My Dreams Came True

Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing

Ever since I was old enough to know what sex was, I've been obsessed with it.

Watching it, reading sex stories, even going into chat rooms to say just what I'd do to

my victims.

I'm 18 years old, and a nymphomaniac. I'm a bit shorter than 5'5", 120 lb, with long

dark curls to frame my round cheeks and deep brown eyes. I live with my mother, and

the object of every sexual desire I've ever had, my b*****r Michael.

Yes, I realize that thinking of my b*****r that way is not only i*****l, it's completely

"wrong." But I've never been one to follow the rules. And besides, I'm too frightened to

act on my feelings toward him. Who knows what he'd do? Tell mother? Throw me out

of his life forever? I love him much too much to risk anything like that.

Michael is just a year older than I am, standing tall at 6'1" with medium brown hair that

reaches to his eyes. He's very athletic, playing college football and staying fit to do so

by going to the gym often. And to top off all of that, he plays guitar in a band he's been

in for years. He's incredibly sexy, and all I've ever wanted.

One Friday night, Mom was out with her girlfriends, which meant she'll be too d***k to

drive herself home and crash at her friend Linda's. Michael was playing a set at a local

hot spot. I had the house to myself, so obviously, I had a man over to relieve my sexual

needs. I was standing on my coffee table, playfully giving Alex a strip tease. I was just

crawling up onto his lap in my matching black lace bra and panties when my b*****r

burst through the door. He froze, as did I, but before I knew it he was yelling. At first I

thought he was yelling at me, because obviously I was doing something severely

wrong. But when I got over my shock, I heard his words clearly.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing to my girl?"

Did I hear him right? Or was I hallucinating? I got off of Alex's lap, and with an apology

written all over my expression I told him he should leave. He didn't argue, and quickly

got his jacket and jumped into his car.

I looked at my b*****r, embarrassed. "Michael! I'm sorry, I thought you were gone for

the night, I...I..." I stopped stammering in time to realize his eyes scanning over me.

From my bra-covered breasts to the black heels I had on. (I try to be as sexy as

possible, I love seeing lust-driven hunger in my victims' eyes before I fuck their brains

out.) I blushed. His eyes met mine before he took a step toward me. I took a step

back, surprised, pretty much convinced that what I saw in my dear b*****r's eyes was

me hallucinating again. Thinking of hallucinating, I quickly asked, "Why did you say I

was YOUR girl?" My hands were clasped behind my back, a habit I had that meant I

was very nervous. Michael knew this.

He smiled at me. "Because, Maddi, you're mine."

My expression must of perfectly conveyed how confused I was, because he took the

initiative to explain further. "I can't hide it any longer, I want you Maddi." He took a step

toward me again, and this time I didn't react by stepping back. He smiled again at that,

and closed the space between us. "Do you mind?" he asked as he wrapped his arms

around my waist, pulling me close to him. I couldn't speak, I could barely breathe. My

b*****r just said he wanted me. He wanted me! My body shivered when he touched

me, and all I could do was push my body against his. He accepted this as an answer

and leaned his head down to kiss me once lightly on my lips. I moaned involuntarily,

closing my eyes and trying to wrap my head around what was happening. He chuckled

and kissed me again, harder, longer. He pushed his tongue through my lips and was

sensually massaging mine with his. I kissed him back, swirling my tongue all around

his mouth. Oh god it was so wonderful!

I reluctantly broke our kiss, gasping for air. "Is this really happening?" I breathed out in

a whisper. He leaned back to look into my eyes. What he saw there must've satisfied

him, because he kissed me once again roughly, before bending down to sweep my

legs out from under me in one swift motion, holding me in a cradle position.

I giggled as he started for the stairs, and carried me into his room. He threw me onto

his bed and stood at the foot of it. "Mm, you have no idea how many times I've pictured

exactly what I'm seeing," he said as he lifted his T-shirt up and over his head, throwing

it across his room. I just smiled at him, feeling like I was on Cloud 9 just with him

kissing me the way he did. He unbuttoned his jeans quickly and kicked off his shoes

before kneeling onto his bed and crawling up to me. He met my lips again, softer this

time, and kissed me deeply. I placed a hand against his chest, my other running

through his hair soothingly.

He reached behind me to unclasp my bra, and tore it off my body. He leaned back to

look at what he just uncovered, my 34C's. He groaned. "My god Maddi," was all he

said before moving his mouth to one of my breasts, taking in my right nipple and

tweaking it with his tongue. I arched my back and cried out, tugging at his hair and

pushing him harder onto my breast simultaneously. He then moved to my other breast,

giving it the same treatment. I moaned out his name, and he lifted his head to smile at

me. "May I see more?" I just nodded, wanting nothing more than him to rip off my

panties and fuck me then and there.

He moved down my body until he reached his desired destination. He leaned in to lick

my panty-covered pussy, pushing his tongue hard onto my clit. I cried out once again,

his action giving me goose bumps all over. He looked up at me and gave me a

devious grin. He stuck his fingers into the waistband of my panties, and tugged down

hard, hard enough to pull them to my ankles without me so much as lifting a millimeter.

He tossed them out of sight, and slowly pushed my knees apart, giving him a full view

of my shaven snatch.

"You are much more beautiful than I ever imagined, and I didn't think it was possible,"

he said as he leaned his head down to lick me again, running his tongue along the

length of the lips. I bit down onto my lip and watched my gorgeous b*****r begin to

devour my pussy. I was soaking wet, and he gladly licked me clean. After he did so, he

gave my clit much more attention, moving his tongue rapidly side to side. He inserted

two fingers inside me, curling them a little, and began to finger fuck me as he did

wonders with his tongue. I squirmed and clenched his sheets in fists as I cried out in

pure ecstasy. I was already so close, and somehow he knew exactly what to do. When

I was approaching my climax, he moved his tongue even faster, and when it hit me, he

just pushed his tongue hard against my clit, and slowly moved his fingers in and out of

me. It was the absolute best orgasm I have ever had. I moved my hips in a grinding

motion until the orgasm subsided, and he licked up all the juices he caused to spill out

of me.

I breathed heavily, my breasts heaving. He crawled back up to me and kissed me

aggressively, making me taste my own juices. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped

my arms around his neck to pull him closer to me. He was on top of me, holding his

weight with his arms either side of me, and I could feel his erection pressing onto my

thigh, begging to be set free. Without breaking the kiss, I reached down to grasp onto

his cock through his boxers. He moaned against my lips as I did so, and moved to lay

down next to me. It was my turn.

I moved down to his waist, keeping my eyes locked on his as I did, and pulled his

boxers down enough to release his enormous cock. I moved my widened eyes to gaze

at it, then looked back up at his smiling face. I would have guessed it was maybe 9",

and so thick my small hand couldn't even fit all the way around it. I bit my lip hungrily,

and leaned in to lightly kiss the head of his glorious cock. It twitched underneath my

lips, and I giggled. "Excited are we?" I asked teasingly.

"You have no idea, now wrap your gorgeous lips around my cock baby girl, before I go

insane." That was more than enough to get me started. I wrapped my hand around the

base of his cock, and slowly pushed him into my mouth. I pushed it in as far as I could

go, almost touching my lips to my hand, and began to move my head up and down his

rock-hard erection. I used my free hand to massage his balls gently, making him

groan. I swirled my tongue all over his cock as it went in and out of my mouth, and he

placed both of his hands at the back of my head, pushing me downward, forcing more

of his cock into my throat. I let out a muffled moan, and he began to meet my head with

his hips, slowly fucking my throat. He was gentle at first, but as the blowjob

progressed, he became more rough. He plunged his cock into my throat, forcing his

entire length into my mouth.

I swallowed, using my throat muscles to milk his cock until he started to cum, hard,

down my throat. He didn't release my head until every last drop was swallowed. I came

up and gasped for air, wiping the tears he caused by holding me down for so long. I

smiled at him, and he motioned with one hand for me to come back up to him. I


I laid on top of him, my head resting on his chest as he smoothed my hair. I was

completely content. After a few minutes of cuddling, he spoke up, "Maddi, what we just

did has to stay a secret..." I lifted my head to meet his eyes.

"I know Michael," I whispered, suddenly frightened that this would be the only time we

would be together this way.

"Listen, I'm sorry I took advantage of you that way, and I'd understand if you were to

never want to do something like this again..." He actually blushed, my big shot b*****r

was nervous because of me.

I giggled, "Michael, I've wanted you for so long. I was worried you wouldn't want ME

like this again." I leaned down to peck his lips softly. He kissed me back with a smile

on his face.

once again. (Kinda short, sorry!)
Michael nudged me, I had dozed off laying on top of him.

"Maddi, let me get up," he gently whispered to me. I tiredly did as I was told, climbing

off of him.

Michael started toward his bathroom, and soon after, I heard the sound of the shower

going. I was about to get up and go to my own room when he called out to me,

"Maddilyn Anna, get in here this minute!"

I giggled at his use of my full name, that's what mother did when I used to get into

trouble. I quickly got up from his bed and walked into the bathroom. He was already in

the shower, the clear sliding glass door closed so the water wouldn't spill out. I took a

second to admire my gorgeous b*****r, watching the water run down his sexy body

got me turned on all over again. He noticed me watching and motioned for me to get


After taking off my heels, I swiftly went up to the glass and slid it open, then stepped

into the shower. I turned to close the glass, and before I could turn to face my b*****r,

his arms were around me. He pushed his body against the backside of mine, letting

me feel how hard he was already. He moved my long hair to one shoulder and kissed

my neck lightly, sending shivers down my spine. I leaned back against him, the top of

my head barely reaching his collarbone. I looked up at him, and he smiled down at me.

He ran his hands down my torso, and back up again. He cupped my breasts in both of

his hands and began kneading them. I let out a small moan, grinding my ass back

against him.

He turned me around very quickly, and pushed me back against the shower wall. The

hot water beat down on us as he bent down to squeeze my ass with both hands.

Before I knew it, he lifted me off of the ground and roughly pinned me against the wall. I

smiled at him and wrapped my legs around his waist. Keeping his hands on my ass to

support me, he leaned in and hungrily attacked my breasts; biting, licking and kissing

them all over. I leaned my head back against the wall and moaned, arching my back

slightly so that my breasts pushed more against his face. He looked up then, and gave

me his devious grin.

He moved his hips backward, creating space between us so he could position his

cock at my entrance, and without warning, he slammed into me. I cried out in pain,

feeling his huge cock stretch my tight pussy. He moaned out loudly, squeezing my ass

hard before slowly beginning to pump in and out of me. He went back to sucking on my

nipples, putting one in-between his teeth and gently biting down onto it. This drove me

wild and I began to grind my hips against his. He stopped thrusting into me and let me

fuck him, moaning against my nipple. This only made me go faster, I couldn't help

myself, I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled, continuing to fuck my big b*****r

while he was standing.

"Mm Michael that's it, do you like your little s****r fucking you like this?" I asked

seductively. That set him off. He looked up at me and kissed me so hard it almost hurt.

He then wrapped his arms around my waist, securing me against him. And again

without warning, he pounded into me. Fast, hard. I barely had time to cry out before he

was thrusting back into me. I leaned my head down to kiss and bite down on his neck

roughly, and this only made him pound harder.

Michael then set me down and turned me around, forcing me to bend over for him.

"You are such a little slut Maddi, and I'm gonna fuck you like one," Michael said to me

in a low growl. I bit my lip, putting my hands against the wall to help me balance.

Michael ran his hands over my back and down to my ass, he raised his hand and

smacked a cheek hard, making a loud clapping noise. He enjoyed this, moaning at the

sound, and placed his cock at my entrance once again.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me back against him, "Alright little slut, tell me how

much you want it." While I was in a semi-standing position, he used his other hand to

reach around me to massage my breast once again.

"Michael I want it so badly, give it to me, don't hold back," I begged him, he had gotten

me so turned on.

With that, Michael pushed me forward again against the wall and plunged his cock into

my tightness. He kept his hand in my hair, pulling it hard. I moaned out loudly, my nails

scr****g against the wall. He smacked my ass again, groaning at the sound once

more. I was getting close to my climax.

"M-M-Michael! I'm going to cum!" I shouted, and shortly after I indeed began my

orgasm. I felt my pussy clench around his giant dick, and heard him moan as he began

his own orgasm. He continued to thrust into me until both of our orgasms subsided.

Michael turned me around and immediately pushed his lips against mine. Instead of

the fierce kisses he previously planted on me, this one was soft, sensual. Our tongues

danced around each other and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close

against him. We both rinsed off and hopped out of the shower.

"Will you sl**p with me tonight?" Michael asked me sweetly. It amazed me how sweet

he gets, and how he was talking to me while we were fucking. I loved how he always

finds a way to surprise me.

"Of course Mike, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else," I said, letting him lead me back

into his room.

"You really are mine now Maddilyn, my little slut," Michael told me in his husky voice. I

just smiled

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