corporate Desire

Hi readers, I am back with a bang to take the desires of a matured woman to the next level. It is all about the corporate life, the other side of the coin. This incident happened when Namitha, Anuska and I moved to an engineering college for campus recruitment. No doubt there were other members too; but we were the technical team. The college had already booked rooms in a 5-star hotel for different teams. I had to stay with them under a singe ceiling. I was a little hesitant to stay with two matured married ladies 4-5 years senior to me. But I had no other option to escape. When we finished our recruitment process, we returned to the hotel. They teased me with jokes of double meaning the whole route. I was smiling only. I was totally perplexed at their behaviors. Anyways, I made me understand that it was corporate life and everything was fair. Anuska got down on the way to visit her uncle. When we reached the room, we washed our faces and hands. Namitha changed her corporate attire and wore a light yellow sari with a matching low cut blouse which was not able to fully cover her well endowed chest. Looking at her deep cleavage at such close quarters made my bl**d rush. Then we both sat on the sofa set and ordered our dinner and some whisky as refreshments. Namitha sat right to me. We turned on the TV to watch some movies. Namitha checked each channel and lastly fixed a channel showing the “MURDER” movie. I had already watched the movie and so I suggested her to watch any other channel. But she refused to change the channel and stuck to that. I frankly told her that it was a film about double-cross; I meant cheating a loving and caring husband to quench the carnal appetite. She laughed and argued me to watch with her.

Now let me describe her. Namitha must have completed 32 years. She was bulky with a height of 5.6” maintaining a figure of 38DD-30-40. Namitha was of fair complexion. Her skin had a healthy shine to it and that was making her look younger. Ever since I worked with her, my eyes had been inadvertently moving to her ass. I had watched, albeit u*********sly, how the cheeks of her great ass moved when she walked, one jerking up and the other down and vice versa. And many a time, she had caught me looking at what I had been looking at. To be honest, I had a great longing to see her bare ass.

Meanwhile the love scene between Malika and Imran came to picture. I knew it was erotic. Therefore I lowered my head down. But Namitha was frisky. She watched it with her full attention and as I guessed Namitha became horny too. I slantingly viewed her chest which was rising and falling greatly thereby making her boobs go up and down rhythmically. Suddenly Namitha looked at me. I found her eyes were red and she was out of control. She just gave a naughty, seductive smile to me and went to the dining table to have a glass of water. I could see her hips swinging and ready to be mounted on. I could watch her back. As her hair had been folded up, I could see her nakedness above and below her blouse. I could make out clearly the shape of her buttocks dangling like two huge foot balls under her petticoat. I had an instant urge to hold them and press them with all my strength and rub my dick against them. I became bold and thought it was the time to do some mischief to her. I got up from the sofa and followed her scrambling and stumbling trying to do something unexpected in a jiffy. I stood close to her and wrapped my hands around her waist. My dick under the pants was poking out and pressing her mound. Namitha didn’t move. She didn’t even utter a word either. I guessed she was expecting me to behave like that. I just placed my chin on her left shoulder, stuck my tongue in her ear and whispered, “Namitha, I wanna love you in the bed. I would like to see you naked, completely naked.” Namitha laughed out loud and told, “OH Yeah! You really want me nude? Ok! But I am not gonna serve me easily. You know I am married and you have to try your best to be in bed with me.” I licked her ear and replied, “Oh Sure! I got your point. I will definitely make you my slut tonight.” She exclaimed, “Definitely make sure since I am an eluding woman.”

Then I got on the bed and told Namitha to come to me. I was sitting at the edge of the bed. As Namitha came near me, I put my hands around her ass and started to give small kisses on her fleshy stomach. I started squeezing her ass globes over her sari. Namitha was too shamed to watch all this. She just closed her eyes because of humiliation. I roamed my hands on her ass in a circular motion. Really man, I was having a great time. I was giving small bites to her stomach and was licking the whole part. All my kisses were wet, noisy. I then went for her breasts which were barely covered by the blouse. I started to pinch her breasts. Namitha was squeaking with each pinch like OUCH... OOYEEE... UUIIEEE... I then started to massage her wonderful boobs. I put my head in between those jugs and was breathing heavily. I smelled the wonderful smell that her boobs emitted. Namitha was just motionless. I then pushed Namitha on the bed on jumped up onto her. I just stared at her for some moments and then started to give warm, moist noisy kisses. I suddenly got up and put my hands on her head to move her face closer to my mouth. Her cute round lips, her pink glistening cheeks, and her long neck were not able to distract my eyes. I pressed my palms against her ears and kissed her on the lips. I f***ed open her mouth with my tongue and let my tongue play with hers. I gathered her tongue between my lips and sucked at it for a long time. At the same time, I let my fingers explore the warm area between her thighs. That area was wet. I could feel the wetness there. I licked her face like crazy. After 10 minutes of kissing, I told Namitha that I needed to remove her clothes. Namitha looked a little ashamed which was a green signal for me to proceed.

I pushed the sari off her shoulder. She covered her marvelous bosom with her arms. I slowly lowered her arms and got totally absorbed looking at her voluptuous breasts. They were tight, round and well shaped. The blouse she had worn was barely able to hold her beautiful melons. The edges of her breasts were bursting out as if wanting to be touched, pressed and squeezed. I slowly looked down to her waist via her milky white tummy. Her waist was amazing as if some sculpture took ages to get those angles. The belly was neither flat nor full. It just had enough flesh to make my eyes pop out in awe. Her blouse was totally wet. She had washed her tits too. The color of the skin of her boobs, the nipples everything was visible to me. Her semi-naked tits were gently rising and falling with her breathing. I put my nose into her cleavage and drew in a deep breath. They smelled so good to drive me crazy. I put both my hands on her mountains and started to squeeze them. Her boobs were getting bigger with every second. Her body was responding like hell. I then started to unbutton her blouse. I impatiently torn off the last two buttons and just peeled off her blouse. Namitha was in her black bra now. I bent over her shoulder and loosened up the clasp holding her bra. The moment I could free the clasp and before I could barely see her beautiful melons, she was overcome with shyness and hugged me tight pressing her breasts against mine. The feeling of her soft naked breasts against me was so intense and strong that I instantly felt as if the definition of pleasure was this. I too hugged her tight, crushing her with all my might. When I plucked her off the bra, I slowly released her of my arms to have a good look at her fully exposed boobs. It was a feast for my eyes. They were so round and well shaped. Her tits were big, oversized actually. They looked like they were very heavy. For a woman of 32 they were quite firm and well rounded. The areoles were right in the middle of the breasts and the nipples were jutting out as if they were cherries kept on the top of a round cake. The flesh was of milky white and the nipples made a beautiful contrast of pinkish color. Then I put my mouth on her right boob and swallowed a good portion of her breast into my mouth. I bit those lovely flashes. I started to press the left boob as I took the right nipple into my mouth. I then started to suck on the nipple. I was giving little bites to her nipple and Namitha started to moan "AAHHHHHH... WONDERFULLL! OHH..” After playing with the right boob, I went for the left boob. I played with the left boob like I did with the right one before. Her breasts were wet with my saliva and shining. After 15 minutes of sucking and pinching, I stopped. Bite marks were there on her boobs. Then I pushed the tits together and started to kiss them. Namitha was feeling pale as she was feeling extreme pleasure. I then turned her around and grabbed her boobs from behind. I started to squeeze them and started to kiss her neck. I could feel the bulge in my pants. My dick was pocking her ass. I was giving little strokes to her ass globes.

Suddenly the door bell rang. We immediately got separated. Namitha rushed into the bathroom and hid her. I tidy up the bed and went close to the door. I gently asked “Who is it?” A soft voice came outside “it is me, the room servant. Your supper is ready sir.” I got relaxed and opened the door. The servant placed the orders on the dining table and went out. I stuck a 50 rupee note in his hand as tip. Then I locked the door inside and asked Namitha to come out. I asked her to lie in the bed. Her huge boobs were pointing directly towards the ceiling. I looked at the towering tits. As I was thinking what to do next, Namitha dragged me onto her. I pinned her down to the bed with my elbow. Her body was crushed under my weight. I folded my legs and climbed upon the bed, never leaving my tight hold on her ample boobs. I put my legs on either sides of her and started to press my lips against hers. The top portions of her huge boobs were ballooning out. The cleavage was looking like it could swallow an elephant. I looked at her cherry like hard nipples. Altogether, it was a beautiful view.

Slowly I moved my hand down, to her amazing ass. And I whispered into her ear, "I want to see your buttocks..." She got visibly stiffened. "Yes... your bare bum." Namitha nodded and did not try to get up or move an inch. She dug her chin on my shoulder with such f***e that it hurt. I begged her, "Please lie facing down," She told, "Sure Ravi... Just help me to turn around." I gripped her shoulder and slowly made her turn over and lie face-down. She clutched the pillow. I caught hold of her sari at her feet and started to lift it up. She did not object. When the sari reached up to her knees, she brought her arm up and held my hand. "Common, Ravi... make haste... Someone may come...” "The door is shut and bolted. Don't be afraid", I assured her. I jerked away her hand. Her sari continued its journey up. When it reached her thighs she very promptly raised her pelvis, so that I was able to lift her sari all the way up to her waist. I found myself quite unable to take my eyes off her milk-white thighs. My heart was beating like a bass drum in my chest to have a closer look at her buttocks. I had not yet set my eyes upon her shapelier ass. It was big, enormous actually. Moreover the cheeks of her ass were firm and were the shapes of bubbles. Namitha had put on a white, semitransparent panty. I slipped my fingers in her panty and clutched her buttocks to tease her. I promptly removed the panty off and threw it away.

For a moment I just sat there and looked at the large twin mounds in total wonder. Then I slowly touched her ass with my fingers. An electric current seemed to have passed through her body. Namitha stiffened her legs, as if she was tickled. I jerked her hand off and started running my fingers all over her ass. She pressed her face against the pillow and laid still. I placed the flat of my palm on one of the globes and squeezed it gently. It was soft and rubbery. Its skin was smooth like that of a baby. I pinched her other cheek. A tight pinch made her wince and suck in air noisily through clenched teeth. I drew closer to her. I placed the flat of my palms on her magnificent ass and started giving her a gentle massage, running my palms in wide circles. I brought my hands to her thighs also, but mainly I kept my hands on those smooth globes. She kept still, and even seemed to relax a little. I moved and putting my knees on both sides of her, I sat on her legs. Then I continued to stroke her really enormous ass. I watched her ass bare and that too at such proximity for the very first time. Till now, I had only fantasized about doing this kind of thing. Now I was actually doing it.

I gently spread the cheeks of her ass and looked at her asshole. I touched her asshole with the tip of a middle finger, making her stiffen her leg muscles again. Now I started to dig the finger into her asshole. A loud moan AAAHHHHHH... escaped her lips. But she laid still. The finger would not have gone in since her hole was dry. I removed my finger and spat on her asshole. With the tip of the finger I spread the spit evenly on all sides of the hole. And then I inserted the finger again. This time there was only little resistance; my finger went in slowly, the inner sides of her ass-cheeks cleaving in a little as my finger entered her. Inside, her asshole was warm. I bent down to have a close look at how my finger was stuck in her asshole. Now, slowly I started moving my hand up and down and watched my finger move in and out of her asshole. "OHH... OH... OHHHA... SSUUU... OOH... Ravi... PLEEEASE... Don't stop AAA... OOWWWW...” she yelled. Her voice was a little muffled because of the pillow. I watched the single finger fuck her ass for a while. Then, I added my index finger to it so that now two fingers were sliding in and out of her asshole. I planted my elbow on the bed and resting my chin on my hand, I sat in a comfortable position and watched my fingers appear and disappear. I noticed how, when I poked my fingers, how the inside of her ass-cheeks turned a little inwards and how they parted slightly when I lifted my hand. In and out, in and out. She laid still grunting RRAAAVVVVIIII, OOOHHHHH... YYEEAAAA... OOHHHHH... UUUMMMMMM... AAAHHHHH.... After some time, I added my ring finger and when I increased the speed of the ups and downs a little, she cried, “Ravi, it is hurting me... UMMM... MMAAHHHHHH...” Perhaps she needed some more lubrication in her asshole. As I pulled my fingers, they came out with a muffled plop!

I went to the bathroom and looked around for a small bottle of oil. Fortunately I got the Vaseline box. When I came out with Vaseline, Namitha was watching me through the corner of her eye. I abruptly unfastened the cap of the box and applied the same between the lovely mounds of her buttocks down to cunt. But most of it stayed there, making a pool over her asshole. I closed the box and placed it on the bed. Then, once again settling down comfortable on her fleshy legs, I parted the big cheeks of her ass. The level of the Vaseline immediately dipped, all of it descending into her warm asshole. Now when I inserted my 3 fingers, they went in like a knife through butter smoothly and easily. I once again started the up and down movements of my hand, my fingers very easily moving in and out of her asshole. There was no resistance anywhere, whatsoever. The Vaseline did a good job. Namitha was out of control and lay open-mouthed with lots of sexy and arousing yells coming out. I resumed my comfortable position, with my chin resting on my free hand, and watched the fun. Up and down, up and down. “Is it okay now?” I asked her. She cried out, “Please don’t stop. Go on RRAAAVVVVIIII. OOOHHHHH... YYEEAAAA... OOHHHHH... UUUMMMMMM... It FFEEEEELS SSOOOOOO GOOOOOD...” Gradually, I increased the pace at which my hand was rising and falling. She kept enjoying. Probably, my fingers were not hurting her any more. Up and down, up and down went my fingers. Now, off and on, the Vaseline in her asshole was making squelching noises as I moved my hand.

Enough of finger-fucking, I thought. Now I wanted my boy to have a taste of her warm asshole. I withdrew my fingers. I raised myself on my knees and ripped off my jeans. I pulled down my underwear and took my dick out. She just watched what I was doing. When I removed my briefs, Namitha gave out a loud scream “WOW!” My python measured 7” and was fully erect. It was dark and the cock head was shaped like mushroom. It was bright red and was covered with pre cum. I sat on the edge of bed and told Namitha to get down to floor. She did oblige. She simply got on her knees and looked down at the floor. I held my cock with one hand and with the other hand I pulled her face near my cock. I told her to suck it. I was a playful bastard. She held my cock as if it was a joystick and gave it a few gentle strokes. I was rock hard by now; my dick was oozing pre cum. She peeled the skin back and ran her finger gently over it touching the pre cum and licked her finger saying. I was speech less. She measured my dick with her thumb and little finger and then reached over to me. She started licking my nipples gently and slowly running her tongue over them. It was as if some electric pulses were hitting my body. I just held her by her hair to have some anchoring control and pushed her down. She moved down kissing, smooching, biting, and nibbling my upper chest, down till she reached between my thighs. She rolled to the side and tickled my balls with her long slender fingers. I could not take it any longer. I ordered her, “Suck me you bitch.” She laughed and got down between my thighs and ran her tongue over my balls, and the base of the cock and tip of the cock, between the cracks. I could feel the nerves on my dick swell. She then gently circled her cute little lips around my cock, first slowly taking it in and pulling out in circular motion. Gradually as my cock got more and more slippery with precum, she was increasing her speed of sucking. I emitted moans UFFFF... UMMM... AAHHAAA... OOFFFF... Meanwhile I would give small strokes that would open her lips very little. I just pushed her head more into my dick and literally was burying her head between my thighs. I was in seventh heaven and moaned AAAAHHH... MMAAHHHHHH... RRRREEEEMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAA... SUCK ME YOU BITCH! SUCK ME. I demanded her to suck on it. She deep throated me soon and I was not aware that there could be so much pleasure in getting sucked that it was even better then fucking. I also wondered how she could take my entire 7” dick inside without getting gagged. Soon she was slurping and grunting, gulping my entire cock. She even took my balls inside her mouth and moved her head speedily. The dick got covered with her lipstick. The pleasure was building up in side me and I knew I had to stop her before I cum. I signaled to her to stop; but she went on sucking me with such frenzy as if she was a little girl not wanting to leave her lollipop. Her saliva was coming out from the side of her mouth. I held her head and gave strokes in her mouth. I was mouth fucking her. After some time, I started to push my cock with more f***e. My bulge hair was touching her nose. I was getting turned on by all this. It was such a cool sight. Lastly I removed all the meat except the tip and then rammed the whole thing in her mouth again. Her mouth was stretched wide open to accommodate it. I could feel the saliva on my cock. It was shinning brightly.
Me: Oh, oh, lovely baby, do it more. I love it darling, please suck me more.

Namitha: Yes! Do you like it? Do you need more, AANHHH...?
Me: HHAAA! Yes baby, be my randi. You make me horny.

Namitha: Oh Yeah! Don’t worry.

Me: OFFF... Keep sucking, you bitch!

I mouth fucked for 15 minutes and as I was about to cum, I held her head tightly. Namitha knew that I was coming; but didn’t try to break away. I dropped my load onto her mouth and Namitha swallowed it till the last drop. As I was cumming, she pressed the flesh above my cock and kept it tightly between her fingers. She pushed the cock up from its base more deep in to her mouth. The pleasure was immense, intense and was like something I never felt before. I kept my cock on her mouth and screamed with pure pleasure. Namitha gulped each and every drop of my semen that I could literally feel that she was drinking my cum rather then swallowing it. “MMMMMM... You taste delicious Ravi!” Namitha said. “Have a little more.”, I insisted. I rubbed my moist pink head on her lips; she parted them for me to put my shaft inside her mouth again. Finally, Namitha started to lick it and made it clean. I just lay there exhausted, tired and oh yes very happy.

Again she drew closer to me, positioned my cock between her wonderful boobs and started stroking it once again to make it hard. Then I asked her to stand. I removed her sari pulling the folds tucked in her petticoat. I pressed her nipples harder and gradually slid my hands to her waist and slowly loosened the petticoat by pulling the g-string. It fell to her feet. Now Namitha was left stark naked. I held her by her ass to pull her even closer to me. I slapped gently and mockingly on her butt with my hand to make her hornier. She said OUCH and bit me on my shoulders. Then I knelt down and gazed her pussy covered with black pubic hair. I started to kiss Namitha there and finger-fuck her. I pulled apart her pussy labia and peeped inside. It was pink in color with a hole going direct to her womb. Now my fingers were feeling her puffy lips and gently massaged her clit. I slowly inserted my finger into her wet dripping pussy. I started finger fucking her with the middle one. I increased the numbers from one to two, two to three and finally four of my fingers except the thumb were moving fast inside her orifice. I continued mauling her entire crotch with my palm and was ruthlessly squeezing her mammary. Namitha was out of control and was standing open-mouthed with lots of sexy and arousing yells coming out. Namitha cried out, “Please don’t stop. Go on RRAAAVVVVIIII. OOOHHHHH... YYEEAAAA... OOHHHHH... UUUMMMMMM... It FFEEEEELS SSOOOOOO GOOOOOD.” Namitha was sweating and hot now. Her hands pressing my hand to her pussy. I increased my speed to finger in her pussy for sliding in out in out. Namitha shrieked, “OOOO... RRAAAVVVVIIIII AAHHHH... It FEEEEELS GOOD. Don’t stop now. PLEASEEEEEEEE I want you SSOOOOOOOOO MUCH OOHHHHHHH... AAHHHHHHHHH...” The vulva muscles were clamping hard on my fingers. At last Namitha could not hold any longer and attained her orgasm. Namitha squirted her cum direct at my face. I could clearly see her juices flowing out of her pussy in a stream and I tasted it to my hearts content. It was saline and I could smell the aroma of her wet hole that drove me insane.

Lastly Namitha demanded me to bang her as it was not possible to tolerate any more. She just got onto the bed with her towering tits facing the ceiling. I got prepared for the final assault. I jumped on her to penetrate. I held my cock and guided it to her pussy. I brushed away her pubic hairs with my cock. Namitha was really frightened. It was a huge tool. Finally I gave a dam hard push and almost 2/3 of my cock went in. Namitha gave a loud shout AAAAMMUUUUHHH... I immediately started to kiss her. I left my cock in that position and was slowly moving it around inside her pussy. I made room for my cock. Then slowly I started to enter again. Her legs were pointing at the air and her hands were moving like crazy as she had no idea what to do now. She was lost with all this pain and pleasure. Finally, I buried my whole thing into her pussy. I then slowly started to give her small strokes. Namitha was moaning crazy. With each stroke, she would whimper like a little puppy. I continued to give her small strokes to make her feel better. After 10 minutes, the real deal started. I was pulling all my meat out and was ramming the whole thing again. It was making a great erotic sounds like FUCH.. FUCH.. PUCH.. PUCH.. Her pussy was flooded with cum. I was fucking Namitha real hard now. The bed was cracking violently. I was pressing her boobs and was bucking my hips like a wild bull. It was so erotic to see a huge black cock oscillating inside her bushy pussy. Each stroke made slapping sound like PLOP PLOP SPLOSH SPLOSH. The room was filled with the sound of fucking. Namitha was now screaming in pleasure. I guessed she had cummed at least 5 to 6 times.

Me: You like that randi? You like it, Ummm...?

Namitha: Please slow down. I am going to die, please please please please. No more.

Me: No more? You want me to stop?

I pulled my cock except for the tip and looked at her face. Just like a little baby, Namitha said "No". As I heard it, I gave a huge smile and rammed the whole thing again. I started to fuck her even harder. Her boobs were jumping up and down violently. I was slapping her butt. Her ass globes were red because of all the slapping. I fucked her in that position for about 20 minutes. Man,I was not done. I got up from bed and pulled Namitha and made her sit on my lap. I then started to fuck her with more f***e. My balls were slapping her ass. Namitha put her arms around me. She wrapped her legs around me like a snake and was getting the banging of her life time. I was holding her by grabbing her ass globes. Both were now kissing and Namitha was responding to me like a bitch. Finally, I said that I was about to cum. Namitha told her to cum outside but I was out of control. I increased my pace with some very hard final strokes; I gave a loud shout and cummed on her pussy. Namitha was also cumming and was jerking like crazy. I kept my cock inside her pussy and filled her up with my sperm with a load scream YYEEEEAAHHHHAAAAA... We stayed at that position and finally broke off the hug. As I removed my cock, cum started to flow down from her pussy. She was tired from all the banging and laid on the bed. I then went to the bathroom to pee and wash my hands.

Then I asked her to join me in the dinner. We ate to our fill and gossiped a lot until half of our dinner got digested. Then I made her lie flat on the sofa and pushed my head into her groin and kissed the top of her little pussy. I slowly let my tongue slide down to her wet little box! She writhed back and forth. I rolled my tongue along her pubic path. It really tasted good. I was tingling her most intimate area. She caught hold of my ears and pushed me up into her crotch till my mouth rested between her thighs. My tongue was out in a flash and soon I began moistening her pussy lips. I widened her legs and inserted my tongue in side her cunt. On first touch she gave a terrific jerk and a loud moan AAAHHHHHH... AAAAAA... and then slowly I started to lick her cunt. She continued OHH... OH... OHHHA... SSUUU... OOH... I was deeply penetrating my tongue all over the walls and smelling the cunt juices which made me mad. She was raising her mound high with excitement and grabbed my hair with her hands and pressed my head towards the cunt. I was eating her pussy and inserting my tongue in and moving back and forth and my hands squeezing and caressing her buttocks. She was moaning like AAAAAA... SUCK IT... PLEEEASE... Don't stop AAA... OOWWWW... Her moans increased and I had a real hard on. Then I inserted my tongue deep into her vagina and started searching her G-spot. I stroked her G-spot with my tongue and she started moaning and squeezing her boobs. She started saying “HAAAAAAA... RRRRAAAAVVViiiiiii I NEED MORE OF THIS DAILY. MAAA... UHHHHHH... AAAAA... SSSHHHH... AAAAAAAYYOOOO...” She started screaming more with pleasure and I felt her vaginal muscles contracting and expanding and she exploded and her juices splashed on my face. They tasted salty. Then I turned her around and started spanking on her arse. She was getting aroused again and started moaning. Then I started sucking her arse cheeks which were really soft and milky white. I pressed them and started licking them. Her moans continued increase even louder and her hand reached to her pussy and started massaging it. With my palms I cupped her great ass cheeks and parted them gently. Then I put my tongue out and slowly started licking her asshole. It smelled and tasted of Vaseline. Namitha could not bear the thrill and begged me to stop immediately. I paid no heed to her and went on licking. At the same time, I took my hand to her front and started stroking the hair on her pussy with my fingers.

I thereafter started giving her ass a good and proper massage, running my palms throughout its Length and breath. It was really a beautiful piece of ass. Then I planted an arm to her side and, grabbing my cock, brought its tip in contact with her asshole. She now realized what I was going to do. I positioned the fat head of my cock on her warm hole and twisting my wrist, started poking it in. She tried to get up, but I was all over her. I pushed with my pelvis and gently my hard dick started its journey down. Namitha squalled “Eeeeeeeeee... MMAAAAAAAAA...” It went down and down. Now I did not have to hold and guide it with my hand. It had found room and it was just going down. I kept on pressing with pelvis and did not stop until I was inside her to the hilt. It was probably the first time she was having a cock in her asshole. I was ready to fuck her asshole. “Does it hurt?” I asked, planting my hands on either sides of her fat upper arm. “Yes, a little.” she replied, wincing. “It is all right. You will get used to it after a while.” I got ready to fuck her. Putting a finger in her pussy as a prelude to my prick, I moved it in and out; and thrust my cock back and forth repeatedly inside her asshole. Namitha stammered, “Oh! THAT’S GREAT. MOVE YOUR TOOL DEEP INSIDE OF ME. COME ON! FAST! FAST! OH! YES! I WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A WHORE IN SEX SHOWING NO MERCY FOR ME. FUCK MEEEE... OOOOOOO... YESSS...” My mouth was busy on her neck and my left hand was playing with her cushy breasts making her moan in joy. Though she was not tight, she was started screaming “AAYIIIIIOOO... IT IS PAINING AAAAMMMHHHHAAA... RRRRAAAAVVViiiiiii FUCK ME DARLING TODAY. FUCK ME LIKE A RANDI. TEAR MY ASS.” She was crying with pain and pleasure AAAAMMUUUUHHH... It was not difficult for me to fuck such a wide–hipped lady. I continued thrusting my 8" into her ass without caring her loud moans like AAAAAAAAAHHHHH... I was about cum as I could feel the pressure of hot lava ready to explode. I finally gave her hard push and cummed in her ass with a load scream YYEEEEAAHHHHAAAAA...

Again I put my hands under her armpits and grabbed her huge tits. Namitha did not say anything. She tried to brush my hands off. I started squeezing her tits, those wonderful, balloon-like, huge tits. I played with her tits for about 5 minutes and she stood still all the time. Then I moved my hands down to her bare belly. It was wet and slippery owing to the heavy perspiration. Her belly was large and smooth, very sensual to look at. By now I was having a terrific hard on, and I was pressing it against the crack of her huge ass. Now I kneeled down behind her and placed my palms on her buttocks. I dug my nose upon the crack of her ass and inhaled the smell of her there. I stepped forward and slapped her, a loud, painful slap on her right cheek. "UUUUU...!" Namitha cried out. But she stood still. She had no idea that I was going to slap her again and again. I slapped those bubble like cheeks by turn. First right, then left and with each slap, Namitha hollered sexy sounds like AABBAAA... YYEEAAAA... OOHHHHH... UUUMMMMMM... UFFFF... I could see her milk-white butts turning red with my finger impressions. I kneeled down behind her and, grasping her by the hips, started planting kisses all over the wide expanse of her lovely, oily ass. I kissed noisily.

Thereafter I again asked her to go to bed. As I had smooched her boobs for several times, she quite impulsively crossed her forearms over her towering boobs. I carefully climbed upon the bed and stood over her, planting my knees on both sides of her head. She had no idea what I was going to do. I bent down and, placing one hand on the bed for support, with the other hand I slowly guided my fully erect cock into the deep cleavage of her tits. My cock went in easily because her boobs were so soft and heavy perspiration had made her skin somewhat slippery. Now I planted both my hands on her sides and started moving my pelvis up and down, up and down. Once or twice, when I lowered my pelvis a little, my balls would bump against her chin. I kept on moving my pelvis slowly and steadily, fucking her sexy cleavage. She screamed, "OH DEAR DELIGHTFUL, REAL HEAVEN, THAT IS SUPERB, FUCK, FUCK DEAR. DON’T STOP PLEASE.” After some time I stopped. I withdrew my cock and stood up. I went up to her and, putting my arms around her thighs, I lifted her up in the air. She was heavy, but I managed to lift her up. She was taken completely by surprise and cried out in fear, believing that she was going to fall. She frantically clutched at my shoulders. "Ravi, what are you doing?" she exclaimed. "I am not going let you sl**p tonight," I gasped. God! She was heavy! As I struggled to maintain my center of gravity, her body tilted towards all directions.

She knew that I was going to fuck her all night and was getting real pleasure from it. Despite the ceiling-fan working at top speed, she was sweating like anything. She looked at my cock. It was not fully erect yet. “Hold my cock,” I said to her. She made no move for a few seconds. Then, glancing at me just once, her eyes filled with embarrassment and shame, she slowly took my member in her hand. The very next moment it began to get erect. “Stroke it,” I said. She started stroking it. As she stroked, the cock grew in size and became hard and thick. A 7” stick in her hand. She held it using all the fingers and thumb of her right hand and when she stroked it she moved her hand up and down the length of it. She rubbed her palms together and started giving my cock a slow massage with both her hands. It started swelling. It was now jumping and falling and jumping - picking up life and becoming more and harder. She noticed and started lovingly playing with it. And in no time her fingers transformed my cock from a coiled up sl**ping snake, to a python, huge and ready for its prey. She slowly stood up on her knees and spread her legs wide, inviting me to invade her at her most private place. No more foreplay nothing, that was her signal. I put my feet together, giving her room on my either sides to place her knees. She placed a hand on my shoulder for support and with the other hand she started to guide my member up her cunt. When my penis touched her hairy cunt I realized that she was wet and dripping. Namitha was ready mentally and physically to get fucked.

After she managed to insert the fat head of my cock into her cunt opening, she slowly sat down on me and I felt my shaft enter her all the way up. She looked at me with a satisfied expression on her face. It just slipped inside with no trouble. I could make out that she was wet with lust. She needed a fuck as badly as me. That is why she gave me a shameless invitation. Now she held me by the shoulders and started bobbing up and down, making the bed creak. She kept on moving. I looked at her heavy boobs. They were rising and falling gently with the movements of her body. I brought my hands up and played with them. I pinched the nipples and, for the first time, heard her moan. I kneaded her lovely boobs with my palms. I started giving mighty pushes and entered the heavenly territories and simultaneously pulled myself back as much as I could without letting my dick out. I continued to shove her deep. She shouted AAAAAA AAAAAAAAA Eeeeeeeeee MAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA MMM AAAAAAAA RRRRRRR. I could see her body move back, her chin go up. With each stroke, I could feel that I was hitting the deep end of her cunt. She continued her up and down movements. I lay back and watched her move. Her eyes were shut and her face was turned heavenwards. Her movements were slow but steady. She was frantically biting her lips. But she did not stop moving. I whispered her to stop moving. But she paid no heed. She moaned loudly and continued her up and down movements, my 7” shaft appearing and disappearing into her wet cunt. She was shouting "OH AHHHHH, CLASS, REAL CLASS FUCK DEAR, GO ON AND FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD LIKE A WHORE, FUCK THE BITCH ENJOYING YOUR LOVELY BLACK POLE, FUCK, PUSH YOUR COCK DEEP, GO DEEP. OH DEAR!! KEEP ON FUCKING! WHAT A COCK, OH WHAT A FUCK! AHHH... AH... AHHHA..." Since she had enough pubic hair, it gave me a warm and cozy feeling. I gripped her shoulders tighter so that I could give even deeper pushes. I could see her moaning softly, eyes half closed. She jerked and giggled. All of a sudden she bit my chin and told, “I want to be a slut, not a lazy house wife.” With the excitement going high, she folded her legs around my waist and started pushing up her hips to match my strokes. Her soft thighs encircling me, made mad with lust. I was now, kissing her wildly, biting her lips, nipples. She was moaning and grunting in pleasure and they turned into shouts in ecstasy. She had my fingers between her teeth, both as a grip while I gave stronger thrusts and also as a way to muffle her shouts. I could now feel her body trembling, and her cunt getting even more slippery and wet. I knew she was having small but multiple orgasms. She was digging her nails deep into my back. I could even feel the bl**d, and sharp pain. But this was giving me even more kick as I knew she was enjoying this fuck more then I was. I was about to cum. But I was not ready yet. I wanted to have more, but could not. Eventually I shoot wads of cum in her asshole and Namitha also reached her climax parallel to me.

We retired to bed and before sl**ping, we kissed each other everywhere and played with genitals of one onother. In the morning, when Anuska rang the door bell, we had been ready to go. After the copulation in the hotel, I even seduced her to fuck during the office hour in the ground at a certain corner floor. I banged her almost everyday and even many times I behaved like a b**st. Namitha got sexier day by day and even my friends started to lust for her and one day Namitha told me she was pregnant because of all the fucking. Ultimately I had switch to another company.

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