Layne story

One Special Night With My Dad
Hi my name is Layne I'm about 5'4" 110 short blond hair 32c breasts. This is my story

about one night about 10 years ago I did something with my Dad I have never thought

of doing again or before that I made love to him. It happened on night when I was

home from college for a few days. My dad had set up the guest room for me across

from his room.

The second night there I was feeling really horny and I had a few toys I had brought with

me. I really didn't think much about locking the door because my dad always knocked

as far as I could remember and he was out with a lady friend that night. Now naked I

laid back on the bed and starting fingering myself with a vibrator in my other hand. I

moaned loudly as I slid the vibrator in and out of my horny wet pussy. I pushed and

pulled the vibrator in and out trying best to make myself cum. Knowing I was alone I

moaned as loud as I felt like.

Unexpectedly the door flung open and my dad was standing in the doorway I tried to

cover up and hide the vibrator but he had already seen me pleasuring myself.

"don't worry, I'm not mad" he said to me

"what are you doing?" I asked

"admiring my beautiful grown up daughter" he replied

as he made his way over to the bed he reached over and uncovered my petite tanned

body placing his hand on my thigh.

"what are doing?" I asked again

"kiss me" he said


"I heard your moaning, I couldn't help myself, I want to watch you" he explained

I loved my Dad with all of my heart but wasn't sure I could Masturbate in front of him.

"Don't worry I won't tell, go ahead touch yourself again, use your toy, make yourself

moan again."

I really wasn't sure how to feel. And wasn't sure where these feelings were coming

from. If he had bottled them up all those years or was it just a spur of the moment thing

when he became aroused listening to his 20 year daughter play with herself behind

closed doors. My Dad took a couple steps away from the bed and unzipped his pants

letting his big erect cock out for air grabbing a hold of it with his strong right hand and

stroking it while he looked over my young petite body. I laid on my bed trying to settle

down and relax watching my father play with his rock hard cock pleasuring himself to

sight of my body. Thinking about the situation and how aroused my very own Dad had

become about me playing with myself I started to feel horny again as I spread my legs

wide I began to rubbed my still wet pussy for my Dad who was still standing in front of

the bed watching closely as I continued to rub my young wet pussy for him sliding my

vibrator in and out slowly at first picking up speed as I became even more horny than

when I started all by myself.

After doing this for quite sometime my eyes were closed at that point as I was nearing

an orgasm. My Dad was now sitting on the edge of the bed He leaned in and kissed

me on the cheek first and then once on the lips, I kissed him back softly and his hand

was working the vibrator in and out of my wet pussy helping me fuck myself to a good

strong orgasm. I moaned loudly as we kissed again. We kissed and he continued

fucking me with the vibrator. He pulled the vibrator out and put his hand on my pussy

and rubbed it while kissed.

I helped him out of the rest of his clothes as he stood near the side edge of the bed I

stared at his fully erect cock with pre cum dripping down from the tip. I u*********sly

licked my lips still horny and becoming curious about sucking my Dad's cock I

grabbed a hold of it stroking it a few times as I looked up at him and smiled he

caressed my face with his strong hand before I leaned in and began licking and

sucking his hard cock letting the pre cum coat my lips I began sucking on his head

very lovingly moving my tongue around it while he moaned a loud and grabbed the

back of my head running his hands through my hair while I kept on sucking him

allowing more of his cock inside of my warm wet mouth with every suck.

He then pushed me away and made himself comfortable on the bed while I crawled

between his legs picking up where I left off first licking my way up from his balls to his

cock and finally letting his hard erection invade my hot young mouth while I slobbered

on his cock holding onto his cock tightly with my little hand feeding it in and out of my

warm mouth. While I sucked him his hands gently tugged on my head signaling to me

that he wanted to fuck.

Like the loving daughter I am I climbed on top of my Dad and straddled him grabbing a

hold of his erection this time to make sure it penetrated my wet. His dick was now

inside of me as I slowly moved up and down he ran his strong hands all over my body

fondling my breasts playing my erect nipples both of us moaning and groaning with

great pleasure. Leaning forward our lips met again as I felt this weird tingle all over my

body a feeling I had never felt before, but again later in life when making love to other

boyfriends. We continued kissing as I moved my body up and down letting his dick in

and out of me.

"I love you" he said

"I love you too, daddy" I replied

His breathing became heavier and heavier and I knew he was probably close and then

he came shooting his hot sperm inside of my pussy making me jump a bit as his cock

was now outside of my pussy wet from the inside of my pussy and his cum. I fell

forward resting my head on his chest as he put his arm around me. We laid there as

he held me in his loving arms enjoying the beautiful moment we had just shared. We

talked to each other and kissed every now and then. After a half hour of laying in bed

he had started rubbing my pussy while I stroked his cock making it hard again. I laid on

my back as he moved over and positioned himself in front of me with my legs spread

wide for him. He again penetrated my warm pussy with his erect cock. We exchanged

I love you' s back and forth as he drove his entire cock in and out of me. I moaned even

louder than when we first started Wrapping my legs around his body I fully submitted to

him as fucked in and out of my pussy as we kissed passionately with lips and tongues.

Remembering how he shot his first load of cum inside of me in the heat of the moment

I yelled out "I want your cum Daddy, give it to me"

Which prompted him to fuck me even hard and faster as he moaned, groaned, and

panted his was to cumming inside of my pussy again this time staying inside of me

causing a strong orgasm to go off inside of me causing me to clench my hands down

on the now sweaty bed sheets pulling them off the mattress causing me to let out "feels

so good Daddy, I love you" with him still on top of me we embraced and kissed for the

longest time exchanging I love you' s back and forth one more time. As we did this he

made me promise not to tell anybody of this special night we spent together and told

me this would never happen again, and to always remember this night fondly as it was

a beautiful moment between two people who loved each other very much.

This was ten years ago and to this day I have never told anyone of that nigh until now of

course and still think back to that night as being very special.


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3 years ago
true love as it can be
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great story
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I also fucked hot
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yes another great story so hot!