“Suck his cock.Jill obeyed

husband watched wife fucked
I am going to tell you about my unusual sex life. It all started with my wife being unfaithful. She was at a friend’s hen party when under the influence of alcohol she fucked the male stripper in front of the whole party. We have two young c***dren, and for their sake I did not kick her out, but I have never been able to touch her since. In the end we agreed that we would stay together but seek to fill our sexual needs elsewhere.

One day I told a work colleague, Tom who I get on well with about my wife and how things were between us (I was feeling particularly bitter that day). I was completely taken a back when he said “Jim how would you like to fuck Jill (his wife)?”

I nearly choked on the coffee I was drinking and stammered “what?”

Tom laughed and said “Shocked you didn’t I?”

Before I had even time to conclude that he had just been joking with me, he went on to say “No seriously Jill and I have been talking about her fucking another man while I watch for years. The idea really turns both of us on. Neither of us have quite had the courage to ask someone if they would do it. But given what you have told me, I just thought this is our chance!”

Now I was still shocked, there was no way I would have wanted to see my wife fuck another bloke, but I was also immediately excited by the idea. Truth is that while I had agreed with my whore wife that we both could fuck anyone we wanted, I actually had not had sex since discovering she had cheated some six months earlier. Also while I didn’t know Tom’s wife well, I did know that she was an attractive woman. Tom, Jill and I are all mid-30s, so while past the peak of her physical attraction Jill had kept her figure trim, had good legs and long dark hair. I certainly liked the idea of fucking her.

“I don’t know if you are really serious, but if that is what you want, and Jill is up for it, I will give it a go.”

Tom told me that he would speak to Jill that evening and he would let me know when suited. I did not have long to wait. The next day (a Thursday) Tom asked me if I could come over to their house on Saturday evening. I agreed. The hours dragged after that, but finally Saturday evening came around. Freshly shaved and showered I headed over to Tom’s house, feeling almost sick with nerves, would this really happen?

When I rang the doorbell it was Jill who answered the door. I knew instantly the plan was still on, because she was wearing nothing but a very sexy set of black underwear, stockings and high heeled shoes.

“Come in.” she said before turning and leading me into the house. I could not take my eyes off her rear, as her panties were a thong and left nothing to the imagination. Fully clothed Jill had always caught my eye, but virtually naked she was stunning. The only fault was that with two c***dren her tummy had stretch mark scars, but she obviously had worked hard to tone up, because there was no looseness to her skin.

I had pictured us chatting first to relax, but Jill and Tom had other ideas, she led me into their lounge, where Tom was waiting, and naked but for his boxers. He was sitting on an armchair. Jill stopped in the middle of the room, about five feet in front of tom, and pulled me over to her and started kissing me, her tongue almost immediately finding its way into my mouth. I managed to look past Jill to see that Tom had pulled his cock out of his boxers and was lazily wanking it as he watched his wife snog me. I guess at that point I knew that Tom was really cool with watching his wife fuck another bloke. My own cock was as hard as a rod, and I soon had my hands exploring Jill’s tight body. I managed to get her bra off, revealing her lovely C-cup breasts with their darkly pigmented perky nipples (which to my delight were hard and erect). As I fondled her tits she knelt down in front of me and undid my belt and trousers before yanking them down around my ankles. My boxers quickly followed revealing my ten inch erection.

“Oh God you are huge!” gasped Jill before she opened her mouth and started to tease the slit of my cock with her tongue. This stimulation sent shivers of pleasure through me.

Tom who was still wanking said to his wife “Suck his cock!”

Jill obeyed and took the end of my cock into her mouth. At first she only managed to take just over half my shaft (which I noticed was about the same as Tom’s entire length). Tom kept urging her to take more and slowly to my surprise because my wife had never managed it, Jill managed to swallow the entire ten inches until her nose was buried in my ginger pubic hair.

“Fuck the dirty cow’s mouth” shouted Tom.

I took the hold of the back of Jill’s head and began to thrust my cock into her mouth. Jill made delightful gargling joking sounds as I did so, and it was not long until I felt my first orgasm of the night. I pumped string after string of cum into Jill’s throat and mouth. When finally she pulled off my cock, one last squirt hit her eyebrow and joined the cum that was dribbling out of her mouth.

Tom was wanking furiously now and repeating “yes you dirty slut” to his wife.

I took the rest of my clothes off before pushing Jill down unto the rug. I pulled her panties off and was rewarded with my first look at her shaved pussy. I probed it with my fingers finding it soaking wet, with two fingers still inserted I started to tease her clitoris with my tongue. As I worked Jill started to moan and then squirm, one hand on the back of my head and the other squeezing one of her own tits. Tom had slowed his wanking down again, but was still obviously enjoying the action. Jill came noisily, squeezing her long legs together as her orgasm tore through her nerves. By now my own cock was as hard as ever. Jill pushed me down unto my back and straddled me, lowering her juicy pussy over my rampant cock.

“Oh my God” she moaned as the end of my enormous cock hit her cervix.

“Fuck him like a whore” ordered Tom as Jill started to ride my cock.

Jill said “Tell him how much you are enjoying this.”

I took my eyes of Jill’s amazing body and looked over at Tom and said “your wife’s pussy is so fucking tight, it feels amazing!”

Both Tom and Jill smiled at this, and she increased the pace, and was soon shouting “Yes, yes, your cock feels so good.”

As my excitement grew I needed to take over. I pushed Jill off my cock and grabbed her and threw her face down on the rug before pulling her ass up. I quickly shoved my cock back into her dripping hot pussy and started to fuck her harder than I had ever fucked my bitch of a wife.

“Oh God harder, harder…….yessss” screamed Jill as she climaxed.

Tom who had been wanking faster and faster also came, showering Jill with his cum (thankfully narrowly missing me). Having already cum, I was able to pound Jill for quite some time before my own orgasm built and I filled her hot cunt with my salty seed. Jill got up and kissed me and said “Thank you that was the best fuck I have ever had!”

“It was the best fuck for me too, you are so much better to fuck than my cow of a wife” I replied. Still holding Jill in my arms I said to Tom “Jill is so good at sex she could make a fortune as a fucking prostitute, she takes cock like no other girl I have fucked.”

Tom smiled and took Jill out of my arms, he lay her on the floor, spread her legs and proceeded to lick the mix of my cum and her juices from her freshly fucked pussy. I was surprised to find my cock rising again as I watched Tom first lick and then fuck Jill. When Tom finished, sending his cum after my stuff into her cunt, he noticed that I was stiff and said “Why don’t you use that monster on her ass hole?”

Now my wife had never let me sodomise her, so it had been years since I had had my cock in an ass, I was more than willing.

“Have you got any lubricant?”

“No dry hole the fucking bitch.”

Jill looked genuinely frightened at the thought of having my ten inch cock shoved into her little shit hole, but she again obediently lay face down with her rear in the air. I pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as they would go, and pushed the head of my cock against her little ass hole. At first it resisted, but eventually her sphincter gave way and the head of my cock slipped in. Jill gasped as it did so. I started to ease inch after inch of my cock into her, but Tom shouted “rip the ass of her.”

I thought why the fuck not, I don’t love the bitch, so I started to fuck her ass as hard as or harder than I had already fucked her cunt. Jill was screaming with every thrust. Every now and again I pulled completely out enjoying the sight of her gapping ass hole. I managed to bugger her for a good 30 minutes before I let go and emptied my balls into her bowels. We collapsed together. Tom came over and started to probe Jill’s sore ass with his fingers, before eventually managing to insert his whole hand.

He looked at me and said “You really have ripped the ass of her, she is so lose she will need to wear a fucking nappy or she will shit herself. After he had finished, I also fisted her ass, a new experience for me.

Afterwards we all relaxed together sipping red wine when this amazing couple managed to shock me again.

Jill looked at me and said “you have such an amazing cock, I think I would like you to fuck Elizabeth!”

Tom looked at her and said “Can I watch?”

“Both of us can watch” Jill answered.

I was thinking that Elizabeth was a friend of Jill’s or maybe her s****r, but it turned out she was their 16 year old daughter. I was shocked at both the idea that a mother and father would want a much older man to fuck their daughter, but even more so that they would want to watch. However Jill showed me photos of Elizabeth and she was certainly a sexy little thing, so again I agreed. It was arranged that I should visit again the following weekend!

I spent the night, fucked Jill again in the morning and then headed home, where I took great delight in telling my slut wife exactly what I had done to Jill.

I will tell you how things went with Elizabeth in another instalment.

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cant wait to hear about your cock in young Beth
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very good
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Wow what a story, can't wait to hear about Elizabeth