollen pussy lips apart and rubbed

the head of his throbbing cock against her wetness.

She moaned and pushed back at him, wriggling her ass to give him unchallenged

entry she was so slippery that he managed to bury himself in her with a single thrust.

"Ohhhhhh!" She moaned as she shoved her ass against him faster, meeting his

thrusts with her own. As he rammed his cock into her again, and again, she started to

talk really dirty.

"Oh yes darling, fuck me harder.... Oh shit hurt my goddamn pussy.....Mmmmm!"

Robert slapped her ass hard as he pumped her harder. Even the pillows couldn't keep

her sexual noises down; she just got louder and dirtier.

Robert enjoyed sessions like this with his wife, it was always so exciting, and it was

like fucking a whore and not feeling guilty about it. He was also hugely turned on by the

sight of her ass crashing back into his groin, the smacking sounds of their skins

making high velocity contact. Oh sweet! He thought, ‘so glorious, watching my cock

disappear into her wet hot cunt'. Suddenly, Robert thought he heard moans coming

from elsewhere in the room, instinctively, he whipped his head around.

Leaning against the door post was their house guest Jess, a hand in her panties and

the other rubbing her tits. How long had she been there watching them fuck, he

wondered. As the naughty thought of her coming over to join them crossed his mind,

he felt Dawn tense. Her body seems possessed by a will of its own. He thrust his cock

deeper inside Dawn,as a loud groan tore from his throat as her pussy walls tightened

and squeezed his cock. He shot copious cum deep inside her cunt.

Drained and exhausted, he pulled out and watched his cum leak from her pussy. Then

he turned slowly around towards the door. There was nobody there. Before he could

think any further about it, his wife turned to face him and curled up next to him, gently

stroking his cock, her head on his hairy chest.


Jessica slept late the night before; she had stayed up masturbating until the early

hours of the morning. Her nipples were hard and her clitoris tingly when she awoke.

She was about to start touching herself again when she noticed the piece of

notepaper on the night stand.

"Sorry Jess had to run over to the ER, be back by noon. Robert is home though, so if

you need something don't hesitate to ask him". Jess smiled mischievously at the last



As she headed toward the kitchen for her first cup of coffee, she heard the sound of

the shower. At first she just stood there watching Roberts tight muscles ripple as he

soaped his perfect body, the sight of soapy water cascading down his tight butt made

her even wetter than she already was. Then without warning he turned around and

caught her watching him through the transparent glass door.

Their eyes locked in a high intensity visual embrace for ages, then without as much as

a word; in one fluid movement she slid off her silk teddy and then reached out and slid

the door open.

Robert is stupefied by the sight of her perky breasts, transfixed he swallows hard.

Jessica knelt before him and took his swelling cock in her mouth. He moaned loudly

as she worked on him, and Jess wasn't quiet about it, either. She stroked his shaft

with her hand, and kept her lips wrapped tightly around the head. With her other hand

she cradled his balls, squeezing them lightly at intervals. He matched her jacking

motions on his now fully erect cock with increasing thrusts of his pelvis.

Sensing that he might cum too soon, she decided to tease him a little. She popped the

glans of his penis out of her mouth. Robert knew he was being prepared for a powerful

cumshot. "Oh Robert, I want you to feed me your rich cum, cum in my mouth darling.

Mmmm! I wanna swallow it all". She sucked it back into her mouth, first taking him

deep into her throat, then she began to wank his shaft again, her fist pumping for all

she was worth. She was ready for his hot spunk, she wanted him to cum hard and fast.

"Mmmm! Oh baby cum for me, let me eat your hot creamy cum... then we can go in my

room and fuck. I'd even let you fuck me in the ass baby, yeah!" That did it for Robert!

He raised his hips up toward her, and her mouth plunged back down on his cock, just

in time to catch the first spurt. She continued to pump it, moaning all the while.

"Mmmmmm!," as he shot a volley of cum into her mouth and down her throat....

Jess stood up and wiped her lips with the back of her hands and then slipped out of

her sexy thongs. The then went on and showered together, touching and feeling each

other with soapy hands. The sensual pleasures of her soapy touch worked its magic

on Robert and he was hard as a rock in no time at all. Not being one to waste a good

erection, Jess turned off the shower and led him literally by the cock to her room. At the

foot of the bed she turned to face him and began to kiss him tenderly. Robert

responded to her kiss with heated passion. When he could stand the mounting tension

in his loins no more, he turned her around, and bent her over. Jess grabbed hold of the

bedpost and shot her creamy white ass at him, Robert whistled as he caught sight of

her moist pink slit beckoning him to enter.

He spit in his right hand and rubbed the head of his throbbing cock, and then he slid

his manhood into her hot wet cunt. As he drove it deeper into her, she let out a cry of

pure pleasure; "Aghaaaaaaaa! Yes darling, fuck my wet hot pussy........" He pressed

deep into her until he could feel the mouth of her womb, then he bent forward and

reached down to feel her perky tits. He rubbed them and teased her hard nipples even

as she pushed her ass at him, begging to be broken and ridden like a wild horse.

Robert yielded to her desire and pulled back until he was almost out of her dripping

wet cunt, then he fed her a few short strokes. He increased his speed with each thrust

until he was pounding slutty bald pussy like a jack hammer. "Oh yeah!" Fuck me

harder darling" she moaned even as she felt his balls whack her erect clitoris with

every thrust. Carried away by the intensity of his passion he slapped her hard across

her creamy white ass, causing her to explode in a cross between a scream and a

moan. "Ohhh...Daddy I'm sorry for being a bad girl... please be gentle..."

For the next twenty minutes he fucked her pussy with pent up passion and a****l

intensity. Jess felt as if she was being punished for her sins, and the kinky side of her

was enjoying every moment of it. He screwed her in all kinds of positions.

Although His stamina seemed inexhaustible, he soon started to feel the rush of an on-

coming cum train in the depth of his loins, so he pulled out of her pussy and asked for

the prize she had promised him earlier. "Now baby, give me that slutty ass ...right

now". She didn't need a second urging; she just scooted higher onto the bed and sank

her head lower into the pillow. Robert chased after her parted butt cheeks and with his

dick rubbed and spread their combined love juices around her puckered asshole.

He slipped a finger into her tight brown hole, and fingered her for a bit. She just stayed

right there, wiggling her ass and moaning her delight. Robert withdrew his finger and

leaned forward aiming a thick dollop of spittle at her slackened ass, and then worked it

in slowly.

Pushing her cheeks apart, he rubbed the head of his juice covered cock against her

ass hole. She pushed back, wriggling her ass to ease his entry. It was tight, but her

enthusiasm soon made his passage a smooth one, and he was able to bury himself in

her with no great effort.

"Oh yes daddy! Fuck that ass!" Her moans got louder as he began to fuck her ass

faster and harder. Jess was in seventh heaven, she was working her ass against me,

meeting his thrusts with her own. Robert pumped away into her, harder and harder as

she squealed. Even muffled by the pillows she was still loud.

He spread her cheeks even further, stretching her slutty pink hole until it greedily

swallowed his cock. It was too much of an ecstatic sight for Robert watching his cock

disappear into her ass. He felt her rub her clitoris faster and faster with feverish

intensity, then her anal sphincter tightened around his cock; she started to tremble, her

quaking setting off his own long overdue explosion. "Oh

goooooooodnessssssssssss!!!" Robert grunted as he followed in the wake of her


As their powerful release subsided, they both collapsed into a heap on the bed. Jess

felt so happy and so relieved. She had been thoroughly fucked, and she smiled as she

felt rivulets of sperm drip out of her well used asshole, and down the crack of her ass

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