Now eat my pussy baby

I am NOT the simply sharing
the wildlife...
We met in a grocery store, where he was working as a cashier. When I first laid eyes

on him, there was an instant spark. He had dark hair and dark eyes and a gorgeous

smile. His name tag announced he was Alex. He smiled at one of my comments, and

my heart skipped a beat. I am not sure if he felt it, but I felt a strange compulsion to

make a move. He was handsome and my attraction to him was intense.

I was passing through his state, I was bolder than I would have been if I was in my

home state. He would never see me again. I gave him my cell number after he passed

me my receipt. Luckily there was no one in line behind me. I asked when he was

getting off, with a deliberate innuendo in my voice. Inwardly, I groaned at the pickup

line. Oh my God, was he really going to go for that? I turned on my most inviting smile

to counteract the corny line. At first he seemed startled, but he answered that he had

another hour and a half. I asked if he would like to get some coffee after work.

He did not seem to be repulsed by the idea and smiled broadly at me. I could tell he

was flattered. It was agreed that I would come back and pick him up, for "coffee". I felt

a tingle run through my body. I felt like Mrs. Robinson must have when she was preying

upon a young Dustin Hoffman.

I wandered around his town for about an hour, made some calls and the time passed

quickly. I parked in the parking lot, hoping he was not going to chicken out. The

butterflies in my stomach were fluttering madly. I was so nervous I could barely sit still.

Underneath the nervousness was desire.

I have been attracted to younger men for some time, but never had I acted on it. I had

picked out many from my everyday life; a friend of my son's, the summer intern at work,

the k** from the hardware store, the guy in the rust bucket car next to mine at the stop

light. I had no guts to follow through. All had starred in my masturbation fantasies.

I couldn't believe I was actually making the first move. It felt like old times, casting me

back to a time when I was wild and slutty, things that a respectable wife and mother

could not do. Cougarville here I come.

Finally I saw him come out of the store. I pulled up the front and popped the locks. I

gave him my most inviting smile and he opened the door and got in. I told him that I

was really glad to be getting to know him better and I asked him to direct me to a quiet

place to get some coffee. I could tell that on the way he was checking out my tits, my

tank top was cut low enough to show some cleavage. I discretely hiked my knee-length

cotton skirt up my thighs so he could get view my tanned legs.

He directed me to a small diner, there were very few people there. We had some

coffee and chatted about little things. He was 21, working his way through college.

There was a mutual attraction that could not be denied. We laughed easily with each

other and the air was thick with sexual tension. I knew he was ready for seduction by

the way he smiled into my eyes and toyed with his coffee cup in his strong well shaped


I used every trick to indicate that I was interested. I touched his hands frequently,

daring to stroke his arm with my fingers a few times. I finally graduated to taking off my

shoe and pressing it between his legs. I looked into his surprised eyes as I wiggled my

toes lightly against his crotch. I didn't want him to have any doubts about what I wanted.

I felt his cock growing hard against my toes.

Alex's eyes closed slightly as he groaned audibly. I took that as an opportunity to make

the next move. I asked him if he knew of a private place where we could go. He said

yes huskily, I left some cash on the table and we left in a hurry.

Thank God I drive a soccer mom van, lots of room to maneuver and tinted back

windows. Once in my van I hiked up my skirt and placed his hand between my legs.

Alex's hand flat was flat against my pussy and I pushed myself hard against it, grinding

into it. My panties were already damp and more juices were flowing.

Two long fingers crept under the elastic of my panties' leg band. His fingers started

working against my shaved pussy lips and I found it hard to concentrate on the road.

His directions were delivered in a casual tone of voice, as if he fingered 42 year old

wanna be cougars while giving them driving directions on daily basis.

We drove far out of town, me gasping and forcing myself to remain focused on the

road, him shoving two fingers in and out of my dripping wet cunt.

The scenery gradually became less populated by buildings and signs of life. There

were trees and overgrown weeds on either side of the road. He directed me down a

partially obscured drive. The path was a bit bumpy and I had to take it slow. The only

sounds were the radio and my own heavy breathing.

We drove deeper into the woods, finally coming to a clearing that appeared to have

once been a homestead of sorts. I caught glimpses of an old foundation through the


I stopped the van and opened the windows. Luckily it was a balmy day, not too hot or

cold. I told Alex to meet me in the backseat. We both got out of the front and slid the

van doors back to hop into the back seat.

Alex made as if to close the doors but I stopped him. "No leave them open." I said. We

left both side doors open. Let the wildlife I watch I thought.

Alex sat down on the bench seat. I stood outside of the van and stripped down to the

buff. I just didn't care about modesty or propriety at that point. I didn't waste time

worrying about any of the things a proper wife and mother should be doing. A soft

breeze tickled my naked body and it felt delicious. The sun shined down on my back

and I enjoyed the feel of the wind touching me in places normally hidden.

I climbed naked into the back and sat down on Alex's lap, a thigh alongside each side.

I could feel the hardness of his cock through his pants. My pussy leaked more juice

and I ground myself onto his bulge.

"Oh Alex, that feels so good. May I kiss you just a little while?" I said softly, afraid he

would say no. I know that a 21 wants to fuck almost immediately.

He nodded slightly, seeming to be open to whatever I wanted to give him.

With a hand on either side of his face, I set myself to the task of devouring his amazing

mouth. His lips opened easily under my kiss and I pushed my tongue inside his mouth.

Our tongues wrestled against each other and it did not matter who would win. His

mouth tasted of mint and coffee and I could not seem to get enough. Alex's hands ran

up and down my back and around to my bare tits, pinching my hard nipples and then

caressing and hefting my breasts up in his hands. Delicious shivers raced up and

down my spine, causing me to arch my back and thrust my breasts more fully into his


I reached between us and grasped the bottom of his t-shirt. Pulling it upwards, it

snagged at the point of our joined mouths. I reluctantly broke the kiss and yanked it

over his head.

I moved my hands along his shoulders and down to his nipples where I pinched them

lightly, glad to find them responsive against my ministrations. Breaking our kiss, I

kissed down his jaw and neck hungrily.

I dropped my naked body down between his legs and began kissing his chest, finding

a nipple I pulled it in between my lips, sucking and licking it. Around and around each

nipple I swirled my tongue.

I kissed my way wetly down to the waistband of his pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped

his pants while licking his bellybutton and tangling my tongue in the sexy trail of hair

that disappeared into his pants.

Alex lifted up while I pulled his pants and underwear down his legs. I untied his shoes

and pulled them off along with his socks. His pants and underwear I took off and set

aside. Once again I nestled myself between his legs. I took a moment to admire his

cock and balls. There is nothing quite like the cock of a 21 year old. I was grateful to

once again get the chance to experience one.

His cock stood out against his belly, just the right length and girth, my pussy contracted

involuntarily and I imagined how it will fill me up. I took his cock in both hands and

fondled it, enjoying the texture of it, the spongy hard feel and the soft skin sliding in my

hands. I continued to stroke it with one hand while gathering his balls tenderly in the

other hand. I bent my head to put my lips around one of his testicles. I sucked the

wrinkled skin very gently into my mouth while I pumped my hand up and down his shaft.

I gave each testicle a turn inside my mouth, listening to the wonderful sounds coming

from Alex's throat, telling me I was doing fine.

"Would you like me to suck your cock Alex?" I whispered against his cock making sure

to breathe out each syllable. I think he said yes weakly.

My mouth was wet and hot as I pulled his penis in between my lips. I licked the shiny

pre-cum from the tiny slit on the tip of his cock. It tasted of youth and I held it on my

tongue before I swallowed it down. While sucking the head and licking I moved my

head up and down on his cock. Alex's hips pushed up and down off the seat and as I

used one hand to feed it in and out of my sucking lips. I reached my other hand up to

tweak his nipples. I was rewarded with a groan.

I stopped a moment to guide Alex's hands to my head, signaling that I wanted him to

help me. His hands pushed against the back of my head, quickening the pace while I

sucked on his cock for dear life. He shoved my hair up out of my face and I looked up

to see him watching me, apparently fascinated by how my lips looked stretched

around his cock, the flesh disappearing in and out of my mouth. I met his eyes and we

stared into each others eyes. I didn't stop, I was determined to swallow every drop of

his cum.

Alex suddenly pushed my head down so hard on his cock I gagged. With my nose

pushed into his pubic hair, he came in spurts down my throat. I swallowed instinctively,

relishing the sweet burn down my throat.

I sat back on my heels and watched him gather his wits. I believe in quid pro quo.

I climbed up on the seat to standing. I placed one foot alongside his flank and hooked

my knee around the back of the seat. It was a good thing I was only 5'3. My body bent

over sideways along the roof of the van's interior. The awkward position was worth it to

have his face directly in my snatch. He was already kissing the lips of my pussy. I

grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into my cunt.

"Now eat my pussy baby," I said softly.

Alex licked the length of my slit with his tongue, it was wet and velvety soft. Juices

leaked down my thigh and I sighed shakily as he began lapping at my clit. Alex's hands

went around me to grab my ass checks in either hand.

I moaned and cried out as loud as I wanted. Nothing but the sound of crickets and the

rustling of the wind through the tall grass answered.

My hips bucked violently against his face as he struggled to keep his tongue in place

against my hard clit. My hands were buried in his hair, my mouth open in a wordless

scream. The pleasure intensified to the point of almost pain and I came spasmodically

while calling out his name loudly.

I almost hopped off of the seat and onto his lap. Grasping his cock and guiding it into

my pussy, I sank down onto his hardness with a sign. I covered his mouth with my own

and licked my juices off his lips. I lifted my hips and slowly lowered myself down on his

cock, feeling his cock pushing against the walls of my pussy. I threw my head back as

his hands grabbed either hip and began moving me up and down on his shaft faster.

My breasts were bouncing in time to the rhythum. The wet slap of my ass hitting

against his thighs resonated in the interior, joining in the song of the chirping insects


Alex was panting and our mouths met intermittently on each thrust. His cock went even

deeper inside my cunt the harder I pushed against his pelvis. The feel of him hard and

deep inside me was incredible.

"Are you going to cum again lover? Cum inside me Alex! I want to feel it!" I groaned

into his ear, licking it, grabbing his earlobe lightly in my teeth.

Alex murmured a string of unintelligible sounds and I think he was crying out something

like "Yes I am gonna cum in you baby."

Almost immediately after he pulled me down hard onto his lap, jamming every inch up

into my pussy. He arched his neck back and yelled loudly. I bent my head over and

swallowed his cry in my mouth.

As he was cumming deep inside me I could feel my own orgasm bursting out over his


"Oh yes, I'm cumming. Oh baby your so good," the words poured out as I gasped out

my climax against his neck.

I kissed him wetly and told him he was wonderful. I climbed off of him and stepped

down to put my clothes on outside of the van. I smiled at him to let him know that he

was very much appreciated.

"Well Alex, I guess I better take you back," I said regretfully. I knew that all good things

must end.

"What if I'm not ready yet?" he said. I looked down in his lap and saw that his cock was

already hard again.

"Looks like your ready for something baby," I said laughingly.
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nice i busted a nut reading that shit
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i agree with mrs w at least tell the author & site
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Okay adel5000, you deleted my original comment about you being a plagiarist, so here is another one.

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