Me Too?

I am NOT the simply sharing

A story of a young woman's acceptance into the sexual

As I arrived home from school that day, I knew something was going on. I could hear

the moans and groans and could almost detect the odor of sex wafting through the

house. It was not unusual for my mother and step-father, Don, to make love during the

day and I had actually grown accustomed to it. They had been married three years and

loved sex. I could hear them at night in their room as they made mad, passionate love

together. I could even smell it in the car after they’d been out the night before or came

home from a trip.

Once, on a long road trip to my grandmother's house, they thought I was asl**p in the

back seat although I was only napping. My mom always gets horny on a long car trip

and this trip had been no exception. Her head followed her hand into Don's lap as she

began to take his big dick deep into her mouth. I could hear her slurping as she rode

up on down on his throbbing meat. We hadn't passed many mile markers when I

sensed Don pushing back on the seat and the speed of the car increasing. Suddenly, I

heard him groan from way down deep inside as he shot his heavy load of cum deep

into Mom's mouth. She gulped as she swallowed every drop.

Actually, they had even let me watch a couple of times. It all began the night I walked

into the f****y room while they were watching a pornographic DVD. Don tried to switch

to regular TV, but he was too slow. I saw a man and woman fucking on the large-

screen HD TV. Don said, "Oh, what the hell. You're old enough to see this, I guess.

You've probably seem more than this in sex education class. Barbara, let's give her

some home-style sex education." I didn't realize until then that his pants were unzipped

and Mom had had his huge, hard dick in her hands, gently jacking it up and down.

I sat down in the easy chair trying to watch the movie and my parents at the same time

and got so horny that it became impossible to avoid rubbing my clit through my shorts.

As the action between Mom and Don became more energetic, Mom finally said,

"Jenny, for crying out loud, pull your pants down so you can rub your pussy. I know you

want to." And I did . . . want to, so down came my shorts. Mom and Don continued as if

I weren't even there. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I could feel the heat

building up inside me.

Don stripped Mom completely naked. He sucked her tits. He licked her pussy. He

sucked on her clit. He put his dick in her mouth, in her pussy, and rubbed it all over her

tits. He stretched her out on the couch and placed her head on the arm, pulling her until

her necked arched backwards and her mouth was pointing toward him as he

approached the couch from the end. Her throat was stretched straight, her mouth wide

open. This obviously wasn't the first time they had done this, because when Don stuck

his dick into her mouth and all the way down her throat, his balls hanging over her nose

and face, Mom never uttered a word of protest. In fact, she seemed to get even more

turned on by it.

He slowly began to rock his hips as his dick slid in and out through her pursed lips.

Mom was rubbing her clit with the tips of the fingers of one hand while she pinched her

nipples with the other. Her breath became more and more labored. I guess it’s not

easy to breathe with a big dick down your throat and somebody's balls lying on your


As Don's movements increased in speed, so did Mom's fingers . . . and mine. I was

rubbing my pussy as hard as I could. I could feel the pressure building way down deep

inside. My breath, too, was increasing. Suddenly, Don shouted, “HERE IT COMES!!”

as he shot his complete load down Mom's throat. Mom's moans became a loud

muffled noise as her orgasm hit her between the legs like a pile driver. My orgasm

was so powerful I shot pussy juice all over the chair.

From that night on, whenever I heard the sounds of love-making I would rush in to

watch. I was allowed to participate only by masturbating although Mom did put her

finger in my pussy once as I stood next to the couch while Don ate her pussy. That was

one of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever had. I was never allowed to touch Don's

dick nor did he ever try to touch me even though he loved to watch me rub my pussy.

Occasionally, he'd suggest we all three watch a porno movie and masturbate together

which we did a couple of times a month.

Sometimes in my room, I'd stick my finger in my pussy to try to imagine what it must be

like to have a dick in there, but I never felt as good as it appeared to feel to Mom when

Don was fucking her. I'd even suck my middle finger pretending it was Don's dick, but

that wasn't worth a damn, either. So most of the time, I just watched, rubbed my pussy,

hungering for the first time I'd feel someone's dick inside me and their cum washing

my soul.

Then came that day I referred to at the beginning of this story. As I took off my jacket

and put my school books down, I could hear Mom shouting, "Jenny, quick. Get in here

now." Her voice was coming from the dining room. As I rounded the doorway, there

was Mom, totally naked, sitting in the middle of the dining room table, her legs bent at

the knees and spread wide apart. She was leaning back, supported by her arms, with

Don's head plastered to her pussy! Don was naked, too. He was sitting on the front

three or four inches of his chair, leaning into Mom's pussy as though he were eating a

meal, which I suppose he was, his tongue busily licking her clit. His dick was sticking

straight out in front of him underneath the table and his balls were hanging down like

two bells hanging in the steeple of the courthouse.

When I got over my shock, I realized that Mom was shouting, “Suck his dick, Jenny,

suck his dick!” Although I’d never sucked anybody’s dick, I was ready to give it a shot. I

quickly slipped under the table and slid over to where Don’s dick stuck out like the

battering ram on an ancient Greek warship. I wrapped my small hand around it, but his

dick was so big around that I couldn’t even get it all in one hand. I felt an almost electric

shot go through his body as my cool hand touched the hot skin of his pecker.

As I brought my legs around in front of me so that I could sit flat on the floor facing

Don’s dick, I realized I still had all my clothes on. Things seemed to be going very well

above my head—Mom was moaning as Don ate her pussy and Don seemed pre-

occupied by his efforts, so I paused what I was doing long enough to get my panties

off. My pussy began breathing on its own as the cool air caressed it, pussy juice

leaking out to run down the crack of my ass. I pulled my skirt up to my waist and

inserted a finger as deeply into my pussy as possible while returning to my

ministrations on Don’s dick.

After being excluded from their sexual adventures for so long, it was hard to accept

that I was now an integral part of their love-making. As I took Don’s cock into my

mouth, I couldn’t believe how wide I had to spread my lips just to get them around the

head. Slowly, my jaw muscles began to relax and my mouth opened wider and wider,

and more and more of his cock slid inside. I tried to breathe through my nose as I had

seen Mom do. This helped a lot and I relaxed even further. Having never given head

before, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but I just moved my head backwards and

forwards, rocking gently on the huge cock in my mouth. I must have been doing

something right because I heard Don’s moans in unison with Mom’s as they both

received oral sex.

My fingers were busily rubbing and pinching my clit as I tried to catch up to their

passion. Don’s cock seemed to get even bigger in my mouth as my mother’s cries

became louder and more frantic. Don began to rock his hips so that his cock moved

deeper and deeper into and out of my mouth. Suddenly, Mom shouted, “Oh, my God.

I’m cumming, Don, I’m cummmmmming!!”

Don grunted deep down inside and I could feel his cock begin to throb. Suddenly my

mouth was filled with so much cum that it was running out the corners and dripping off

my chin. His cock was actually bouncing, almost lifting my head with each spasm. My

pussy exploded as it had never exploded before. My strength was sapped and I fell

backward. Don’s cock slipped from my mouth, but not my fingers as I gripped him

tightly to keep from falling. He moaned once again as even more cum shot out of his


We all just sat where we were. The sound of heavy breathing filled the room. I tried to

sort out what had just happened as I struggled to catch my breath, but finally I thought,

“What the fuck! I was just included in Mom and Don’s sex. Damn!” Mom slowly lowered

her legs as Don pushed back from the table. He reached under the table and took my

hand, pulling me up from the floor. He pulled my face down to his and kissed me gently

on the lips, Mom’s pussy juice mixing with the remnants of his cum on our lips. Mom

said, “Well, we didn’t plan for that to happen, but now that it has, welcome to the f****y.

From now on, whatever we do, you can do with us. It’s time you enjoyed our sex as

much as we do.”

That was the beginning, but it certainly wasn’t the end. I’ll write more later of some of

the wonderful, horny, sexy times we had together.

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Excellent work.. Looking forward to reading more hot stories.