Island of Dreams

She was a complex woman, a work in progress. Outwardly, she oozed confidence, but

was insecure. She could be the life of the party, yet one to one she was very shy. Her

moods could change like the weather. Most of the time she was happy and easy

going. But there were times when she could be a raging tempest.

She had formed a strategy to deal with her moods. She had a vivid imagination. She

created for herself a refuge that she could escape to. This refuge was her Island of

Dreams. Her island could be anything she wanted it to be. On this island she was full

of confidence, happy with herself and all her slight imperfections. Here she was in total

control of her world. Or so she thought.

It was a small island, yet it had all of natures' beauty. It had the most spectacular

rainforest. She walked here to clear her troubled mind. It was serene, calming.

The island also had massive cliffs, jagged and unforgiving. This is where she walked

when full of anger. As she walked, there would be a raging storm. She seemed to

enjoy her rage and the island matched the tempest within her with its' own. When her

storm had passed, all would be calm, she would return to the rainforest.

Her favourite part of her refuge was the bay. This was a very small bay, the water calm,

gentle waves, inviting. The sand was pure white. At the edge of the sand was a grassy

area. Palms swayed gently in the breeze. In the shade of the palms was a blanket.

This is the place where all the hassles and pains of daily life would melt away. She

could dream, relax and be in peace. There was also something else she often felt

when in this place. Desire.

She wasn't always alone on the island. He was also here. He was only on the island

when she summoned him. He was about six feet tall, tanned and perfect. He was

young, but old enough to know what pleased a woman. He was there for her and

wanted only to please her.

Today she was going to the bay. As she neared the bay her heart beat a little faster.

She reached the clearing, and wondered then if she would reach for him today. She let

her dress fall to the ground then made her way to the water.

She swam for a while enjoying the feel of the cooling water on her naked body. She

was in a sensual mood as she walked back to the clearing, letting the gentle breeze

dry her skin, feeling every breath of it and the pleasure it gave her body.

She felt his presence now. He was near. She could imagine him walking along the

waters edge. skin still wet from the surf, glistening in the sun. He was tall, tanned and

athletic, smooth skin and a body built for pleasure.

He was behind her. She felt his hands slowly caress her shoulders, her arms, he ran

his fingers down her spine, feeling her skin tingle with his touch. He kissed her neck,

Slow gentle kisses, she let out a soft moan.

His hands slid to her belly, strong hands, traced the contours of her hips. He reached

lower, but only teased her with the lightest touch. He traced the outline of her body until

he reached her breasts. His touch was firm as he massages them and teased her

nipples, all the while kissing her neck, shoulders, gently biting her earlobes. She loved

his kiss.

She trembled as she felt her passion rise. The delicious warmth started to spread

through her open thighs. She reached behind for him, pressing her body to his. She

felt him against her, hard ready, but he knew he had time, she was his. His fingers

traced their way down to where she wanted them most. She felt the wetness as his

fingers played with her swollen lips, teasing her, making her moan softly.

He turned her around and took her in his arms. His kisses were long and deep, They

tasted each other. His tongue met hers, he took her breath away with his passion.

She took him in her hand, he was hard, he was huge, he wanted her. He kissed her

breasts, biting, teasing her nipples till they almost hurt. Her breath was hard and fast

as he went to his knees, caressing and kissing her. She felt his breath on her, like fire.

His tongue was tasting her, licking, teasing. He held her hips as he took her to new

heights of desire. He took her clit between his lips, licking, sucking, drinking her. Each

flick of his tongue on her swollen clit was heaven.

She felt the heat now. It started in her thighs, then spread through her body. Her

orgasm shook her. She felt almost faint when she came. Her cunt was throbbing, her

juice flowing as he savoured every drop. She gripped his shoulders as the waves

ripped through her body.

He stood and held her again. She was hungry for his kiss. Long, deep kisses, the fire

in them both still burning hot. She could taste herself in his kiss.

It was she who dropped to her knees now. Slowly, pausing to caress him, he had

sensitive nipples, she licked them, sucked them till they became hard, he moaned.

She worked her way down, sliding her tongue over his stomach, along the soft smooth

skin at the top of his thighs. She took him in her hand as she ran her tongue along his

thick cock. It was rock hard and beautiful. His breath was heavy as she continued to

lick him, slowly, feeling the bl**d pulsing. She played her tongue in little circles around

the glans, she tasted him, he had an amazing taste, salty but citrus. She loved it. She

took him in her mouth now, just a little, her lips tight around him. She knew how to

make him want more. She gave in to him slowly, taking him in a little deeper with each


He was enjoying her, her mouth tight around him, sometimes taking him in deeply, then

just a little. All the while he stroked her neck, shoulders and arms. He was ready to

explode his juice into her hungry mouth, he knew she loved to taste him, but he wanted

more of her.....

They were both kneeling now. They held each other again, kissing, hungry, passionate,

sensual. He laid her on the blanket but didn't take her yet. He again ran his tongue over

her body, slowly, over her nipples, her stomach. She opened her legs as he lay

between them.

Once again she felt the heat rise. He was a very generous lover, he loved to give her

pleasure. His tongue moved over her wet lips like a thousand butterflies. He knew

exactly how to please her. Sucking and biting her hard wet clit, she came in seconds,

again her cunt flowing, once again he drank from her, she was ready for him.

He kissed his way back to her, but with more urgency now. She knew he couldn't wait

any longer to have her.She parted her legs for him, her wet cunt, wanting him. His cock

slid inside her easily. His first thrusts were so deep and rough, it took her breath away.

She loved to orgasm, but more than that, she loved to feel him inside her. Deep inside.

Fucking her hot, wet, hungry cunt.

She tightened her lips around him. their legs entwined. She was all his. As he fucked

her his hands still explored her body. He gripped her ass with strong fingers, kneeding

her cheeks. Their rhythm was perfect as he moved his fingers between he cheeks and

found the place where no man had been before. He gently massaged her ass till he felt

the tension of this new sensation go. Slowly, little by little he eased his finger into her

tight little ass. As she became accustomed to it she relaxed totally. At each thrust of

his cock, he fucked her ass with his finger, in perfect rhythm.

She realized she liked it. Liked it very much. He saw the smile on her face and knew it

too. He fucked her with his finger and cock till he could feel her body completely

surrender to him. As her cunt pulsed in her most exquisite orgasm yet, he knew that

even though she summoned him to her Island, she was now completely his. His body

stiffened as he felt his hot cum flow into what was now his delicious cunt. She was all


She had drifted off to sl**p. When she woke, a satisfied smile played across her lips.

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