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She left to take a shower, and forgot to turn her webcam off.

Now, it was time for the big adventure
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We had been talking on webcam every day for months, and had become wonderful

friends. She is young, vibrant, and beautiful. I'm just an old retired guy. Her long dark

hair goes well past the middle of her back. Her large, doe eyes have the greenish cast

of being hazel in color and melt me whenever I see them. Her lips are just so luscious,

so delicious looking, wanting to be softly kissed. I had never seen her breasts, but

could tell they are the kind I love ..... guessing, I would think them to be a very nice B-

cup, or maybe a small C. I've noticed her nipples protruding under her shirt a few

times, and dream of seeing them hardening before me.

It was a rainy day where she lives. She loves the cloudy days, with a soft rain falling,

one of those days when you just want to cuddle up. Where I am, it's warm and sunny,

but not too warm. I too, love those cloudy days. We have, over the times, found that we

have very much in common.

But this day was different. After talking for several hours, she started fidgeting around,

and said she should be going. She said she needed to take a warm shower. I was

also fidgeting around as I always do when viewing her cam. She always makes my

heart melt into a big puddle! I told her to go on and take her shower and I would be

online if she wanted to talk more. I got up to get another cup of coffee and sat back at

my computer to do a little online work when I noticed something different. Her webcam

was still on, but she was nowhere to be seen. Had she forgotten to turn it off? I shut

down my cam to see what would happen. Hers was still on! I could see her dogs

walking around. Then I looked all around her room, from where her laptop was sitting.

Hmmmmm, it was pointed at her couch, which I really never noticed before, since she

was my object of view. I leaned back, sipping my hot coffee, and waited to see if she

was coming back to talk more.

I saw a little movement off to the side. I wish there was some way for me to move that

camera around to see more of her home. It looked nice and rustic, sort of like a cabin

up in the woods somewhere. There was more movement.... It was her! She had gotten

out of her shower and had a red robe on. Hmmmmm, I thought..... It's flowing, like it

wasn't tied shut. I know girls like to stay nude after showers sometimes. Did she also

like that? I sort of leaned closer to my screen, as if trying to get a closer look at her, at

my heart's desire. My thoughts were betraying me. I could feel the hardness growing in

my groin. I love that feeling!

There she is! And, her robe isn't tied shut! She's still too far away for me to get a clear

view. I stand and take my jeans off, kicking them across the floor. My boxers are next,

leaving me wearing just a tee shirt. She's just walking around now, paying no attention

to her computer at all. Hey, I don't think she realizes her cam is still on! I hope she

doesn't come over to shut it down!

She walks closer, with a can of coke in her hand, her favorite drink. She puts the can

down on the table at the end of the couch, and picks up a book. Maybe she's just

going to relax and read for a while. I turn my speakers up and noticed that I can also

hear her. She's humming some song that I don't recognize. I can also hear her dogs

walking around on the hardwood floors. I've noticed that not once did she look over at

her computer. I think she's forgotten about it being on. I'll sometimes put another

window over my cam, blocking it from view. Is this what she has done? I'll have to wait

and see. my cock has been growing harder at the sight of her, especially with that

open robe. I've been able to catch small glimpses of her small pert breasts. They look

absolutely beautiful, just like she does.

After walking around for another five minutes, she comes in and sits on the couch,

tossing the book on the floor. She takes a pillow and places it against the arm of the

couch and moves around, picking her legs up and leaning back on that pillow. Her

robe falls away and to the floor, leaving her bare on the one side. The way she's

leaning back gives me a full view of her right breast. So lovely! I want to run my hands

softly over that breast, feeling her nipple hardening. My cock grows even harder at the


She's leaning back. What was that? Did I hear a moan from her? I shut off my music to

hear more. The robe is off her right shoulder now, but still on her arm. She moves her

left arm, picking it up so the sleeve rides high. Her left hand goes down as she leans

up to pull the robe off her other leg. I see her slip that arm out of the robe, which will

leave her left side totally bare. My cock is raging now, begging for my touch. Oh, God!

How I wish it was her touch on me!

She's leaned back again. I watch and listen as her hand starts roaming over her belly,

then up to her breasts. She lightly rubs first one nipple, then the other, teasing them

into full hardness. They seem to jump up! I've never seen a woman with such

responsive nipples before. They are stunning! Her nipples are sort of a light pink in

color from what I can see. the aureoles look to be about the size of a quarter and the

same light pink in color. The contrast of her pure skin is intoxicating to me. I have to

pause and stroke my cock some, just to give a little satisfaction. Her right hand joins

the left at her breasts, as she has one in each hand, she's pinching and pulling those

hard nipples. I hear a deep moan coming from her now. Her eyes are closed. Her

head is tossed back.

I'm positive by now that she's forgotten all about that webcam. She's so intent on

pleasuring herself, and I certainly don't blame her! That's exactly what I'm doing myself.

I watch intently as both hands move all over her breasts, up and around her neck, to

her hair, and back down her belly. Those lovely long fingers brush her pubis, almost

entwining in her hair. My eyes are blued to the screen as she parts her legs. Those

lovely stilts that keep her supported and her cute butt off the ground. She moves her

hands up and down each leg, but just brushing her hair, going no further.

More moans are being emitted. She jerks her head up, those green eyes flashing and

widening. Her dark hair whips around as she shakes her head back and forth. Oh, no!

Don't let that hair cover her! Whew! She settles back and moves her hair around to her

back. A huge smile is on her face. A smile that would melt lead! I just know that if she

smiled at me that way, I would cum instantly! Her lips part and her tongue snakes out to

lick her lips, those beautiful lips, moaning even more and louder. Her hands are both

rubbing the insides of her thighs, where I long to have my tongue. I can tell she's found

her love button, her clit. The sounds of pleasure coming from her are unmistakable. It's

the sound of lust, of want, the sound of needing to release. She opens her legs wider

and wider as her hands find her wet pussy lips. Up and around they go, moving that

wetness all over her pubis and clit. She isn't slowing down now. Both hands, one on

each side of her clit, rub up and down in opposite directions. That button captured

between them. I can see as a finger of each hand disappears inside her hungry pussy.

Her juices must be flooding by now. I can see the shine on her as those fingers come

out and over her. One hand goes to her mouth, licking and tasting her honey, that

sweet woman nectar.

She moans even louder at the taste, sucking on that finger lick a cock, Working with

urgency, both hands go to her nipples to pinch and pull even harder. Don't hurt yourself,

my Little Darling! She's not going to do that, I can see the pleasure in her eyes, the

flaring of her nose, and the movement of her tongue on her lips, her fingers and hands

are so busy. She moves from breasts, to pussy, to mouth and back. She loves the

tastes of her nectar, as I know I would. She's even pausing to pinch and pull her hard

clit, causing her little butt to jerk off the couch as her legs stiffen. She's actually fucking

herself, finger fucking, those busy fingers teasing and pulling, nipples, clit, pussy lips, it

doesn't matter. She's driving for an ultimate end. She wants that orgasm. that delicious

cum that only a woman alone can get. No matter what! Not even a man can give those

pleasures. It's for her enjoyment and pleasure only.

My hand is so busy on my hard cock, the drops of pre-cum are flying around, and I

don't care. I've thought about turning my camera back on to let her see me, as I see

her. But I know that will only ruin what we have. What I'm seeing now will probably never

happen again. I'm getting so close, so very close to shooting my hot cum! I have to

slow down and wait for you, my Little Darling!

Her hands are moving so very fast. Mouth! Tits! Pussy! Clit! Back and forth! Up and

down, over and over and over they move. Her breath is coming in gasps! She's so

close! She pinches, she pulls, she shoves deep, and she shoves shallow. Yes! Yes!

Yes! I hear her say, "Oh, God! I'm coming!" Her hips are jerking wildly, fucking her

fingers and hand! My own hand is like striking lightening! Up and down my rock hard

shaft! I'm coming too....

I look to her eyes. They seem to be looking at me, yet not, they open and close with

each spasm. Her hips jerk and stop. It's a good one for her, and for me. Her

movements slow, she's coming down from a climax high. It will take her a few minutes

to get back to normal. Her moans are softening, almost to a purr. My own moans are

subsiding also. God, what a mess I've made! And look at you, my Little Darling, your

legs, your belly, your tits, your chin, your mouth. All glistening with those delicious juices

from your pussy! Oh, how I wish I could lick them off you!

I watch, my cock softening. She's just laying back now. Totally satisfied and content. I

thank you, Little Darling, for unknowingly sharing this precious scene with me, this

personal moment of your ultimate pleasures. I know we will never, ever share this with

each other. But then, maybe some day........

The end... (or is it?)


Little did I know I had an audience as my orgasm took me over. I didn't notice the

bright blue light on my laptop that signals the cam is still watching. After my shower, the

water from the shower just turned me on so much I had to take care of my little

"problem c***d."


"My Webcam" is a complete work of fiction, but the details that describe me are so

very true. Hope all enjoyed.

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