It's Only Dinner

I hated my job but I knew that I could never leave it. My wife had passed away 2 years

ago and I vowed to give my baby daughter a life devoid of struggles. Actually my

"baby" had just turned 16 but I still treated her like my little angel. In fact, that's what I

always called her, "angel".

My boss always treated me like shit. He would always make fun of me because I had

no social life. I worked whatever hours I could but when I was done I would spend the

rest of my time at home with my little angel. She almost never went out either. She was

content with the time she spent with her daddy.

That morning Jim (my boss) said to me, "well Jack, I was going to Gregory's (an

expensive and fine restaurant) for dinner and thought I'd invite you and your girlfriend

out with me and my date but then I remembered that they don't seat blowup dolls".

Angered, I responded, "I have no problems getting a date and I am sure she would be

hotter then any girl you would bring.". Words that I regretted the minute they passed my


"Great then it's settled. I will have my car pick you and your "woman" up at 8. Don't

worry, I will pay for dinner, after all... I know what you get paid." he had ensnared me in

the trap and I had no real way out where I could still save face.

Later, at lunch time, Jim walked by my desk and brought his much younger and very

gorgeous girl with him. "Vivian, this is Jack. He's the one who is supposed to have

dinner with us... Just thought I'd introduce you now since he probably won't show up."

and with that he began laughing.

"I will be there." I said without conviction.

I left work shortly after that. I knew I didn't have a chance of finding a date and even if I

did there was no telling what she would look like. I was franticly trying to come up with

a solution when Michelle came home. I put on a half-hearted smile and asked, "how

was school angel?". She started to respond but cut herself short after seeing me

clearly dismayed and asked me what was wrong. I was so embarrassed but I told her

the story since we were always honest with each other.

"The solution is easy daddy. I'll be your date. He doesn't know me and I am young and

pretty.. Aren't I dad?" she said with sly smile.

"You are gorgeous angel but that sounds really weird and wrong. And you are only 16."

"It will be fine. I will look older with make-up and my body looks as good as any 20 year

old girls. And you can't afford to lose the job. Let's both get ready and not worry about

this anymore." and she ran off to shower.

My instincts said it was wrong but I went along with the new plan after debating the

issue with myself. After all, it's only dinner and maybe hold each others hand.... I've

held my daughters hand plenty.

I was ready to go when I heard the car horn, I couldn't believe there was a limo outside

my home. I turned around to tell my daughter the car was here and the words were lost

upon seeing her standing behind me. She wore a very short dress that accented every

curve of her body. She showed an ample amount of cleavage and for a second I forgot

she was my daughter.

"Forget this... I am not doing it."

"Daddy you know I wouldn't dress like this normally but your boss will be so jealous

when he sees you with me. At night when we leave he will be left to think about what

we are doing." and again she gave a sly smile. "and you will be by my side to protect

me anyway."

I knew I really didn't have a choice and I took her by the hand and led her out. I locked

the door to the house and as I turned around she grabbed the back of my head and

gave me a kiss... No tongue but it was on the lips and it lingered for a bit. She

whispered, "we have to make it look real". I gave it very little thought and it certainly

would help sell the ruse.

As we got to the door of the limo, which was being opened by the driver, I noticed my

boss was there with Vivian. His eyes were firmly on my daughter and my first instinct

was to punch his lights out. My daughter tightened her grip on my hand and I

remembered then that this was the response we wanted.

We arrived at Gregory's and were given a very VIP table. We were offered drinks and I

was surprised and more then a little upset when my daughter ordered a margarita. As

dinner was winding down I had more then a little buzz going and I was sure that my little

angel did too. I was happy the night was almost over. My boss had almost ignored his

date all night as he spoke and gawked at my little angel. Michelle put her hand on my

thigh and started to rub my inner thigh.

She whispered to me, "he probably thinks I am grabbing your cock now. Let's give him

a little show daddy," she starts lightly kissing my neck. I felt my cock growing... Getting


"I guess we are all done Jim. It's late, maybe we should call it a night." I was desperate

now to see this night behind me.

"The night is young Jack let's go back to my place for some drinks. If you can't keep up

with your young girl she can hang out with me and Vivian."

Before I could say anything Michelle said, "I don't go anywhere without my man". By

bosses reaction was priceless. He looked like a c***d who had his favorite toy taken

from him. I knew that if I gave him the opportunity he would revoke his invitation but I

quickly accepted before he got the chance.

When we arrived at his multi-million dollar home we were given a short tour. His home

seemed like a dream. It even had a sauna. "let's all get in the sauna" said a tipsy

Vivian. My daughter quickly agreed that this was a great idea. The girls quickly, without

waiting for response undressed and went inside. Vivian wore no bra just panties.

Regardless of having panties and bra on though my angels beauty was incomparable.

The perfect bubble butt and her amazing perky breast had me uncomfortable. I knew I

was hard and it was very wrong.

Nonetheless, the wheels were in motion and I had to see the night through. I undressed

to my underwear and went inside followed shortly by my boss.

We sat on opposite sides and Vivian almost immediately straddled Jim. I was

surprised when Michelle followed suit. "don't worry daddy, this is just for show" and she

began lightly kissing my neck. My bosses eyes were on us and he was content to allow

Vivian to go through the motions even though his true excitement was coming from

across the sauna.

My cock was was harder then I ever remembered it being. So hard it was actually

hurting and I thought I might explode if I wasn't careful. Michelle whispered, "let him see

you grab my ass daddy"

That was it for me... I lost all reasonable thought and grabbed her ass and pressed her

against my cock. "I'm so sorry angel. I can't resist anymore." "it's ok daddy, I love you"

She reached over her back and quickly removed her top. I grabbed her breast and

squeezed them as she rubbed her pussy up against my cock. I could feel how wet she

was under those panties. She reached down and stuck her hand into my underwear

and grabbed my cock. My little girl was grabbing my cock and the thought of this was

driving me crazy.

She kissed my lips and I let her tongue into my mouth. I payed her back in kind and our

tongues danced for what seemed hours but was probably a few minutes. The whole

time she continued to stroke my cock. She shifted her panties aside and rubbed the

tip of my cock on her pussy and whispered to me, "take my virginity daddy, I saved it

for you".

It took every bit of willpower I had left to not explode that moment. My cock entered her

and it was engulfed in her warmth. "fuck me daddy, please fuck me.". I am not sure

how long I held it (not long I'm sure) but I still remember my explosion. I felt my very life-

f***e draining into my little girl. It was the single greatest pleasure I ever felt.

My little angel lightly bit my bottom lip and we stayed like that for a moment before she

said, "That was amazing daddy".

From across the sauna I vaguely heard my boss say, "that was the hottest sex I've ever

seen. Did you hear her call him daddy.... That's kinky."

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That was really sum hard core sick shit I imagine every moment of it i had it like a movie in my was insane..great job I hope it's not real