The Slut Within

I am NOT the simply sharing

I was 22 years old at the time, and I had been crossdressing for a few years. For some reason I could never control my desire to put on women's clothes and prance around my apartment looking all sexy and slutty.

Normally I can never decide what specifically to wear as I like to change it up all the time, from wearing latex lingerie to sexy roleplay outfits and beyond. I am 5'9 with a slim build, shaved body and long brown hair and eyes, with a 5 inch clitty cock.

I had never had sex with a man before, especially dressed up, or even really gone outside, but I did experiment playing with my ass with different home made toys like an electric toothbrush or part of a cucumber.

This time however I had gone to a city in the United States which was a fair drive since I lived in Canada. I decided to take my sexy clothes with me in an attempt to try to get fucked. I had kept my male clothes and sexy clothes separate in case I felt like surprising someone I had just met, and stored the two suit cases of clothes in my closet.

Once I was settled into my hotel room I couldn’t help but notice the large metallic pipe going from the ceiling to the floor. It was pretty clean but obviously not the pole dancing rod I had imagined, as I moved closer to touch it and see what it was like. As I moved my hand around it I felt how smooth and clean it was. I started to get sexy ideas as I grasped the big metal pole, slowly walking around it, dreaming of what moves I could perform in front of the big cock I would be bringing home.

As I moved my hand up and down once again I couldn’t help but feel aroused by the thought of performing for a hot guy, thinking of how I should move and what I would wear made me soo excited. I decided to get dressed and spend the day in my sexy clothes and wait till dark since I was still embarrassed about wearing feminine clothing. I decided to change into my black thong with pink mesh and matching bra with fishnets, before locking the door and laying in my bed and taking a nap before that night.

Once night came, I woke up instantly aroused from the thought of going out. My face turned red as I looked through my assortment of sexy clothing that I had brought. I decided to wear a sexy tube top that said "queen slut" on the front, a tight latex skirt that barely showed off the bottom of my ass, a thong and 6 inch heels to complete the outfit.

I couldn’t believe what I had chosen so easily as it seemed pretty slutty for going out, but then again I was looking to get fucked that night. I decided that since it was not completely dark out and it was still early I would get my courage up and walk to the sex shop just down the street and buy something erotic. Maybe an expensive dildo, or just a large one in place of the cucumber I normally used to masturbate, or maybe a vibrating cock ring to hold in my cum because I usually liked it when I came only using my ass instead of touching my little 5 inch clitty cock at all.

As I walked to the store I noticed people glancing over at me which made my face turn red. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were looking at me because I was dressed so slutty or if it was because they knew I was really a man.

Once I got to the store I walked in and closed the door. It wasn’t overly big, but it wasn’t small either. There were what seemed like thousands of toys and adult movies. I thought I must have died and gone to heaven.

I looked at some of the sexy clothing they had on mannequins. I had never worn too many roleplay outfits but I couldn’t help but think what I would look like in the sexy French maid outfit that was set up in the middle of the floor; it had always been my favorite roleplay. The thought of serving someone then servicing a big hard cock got me soo hot I could almost not control myself. I wanted to moan right there in the store and grab the closest biggest dildo and start sucking it, not caring who saw me.

I was barely able to control myself as I walked away from the stimulating French maid outfit and walked toward the toys I had thought about buying in the first place. There was a big white cock that had a suction cup to it and must have been 7 inches. I couldn’t help but think it was bigger than me and wonder how it would feel in my ass. I decided to buy that one plus an inflating butt plug and an extra large black dildo that was 10” long and maybe 3 inches in diameter.

I know you're not supposed to rush these things but I couldn’t help it, my lust took over my common sense. I kept my head down as I bought the toys and couldn’t help but wonder if the store clerk had noticed yet. After I bought my toys I went to walk out but I dropped my bag and had to bend over, revealing my ass as I picked it up. The store clerk whistled like “hey there sexy” and I was so embarrassed I ran out down the street back to my hotel room.

Once I had a few moments to relax I felt aroused and excited as I had noticed that it was now pitch dark out and time to go out on my mission for cock. Still in the same clothes, I decided to put on my black lipstick to help hide my identity. I grabbed my purse, with lube, some money and a flask of cherry whiskey.

I walked out of the room, locked my hotel door and started on my adventure of the night. I decided to walk in the opposite direction of the adult store and try to find a bar for someone such as myself. I continued to walk and saw another person dressed such as myself walking into a building that had a big sign that said “The Hole”.

My heart started to beat faster as I got up the courage and walked to the door. They asked for an entrance fee but other than that I was able to walk right in, seeing others such as myself dressed and some guys dressed in normal clothing.

After a while and some socializing and some drinks I decided to explore a little as I eventually came across a series of small cubicles, I entered one with some graffiti written on the walls. It wasn’t very big but seeing the giant holes on each side and on different heights I knew what it was and decided to lock the door.

I figured it was the perfect spot to start as it allowed for me to play with cocks and still let me do it in secret where I couldn’t be seen (as well as sucking a cock in a glory hole had been one of my many fantasies). I sat there with the clitty cock ring I had bought earlier and put it on, making sure I did nothing more then leak precum that night as it made me hot and so much more like a woman.

As I sat there with my clitty ring on I fantasized about what kind of cock would show up first and what hole it would come out of. I kept feeling like I was getting hard and horny but the clitty ring kept it down but made me focus on my ass more. I started moaning and kept standing up, sticking my ass out and slowly swaying it around, feeling naughty and sitting back down. I started to feel so horny as I waiting for a nice big juicy cock to come in. I started getting edgy, hoping, almost begging and screaming for someone to come in and let me suck him.

Suddenly I heard a click next to me and someone unzipping their pants. I couldn’t help but peek through the hole as I saw a limp dick that was a good 6 inches at least. He was not a super muscular man but who was I to be picky? I couldn’t help but notice by the way he was moving and rubbing his cock that he was trying to get hard, 'cause he wanted to have some fun as well.

Without thinking I said out loud, “I can help you with that.” He saw I was peeking through the hole. At first he was surprised he was being watched as well as I that I had said that. I felt embarrassed but soon he smiled and pressed his limp yet now semi-aroused cock through the hole pressing up to his thighs.

I first just looked at it as I gently caressed it in my hand I felt it, so warm, a little precum with a very strong manly scent. I felt it grow a little more in my hand which made me want it even more now. I couldn’t help but lick up the shaft and gently lick his balls tasting all over as I felt him grow. I put his head in my mouth and licked and swirled it with my tounge as I felt him reach his full erection. I pulled him out, amazed that he was now 9 inches long and his head had swollen all red and about 2 inches in diameter. It was HUGE!

I moaned and let out warm air onto his cock making him twitch. I could no longer hold myself back as I put his cock back in my mouth, deeper this time, sucking him, swirling my tounge all around up and down his shaft touching and tasting his cock all over and in every crevice as I moaned more. I couldn’t control myself as I started bobbing my head faster and harder. He moaned loudly and started pumping his hips more into my throat. I loved every second of it as I kept thinking how slutty I was, even I did not know how good I was at sucking such a big cock. As I kept going he complimented me on how I was such a good cock sucker. I pulled out and stroked his cock as I thanked him for it, then continued with what I was doing.

As I continued, another guy entered on the opposite side of me. He pulled out his dick and started stroking. I saw that he was almost the same size as this one, probably about 8 inches long with about the same size head. And soon after that another guy stood from behind me where there was another hole. His cock was about average, maybe about the same size as mine, but he had big balls that I knew were chock full of yummy cum.

As I kept sucking the other two men instantly got hard and started stroking their cocks. I reached over and grabbed the cock of the second guy that came in on the opposite side of the first. I stroked him, alternating sucking both cocks back and forth, getting them all sloppy wet, tasting different precum. I loved every second of it as I got dirtier and dirtier. “I want your big cocks. I want you to cum all over my face and down my throat,” I said as I kept sucking feeling them pulse.

Soon all three men were moaning and saying things like “yea baby take it” and “yea bitch suck my big cock”.

It wasn’t long before I felt so slutty yet so unbelievably hot and fem as I sucked harder and stroked a few more times. The first guy came a big load in my mouth and throat, filling it up as I swallowed some to get it all in not wasting a drop. I turned around and put the other guy in my mouth just as he came as well, shooting just as much if not more cum. Now my mouth was full and it had to spray onto my face, big hot wet and sticky globs of cum covered my face, drooling down my smeared black lipstick. I still heard moaning as I turned to the third man at the back of the small cubicle. He jerked off, I watched as he got more turned on and I came closer licking the tip, allowing him just enough stimulation to cum, shooting thick wad after wad all over my face.

I couldn’t help but lick around my lips tasting the cum and smearing it rubbing it into my skin and on my face. They left right after that and now I had enough courage to continue on my quest for cock, but first I waited for the cum to dry before I left the room.

Once the cum was dry, I left the room as I walked down the corridor and I came across a room that seemed to have the sound of a lot of men's voices. I slowly opened the door to find different kinds of men filling the room. From what I remember there were at least four of them, One black male, one white, one a little chubby and one really muscular. The room had different builds and devices so I guess this was one of those mini dungeons I had heard so much about.

I felt a little embarrassed and was about to leave as the muscular one came up and grabbed my hand. “Well guys, seems like the entertainment has arrived,” he said with an aroused yet commanding smile on his face. And before I could say anything he had pulled me to the middle of the room where they all surrounded me. I could feel their cold glances as they got horny looking at my ass and my nipples. I felt them get hard. I looked down seeing some of them with bulges in their pants and others stroking their cocks through their pants. I opened my mouth to speak but instead the muscular man grabbed me and started caressing my ass and one by one the others got closer to caressing my soft skin and hairless shaved body. They took my hands and made me feel them up.

I felt as their huge cocks pulsed in their pants one by one feeling the different sizes, some were fat but a little short others were huge in length. Mmmm, it got me soo horny and in need of them inside me. They pushed me to the middle of the room and onto my knees and started stroking their cocks around me, slapping me in the face as I licked and sucked on their heads, stroking feeling and tasting them all in my mouth and how hot they had become.

After I had sucked all their cocks and gotten them all sloppy wet and gooey with my saliva mixed with precum that was oozing out of their massive members, the black male went over with his now 11” cock bouncing, to a drawer with some BDSM accessories. He pulled out some lube, a ball gag and a collar with leash. He put the ball gag in my mouth as the muscular and white men put the collar and leash on me. “Crawl around the room bitch. You're our sissy slut and you are gonna get fucked by all these cocks tonight, until we all go limp.”

I felt my ass tingle as I thought of those twitching cocks around my hole My face turned red as I crawled like a dog around the room, past all of them as they squeezed and spanked my ass, each taking their turn over and over. Suddenly the person leading me around stopped as I looked up, then I felt something on my ass as the black guy pulled my thong to the side and put a butt plug. With a tail in my ass with one slide it stretched my ass as I felt a hard spank on my exposed cheeks. “A bitch in heat needs a tail,” he said as the muscular male with my leash led me out to the main area where other CD’s and trannys like myself were, as well as other men. They all watched as I was humiliated and wiggled my ass, shaking the tail around, but by then I had completely lost all of my senses as the chubby one took off my gag. “Ok you sissy slut, tell us your name and what you want.”

Without hesitation I answered, “My name is slutty girl Julie and I love big cocks in my ass. I want lots and lots to fuck my ass and mouth, filling them up and cumming all over and inside me. I want cocks please give them to me!”

At that moment everyone got instantly aroused. The “girls” there started to rub their clitty cocks as the men watched in excitement. The men I was with, however, took out their cocks and started feeding them to me. I took the black male in my mouth as I stroked the chubby and muscular males in my hands. I stuck my pretty little ass out and wiggled it for everyone as I moaned, so slutty, dripping precum and saliva. Once again I took the big black 11” cock deep in my throat, about half way, bobbing and stroking and sucking, swirling my tongue all around, acting like a cock starved whore.

It wasn’t long before I started to feel someone behind me but it didn’t matter as I kept sucking the cock. I could feel my butt plug being removed and three fingers inserted. They felt wet and warm as the stranger behind me spit on my hole and added more lube, making sure I was wet and slippery for the ass pounding I was about to receive.

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3 years ago
Interesting story I hope the cum she swallowed was good and tasty gulp and the pounding her anus took was pleasurable her hole filled with sperm it feels so good making her a real tranny woman.