my mom rubbed her pussy

My girlfriend and I packed our car and headed south for Florida. We'd had enough of

those Michigan winters and it was time for some fun in the sun. The only contact my

girlfriend and I had with our families was over the phone and the internet.

My girlfriend was about to leave the country and do some wildlife biology work for a

whole ten days. Meanwhile I had made plans to take off some time at work so I could

catch up with my f****y up in Michigan. Convienently my mother was able to also take

some time off of work and offered to meet me at a half way point around the

Kentucky/Tennesee border.

I had called ahead and booked a room at the Best Western with two queen sized

beds. When my mother and I arived at the Best Western we greeted each other with a

long hug since we had been apart for so long. I grabbed my mother's bags and carried

them to our room, using the key card I swiped the door and pushed it open.

Much to both of our surprise it was a single queen size bed. Immediately I called the

front dest and they said there had been a mixup, they had a convention in town and

they overbooked for the event. I asked what they expected us to do about this and they

said they would wheel in a cot and refund us half of our money back.

My mother and I know the meaning of a dollar so we agreed happily. Once the roll-

away cot had arrived and my mother and I had a couple laughs about the cot, I tried to

lay on it and my 6'2 body d****d over it like a table cloth. My mother began laughing

and offered to sl**p on the cot. No way, I told her and she offered to share the bed and

I laughed and said it looked like it was our only choice.

So that night we got dressed up and went out to get a nice bite to eat and catch up on

what had been happening the last two years. We found a nice little Japaneese steak

house less than a block from the hotel so we were able to walk to the resturaunt. My

mother was never much of a drinker but I assured her that we had no responsabilities

for the week end and I told her to enjoy herself. Needless to say she ordered a bottle of

white wine.

The two of us continued laughing and catching up and ended up closing the steak

house down around 11 o'clock. After the steak house my mom and I walked back to

the hotel where she opened up her suitcase, got her pajamas out and went into the

bathroom to change, while I sat on the bed and flipped through the channels. About 5

minutes passed, the bathroom door opened up and out came my mom in her long

black nighty. She slid into bed, kissed me on the cheek and said to get some rest as

we had a long day ahead of us.

I wasn't that tired so I got my laptop out of the bed and started surfing the internet and

checking my email. I could tell my mom was d***k because she fell asl**p in like 3

minutes. Wide awake I decided to see if there was anybody in the area on Myspace.

Tons of people popped up in the general area so I began to start IMing back and forth

with a couple of the girls.

By this time I was sitting in bed slowly rubbing my cock as I typed one handed to these

girls, trying to go out and possibly hook up tonight. About an hour or so went by and I

wasn't able to meet up with any of the girls. By this time my mother was in a deep

deep sl**p, I could tell by the way she was breathing. So I switched my search to porn

so I could jerk off and fall asl**p.

I was sitting on the bed with my back against the backboard of the bed, my laptop on

my lap with my mother less than a foot and a half away from me, facing me, sl**ping. I

was clicking through all this porn trying to find one that aroused me and trying not to

wake my mom up, so I had the computer muted.

Well, I really began to have a hard time with trying to jerk off with no sound, so I tried to

turn it up just a little so I could hear the moans and grunts of the porn. Out of the corner

of my eye my mom started to move around like something had bothed her and half

way woke her up.

My mom blinked a couple times and said that wine really did a number on her. I

laughed a little bit hoping she would go back to sl**p so I could continue my search

but of course she didn't. Talking woke her up a little bit more and she began to get her

second wind. Desperately trying to shield my throbbing erection with my arm and

navigate away from the porn site before my mother saw it, the inevitable

happened...She heard one of the girls from the porn say, "Oh yeah, fuck me hard."

I saw her eyes dart to the computer screen and nervously she got up from the bed and

went to the bathroom. Embarrassed I closed the computer and laid down in bed.

When she came out of the bathroom she climbed back into bed and I got up and

slipped into the bathroom. I stood in there slightly panicking and lying to myself saying

she didn't hear or see anything she just had to use the bathroom.

Then I heard my mother say, "How do you turn this computer on? Nevermind, I found

the button."

I had given it another couple minutes in the bathroom before I came out, and when I

opened the door my mother was sitting on the bed watching something. I asked her

what she was doing and she said, "Nothing, just looking at what you thought was so


My heart dropped. Then I heard the first moan. I thought I was going to pass out I was

so embarrassed.

It was obvious my mother had not slept off the wine yet and my mother was enjoying

what she was watching. I slid into the covers and lay down. She placed the laptop

between us and adjusted the screen so we could both watch.

My hands were trembling and I noticed a little movement under the blankets on her

side of the bed. As we sit there, quiet, I began to feel the covers moving and I heard

the shallow breaths my mother was taking.

I looked away from the computer screen and my mother was looking at me. My heart

was officially in my feet. I didn't know what to do so I turned away. Just as I did that I

heard her say, "What's wrong, you don't like sharing a bed with mommy?"

"Oh no, Mommy, that's not it," I said. I then saw shiny wet fingers coming towards me

as my mom rubbed her pussy and put the fingers to my lips. I licked her fingers,

sucking them and twirling them with my tongue. She moaned and her legs were open. I

reached over and kissed her on the lips. She bit my lower lip.

I pulled away and she had a very devilish smirk on her face. I threw the blankets and

comforter off the bed and pulled off my mom's nighty. She lay there and rubbed her tits,

squeezing and pinching her nipples. With her laying on the bed I straddled her head

between my legs 69 style with me on top. I bent over and began to suck that pussy as I

pushed my throbbing cock deeper and deeper in her throat.

She coughed and gagged so I pulled my dick out a little bit, but she grabbed my hips

and f***ed my cock down her throat. By this time I was fighting not to bust a nut in her

throat, I wanted to fuck my mom first. So I put her in the doggy style position on the

edge of the bed with me on my knees and I spread her butt cheecks. Her pussy was

so wet and salty just looking at it mad me want to cum.

With her cheecks still spread I proceeded to give mommy a rim job. I could tell she had

never had her ass licked before because she started to pull away, but I was

aggressive and held her there while I shoved my tongue as far down her ass as I could

get it.

I guess she started to like it because she began to gyrate on my face with her ass. Still

in the doggy style position I made her pull her cheeks apart and I spit and smacked her

ass hole with my fingers. Slowly I began to penatrate as she slid away, but once again

remaing f***eful I held her there and grabbed her breast with my free hand and began

to squeeze and pull as I pushed my finger further and further into her ass.

Once my finger was inside I began working it up and down back and forth until she

was grinding on my hand. I proceeded to smack her ass harder and harder with each

thrust of my finger. Finally I couldn't take it, I stood up and put my cock in her pussy. I

fucked her like no one had ever fucked their mother before and just about when I was

going to cum, I pulled out of Mommy's pussy, dropped to my knees again and licked all

over her pussy to get all the cum I could in my mouth. I spat it all over her ass hole and

watched it drip from the top of her butt crack all the way down over top of her ass hole

and trickle down her pussy.

I then stood back up, got the spit and cum that was dripping down her ass and wiped it

all over my dick for some good lubercation. I stuck my tongue as far down her ass as I

could one more time, stood behind her and slowly put my cock in her ass. She

squealed and I began to slap her ass really hard and slowly I thrust my cock in her ass.

I would pull my dick out a little bit and let the spit hang off my tongue and drip onto my

dick, then I would slowly work that in until her ass was ready and willing for the final

pounding. Slowly I began to go faster and faster. I knew she was having multiple

orgasms because she was squirting all over the bed.

Just before I was about to bust I pulled my dick out and shoved it in her mouth and

began to thrust in her mouth as my dick began to cum inside her mouth. After we were

done it was the most uncomfortable silence you can possibly imagine.

The only thing I could do to break silence was come up with a smart comment like, "It's

going to be an interesting weekend!"
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