I had always wanted to know what it would be like to have a sexual eperience with a woman.
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I was feeling excited at the thought of touching and being touched by a woman for the first time. I had been looking forward to this so much and it turned me on knowing we were going to be watched by my partner. I wanted him to see me being touched in an intimate way by a woman. It was not just any woman either. Emma was one of my closest friends. We had both been curious about what it would be like to have a woman touch us and it was her who suggested she would like to be touched by me and not a total stranger. I was touched by this and told her the feeling was mutual. I wanted to know how it would feel to have her hands on my bare skin and relax in each other's company whilst doing it.

After having showered, I started to get dressed. Wearing black bra and knickers, a soft red dress and black stockings, I felt turned on as I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing the outline of my ample breasts, lifting my dress slightly to check my stockings. I love wearing pretty, feminine underwear and the lace tops on my stockings felt so good, wrapped around my thighs. As I looked in the mirror, I glanced at how the stockings looked against the top of my thigh and could see the delicate, black material of my knickers enveloping my pussy. I started to let my mind wander and pulled the material to one side with two fingers. It felt warm, and had obviously turned myself on, as I could feel the creamy liquid as I slid my finger further, teasing my clit with one finger, as I stared at myself in the mirror. I was becoming so aroused, seeing my own finger tease myself in this way and started to moan with pleasure as I worked my fingers harder and faster inside my silky, warm hole. With my other hand, I started to unzip the front of my dress and cupped one breast, squeezing it, circling my nipple as I teased my clit, which was now becoming very hard indeed. With my finger, I flicked it gently over my clit, moaning as I could feel the tension become too much. I wanted to watch myself in the mirror as I reached an orgasm.

Sitting on a chair opposite the mirror, I continued to enjoy my body. Spreading my legs wide, and leaving my dress unzipped, I inserted my finger back into my pussy, fingering myself gently, sliding the finger over my warm, hard clit. Breathing heavily and at an increased pace, I could feel myself open wider and become so wet. My finger was covered in smooth, silky liquid as I moved it faster. Grabbing my breast harder and looking at the image before me, I could not hold back any longer and looked at myself as I moaned louder as I made myself come. Moving my hips with each movement of my finger, I could see how erect my nipples had become and this alone turned me on no end. I rubbed harder across my clit as I enjoyed feeling a wave of ecstasy and warmth take over my body. My body trembled as the orgasm went on for what seemed liked hours, rather than a couple of minutes. It was so nice seeing myself come.

Once I had got myself ready again, I left the bedroom, and prepared myself for Emma's arrival. There was no plan to the evening. We had not arranged to do anything other than have a meal, watch a movie and spend some time together. We had never discussed what we wanted to do to each other.

A knock on the door, indicated Emma had arrived. Dressed in a skirt and top, she looked really nice and had her blonde hair tied back. I told her she looked lovely and she returned the compliment, saying she liked my dress very much and had found my long dark hair to be quite sexy. All thoughts about the meal and film had gone to the back of my mind. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to make her have fantastic orgasms like I managed to always have and I wanted to see her have one.

Giving her a hug, I moved my face close to her hair and kissed her gently and whispered in her ear how much she turned me on. Emma responded by touching my hair and kissing me on the lips. It felt so strange to be kissed in this way by a woman. It was the first, passionate kiss I had ever had with a female and it turned me on so much. I could feel my nipples become very hard against her and the softness of her lips against mine felt so nice. We kissed for a while, before moving each other's hands across our bodies. Again, it felt so nice to feel all of Emma's curves and as I moved my hands over her breasts, I could not fail to notice how erect her nipples felt under the white top she had on. The material stretched so much over them and I could hear her moan slightly as we continued kissing and touching one another.

Smiling at one another, I told her how nice it was to kiss her and said it felt so different to how my partner kissed me. She also agreed with me saying this. I was starting to feel so excited at how Emma would respond to my touch in bed. I wanted it to be special for both of us and since Emma was one of my best female friends, I could think of no other woman I would rather share this experience with. She was loving, caring, intelligent and sexy.

Holding her hand, we walked up the stairs towards the bedroom. This was a room she was already very familiar with, since we had spent many happy times trying on clothes and getting ready for a night out. Walking over to the bed, I sat down at the edge and held my hand out to Emma, hoping she would hold it and join me. As her hand fell into mine, she smiled at me and walked over to where I was, standing in front of me, removing the tie in her hair and shaking her long blonde hair loose. It looked so nice as it fell down and around her face.

Standing up, I stood in front of her and started planting light kisses across her cheek, lips, before moving towards her neck. We pulled each others hair to one side as we took it in turns to kiss the side of each of our necks. I moaned with pleasure as Emma ran her soft, wet tongue down the side of my neck and then kissing me tenderly all the way down toward my bust. I started to lift her top off, pulling it over her long hair, noticing the white lace bra she was wearing. I could see the hardness of her nipples poking through the material. Her breasts were slightly smaller than mine, but looked so nice. I wanted to see them out of the bra, so I slowly unhooked the bra whilst looking at her in the face. We both said nothing, only touched as I allowed the bra to fall to the floor and let my hands explore both breasts before me. They felt so soft and smooth. I was feeling myself become so wet, knowing I could see she was turned on by my touch. The hardness of her nipples was unreal.

Emma started to unzip my dress, stroking my face and hair before doing it. I allowed my hands to fall to my sides as she unzipped it all the way and removed it. Standing in just my stockings and underwear, she looked at all of me and with one finger, touched both of my breasts, running the finger over my nipples. I trembled as she fingered the top of my black bra and squeezed both nipples gently. They were still very hard and erect. I looked at her as she also removed my bra, sliding the straps down my shoulders, kissing my shoulders as she unclasped the back of it. With nothing covering my large breasts, Emma stood looking at them, stroking them as I looking back at her.

Removing her skirt, I could see she had matching white knickers on and cream stockings. She could already see I had black knickers and stockings on and asked me to remove my lace knickers, so she could see my pussy for the first time. I obliged and asked her to do the same. As we stood looking at each other, I could see what she had to offer in front of me, but catching a glance of her back view in the mirror, I noticed her soft looking bum and cream stocking legs. At the front, I could see she waxed her pussy, leaving just one fine strip of light hair. It looked so appealing and I was desperate to touch her. She already knew I had all of my pussy waxed and no hair had been left behind. I wanted to feel her hands against my smoothness.

Standing in just stockings, we kissed each other all other, before moving on to the bed. Lying down, I relaxed myself and let my legs spread open before Emma, so she could see what I was about to do in front of her. With one hand, I moved it over my breasts and with the other, I moved it towards my warm, wet, hairless pussy. Moaning with pleasure, I stroked myself with two fingers, running them through the wet silkiness inside me. Looking at Emma, I continued doing this and invited her to sit and watch me play with myself. I looked directly at her as I allowed my legs to fall apart wider, stroking my clit before stroking the outer area, feeling how smooth my pussy felt. It felt so good having no hair down there and turned me on more. I was also enjoying having Emma watch me.

Moving one finger faster inside me, I moved my hips at the smae time, as I became more aroused, asking Emma if she liked seeing me stroke my wet pussy. She replied she was enjoying it very much and asked if she could touch me too. Using one finger, she examined me gently and was turned on by how smooth I was. She said she had never waxed all of her hair off her pussy before and said it felt so good. My pussy was starting to become full of warm, slippery liquid, as her finger explored me further, pushing itself further into me, sliding itself over my hard clit. As I moaned louder, I insisted she stroke me harder and faster as I was enjoying it so much. Emma started to do this but, wanted to taste my warm liquid too.

Moving her head between my legs, she licked me gently, using her tongue over my clit, before licking me harder and harder. I could feel how soft and warm her tongue felt against me and it felt so nice. Having her go down on me seemed different to how I was used to a man doing it. She seemed to be more gentle and knew exactly how much pressure to give. I clutched at the duvet and raised my hips slightly as she continued grabbing my thighs with her hands and licking me. I moaned so loud with pleasure as I felt her stroke my clit several times with her tongue and it almost seemed too much for me as she gently used one finger on my clit, whilst licking all of my pussy and planting kisses around the outside. I trembled as she looked up at me and licked me faster, forcing me to breath harder and heavier. Moving my head side to side, I felt myself almost close to coming as she flicked her tongue across me, nibbling my clit in between. I had my legs fully spread for her and wanted her to carry on licking me, but instead, she stopped and planted kisses all over my stomach and breasts before moving to kiss me on the lips. As we kissed, I could taste myself and using my tongue in her moth, I wanted to taste more. she had licked me clean, but I knew it would not be long before I would have so much warm liquid inside me again, as I was turned on by everything we were doing. It felt so good to be touched by her.

Grabbing her hips, I asked her to straddle over my face, so I could taste her and gently licked her. Since she was sitting away from me, I could feel one of her fingers inside me, sliding back and forth, as I used my tongue in her. She tasted so nice and was pretty wet. I concentrated on her clit and flicked my warm tongue side to side, before inserting one finger deep inside her. She moaned as I pushed it higher inside her and licked with my tongue at the same time. I could feel her hips moving over my finger as she became aroused. As she fingered me, I opened my legs wide, allowing her to tease me. This also made me lick her harder and faster as she fingered me faster. Reaching orgasm, I moaned whilst licking her and seconds later, Emma started to come herself. I licked her pussy clean as she came in my mouth. It was so nice.

To her surprise, as Emma looked up, she noticed my partner standing at the bottom of the bed. As she climbed off me, I also saw the male figure and asked him how long he had been there. He replied he saw Emma and I lick each other and really enjoyed it. He asked if he could watch for a bit longer. Both Emma and I wanted him to. So, as he sat on a chair, Emma and I started to finger each other slowly and kiss. As I moved my finger inside her, I kissed her breasts and sucked on each erect nipple, before licking them both. She did the same to me, licking and biting my large breasts, teasing my hard nipples with her tongue. Every so often, I would glance at my partner, looking at him to see if he was enjoying it. His eyes were fixed on us and I could see he was aroused as he got his cock out and started moving his hand over it. Both Emma and I moaned with pleasure as we reached an orgasm together. I felt her tremble over my finger as she came. I had a wonderful orgasm as she continued stroking me. Hugging each other afterwards, we kissed and held each other close, so that our breasts were touching. I was still feeling so horny and wanted to experience another orgasm with her.

As I moved on all fours, I positioned my pussy over her mouth and moved my mouth over her wet pussy to lick her again. Since I was closest to where my partner was sitting, I looked at him and maintained eye contact as I slid my tongue all over her pussy and buried it inside to taste her. I could feel her lick me loads as I continued using my tongue. Gently swaying back and forth over her mouth, I felt her hands grab hold tightly around my thighs, pulling me towards her. Using two of my fingers, I pulled her pussy lips apart and licked up and down, before keeping my hands on her inner thighs. She felt so warm and silky. The male figure before me was wanking himself slowly, looking at me as I continued to lick Emma. It turned me on so much to know he was enjoying this as much as I was. He had known for a while that I had been curious to know what it was like to lick a woman. Seeing Emma and I enjoying ourselves so much must have been nice for him. However, he was not allowed to join in. This was strictly a moment for Emma and I and as we reached a fantastic orgasm together, I was so pleased I had such an intimate experience with Emma.

I started to think what it would be like to have my partner go down on me whilst Emma watched. I started to imagine his tongue inside me, licking and teasing me as he gave me full attention and caressed my breasts and nipples with his hands. Maybe, this could still happen.
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