Oh, No! Oh, Yes! - Part 2

Well, my s****r-in-law and I finally had a chance for some more fun when our families

got together again. We had seen each other one time after the events that took place

in the cabin (Part 1) but nothing happened due to the circumstance surrounding us.

We didn't want f***e the issue and end up getting into trouble. However a few weeks

back my wife told me that her s****r and husband along with the k**s were coming to

stay with us for the weekend.

I chatted with my wife's s****r on messenger while we were both at work a couple of

times about their upcoming visit (we only chatted during the day while we were both at

work. We promised never to do it on our home computers). They were short and

sweet, but we left off with her writing... "maybe we can play if it works out." The week

prior to them arriving my heart raced every day thinking about scenarios were I might

get to see and touch that sexy body of hers. Our agreement of no sex, still stood, but

whatever else happened, happened.

So they arrived on a Friday evening with the usual fanfare of small chit chat and hellos.

Our k**s ran off to other parts of the house to ransack through toys and do what k**s

do. Seeing my s****r in law instantly turned me on, knowing that we both discretely

explored each others body's as we stood there amongst our spouses. What a fun

weekend ahead!

The first night they were there came and went without any excitement due to the fact

we were never really alone and didn't want to f***e anything. After a few drinks later

that night, my wife and I went off to bed as did our guests.

I woke up early and walked into the kitchen where I saw my s****r-in-law and wife

having some coffee, chatting and reading the paper. The k**s were already up

watching cartoons in the living room. My b*****r in law was still asl**p. I poured myself

some coffee and stood next to my s*s-in-law as she stood leaning up against the

island in the kitchen. After a minute or two my wife left to check on the c***dren and I

was finally alone with her, even if it was only for a minute. Not wasting any time, I asked

her if she slept well as I gently placed my hand on her left ass cheek. She gave a huge

smile and said she slept great. Feeling her soft ass instantly got me going. I wish we

were alone, but I knew my wife was coming back any second. I removed my hand from

her ass and went back to my paper still standing right next to her. I then heard my wife

walk right by the kitchen, down the hallway into the rear bathroom, which I knew gave

me another minute or so to discretely do whatever I could. I placed my hand on the

lower back of my s****r-in-law and she didn't do anything but keep pretending to read

the paper. She slowly stuck out her butt with her elbows rested against the counter and

I took that as a go. I lowered my hand beneath her cotton pajama bottoms and felt her

slightly cold sexy bare ass cheeks. She continued reading as if nothing was

happening. My right hand rubbed and squeezed every part of her ass that I could. Still

listening to my wife in the bathroom, I placed by hand between her legs and let my

middle finger part her ass cheeks a little bit. I pushed by hand down deeper until I felt

the lips of her pussy on either side of my finger. Her legs parted slightly and with only

seconds to play I started fingering her. With my hand down the back of her pants, I

fingered her as much as I could until I thought we had to stop. I stared down at my hand

beneath her pajamas pressed against her ass and finger fucked her as much as I

could. I got deep enough in her pussy to really feel her getting wet. I knew I hit a spot

when she gave out a little gasp. She was just leaning over giving her ass and pussy to

me for as long as we could discretely get away with it. I heard the toilet flush and I gave

her pussy one last rub and squeeze as I removed my hand from her pants and went to

sit on the other side of the kitchen counter. I needed to sit for a moment until my hard

cock had a chance to go down.
So we managed a quick little morning play session without incident and we loved it.

Fast forward through a day of activities with the families and we were all back at the

house later that night. The k**s were in bed and the four of us were up playing some

games, talking and having some more drinks. Not assuming anything was going to

happen again, I stayed alert to any possible opportunity that might arise for us to be

alone. Even if it was only for a minute, sometimes those minutes were all that we

needed. This cat and mouse game was very exciting.

At the end of the long night after we all were basically falling asl**p on the couches,

we got up to stagger to our respective rooms. After a few minutes my wife plops down

in bed and is pretty much asl**p right away. I wait a few minutes and head back out to

the rest of the house to make sure everything is locked up and the lights are turned off.

As I'm doing this, I turn around to see my s****r-in-law in the kitchen smiling and doing

a silly little wave at me. I turned out the last light and walked over to her and she said

her husband is already snoring and she just came out to get some water. I tell her to

hold on and I walk quickly back to my room to do a quick check on my wife. She's out

like a light so I return nervously to the kitchen.

My s****r-in-law had just finished filling up her glass and she turns around right as I

step next to her. The next thing I felt was pure bliss. I felt her hand gently grab my cock

and balls on the outside of my boxers. She gave them a light squeeze and put down

her glass. It was dark but we could still see enough of each other through some

outside lighting. My s****r-in-law grabs the waist band of my boxers and drops them to

the ground. And just like that, she's on her knees placing my cock between her sexy

lips and tongue. It was very dark and everyone was asl**p, except for my wife's s****r

who was kneeling on the kitchen floor sucking my cock. I grabbed the back of her head

and guided it back and forth as my cock slid in and out of my s****r-in-law's mouth.

She rubbed, licked and sucked my rock hard cock for about another minute or two

before I grabbed her shoulders and motioned for her to stand up. She released my

cock from her mouth and stood up facing me. My hand instantly went down the front of

her pajama bottoms and found her pussy again. This time with my right and buried

between her legs, I lowered her pants with my other hand so I could see all of her. I now

was on my knees with her hip facing me. With one hand I fingered my s****r in laws

pussy and with my other hand I played with her ass enjoying every part of her I could all

at once. I kissed her soft round cheeks and pressed them firmly against my face. I

knew, as always, time was of the essence so I didn't want to leave any part of her ass

or pussy left untouched. I began rubbing the very top of her pussy in fast circles and

she became more aggressive in her movements. She then took over for me and

began rubbing her clit very fast. I inserted two fingers in my s****r-in-laws pussy as she

furiously tried to get herself off. I fingered fucked her slowly admiring this sexy woman

getting herself off in front of me. My left had squeezed and fingered her ass trying to

stimulate her in every possible way. Shortly thereafter, she bit her bottom lip and her

body quivered back and forth. I just kneeled there in front of her, my fingers still inside

of her and took it all in.

When she came down from her high a few moments later, she whispered for me to sit

on top the counter. I remember the cold granite pressed against my ass cheeks, but it

was a small sacrifice for what was about to come (no pun intended).

Like a woman possessed she grabbed my cock and began sucking and stroking as

fast as she could. It was nice to finally be able to really lay back and expose ourselves

to each other a little bit because in the past our little meetings were very brief and we

weren't able to let it all out. I had nothing on from the waist down and my s****r law had

full easy access to my cock. Looking down after a few minutes and seeing her naked

from the waist down, bobbing up and down on my cock was too much to handle. I

whispered that I was going to cum and she whispered back to cum in her mouth.

Holding the base of my cock, she placed it in her wet mouth again and began sucking

harder. Within a few seconds I was unloading stream after stream of cum down her

throat. My s****r-in-law sucked every drop down and licked me clean as I laid back on

my kitchen counter breathing heavily.

Wow. This all probably happened within the span of 10 minutes but considering our

past encounters it felt like an hour. I scooted down off the counter and we pulled up our

pants. She surprised me with a little kiss on the mouth and we headed off to our

separate beds. That's a night with my s****r-in-law I'll never forget!

We never got caught and the rest of weekend was great! I can't wait for the next f****y

get together!

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