A born Jack off

It's about me and my advice to you masturbators out there
My name is bill and I'm a fucking Jack off. Seriously. I masturbate at least 3 times every day on weekdays and even more on the weekends. I discovered it when I was 11 years old and ever since I have jacked off every chance I got.

I knew how a man and a woman would have sex and I also knew that fondling my penis felt good. I knew that a man would thrust his penis into a woman's hole and I knew that It felt good to use my hand on my dick so eventually I put two and two together and I started masturbating.

I have tried everything I could get my hands on to help me in getting myself off. I've tried sleeves, i've fucked ground beef, i've tried anal play (yes men do that, It's acually a lot of fun!), and once or twice I've stuck food up my ass (carrots, bananas, cucumber). I read erotic stories and I look at pictures of both men and women to get me turned on. I also get a full- length mirror and watch myself get all hot and bothered.

During the summer I usually take my masturbatory habits outdoors. In the day I go down to the river and swim naked and then have a great jack off session on the beach. During the night I sometimes jack off while walking down the highway and try to get spotted by late-night drivers.

Sure I felt guilt at some points. I thought that it was unnatural. I thought that I would get addicted and start not liking sex. I thought that If I spent so much time interested in my penis that I would lose interest in Vaginas. But you know what?..... I got over it.

I was wondering about my own sexual orientation for a while. I thought I was gay for a while as I felt strong sexual attraction to men. but I also felt sexual attraction to women too. I could fuck women all day long and masturbate to pics of them, but I felt I would also fuck a guy with the same passion if the opportunity presented itself. I eventuall settled on Bisexual. I'm a Bisexual And I'm fucking proud of It!!!

To anyone who is reading this story let me tell you. There is NOTHING wrong with masturbating. It is fucking awesome in so many ways that it breaks my heart when people abstain from masturbation for such silly reasons. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Men-- There is a higher risk of getting prostate cancer if you don't masturbate. Studies have shown that it increases the health of your sperm (if you want your wife to be pregnant) to ejaculate more often. If your sperm are just sitting in your epididymus for so long it will decrease their health. Newly produced sperm are healthier. (and If you don't like wet dreams you might want to ejaculate more, as ejaculating gets rid of those).

For the eager masturbator I have a few tips I would like to share.

1. Share Masturbation!

Masturbation can be a very fun act to share with a partner and it is a very safe form of sexual activity with almost zero chance of pregnancy(as long as the man keeps his cum away from her vagina). and it doesn't have to be with just a woman! If you have a willing freind then you can have lots of fun playing with each other and getting the other guy to come for you

2. Breathe

I didn't think it made much of a difference, but breathing really does effect masturbation. Most men hold their breath as they become aroused but if you breathe deeply and with a purpose I promise you that it will be so much better.

3. Voyeur... Yourself.

It can be very exciting to witness your own masturbation from a different angle, and who knows! you might find it exciting to watch yourself getting all hot and bothered.

4. get to know your cock

Love your cock. It helps your self esteem to just picture your cock as the perfect penis. When coupled with #2 you can look in the mirror and watch your wonderful penis being pleasured by the perfect lover.

5. Explore yourself

Masturbation doesn't have to be limited to just the penis. Anal play can be very stimulating and can very much enhance your pleasure (just be sure to go to the bathroom first). and If Anal play isn't for you, try the testicles or the perenium (area between anus and testicles) for some outer prostate stimulation.

I am not an expert. I am just a concerned guy who wants to give some help to men out there who really don't know what they're missing.

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2 years ago
i have loved it since i was about 9 years old,the first time i spurted was o so wonderful.it still is
3 years ago
love masturbating outdoors
3 years ago
its good
3 years ago
Thanks!! Love yourself as no else would!!
3 years ago
I liked ur ideas, especially anal stimulation