Anne’s back arched as she came down on her husband. She hissed “Yesss…,” as her

orgasm hit.

Ray looked at his wife, his hands holding onto her hips as he thrust higher, releasing

his hot cum into her womb. His cock spasmed and squirted, filling her until he felt it

seep out of her pussy and run down his balls.

Anne collapsed, exhausted, onto her husband’s chest, still trembling from her orgasm.

She nestled her face into his neck, keeping him inside her.

She whispered, “I love you, Ray. Who would have thought, all those years ago...?”

Ray smiled as he stroked Anne’s back and held her tightly. He thought back to their

first meeting. It was homecoming, their senior year at UCLA. She seemed to take an

instant dislike to him, but by the end of the evening they were locked in each other’s

arms. They were never apart after that.

Now, twelve years later, Anne was still as beautiful as she was in college. Her dark

hair hung to her shoulders in soft waves. After the birth of their daughters, her breasts

were still round, full, and perky, her stomach was fairly flat, and her butt and hips, nicely

rounded. Her brown eyes, framed with long black eyelashes, sparkled each time she

looked at him.

They were a striking couple. Anne, with her Chilean bl**d, and Ray with his Philippine

background. He was the tallest in his f****y at five feet, nine inches, almond-shaped

brown eyes, slight of build with short black hair. When their daughters grew up, he

hoped they would have the best attributes of both.

Anne rolled off Ray and curled up against his side, on the rug in front of the fireplace. It

had been a wonderful evening. The twins, Marie and Christine, were at Ray’s parents'

house. Anne and Ray had gone out for a quiet dinner, then came home and made love

under the lights of the Christmas tree. It was, by far, their favorite time of year. There

was a fresh covering of snow outside that gave their home a magical look.

They were startled by the ringing of the telephone, on the table above their heads.

“Let the machine get it,” said Ray.

“But what if it’s about the k**s?”

“We’re right here and we’ll hear the message. Please don’t worry,” he whispered, and

covered her mouth with his.

“Ray? Anne? Hi, it’s just me. I was feeling a little lonely, but I guess you’re out. Hope

the girls are good. I miss you guys. I miss Carla, too. Oh well… guess we’ll talk soon…

well, bye.”

The call was over and the room was quiet, except for the sound of Anne’s soft sobs.

“Shhhh, baby. Come on, now. I know, I know…. I miss her, too.”

Anne’s twin s****r, Carla, and her unborn baby had been killed by a d***k driver four

months ago. Ann knew the moment it happened. Ray saw his wife double over in pain,

then nothing. But she knew. All she could say was Carla’s name, over and over again.

It had been instantaneous, so she didn’t suffer. No, that was left to her husband, Noel.

His legs had been crushed, and his left arm broken. He was in a c*** for two weeks,

and his wife was buried without him even knowing she was gone. When he regained

consciousness, Ray and Anne volunteered to break the news to him. The three held

each other and cried, until there were no more tears. Now, Noel was all alone. Carla

and their baby had been his only f****y.

Noel sounded so forlorn on the phone, when Ray had calmed his wife and sent her off

to clean up; he picked up the phone and dialed. At first he didn’t think Noel would

answer. After five rings, he finally heard the phone pick up and a very quiet answer.


“Noel, its Ray. Hey man, Anne and I just got back from dinner. You okay? I mean really.

Are you okay?”

Ray could hear Noel’s deep breaths. There were no words, only crying.

Finally, Noel said, “I miss her so damn much, Ray. What am I going to do without her?”

The words came out in gulps. “I just don’t think I can do this anymore.”

Fear raced through Ray’s mind. “Look Noel, Anne and I were going to call you

tomorrow. Do you think you could come here for a few weeks? We’ve got the fold-out

couch in the study and there’s a small bath down here, so you wouldn’t have to worry

about the stairs. The girls miss their Uncle Noel, and it would be a good thing for all of

us. No… no, it’s no bother. We want you here. We need you here.”

Anne stood in the doorway, listening to her husband. His voice was steady, but she

could see tears forming in his eyes.

“Yeah? Good, okay. Call us tomorrow with your flight information so we can meet you.

Don’t worry, okay? We’re going to get through this. Yeah. Sure. Hey, I love you, man.

Uh huh… bye.”

Fresh from her shower, wrapped in a terry cloth robe, Anne crossed to her husband

when he hung up the phone. Ray pulled her onto his lap and they held each other


“I can’t imagine ever losing you or the girls,” he said in a hushed tone. “Anne, I was

really afraid he might do something. He sounded that desperate. So alone. I know I

should have checked with you, but….”

Anne held her finger to his lips to silence his words. “Shhhh, honey, its fine. You did

exactly right by asking him here. We’re all he has now. He was my s****r’s husband,

my b*****r-in-law, the twins’ uncle. He’s f****y and nothing will ever change that. Thank

you, thank you for being so thoughtful,” she said as she kissed his lips.

The couple sat by the firelight, under the glow of the Christmas tree, each silently

offering up a prayer that Noel would find peace.

They heard the beep, beep, beep of the airport cart, getting closer to the waiting area.

Noel looked embarrassed holding onto his crutches, with his leg propped over the

front of the cart. Except for the full leg cast, he looked well. Marie and Christine jumped

up with excitement when he got off the cart, steadied himself, and walked through the

glass doors. Anne and Ray tried to stop them, but it was too late. The girls took off

towards their uncle, almost knocking him over. The six year olds chattered like little

birds, each vying for Uncle Noel’s undivided attention.

Ray and Noel swapped a “man-hug”, looking at each other, knowing words weren’t

needed. When Anne stepped forward to greet her b*****r-in-law, Noel’s heart skipped

a beat. God, he thought, she looks exactly like Carla. It was almost painful to hold her,

but he also didn’t want to let her go. She stayed in his arms until he backed away with

a light brush of his lips across hers. He looked into her eyes, seeing his wife looking

back at him, for just a moment. Noel gently swept her soft hair away from her face, and

then pulled back.

It was awkward, but they finally got Noel and his bags into the van. The ride to Anne

and Ray’s house was filled with the noise of excited girls. Noel couldn’t help but smile

at them; identical, but different. He occasionally looked at Anne, so much like Carla,

but different. He assumed her softness came from being a mom, something Carla was

looking forward to with great enthusiasm. Now, well now there was nothing any more.

Ray and Anne’s 1800’s stone house looked like something off a Christmas card. An

evergreen wreath hung on each window and an electric candle glowed from inside

them. The group carefully made their way up the sidewalk that now had a light covering

of snow. The large wreath on the front door was decorated with red berries and a

bright red bow. It smelled of the rich scent of balsam.

The only thing missing from Anne and Ray’s home, to make the picture complete, was

a big dog lying by the Christmas tree. Their home was warm and inviting, like walking

into a hug.

They bundled up the girls and sent them outside to play, so they could get Noel settled.

He was embarrassed at how much his s****r-in-law fussed over him.

“I emptied the drawers in the entertainment armoire, and I made room in the hallway

closet for hanging your clothes. The cabinet in the bathroom is empty and there are

plenty of towels there and clean sheets on the sofa bed. Can I help you unpack?”

asked Anne, while she flitted about.

“Anne, really, you’ve done enough. I can get this. I’m really pretty self-sufficient, even

with the big cast. The only thing is keeping the cast as dry as possible.”

Anne realized she was going to have to be careful, or she’d end up smothering Noel.

“Take your lead from him,” she thought.

“Okay, I’ll let you alone and head into the kitchen.” She looked at Noel and couldn’t

resist the urge. She walked to him, reached up and put her arms around him. “I love

you and we’ll always be here for you. We’re f****y.”

She let go of him and hastily left the room, so he wouldn’t see her tears.

Ray turned to Noel, after closing the door behind his wife.

“What can I do, Noel? I’m not real good at this, but you know whatever you need, you

got it.”

Noel looked around the study; honey colored wood-paneled walls, a stone fireplace,

miniature Christmas tree on the table, and big over-stuffed furniture. It felt like home –

no, better – because he wasn’t alone.

“I’m good. I’ll put my stuff away and be with you guys in a bit.”

Ray nodded and reached for the doorknob.

“Ray? Thanks. I mean that. You guys saved my life, asking me here,” Noel said and

dropped his head. “I, uh… I wasn’t doing real well. After talking with you, I called my

grief counselor and talked it out. I should have been doing that, but I had stopped


Noel’s voice cracked. “I miss her so much. Damn it! I’m so god-damned lonely. She’s

all I had.” His shoulders shook as the tears rolled down his cheeks. “I really need you


Ray moved to Noel’s side and held him. Together, they cried. Ray could only try to

understand Noel’s pain. He knew one thing – he was not letting him go back until he

was sure Noel was okay. Ray meant what he had said – anything he needed. He’d

give Noel his right arm, if he had to.

After dinner that night, Anne thought the girls were being surprisingly quiet; too quiet.

She checked upstairs, the living room, the basement, but couldn’t find them. Ray was

shoveling the sidewalk, maybe they went out with him.

As she walked to the front door, she glanced in the study. Sitting on the sofa, little six

year old bookends on either side of him, was Noel. The girls sat absolutely still as he

read to them.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

Applause and screeching broke the quiet.

“Read it again, please Uncle Noel?”

“No! I want Polar Express.”

Anne interrupted them, “Okay girls, that’s it. One story a night is enough. Get your

jammies and head to the bathroom. Brush your teeth before your bath.”

The girls said goodnight and went upstairs, with the promise that Uncle Noel would eat

breakfast with them, before school. After the twins were tucked in their beds, the three

adults gathered in the living room. Ray had a crackling fire burning when Anne

returned with a tray of coffee. The soft sounds of Kenny G’s Holiday Collection played

in the background.

“Tell me what you want to do tomorrow,” Anne said to Noel. “I’ve taken off the next

three weeks, so my van is at your disposal.”

“I suppose I should get the girls some Christmas gifts. Actually, I need to get gifts for


“I can do that for you, if you like,” Anne offered.

“No, no. I’d really like to do this myself, but if you could help me, I’d appreciate it. I

wouldn’t know where to begin with buttons and bows, and such.”

“I’ll take you to a small shop in the village. I think the mall would be a little much for your

crutches. And, if you’re good, I’ll let you buy me lunch.”

They stayed up chatting for a couple of hours, before settling down to sl**p.

Anne wasn’t sure what woke her that night. She grabbed her robe and went into the

girl’s room; nothing but silence. Still, there was a noise. She made her way downstairs,

listening intently for the sound.

There – it came from the study. Anne knocked softy on the door, and then opened it.

The small tree glowed from the corner of the study. Noel appeared to be asl**p, but

the sounds were coming from him.

Anne’s heart wrenched in her chest, when she realized he was crying in his sl**p. She

stood over him and bent to put her hand on his troubled brow.

“Shhhh Noel. Shhhh, its Anne. Come on, sweetie, wake up. You’re having a bad


Very unexpectedly, Noel blindly reached, took her hand, and pulled her down to him.

His arms wrapped around her as she tried to pull away. Still sl**ping, Noel sought her

out and muttered, “Oh Carla, don’t leave me.”

Anne was startled by his words, and then by what happened next. As if in slow motion,

he pulled her closer and found her mouth. His kiss was tender and brief. Almost as

soon as it began, he fell back into a deep sl**p.

Anne crawled out of his arms and left him. She was troubled by what had occurred.

When she got back to her bedroom, her heart was aching over what she had

witnessed. After she got back into bed, she found she couldn’t settle down.

“Honey?” Anne rolled to face her sl**ping husband, and put her hand on his chest.

“Ray, I need to talk to you.”

Ray’s eyes opened and he turned to face her. Anne calmly relayed the incident, but

then started to cry.

“Baby, please, what’s wrong? Are you upset because Noel thought you were Carla?

Are you upset because he kissed you? Anne, tell me.”

“I wish I knew for sure. It’s not because he was asl**p and thought I was Carla. I think

it’s because he’s hurting so bad. What were we thinking? What does he see when he

looks at me? God, I never even considered that.”

He held her tight, promising he would watch Noel and talk to him, if it looked like he

needed it. In his mind, he had already decided to check out grief counselors. With the

holidays, he thought Noel might need to know the availability – and maybe Anne, too.

Breakfast was a hurried and noisy affair, but when the girls and Ray were out the door,

it was almost too quiet. Anne looked to see if there was any kind of reaction from Noel,

but there was none. He said he slept okay, after some fitful dreams. “He doesn’t

know,” thought Anne.

Anne was just finishing up in the kitchen, ready to grab a shower, when Noel appeared

in the doorway.

“Anne, can you help me?” Noel looked a little embarrassed. “I need to protect the cast

from water, and normally I use large garbage bags, but I left them home.”

“Well, we don’t have any that large, but I can give you some plastic wrap and you can

protect it that way. We’ll get bags while we’re out today.”

“If you can help me that would be great. I can’t reach my foot, so if you can start at the

bottom, I’ll be okay. Meet you in a minute?”

Anne nodded, grabbed the wrap from the pantry and met Noel in the bathroom. He

was standing in his robe, leaning on one crutch.

“I’ll be glad when this comes off,” he said. “After the first of the year, I’ll be a free man.”

Anne knelt in front of him, and carefully began to unroll the plastic wrap. She began to

work her way up his leg, starting at his foot. Noel watched her as she worked. He knew

he was looking at Anne, but the sight of her kneeling in front of him brought back a

flood of memories. Carla had loved pleasuring him with her mouth and she was damn

good at it. He looked at the top of Anne’s dark head and remembered. His cock

jumped and grew at the thought.

Anne glanced up. She thought she had seen movement. Noel’s robe was clearly

tented. Anne was nervous and as her hands moved higher up his leg, they started to

shake. Noel could see her unease and then saw why. He coughed, shifted and

reached for the roll of wrap.

“I can take it from here, thanks.”

Anne beat a hasty retreat to her room, and made her way into the shower. The warm

water trailed down her body. She thought about Noel’s cock and immediately her

nipples hardened. She wondered what he had been thinking about that caused his

hardness. She knew her twin adored him and had enthusiastically told her about their

love-making. He was her life and she his – now it was over.

Anne and Noel went shopping and she guided him through the little girls' department,

stressing the importance of the twin’s individuality. His pace slowed when they had to

walk through the baby department, his eyes focused on the wooden cribs and soft

pastel blankets.

That night, the twins went to sit with Uncle Noel for a story. Ray and Anne heard them

telling him good night, and then came to find their parents. Ray and Anne liked to tuck

them into bed together, as often as possible.

They had turned to leave when Christine whispered loudly, “Mommy, can I tell you a


“What’s up, honey?” Anne asked.

“Uncle Noel was crying. Mommy, we asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he

said nobody could give him anything, and then he started to cry.”

Marie chimed in. “He didn’t think we could see, but we did. Mommy, is Uncle Noel sad

about Aunt Carla?”

Anne kept her voice steady and calm. “Yes girls, Uncle Noel is sad and that’s okay. It’s

okay to be sad when somebody goes to Heaven. Now, don’t you worry, we’ll find Uncle

Noel a perfect Christmas gift.”

When they left the girls, Anne and Ray looked at each other.

“Should we talk to him?” asked Ray.

“I think we should ask if he’s okay,” Anne replied. “We’ll listen if he wants to talk.”

Anne made coffee and brought it into the living room. While Ray added another log to

the fire, she called Noel to join them. When he came into the room, Anne could see

that his eyes were red and puffy.

Ray and Noel sat on the sofa, savoring the quiet after girls had gone to sl**p. Noel

looked weary.

“You okay?” asked Ray. He reached over and put his hand on Noel’s shoulder.

Noel’s shoulders drooped as he quietly spoke. “I’m sorry. I’m trying so hard to be

festive, but it hurts so badly. The girls are adorable and I love them, but God, it’s so

hard to see them and not think about what I’ll never have. Anne, I look at you and I think

of Carla. I’m sorry,” he said as he started to cry. “I just want my wife and baby back,

and I know I can’t have that.”

Noel’s shoulders started to shake as he sobbed. Ray and Anne moved to him and the

three held each other on the sofa. Anne’s heart felt like it would break. In the past, she

would have called Carla and asked her what to do. Now, as she held Carla’s husband

in her arms, thoughts raced through her head, and through her heart.

The three went off to the separate beds, emotionally exhausted. Ray was snoring

before his head hit the pillow. As tired as she was, Anne was also restless. It wasn’t

long before she heard Noel again. She grabbed her robe and went to him.

Just like the night before, she found him crying in his sl**p. Again, she put her hand on

his forehead and whispered to him that everything would be all right. She should have

known it would happen, but logic did not dictate her actions – love did.

In his dreams, Noel reached for his wife, to hold her, begging her not to leave. He took

Anne into his arms and searched for her lips. She didn’t fight; she couldn’t. She

allowed his mouth to capture hers in a kiss reserved for the one you love.

He pulled away saying, “Oh God Carla, I love you.” And fell back into his sl**p, still

holding Anne.

Anne continued to lie in his arms and at one point, dozed off. He woke her when his

hands went to her breasts, kneading them and moving his hips against her. Anne

rolled away from his reach and off the bed. When she went back to her bedroom, she

wanted to wake Ray and tell him what had happened, but she didn’t. She had a lot to

think through.

Noel made an appointment with a local support group and he and Anne fell into a

happy routine. Breakfast, group, lunch, shopping, and cooking. The girls hung all over

Noel when they got home from school. Anne could see the kind of father he would have


Ray and Noel got into the habit of playing computer games at night, and Anne smiled

at the laughter that would burst out of the study. “Boys will be boys,” she thought.

During the night, Noel could still be heard crying. Anne tried to stay away, but she

couldn’t resist checking on him. Sometimes he would calm at the touch of her hand

and the sound of her voice. Other times, he would reach for her, and hold her until he

slept again. It was those times that she was surprised she found her body reacting to


Anne decided it was time to talk to Ray. They put the girls to bed and left Uncle Noel to

baby sit. The night was clear and Anne suggested a walk. Bundled up with scarves

and gloves, they set out into the night.

Their feet crunched on the hard-packed snow of the country lane where they lived.

Their breaths hung in the air like a soft mist. There seemed to be a million stars with

just a sprinkling of clouds that tossed soft, fat flakes on the couple.

They spoke about the girls, keeping their voices low, not wanting to disturb the night.

Festive lights from neighboring homes exuded the warmth of the season. Ray’s arm

felt good around her shoulders. How had she ever gotten so lucky? Anne could never

figure it out.

On and on they walked, Anne avoiding the subject of Noel. Finally they reached the

pond, where in the spring they brought the girls to catch pollywogs. Anne leaned into

Ray and sighed.

“Honey, we need to talk.”

With those words, Anne began to tell Ray of Noel’s uneasy nights, and her visits to

comfort him. She was completely honest with her husband, every detail, trusting in his

love for her.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Anne?” he asked in a worried tone. “Can I ask what you were

thinking, being in bed with him?”

“I never meant for that to happen. Ray, it wasn’t about anything other than wanting to

comfort him. It tears me apart to listen to him cry.” Anne cupped Ray’s face in her

hands and looked deep into his eyes. “I love you – only you. My God Ray, you and the

girls are my whole life. Just like Carla was to Noel.”

She threw her arms around his neck and hung on, as if for dear life. “Oh Ray,” she

whispered. “I love you so much.”

He held her close, still so in love with her, but he had to ask, “Anne, you said your body

reacted to his touch. Why?”

“I don’t know, really, I don’t. Was it pity? Was it because you and I haven’t been

together since his call? I don’t know.” Anne begged him, “Please believe me, Ray, I

love you. I need you.”

He kissed her then, believing her, wanting her, his body growing hard at the thought of

her. “We’re going home now, and tonight you will only be in one bed.”

When they arrived home, Anne and Ray saw that Noel had already retired for the

evening. Ray grabbed a couple glasses of brandy and joined Anne in their bedroom.

She was just coming in from their bathroom, a white lace robe tied loosely at her waist.

His breath caught, and his pants got very tight below his belt.

She climbed onto their bed and waited for him to undress. He handed her the brandy

and joined her there. They could feel the amber liquid warm their insides. Ray leaned

forward and licked an errant drop from Anne’s lips, and that was all it took. Husband

and wife came together in a pure moment of love.

Ray laid her down, opening her robe and running his hands along the swell of her

breast, down over the curve of her hip. Anne pulled him to lay down with her, meeting

his lips with an undying passion. He kissed her eyes, her nose, and her lips again,

before trailing kisses down her throat. Goose bumps formed on her body and her

nipples hardened at the thought of his mouth.

As he approached her breasts, Anne raised her chest to him. His warm mouth tenderly

covered them. He began to suck, and a soft, low moan escaped her. She held him to

her breast, not wanting the pleasure to end.

Ray suckled her breasts, switching between sucking, nibbling and flicking her nipples

with his tongue. Anne’s hips began to move as his hand traveled down to her sweet-

smelling womanhood. She opened her legs and he could feel the soft curls around her

lips, already wet with excitement. He moved his finger up and down, working his way

towards her heat.

Her clit was a hard, throbbing knob when he circled it, gently flicking it with his finger.

Anne’s back arched and she panted his name. Her hands gripped the sheets when

Ray moved lower and pressed his mouth against her pussy. He pushed his tongue

deep inside her, savoring the taste he fell in love with, all those years ago. Anne was

like a fine wine, getting better with age.

Ray withdrew his tongue to lick the length of her slit, again, toying with her clit. He

pushed a finger inside her as he latched onto her pleasure pearl. Her orgasm was

almost immediate as her hips raised off the bed.

“God Ray, get in me now,” she pleaded.

His face was still moist from her juices. Ray came up Anne’s body and positioned

himself between her legs. He ran his steel-hard cock up and down her wet slit. Her

wanting pussy grabbed at him, and pulled him inside her. He kissed her deeply as he

penetrated her depths.

Tasting herself on him was such an aphrodisiac. Anne wrapped her shapely legs

around him and drew him in deeper, meeting his passion with her own. As he slid in

and out, Ray thought she was as tight as she was in college. Anne’s pussy contracted

on his cock, squeezing him tighter. Ray bent and kissed Anne again, driving his cock

in still deeper. Anne’s nails dug into his ass, wanting as much of him as she could get.

Faster, harder, they moved, almost desperate to prove something to each other. Ray

felt cum starting to boil in his balls, right before they tensed, signaling his body to

release. He held her tighter and lunged into her as the hot juice exploded deep into her

womb. Waves of pleasure passed through Anne, and she felt her juices mixing with


Their movements slowed, and their mouths met in gentle kisses. Ray rolled to Anne’s

side and swept her into his arms. They cuddled, caressed, and touched each other for

some time.

“You’re incredible,” Ray said to Anne. “I never tire of your taste. We’ll be old and gray

and rocking on a porch somewhere. I’ll be on my knees, my head under your skirt,

shoving my tongue up you as high as I can.”

Anne giggled at the thought and snuggled closer. “And when you can’t get it up,” she

said laying her hand on his flaccid cock, “I’ll still take you in my mouth. Even with your

old man smell.”

She continued, “Honey? Do you ever wish we hadn’t decided to stop with the twins?

That maybe we jumped the gun with the vasectomy?”

“Why? Do you want more k**s? I thought you only ever wanted two?”

“I did. It’s just that they’re getting older and not babies anymore. They need me less

and less each day. Sometimes I just miss the feeling of them inside me.”

Ray searched her face. “What brought this on?”

“I don’t know. Maybe feeling you cum inside me. Maybe thinking about Carla. I don’t


Later, Ray took the empty glasses down to the kitchen, while Anne showered. His ears

pricked up as he passed by the study door. Quietly, he turned the knob, cracked the

door, and listened. His heart just about broke, hearing Noel cry and mumbling Carla’s

name. Ray looked up as he heard Anne come down the steps. He met her at the

bottom and blocked her way.

“No,” he looked at her, “don’t.”

“But listen to him. Honey,” she begged, “he needs me.”

“No Anne, he needs Carla.”

“But don’t you see? He never got the chance to say goodbye. He never got the closure

everyone’s entitled to have. Remember? We went back and told him about her death.

We wheeled him to her grave. He couldn’t even kneel and say a prayer. He went from

being happy with a wife and their first baby on the way, to looking at a piece of ground

and wilting flowers next to a grave marker.”

Ray put his hands on her shoulders. “And just how are you helping him by pretending

to be Carla? What does that do?”

Anne’s eyes filled with tears. “I just want to give him peace. We’re the only f****y he

has, and I just want to give him that.”

“Come upstairs, Anne. I need you, too.”

Back in bed, they lay in each other’s arms. Ray broke the silence. “What are you


“You know, before we had the girls, if anything had ever happened to you, I would have

gone insane. After they were born, I knew if anything happened to you, I would survive,

because I had a part of you. Noel has nothing.”

“What are you saying, Anne?”

“I wish Noel at least had their baby.”

“And?” asked Ray.

“No, it’s insane. Forget I said anything.”

“Honey, talk to me. You know we can say anything to each other. What are you

thinking?” Ray wanted to know.

“This is going to sound stupid. It goes back to something Carla and I had discussed

once. If, for any reason, one of us couldn’t have a baby, we decided the other would do

it for her. Just like giving up a k**ney or bone marrow. We knew we would always help

the other, no matter what.”

Ray sat up, dumbfounded. “What? Anne, what the hell are you talking about?”

Anne sat up, too. “Look, you asked me and I told you.”

“You want to have Noel’s baby?”

“No, I want to have Carla and Noel’s baby. I knew you wouldn’t understand.”

“Anne, what’s there to understand? You want to have another man’s baby!”

“Ray, listen to me – I want to be the incubator. The baby wouldn’t be mine, but my

s****r’s. We were identical twins. Our DNA would have to be almost exactly the same.

This would be the baby they lost.”

Ray shut his mouth and lay down, staring into the darkness. In his mind, the idea

screamed insanity, and yet, also made perfect sense. Noel was as close to him as his

own b*****r, and he did want him to get through this. He heard sniffles coming from

Anne, and he rolled over to spoon with her.

“Baby, I love you,” he whispered in her ear.

Anne moved back, closer to her husband, as his arms wrapped around her waist.

“And I think I understand,” he said. “It’s late now, but let’s talk about this tomorrow,

when we’ve each had time to think, and to sl**p.”

When Ray got home from work the next night, he found Noel and the twins frosting

Christmas cookies, while Anne finished making dinner. There were jimmies and

sprinkles everywhere, including in Noel’s hair. It was clear the girls adored him and he

would have been a great dad. It was also clear to Ray, just how looking at Anne

affected Noel. They were fast – but there were looks of love, of tenderness, that you

have for your partner. “My God,” thought Ray, “he does see Carla when he looks at

Anne.” Ray remembered the days when he, too, could look at Anne and Carla, and not

really be sure who was whom.

As the evening went on, Ray became more aware of Noel’s interaction with the girls,

and with Anne. He also caught the look of loss when Anne took the girls away for a

bath. Ray’s mind was running in circles.

“You have quite a f****y,” Noel told Anne and Ray, after the girls had gone to bed.

“You’ll have one too, someday,” Ray said quietly, “when you’re ready.”

Noel sighed, “I know you should never say never, but my life is over. Carla was the only

woman I’ll ever want. Sometimes I think I’d give anything to have just one more

moment with her. Do you get it? First, she was here, and then she was gone. I never

got a chance to tell her I loved her. I never got a chance to say goodbye.”

Anne went to him on the sofa, and took him in her arms. His body rested against her,

like a tired, old man, and he pulled her close.

“She knows, sweetie,” she whispered. “She knows.”

Ray watched Anne comfort his b*****r-in-law. He knew what had to be done. But, how

do you tell somebody something like this?

Noel went to bed, leaving Ray and Anne sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree, Bing

Crosby softly singing in the background. Ray stroked Anne’s hair as she leaned back

against his chest.

“I get it,” was all he said.

“Hmm? You get what?” she asked quietly.

“I get what you said about Noel. I get his need to say goodbye to Carla. I get why you

thought about having a baby for him.”

Anne turned in his arms. “You do?”

Ray kissed her deeply. “You’re my wife and I love you. I always will. But, you’re Carla’s

twin, a bond no one can break. I’ll support you in whatever you want to do.”

“Oh Ray, I love you! I don’t know how this will happen, or even if Noel will allow me to

do this, but just knowing you’ll support me means more than I can say.”

They cuddled, talked about options, kissed and also sat in silence for another hour.

While Anne turned off the lights on the tree, Ray stopped at the study door. He could

hear Noel crying in his sl**p again. When Anne came out of the living room, Ray

motioned for her to join him. He opened the door and stepped inside. He nodded at

Anne and she went to Noel, laid her hand on his head and quietly told him it would be

okay. He calmed for a minute, then reached for her hand and pulled her into the bed.

Ray watched Noel cuddle with his wife, kissing the top of her head and begging her

not to leave him. “Yes,” he thought, “he needs to be able to say goodbye.” He turned

and quietly went upstairs to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night, Anne slipped

into bed and curled up next to Ray. His arm went around her and they slept.

The holiday plans continued and the girls were beginning to bounce off the walls. Anne

and Ray decided they needed a break and took them to spend the night at Ray’s

parent’s house. Anne thought she would make the night special. She set the dining

room for three and lit candles all around. She dressed in a slinky red sheath that

hugged her curves. When the two men saw how she looked, they each let out a low

whistle of appreciation, then left to dress for dinner.

The wine flowed, and the three laughed and truly had a good time. Later, instead of

coffee in the living room, Ray poured brandy and they all settled down onto the sofa. In

Anne’s mind, the evening was the perfect prelude.

She took a deep breath and said, “Noel, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course Anne, anything.”

“Do you remember your dreams?”

“Hmmm, I don’t think so. I mean, sometimes I wake up and I feel really down. Other

times, it’s almost like a weight has been lifted. I almost feel better. Why?”

“Well, late at night we can hear you crying in your sl**p. I was worried so I came in and

tried to comfort you. Sometimes, if I touch your head, you calm down and go back to

sl**p.” Anne paused briefly. “Other times, you… you pull me into bed with you. You talk

to me like I’m Carla.”

Noel turned red. “I’m sorry, Anne. God, Ray, I’m sorry. I didn’t know…. I….”

Anne moved closer to him and put her hands on his. “Shhhh, it’s okay. I know you think

of her when you look at me. That’s normal. We just want to help you.”

Ray joined the conversation. “Noel, we can’t begin to know what you’re feeling, but we

do know there’s an important part of her death that you’re missing. You never said

goodbye. We know, when you were holding Anne, you were talking to Carla. You tell

her to never leave you. Anne told me one time, you said that you missed your baby.

Geez man, we want to help you.”

Noel was crying now. Frustration seemed to burst forth. “I have nothing!”

Anne grabbed his arms. “You have us.”

“No! I have nothing! Nothing of my own.”

Anne held Noel as he continued to cry. A flood of emotions that needed to be set free

– were. Anne held him to her breast, while Ray sat behind her, holding the two of them.

When Noel finally calmed, he still stayed in Anne’s arms. She spoke to him quietly.

“I want you to listen to me, Noel. I want to help you, but what I have in mind is pretty far-

fetched. Please, will you hear me out?”

Noel sat back and looked into Anne’s soft brown eyes. He was looking at Carla, but

Anne was talking. She recounted the conversations she and Carla had about life, love

and what one s****r would do for the other. When she got to the subject of babies and

surrogacy, Noel froze. Anne then told Noel her idea.

“I want to have your baby. Not just your baby, Noel, but Carla’s baby. I did some

research and while our DNA is not identical, it’s about as close as you can get. Noel,

you’d have a part of Carla. You’d have a f****y.”

Noel’s face showed the shock he felt at Anne’s proposal. How could she think she

could replace his baby? How could she even come up with an idea like this?

Ray spoke up, “Noel, Anne and I have talked about this a lot. At first, I thought she was

nuts. I mean, how could she think this baby would replace yours? And it won’t – no

c***d could. But she wants to give you this gift. We want to give this to you.”

“Don’t say anything, Noel,” Anne told him. “But please take some time to think about


Noel couldn’t speak – he couldn’t think. He needed space – time – solitude. He

struggled to escape the warmth of Anne’s arms, and then stood and grabbed his

crutches. Ray and Anne stayed silent, and watched for a reaction.

“I need time. I hope you understand,” Noel said in a hushed tone.

Anne stood to hug her b*****r-in-law, but he moved back out of her reach. “No, please

let me go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” he said as he left the room.

“What do you think?” Anne asked Ray.

“I think he needs time. I think we scared the living hell out of him. He’s shocked at what

we proposed. Honey, have you really thought this through? I mean logistically. How are

you going to get pregnant?”

No, Anne hadn’t thought about that. More than anything, she wanted this to happen

now. No, she had a lot more thinking to do.

That night, like so many others, Noel’s crying brought Anne to his side. The touch of

her hand quieted him. When she turned to leave, his hand reached for hers, as it had

so many times before.


She was shocked – Noel was awake. “Yes Noel?”

“Can you stay with me? Can we talk? I want to hear more about this idea. Can you tell

me about the talks you and Carla used to have?”

Without hesitation, Anne crawled into bed next to Noel. They lay together, not touching,

but staying close, whispering. The conversation went from the idea, to Anne recounting

everything she could about Carla. Noel told her about the idyllic life he had with his

wife. They talked into the wee hours of the morning, until they fell asl**p.

Anne woke to something poking against her ass, and hands massaging her breasts.

Noel’s hot breath hit her neck as he muttered Carla’s name. She tried to pull away, but

Noel’s arms held her tightly, as his hand moved between her legs.

“No,” she barely got out of her mouth.

He was grinding against her, his lips kissing the back of her neck and his fingers

moving towards her heat. There was no denying the physical reaction Anne’s body

was having. It was surrendering, but her mind f***ed the thought of her husband to the


“Noel!” she said sharply. “Wake up!”

Her words jostled him awake. She squirmed and started to move away from him, but

not before he realized his hand was under her nightgown, moving across her bare


“Oh my God, Anne, I’m sorry! Oh, God!” he exclaimed.

Anne righted herself on the far side of the bed and looked at her shaken b*****r-in-

law. “Noel, its okay, nothing happened,” she said noting his hands left her body

excited. She crawled out of bed and headed for the door, the house still quiet.

“Honestly, its okay, Noel.” She turned and left.

Upstairs, Ray was just waking. Anne rushed over to him, her face still flushed with


“Hold me,” she begged in a whispered voice, and then told her husband what had


“You’re turned on a little, aren’t you?” Ray asked, and pulled her closer to him. Anne

had no choice but to admit that her body responded to Noel’s touch, and yes, it excited


“You know I love you,” she said to Ray, “only you.”

“I know baby, I know. And I’m not upset. God knows I’ve gotten a hard-on at the sight of

a sexy woman. It just shows you’re a sexual human being, reacting to the normal

triggers. Just because you’re in love with me, doesn’t mean you can’t be turned on by

someone else.” Ray kissed her passionately and went on saying, “Besides, I think you

just figured out a way to get pregnant.”

“What?” Anne was dumb-founded.

“Oh come on – we talked about having to do the turkey baster thing. Cold and clinical, I

believe were your words. But if you sl**p with him, it won’t be. And as stupid as this

sounds, I’ll bet it’ll bring Carla back to him, so he can let her go.”

“Oh, you really have lost your mind, Ray. I couldn’t do that. I love you. I need you. It

would feel so strange having someone else’s hands on me. And I know I couldn’t do it,

not with you knowing I was fucking another man.”

Ray pulled her over and onto her back. He kissed her and then looked at her, very

seriously. “What if I were there with you?”

Anne’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped in surprise.

“Just listen. With Noel’s leg, you’re going to have to ride him. What if I was there to get

you started. I know exactly what foreplay you love – the best way to get you going. Hun,

I’ll make love to you, but you’ll fuck Noel. You’ll give him Carla’s baby.”

Anne was not yet convinced. Ray continued his argument for a natural conception as

opposed to artificial insemination. What won out was the one question he asked her to

answer. “Shouldn’t a c***d be conceived with love?”

Anne finally understood what he was saying. With that, he kissed her and told her she

was a beautiful, wonderful, generous lover. They agreed to give Noel a gift he would

never forget.

Christmas Eve was a whirlwind. Ray’s parents brought the girls home and then

proceeded to fill every square inch of space with presents. Anne made a prime rib

dinner and everyone sat quiet as Noel read the story of the first Christmas. The girls

placed cookies and eggnog on the table for Santa, and carrots and celery for his

reindeer. The activities of Christmas Eve exhausted the twins and they went to sl**p

immediately, in spite of swearing they would stay awake to listen for Santa.

After Ray’s parents bid everyone a good night, the three adults were left in the first

quiet since the k**s came home. Ray broke the silence by getting up and popping the

cork on a bottle of champagne. He passed bubbling glasses to Anne and Noel, and

offered up a toast.

“To my f****y, and our friends, I wish them a wonderful season. May this be the first of

many wonderful holidays together.”

They clicked glasses and sipped the effervescent liquid. Ray moved to kiss Anne. It

was a long, lingering kiss. She then turned to Noel and kissed him the same way Ray

had kissed her.


“Shhhh, let me do this for you. Please.”

Noel looked confused, but Ray stepped in and put his arms around them both. “Noel,

we want to give you a baby. Let us do this for you, in honor of your love for Carla.

Come on; let’s go to your room.”

Noel allowed himself to be led into the study. He was confused, happy, sad, grieving,

joyful, and every other emotion he could feel. He couldn’t believe the sacrifice Carla’s

f****y was going to make for him.

Ray closed the study door. Anne lit candles while he added a log to the fire. The room

was lit by flickering light, and the lights from the small Christmas tree.

Noel stood near the sofa while Ray opened it up into his bed. Anne moved to his side

and ran her hand up and down his arm.

“You okay with this?” she asked Noel.

“I think so. But Ray’s okay with this?”

“Actually,” Ray informed him, “it was my idea. Just the three of us, creating life.”

Anne reached up and began unbuttoning Noel’s shirt. He let go of his crutches to rest

his hands on her hips. Ray came up behind his wife and began kissing the back of her

neck. She let go of a soft moan.

She eased Noel’s shirt off his muscular body, and he bent to kiss her soft lips. Her

arms wrapped around his neck and she pressed against him. His excitement was


Noel’s mouth moved to her neck, traveling down her throat, as Ray unzipped her

dress, and kissed down her back. She trembled at the attentions of two men. They

each slid her dress off her body, leaving it in a puddle around her feet. She looked

devastatingly beautiful in her strapless black bra and black lace thong. Noel’s eyes

took in her body and his cock reacted violently.

Anne reached for his hips and turned him to sit on the bed. When he did, she moved

between his legs, standing so that her breasts were level with his eyes. Ray’s hands

had come around from behind to massage her voluptuous twin globes. Noel saw her

nipples straining to escape their lace jail. When Ray unclasped her bra and pulled it

from her body, Noel’s mouth caught one of her nipples and he latched on. Her hands

began running through his hair, holding him to her, loving the heat on her breasts.

Ray stripped off his shirt and slacks. He pushed his hard spear into her ass, as he

held her from behind. His hands went around her waist and slid inside her thong. Anne

pushed back against him, while holding Noel tighter to her chest.

When Ray’s fingers slid inside her, he found her pussy wet and ready. He had never

seen her this excited, this fast. Pumping his finger in and out of her, he released her

scent into the air. Noel smelled her and lost any of the hesitation he had felt earlier; his

body wanted her.

Anne pushed Noel to lie down. Ray came to help lift his cast onto the bed and shift him

into the middle of the mattress. Without a second thought, Ray helped remove Noel’s

slacks after Anne had unzipped them.

She sat to Noel’s side and ran her hand over his cock. A very small wet spot formed

on his briefs as she massaged him to full hardness. She hooked her hands inside the

waistband and began to tug them down his legs. Ray was there to help her, and also

help her slip out of her thong.

Noel’s cock stood tall and proud as he lay on his back. Anne opened his legs and

knelt between them. Her warm moist mouth came down on him, engulfing his rod.

Noel’s eyes rolled back in his head and he allowed himself to get lost in this pleasure.

Ray bent behind Anne, eyeing her glistening pink pussy. His tongue snaked out and

ran the full length of her slit, from ass to clit. She moaned on Noel’s cock, causing

vibrations to shoot through him as she gripped his hips tighter.

Rays’ tongue found her woman’s pearl and while he toyed with her, he pushed two

fingers inside her tunnel. Her hips moved with his hand and she felt the shock waves

starting. Ray sensed her excitement and pushed into her harder, causing her to

increase her attentions on Noels’ cock. Noel opened his eyes, feeling her breast brush

against his bare thigh, as she prepared him.

Suddenly, Anne released him, rose up and squealed, “Ahhhhhhhh!” Wave after wave

of pleasure came crashing over her. Her legs quivered and she dropped down on

Noel, panting as Ray pulled his hand from her and kissed her up the length of her

back. She trembled, coming down from her high.

Noel stroked her head and saw she appeared more youthful after cumming. The dewy

glow was so like Carla.

Ray half picked up his wife and held her tight. “Ready baby?”

Anne looked at the man she loved and nodded. She reached out to stroke Noel,

peering at him through lowered eyes, and smiled. With Ray’s help she steadied

herself on the sofa bed, poised over Noel’s erect cock, and then lowered herself.

Noel’s breath caught in his throat when her sweet hot hole enveloped his throbbing

cock. Ray’s own cock throbbed when he saw Anne’s body slide over Noel’s. Damn

that was erotic, he thought. Damn, she’s one hell of a woman.

When Anne began moving up and down Noel’s cock, the feeling brought back his best

memories. He looked at this woman but saw another. He saw Carla. It was Carla who

was making love to him. It was Carla who would receive his seed. He had his hand on

her hips, helping her to ride him. He closed his eyes and dreamed of his wife.

Anne watched Noel close his eyes and then looked at her husband. She motioned him

closer. She lowered her upper body, by resting her hands on either side of Noel’s

head. When Ray stood next to her, she smiled and opened her mouth. With pleasure,

he fed her his cock.

There wasn’t one thing that Anne didn’t do well in the bedroom. Ray didn’t know which

of her holes he would rather fill. But right now, at this moment, there was only one thing

he wanted. He felt her tongue all over him, as she sucked him. He felt her trying to

draw the juice out of him. It wouldn’t take long. His hands went to her hair and he held


Anne had never experienced such pleasure. She loved her husband and enjoyed his

taste. She wanted to drink from him. The feeling of Noel’s cock was different from

Ray’s. It was a different size, different girth – not better, just different. She began to feel

her pussy muscles start to contract.

Noel opened his eyes to see Anne sucking Ray’s cock. It wasn’t but seconds before

Ray grunted, “I’m cumming,” and Noel watched Anne’s throat as she swallowed his

load. Ray’s spurts ceased and he withdrew his softening rod.

Anne looked down at Noel and licked her lips. He thought he would lose it right then

and there. She sat up a little straighter, braced herself against his chest. Her fingers

played with his nipples, and she started to ride him harder. Oh God, he thought. Carla

used to do the same thing to him.

Anne sped up her movements and she once again felt her orgasm take over her body.

She slammed down on Noel, hard, as his cock jettisoned its seed into her. His cock

throbbed as her pussy milked him. He cried out one name – Carla.

Anne lay exhausted on top of Noel. Ray lifted her off of him, and lay her down on her

back. Noel shifted over to make room for her and Ray. Ray crawled in next to her and

the two men held her until they all fell asl**p.

Anne and Ray had only been in their own bed for about an hour when the girls began

to beg to go downstairs. Ray ran down to light the tree and to get Noel into the living

room. Anne brought the girls down, and they tore into the room. Anne bent to kiss Noel

a Merry Christmas and then went to her husband. Ray swept her into his arms and

kissed her. Maybe it was the lights of the tree, maybe it was because it was

Christmas, but Ray thought Anne was absolutely glowing.

That Christmas was the first of many holidays they spent together. The most special

was Christmas the next year. There was Ray, Anne, Marie and Christine, along with

Noel, and his twin sons, Andrew and Carl.
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