f****y Night

Note: ——I am NOT the author!,am simply sharing

A true story of a wholesome evening of quality

time with the f****y.
I was curled up on the sofa that evening, not really paying attention to the TV. It was

one of those rare moments of perfect contentment that was about to get even more



“Yes, Evan.”

“Is it okay if I play with your pussy?”

My son’s words sent a little tingle through me. I looked down at the other end of the

sofa where he was sitting. He was looking back at me with a hopeful expression and

an irresistible grin.

“We shouldn’t. Your s****r is going to be home soon.”

“The movie doesn’t get out till 9:30,” he argued. “She won’t be home for at least an


“I don’t know…”

“Just for a little while. Please, Mom?”

That plaintive tone in his voice reminded me of when he was little and wanted his

favorite toy.

“You’ll have to ask your father.”

“Dad, can I?”

Don was stretched out on his easy chair watching one of those cop shows he can’t

seem to get enough of. He looked over at Evan with a knowing smirk.

“Don’t mind me,” he answered.

There was never any doubt that I was going to give my son what he wanted, but I still

liked to play my games just to make things more fun.

“Did you finish your homework? Just because it’s your senior year doesn’t mean you

can slack off, you know.”

“I know,” he insisted. “I got it all done already.”

“Okay then,” I conceded with mock reluctance. “Just for a little while, though.”

I put aside my puzzle book and undid my jeans. Evan had already scooted over and

was pulling at the legs of my pants. In no time he had them off. I hooked my thumbs

under the waistband of my panties.

“Do you want these on or off?”

“Off,” he quickly replied. “Please.”

I took my panties off, turned and lay back with my head on the armrest. My one foot

was on the floor, with the other up on the sofa. I opened my legs to my boy and he

eagerly settled in between them.

“Wow, Mom, looks like you haven’t been shaving lately.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I do, but I know Dad likes it when you shave it all off.”

“Your Mom’s expecting a cold winter,” my husband chimed in. “She needs to keep the

f****y jewels warm.”

“Hush up over there,” I teased. “Your show’s back on.” Don gave me a wink and turned

back to his cops and robbers.

Evan rested his head on my thigh and combed his fingers through my thick tuft of

pussy hair. He fluffed it, and twirled it, and gently plucked at it. The tickly sensation his

unhurried play spread a satisfyingly warm sensation all over my body.

My son’s fingers drifted down along the sides of my pussy. After a few soft strokes, he

began meticulously parting the hair there to reveal my slit. He traced one finger

delicately along its length.

I could feel that familiar ache now in my pussy. Only one thing could completely satisfy

that ache, and that was a big cock stretching my hole as it slammed into me good and


But I knew enough to just relax and enjoy the pleasure my sweet son was giving me at

the moment.

“Mmm, that feels nice, sweetie,” I said.

He just looked up at me and smiled. Evan moved his face in close, burying his nose in

my now puffed out patch of pubic hair. He breathed deeply.

“I love your smell, Mom. I can never get enough of it.”

It had been a busy day for me, and I’d been running around in those tight jeans through

it all. I’d showered that morning, but by now I certainly wasn’t entirely ‘fresh’ down there.

It gave me a peculiar loving feeling knowing that my boy was so captivated by my

natural scent.

Evan backed his face away after lingering for a few more moments. He put his thumbs

gently to either side of my pussy and slowly parted my outer lips. His wide eyes

danced over the womanly delights that were now revealed to him. My already stiff clit,

the curly waves of my pink inner lips, and my increasingly wet hole were on full display

to my loving son.

He dabbed a finger at the opening of my vagina, gathering a small amount of the slick

fluid leaking from me, then glided that finger up between my swelling lips. Evan came

tantalizingly close to my clit, but denied me the touch I was craving for. He really knew

how to torture me.

“You have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen, Mom.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. I love the way you play with me.”

“I had a great teacher,” he said with a wink. He was so much like his father.

He ran his finger along the ridges of my inner lips a few more times then returned to

my vagina. His finger teased at the opening, swirling in small circles around the

perimeter. I wanted him to plunge into me, but he knew better by now. Evan eased the

tip in by the barest margin and I was unable to contain a moan of pleasure.

My son slipped his finger further inside me. It was maybe no more than an inch, but it

was enough to cause the muscles of my pussy to tighten with an involuntary reflex

intended to draw him deeper within me.

With excruciating slowness, Evan penetrated me a little more, then withdrew just a bit.

Then he pushed a little deeper. Then pulled back. I wanted so badly to just thrust

myself down onto his finger and feel it all the way inside me.

“Oh, sweetie, your finger feels so good in my pussy.”

“It’s amazing how wet you are right now.”

I could tell he was right. The scenario that was playing out this evening was turning me

on like crazy. I’d been fooling around with Evan for a couple of years, but I still got a

perversely heightened thrill out of having such an casually open sexual relationship with

my own son. The fact that we could just lie here in the f****y room, and he could finger

me in front of his father like this was pure bliss.

A movement caught my eye, and I looked over toward my husband. He had his cock

out and was watching his son playing with my pussy. He quietly stroked his erection,

no longer paying attention to his show, but not wanting to intrude on what was going on

between me and Evan. That just made it all the more exciting for me.

He noticed that I was watching him jerk off to us, and favored me with a wicked smile. I

returned the smile, and pulled my shirt up so he could get a view of my tits as well. I

began playing with my nipples and turned my attention back to what Even was doing

between my legs.

Finally, my boy’s finger reached as deep as it could go and he pulled it out with a slow

twirling motion. Thankfully, he added a second finger for the next thrust, and pushed

them both all the way into me. This was getting so good.

“Oh, Evan,” I groaned as I twisted my nipples between my fingers. “You really like to

play with your Mom’s cunt, don’t you?”

“Mmm, I love it when you say that word.”

“Does it turn you on to hear your mom say the word ‘cunt’?”

“Yes.” He began pumping his fingers in and out of me.

“Does it make your cock hard when I talk dirty while you finger my cunt?”

“Do you want me to make you cum, Mom?”

“Oh God, yes,” I begged him. “I want you to make me cum so bad.”

He increased the pace, jamming his fingers in and out of my pussy and hitting just the

right spot with each thrust. My hips were bucking against him, and I was pulling hard on

both my nipples.

I looked over at Don to see that he was working his fist up and down his long, hard

cock faster now. Evan glanced up and noticed his father masturbating as he watched


“Are you and Dad going to fuck tonight?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I told him breathlessly. “Your Dad is going to ram his hard cock in my pussy

later. He’s going to fuck my cunt so hard until I cum!”

Evan was finger fucking me good and fast. I could feel my orgasm gradually building.

But then Evan leaned forward and slid his tongue across my throbbing clit. This kicked

everything into high gear and suddenly my orgasm was upon me.

He sucked my clit between his lips while he continued to thrust into me. I no longer had

control over my body, as my back arched and I pressed my pussy hard against my

son’s face. Every nerve in my body fired in turn, like a string of firecrackers, and I

heard myself crying out in screaming ecstasy.

Amidst my own thrashing, I was vaguely aware that my husband was also cumming.

He let out a barely suppressed grunt and I could see a thick spurt of semen shoot out

all over the front of his shirt.

I collapsed back onto the couch, my head spinning. The room was quiet except for the

drone of the TV and my heavy breathing. After a minute Evan stirred. He slowly

withdrew his fingers, leaving me feeling disappointingly empty down there.

I watched as he sucked my juices from his fingers, then pulled down his pants and

uncovered his hard young cock. He didn’t have to ask, I knew what he wanted.

I lifted my knees toward my chest and reached down between my legs. I spread my

pussy open for him, holding it wide so he could look at while he stroked himself. His

eyes focused on my cunt as his father and I watched our son jerk off over me.

I was mesmerized by the steady pumping of his hand on his cock. The way his arm

moved, the flex of his hard young abs, and the rapturous look on his handsome face

were just so excruciatingly sexy to me.

It wasn’t half a minute before he groaned and thrust his cock toward me. Several

ribbons of pearly cum jetted out of his penis and hit my open pussy, coating it entirely

with his warm release. No matter how many times he’s cum on me like that, I still

treasured the uniquely special sensation it gave me.

He fell back onto the sofa with a huge sigh of satisfaction.

I languidly tickled my fingers over my tummy as I surveyed the scene around me. My

husband was lying back with his eyes closed, the hardness of his cock slowly waning.

My son was at the other end of the sofa, his cock still rock hard with a spot of spent

cum shining wetly at the tip. As for myself, I was splayed out, legs open wide, tits out,

just enjoying the feeling of Evan’s thinning load seeping along the folds of my pussy

down toward my ass.

That’s when we all heard the sound of a car pulling up outside.

“Katie’s home early!” I screamed in a sudden panic.

My husband quickly tucked himself away and folded his hands over the big wet spot on

his shirt. Evan yanked his pants up and sat so his bulge wouldn’t be obvious. I didn’t

know whether to run for cover or get dressed. I jumped up and tried to do both. I pulled

my jeans up over my cum-soaked crotch just as I heard the front door open and I

quickly dropped back down on the sofa.

“I’m home!” Katie announced to the house and I heard her heading for the f****y room.

We all tried to adopt a nonchalant attitude. Just as she appeared at the door I noticed

my panties on the cushion next to me and quickly tucked them behind my back before

she noticed.

“Hi, honey,” I greeted her, trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Sitting around watching TV on a Saturday night?” She shook her head pityingly. “You

guys are so boring.”

With that she gave us all one of her patented eye rolls and headed upstairs. We were

barely able to contain ourselves until we heard her bedroom door shut--then we all

burst out laughing at once.

Another wholesome night of quality time with the f****y.

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A perfect night
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you should bring her into the fun
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Great story!