Tina and Daddy, a sequel....

am simply sharing here
My Daughter Tina......
I'm Tina, this is the continuing story of the relationship between my daddy and me...

I was laid on the bed by daddy after I seduced him and got him to take my virginity in

the bath tub. I and sucked him good, but didn't let him cum in my mouth. I wanted all

that hot cum in my once virgin pussy instead. Daddy was so gentle with me! I don't

think any other man could compare the way he treated me. He made me a woman!

I'm finally a woman!

* * * * * * *

After our bath, daddy carried me in his very strong arms and laid me gently on his bed.

Or, should I now say "our" bed. I love my daddy so very, very much! As soon as I lay

down, I grabbed his pillow in my arms, smelling his sweat and after shave. Lying on

my side, so I would be facing him, I pulled his pillow tightly against me. I was so very

contented and my eyes were heavy. I drifted off to sl**p, thinking about what had just

happened with daddy and me.

Dreams came.... they were all about daddy and me fucking, or him licking my hot

pussy, or I was sucking his hard cock and swallowing all of his hot cum. It was so

wonderful! All of my wildest dreams are coming true.

The next thing I remembered was waking up with a start. I moved my arm to where

daddy should have been, but felt nothing. Where's my daddy! Where's my lover! I

was all wound up in the sheets, fighting to be free. Daddy wasn't in bed with me. The

room was dark. "Daddy," I screamed! "Where are you, daddy?" I started crying and

sobbing heavily.

He came running out of the bathroom, sat on the bed and pulled me to him.

"There, there, baby... I'm right here. I'm just washing up and getting ready for work," he

said. "I've got to work today, Tina. The weather has cleared up and I have to be on the

job in about 2 hours."

"What time is it, daddy?" I asked.

"It's 4am," he said. I've got to be at work by 6 and it's an hours drive away. And you,

little one, have got to go to school today. None of this is going to change our daily

routine, you've got to be normal."

"I know, daddy, I just woke up and you weren't with me," I sobbed, clinging to him

tightly. "I got scared that you left me."

He handed me a tissue from the night stand and kissed the tears from my eyes. He

kissed my cheeks and nose, and finally my lips. His tongue brushed my lips, parting

them and snaking inside. My hungry tongue eagerly met his and fallowed it all over

and back into his mouth. I could feel my nipples hardening and there was a tingle in

my pussy. I pressed my tits to his hard chest, my breathing getting faster. I took his

hand and placed it right on my pussy as I opened my legs for him, hoping he would at

least finger me to a cum before leaving for work.

"I'm not leaving you, baby, I love you way too much," he said. "I overslept and really

need to get moving. We don't have time for any of this right now."

I looked hungrily into his eyes, knowing he wanted to stay with me, and for me to skip


"OK, daddy, I know. I have to keep all appearances of the way things have always

been and will do that. I know I can't expect you to be with me all of the time. And,

you're right, I do have school today. There's a test today and I'm going to ace it," I said.

"I know that, baby," he said. "You are one bright lady and can do anything and be

anything your heart desires. You certainly did prove that last night in the tub, huh? My

sexy little lover?"

I unwrapped myself from him, threw the sheets off my legs and stood, taking daddy's

hand and pulling him to stand. He's a full head over me. I got on my tippy-toes to kiss

him with my hungry lips. He leaned down and kissed me deeply, curling my toes. As

we Broke the kiss, he turned me around and gave me a sharp, sound slap on my bare


"Ow!" I said, smiling.

I walked over, my butt swinging at him, grabbed his robe and put it on, laughing at his

remarks as I headed downstairs to the kitchen. The coffee was just finishing in the

automatic pot. I grabbed so bacon, eggs, milk and butter from the 'fridge and started

breakfast. I was thinking, it's going to be a long day today. Daddy won't be home until

5 or a little later, and I've got that blasted test last period, in the afternoon. I got

everything cooking, including some nice whole-wheat toast. The bacon was just

finishing up and I was ready to start his eggs when he walked into the kitchen.

"Coffee, I demand coffee," he yelled with a laugh.

"Coming right up, my royal pain in the butt," I said, as I grabbed his cup and hot pot.

"And how does my royal daddy want his eggs this fine morning?"

"Hot and wet, just like your pussy is right now! Just make them over-easy, honey," he


I finished his eggs, putting them on the plate with some bacon, grabbed the hot

buttered toast and handed them to him.

"Thanks baby, looks good, as usual."

With that, daddy ate breakfast, grabbed another cup of hot coffee, and was headed

out the door to work. I was left all alone with my thoughts. My mind starts to wonder.

"What have you done now, Tina, what have you started! I know, I know, I said to

myself. It's what I've always wanted and dreamed about. To be my daddy's lover, and,

if possible, his wife. But I know I'll never be his wife. Lover, yes.... but wife.... NEVER! I

kept thinking about that. Daddy's wife! Mrs. Thomas Gatlin! It certainly does have a

nice sound to it. But, I know that can't ever happen... ever. What daddy and I did is

taboo, and probably against the law, but I don't care about that. I just care about

daddy. Why do things like love have to be so fucking complicated! Why can't they just

be? I know, I know... they just are."

I cleaned up the breakfast dishes and kitchen, then slowly walked upstairs to my room.

As I opened my bedroom door, I looked around. This is where I grew up. Last night I

walked out, closing the door and went to daddy's bathroom. I left here just a girl. Now

I'm walking back in a woman. I turned and walked to our bedroom and took a leisurely

bath in "our" tub, shaving my long legs, pussy and butt. When I was done, I walked

naked back to my room to get ready for school.

* * * * * *

School is out and I hurried home. I ran to my room to call Sally, my best friend, to see if

she had any plans for the weekend. Sally has been my best friend since grade school.

We are only days apart in age, me being older. We have always been very close and

open with each other, doing everything together. And, YES! For all you perverts out

there, we do play around with each other. We always tell each other our deepest

secrets too. But now I have a secret I can't, or shouldn't tell her. How can I explain to

her that I'm fucking daddy? How can I explain the love I have for him?. Sally got on the

phone and said she didn't have any plans, so I told her to come over in the morning on

Saturday. We could lay out around the pool and work on our tans. Later, I know daddy

will want to BBQ some steaks. The pool is nice and clean and heated. And there is

always the jacuzzi to sit in. She and I always wear the skimpiest bikini's we can find

around daddy. I know he loves to watch us and I know he gets hard looking. I have

always thought that he would love to fuck Sally. She's almost my double, but with 36-D

tits and rosy, puffy nipples. Daddy has caught us skinny-dipping more than once!

Both of us have noticed him getting hard when we were acting silly and bouncing all

over the place.

After talking with Sally, I changed from my school clothes to some Levi shorts and a

white tank top, with no bra or panties. I was kicking back on my bed, just thinking,

when I heard daddy's truck pull up into the drive. I jumped up, running down the stairs,

just as daddy was closing the door.

"Daddy," I screamed as I ran to him. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I gave him a

quick kiss. "I love you so much daddy!"

He wrapped his arms around me, picking me up off the floor, kissing me back. He

then set me down and took off his jacket, before picking me back up and cradling me

in his arms and carrying me to our bedroom. He tossed me onto the bed, looking at

me with pure lust in his eyes as he started undressing. After removing his shirt and

tossing it aside, he stopped, looking at me laying on the bed.

"Damn, Tina, I've been thinking about you all day. All about what has happened. And

what's going to happen. There are many things. Most of all, nobody.... and I do mean

nobody.... can ever know about this. If anybody did, I'd end up in prison, or worse. I

don't even want you telling Sally! I know you and her are best friends and tell

everything to each other, but you can't about this. If I even think you have, it's over

with... done... finished! You and I can not take any chances of anybody finding out.

Everything has to have the appearance as it always has been. You will keep your

room as it is and all of your clothing there. You can sl**p with me, bathe with me, and

do anything you want with me; just as long as there is nobody around that can see or

hear us, is that clear? I'm in love with you, baby. Just like any normal man loves a


"Yes daddy," I replied. "I know what I have to do. I've been planning on this for a very

long time. Daddy, I've invited Sally over Saturday, is that OK? It will just be like any

other time she comes over. I know you like her and she'll be wearing that skimpy little

bikini you love so much. I know you love it and it always makes your cock hard. I'll be

your good little girl and not go grabbing you and sucking your hard cock deep."

I was giggling and starting to laugh hard when he jumped onto the bed, grabbed me

and rolled me onto his lap. My butt was on top of his legs. He gave me a couple little

slaps on my butt.

"You little brat!" He said laughing. "You know what that sexy little thing does to me.

Do you and her have something planned that I should know about?"

I was squirming around and finally got off his legs. I pushed daddy onto his back and

got on top of him. My pussy right over his hardening cock.

"Lets finish undressing and you can fuck me. I promise, we don't have anything

planned, at least not between us anyway. I can't speak for Sally, you know how she is.

I do know that she wouldn't mind you fucking her. You do know she's still a virgin, don't

you? In spite of the way she acts sometimes, she's been saving herself. She's told

me before she would love to have you take her cherry and fuck her hard." I said


Both of us finished stripping off everything, tossing them into a pile on the floor. I laid

back on the bed, naked. Naked for my lover, naked for my daddy. There was a sexy

smile on his handsome face. Nothing is said, nothing needs to be said. I reach over

and take hold of his hardening cock. I want to feel him grow hard. He lays beside me

on his back. I get up over him, still holding his cock and immediately take him deep

into my hungry mouth. I suck as hard as I can and take him until he's against the back

of my throat. I feel his cock getting longer and bigger around. My lips are swelling with

him. I start moving my head up and down his shaft, until his mushroom head is just

starting to leave my lips before plunging my head back down on him. I gag slightly, but

fight it off as I f***e him into my waiting throat. Both of his hands are on my head, his

fingers digging into my hair. I keep him there, tears coming out of my eyes as I look at

him. I pull back and then down again, faster and faster, as deep as I can get him.

"Oh, my god, Tina! That feels so fucking good," he says. "Where in the world did you

learn to do that?"

"I've been sneaking your porn video's for years, daddy." I told him. "I know they are all

fake and stuff, but it's something I want to do with you. I don't care what it is, daddy, if

you want to do it, I want it too. There is nothing I won't do with you. If you want to tit-fuck

me, fuck my butt, anything at all. I know my butt will hurt and hurt bad, but I know you will

be nice and gentle with me and the hurt will go away, just like it did when you fucked

me that first time and took my virginity."

I go back to sucking his cock deep. I want his cum. I want his cum to shoot deep into

my throat! Daddy's moaning and pulling my hair. Almost thrusting he cock into my

mouth. I got between his legs so he can face fuck me. I want him to use me. I pull off


"Face fuck me daddy. Use my face like it's my pussy. Pound your hard cock as hard

and deep as you can!" I told him.

He grabbed my face on both sides and started thrusting harder and harder. I took his

balls into my hands, squeezing them softly. He's sort of growling and fucking my face.

Tears are streaming. I can feel his balls swelling, getting ready to empty their hot

contents into my throat. I tighten my lips around his shaft, I've got to make him cum!

"Here you go baby, I'm ready to cum, keep sucking hard!" He yells to me.

I suck hard as his cock goes into my throat. I feel him tighten up and his cock jerks. I

start humming, hoping the vibrations send him over the edge.

"I'm cumming, baby, I'm cumming! He says.

I feel the first stream of cum hit the back of my throat as I'm going down and swallow

greedily, savoring the taste and texture. My pussy if flooding and pulsing in time with

his thrusts, as I feel myself cumming with him. I suck harder and harder as more cum

empties from him. I swallow everything, most of it shooting straight down my throat. I'm

bucking all around as my cum hits hard. I can't say anything with his cock in my mouth,

I don't need to. I'm moaning deeply on him. It makes him cum even harder and more.

I continue to suck and suck, every drop of cum I can get, until he's empty. I'm

swallowing and savoring every drop.

"Mmmmmmmmm, that's so tasty, daddy!" I say to him.

"Good God, Tina! I've never had a woman suck me like that!" He replied.

"Did you like it?" I said, licking my lips. "That was my first time, and it's not going to

be the last. Lots of boys at school keep wanting to get into my pants, or have me jerk

or suck them off. But I don't do any of those things. I have a "rep" as being a bitchy

cock tease! But I don't care."

Daddy smiled as he pulled me up and we laid up on the bed. I moved to the center

and stayed on my back, opening my legs for him. My pussy is flooding. I can feel the

juices running down to my butt. He looks into my eyes as his hands start roaming all

over my tits. I jump slightly as his rugged hands lightly flow over my sensitive nipples.

His hands wrap each tit and squeeze. He takes a nipple between his fingers, rolling

and pulling on them. I take a deep breath and slowly let it out, sending a chill from the

top of my head to the bottom of my feet, my toes curling. He leans down, taking a hard

nipple between his lips as his hands work down my body. I'm in total anticipation,

waiting..... wanting. Daddy sucks each nipple until I'm ready to scream. I can feel a

cum starting to build. More and more as he's sucking my nipples. He doesn't touch my

wet pussy or clit, just runs his hands up and down my body. He sucks harder and

harder, his tongue lashing my hard tips. I start jerking my hips as a big cum hits me.

Over, and over, and over I explode... Until I'm totally out of breath. I'm totally surprised

that I can cum without touching my clit or pussy. Suddenly he stops, and looks deep

into my eyes.

"Tina, I want to fuck you so very much, and fill your pussy with my hot seed. But I know

you're not on any type of birth control, and I don't have any condoms, yet. We took a

very big chance last night when I took your virginity. It's possible that you could get

pregnant just from that. Now we will have to see if you have your period." He tells me.

"Daddy," I say, "Haven't you heard of the "morning after" pill? It stops unwanted

pregnancies when taken the next day, and I took one this morning. Sally got some

from her big s****r who's away at college, she gave me some in case I wanted to fuck

some of the boys at school. She can get more if I want them. And, I wouldn't mind

waiting if you want to go get a big, big box of condoms for us to use until I can get on

the pill."

When he heard that, he just smiled and got between my legs. His cock felt huge as he

started into my sopping wet pussy. It hurt just a little as the head slipped inside, but he

stopped for me to get used to it. After a few minutes, he was all the way inside and

stroking in and out slowly. I could feel his cock hitting against my cervix. He started

speeding up.

"I'm almost there, daddy! Please do something for me," I said. "I want you to fuck me

hard and fast, just like I've heard you doing with mommy before she left. I know you

love doing that. Will you do that for me daddy? Will you fuck your daughter and lover

so hard and fast that I scream like mommy did?"

As he heard me saying that, he started thrusting harder and harder. His balls were

slapping my butt so hard it was stinging. He was going so deep his cock was

ramming against my cervix. If I didn't know any better, I would swear he was actually

inside my womb.

"Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder, daddy!" I screamed at him! I want you to make me

feel your fucking me in every bone in my body!"

His fingers were digging into my sides as he pulled me hard against his drives. It

wasn't long before we both erupted like volcano's.... cumming at the same time.

"I'm there, fuck.... I'm there!" I yelled.

"Yes, baby, me too!" He said as I felt his cum shooting into me.

We were both rocked with an amazing cum, and were mumbling something not

understandable, just mumbling. I could feel each shot of his cum splashing into me. I

was like a wild horse, trying to buck (or is it fuck) him off me.....

"Oh, my, Tina! That was the most amazing cum I've had," he says to me as he leans

down to kiss me gently.

Daddy rolled off onto the bed, and sprawled out. He looked worn out, like he was rode

hard and put away wet! I was so totally exhausted, I could barely move. I got slowly

onto my side, looking at my love and lover. I love my daddy so very much! I snuggled

against his slumbering body, laying my head on his shoulder and my arm across his

chest. We were both drifting off to snooze. He, because he had worked hard all day

and then fucked his daughter so very hard; and me, because I was so totally satisfied

and happy........

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Well done...
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excellent can you find part 1, 3...??
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That was great. Can't wait for the rest.
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Great story, please, we need more
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