Take my panties off

Sarah was nervously fidgeting in her seat, her warm brown eyes constantly shifting

back and forth between Mr. Wilson and the empty notebook on her desk.

Sarah was a lovely combination of pretty and adorable. Her petite frame stood at 5’3

when on her tippy-toes. Her lovely pale-skinned face was adorned with freckles. And

her long hair was a beautiful yet unusual shade of auburn.

“Your mom said that you need help studying for your college entrance exams; is that

right?” Mr. Wilson questioned.

“Well. . . I’m doing okay with the math stuff. It’s the critical reading section that’s

troubling me,” Sarah replied while looking up into Mr. Wilson’s sparkling green eyes.

“The first part of the critical reading section generally tests your vocabulary and

understanding of sentence structure by requiring that you select one or two words that

best complete a given sentence. I think a good exercise would be for me to give you a

difficult vocabulary word and its definition. And then, together, we can try to put these

words into sentences. How does that sound, Sarah?”

“Yeah. Okay. Whatever,” Sarah replied. She was not thrilled about spending her after-

school hours studying when instead she could be texting with her friends.

Mr. Wilson drew close to Sarah, “This will be fun. I promise you.”

Sarah felt a tiny shiver run through her body. She suddenly noticed that Mr. Wilson was

handsome for a man of his mature age. Maybe this lesson wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Mr. Wilson gave Sarah a handout with various vocabulary words and their definitions.

Pointing to the first word, he said, “Delectable. The meaning is delightful or delicious.

Can you think of a sentence with that word?”

Sarah shook her head from side to side.

“When the teacher saw his delectable new pupil for the first time, he leered at her,

making her feel uneasy yet excited.”

Sarah felt her cheeks turn pink. She looked down at her notebook and wrote: d-e-l-e-c


“Stop hiding in your notebook, Sarah. Look at my handout and read one of the words

and its definition. Then give me a sentence with that word. You can choose any word

on the list. You do not have to go in any specific order.”

“Brazen. Shameless and bold. The student was appalled at the brazen flirting of her

teacher.” Sarah wore a smirk of victory.

Mr. Wilson smiled at Sarah. Smart and feisty. He liked that.

“Succulent,” he declared. “Moist and juicy. One look at her succulent lips compromised

the firmness of his untested scruples.”

Sarah felt her insides grow warm from her arousal. She rose from her seat and walked

toward the teacher’s desk. She slowly ran her fingers through his gray-black hair and

brought his face close to hers.

“Acquiesce, ” she whispered into his ear. “To agree without protesting.” Sarah gently

clutched onto his right earlobe with her front teeth.

“Alacrity.” Mr. Wilson reached for the back of Sarah’s neck, drawing her closer to him.

His lips met hers in a passionate kiss. “Eagerness or speed,” he mouthed softly.

“When the teacher gestured for his student to kiss him, she responded with alacrity.”

Sarah parted her lips, allowing his tongue to penetrate the depths of her mouth. Their

tongues twirled in a tender embrace.

Mr. Wilson unbuttoned Sarah’s blouse and traced his fingers over the exposed part of

her breasts. He brought his lips down to her body, and ran his tongue along the valley

of her cleavage. Sarah helpfully unhooked her bra, and as she tossed it to the linoleum

floor, he glided his tongue over her erect pink nipples. Sarah moaned in delight as she

leaned against the teacher’s desk, falling onto Mr. Wilson’s papers.

“Engorged,” she chuckled. “Swollen or enlarged. As I removed my bra, I couldn’t help

but notice your engorged cock,” Sarah said as she pressed her hand against the giant

bulge in Mr. Wilson’s pants.

“Oh… you noticed.”

“How can I not. I’m not oblivious,” she said coyly, pointing to the word ‘oblivious’ on the


Mr. Wilson smiled, “I’m very impressed with you, Sarah. You deserve to be rewarded.”

He swept all the papers to the floor with one broad stroke of his forearm, while lifting

her petite frame onto his desk. Sarah leaned back, crooking her elbows for support,

as Mr. Wilson lifted up her pleated uniform skirt. Her pink cotton panties revealed a

large wet spot in the center. Mr. Wilson hooked his forefinger into the crotch of her

damp panties and pulled them to the side, uncovering her warm swollen pussy which

was lightly decorated with short reddish-brown curly hairs. Leaning his head forward,

he teased her puffy lips with his tongue. Sarah’s thighs spasmed around his neck.

“Mmmm. . . Take my panties off,” Sarah murmured.

Mr. Wilson slipped off the young woman’s panties while taking turns kissing each

thigh. He pressed down on her clitoris with his thumb, while nibbling on her protruding

inner lips. Sarah wrapped her slender legs around his head, powerfully holding him in


She began to pant rhythmically; her clitoris was swollen and on the verge of orgasm.

Mr. Wilson flicked his tongue on her bulging button, back and forth and up and down.

Sarah’s hips were shaking uncontrollably. He then took his thumb, already slick with

her secretions, and slid it into her exceptionally tight anal opening.

“Ooh,” Sarah moaned softly.

Mr. Wilson buried his face deeper into her pussy and sucked strongly on her enlarged

love pearl, enjoying the taste of her sweet nectar.

“Oh God. . . Aaaaaaaaah!” Sarah cried out. Her entire body was convulsing and her

toes began to twitch. Mr. Wilson dug his thumb deeper into her anus, feeling each

spasm of her orgasm on his finger.

“Zenith. The highest or culminating point. Her final thunderous moan evinced the zenith

of her orgasm,” he declared, pleased at her eruption. He removed his finger from her

tightness, and placed one final gentle kiss on her glistening mound.

“Enervated,” Sarah remembered that word from the sheet. “Despite feeling thoroughly

enervated, Sarah yearned to please her teacher,” she proclaimed as she hopped off

the desk and bent over the edge of it, arching her back, proudly displaying her pert

bottom and juicy opening.

Mr. Wilson unzipped his pants and stood right behind Sarah, admiring the delicious

sight before him. He entered her slowly and carefully, seeing as her pussy was still

throbbing and tender from her intense orgasm. Sarah’s moist insides gripped him

tightly; he had to push himself all the way in. Once within her, he began to thrust back

and forth, enjoying the sound of her moans once again. He drove into her deeper and

harder and faster. The old wooden desk wobbled beneath them.

“Oh, fuck yeah. . .” Sarah gasped.

Mr. Wilson grabbed onto Sarah’s round hips and penetrated her more deeply than

before. His thrusts became more measured and deliberate. And his cock twitched

inside her as it released several streams of milky cum. He put his hands onto her

shoulders, pulling her toward him as he climaxed inside her.

Sarah turned her head to the side and noticed the sheen of his golden wedding band.

Her conscience ached at the realization that she had just cavorted with her married


“That concludes today’s lesson. I hope to see you tomorrow for another hands-on

session,” Mr. Wilson announced as he zipped up his pants.

Sarah glanced at the handout for the last time and noticed one glaring word.

“Ignominious,” she whispered wistfully. Sarah grabbed her undergarments and ran

quickly from the room.

With that, their ignominious encounter came to an end.

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3 years ago
Good story. Find someplace better to publish.
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
wow. thats fucked up....great story, but sooo fucked up...