My good friend's wife

I was going to Japan that night but it is what happened during the day that I will never forget. She was my best friend's wife. Slim, 5'7" tall, small breasts with really long nipples, great arse which you would die for , long legs and long black hair which when lose covered her bums.

She used to tease me and I her... I have always noticed that my cock and her nipples gave both of us away . Mine would form a tent in my track suit and her nipples would project even if she was wearing a bra... always the lace type.

She was my best friend's wife and she had the hots for me and me for her! Her husband and my wife never came into the picture... it was just her and me!

I was going to Japan and when I reached home early from office I was informed that her son was stuck in school as the school bus had broken down. She asked my wife if I could take her to school to bring back her son.... so there I was in the car with her by my side heading for school.

She wore a white thin top with a jacket which she removed as it was hot day as soon as she got into the car. I noticed that the first few buttons of the top were unbuttoned exposing good cleavage. She wore a black skirt which just wrapped around her arse which always gave me a constant hard on!

She got into the car next to me as I was driving. She complained about the heat and unbuttoned a few more buttons on her top. The result was immediate- I could see her nipples which were erect - almost an inch long and pushing out of the top she wore. She was aroused there was no doubt. Almost the whole breast and nipple were visible. She bent down a few times to adjust her shoes and when she did that her tits were clearly visible. My raging hardon- I am told that I have a big one - was almost bursting through my pants.

Every now and then while talking to me and when I was looking at her she would look at my hard on and the big bulge in my pants. Initially I pretended not to look down her blouse but then when I saw her making it obvious about my hard on I decided to let her know that I was looking at her tits. So when she spoke to me I would look at her tits which were almost out of her blouse... they were small but well formed with these long nipples... just ideal for sucking! Thats all I had on my mind.

Somehow I managed to drive to school. From the main gate the school is almost 5 kms inside and the road is flanked by trees and shrubbery. There are a few lanes which branch off from the main road. I was driving slowly and she was so hot that once or twice put her hand under her tits and lifted them for me as if she was scratching the underside of her tits. This literally caused them to bounce and jiggle. I could not control it anymore and one hand left the steering wheel to adjust my cock which was crying to be released. Seeing this she had a smile and a distant look on her face... I reached out and feeling the cloth of her top complemented on her top... while doing this my hand inadvertently brushed her tit... actually her nipple which was projecting out. She said with a smile that she was glad that I liked her top.

We reached school she quickly wore her jacket and put on two buttons in front. This closed the view of her tits and nipple. She said she would search for her son and got out of the car. Rolling her back for me she went away ... but she looked back and found my eyes riveted on her bum. She shook her finger at me and disappeared from view.

She was back after 10 mins to tell me that her son had left with friends and so saying she removed her jacket and got back into the car... my raging hard on had not subsided! She looked at it and with a satisfied grin said 'lets go". By then it was getting a bit dark but you could still drive without lights. Again the topic of her top came up and I reached forward to feel the cloth once again. This time I became bolder and actually touched her tits.She made no attempt to remove my hand so I kept it there feeling her tit and that long nipple. I drove the car into a isolated lane and stopped it. Not a word was exchanged. My hand was still feeling her tit. I took her hand and put it on my cock. She squeezed. She looked far away as if she already had an orgasm.

I reclined the seats so that both of us were almost horizontal. She was holding my cock through my pants. I opened the zip and took him out and offered him to her. Thats when she went berserk. She said take me please... I held her face and passionately kissed her hard. Her tongue and mine interlocked, sucked and kissed.

Our hands were busy. She had my cock in her hand and started the up and down motion. I took her tits to my mouth and sucked those long nipples... she kept telling me to take mummy's milk.... We got out of the car and I put her face down on the bonnet, lifted her skirt.... her panties were a mess and her snatch was wet wet wet!

I pulled the panty down and buried my face in her from the back.... kissing her arse and spanking it... she was loudly asking me to fuck her by now ! I took my prick in my hand rubbed it on her cunt lips and she reached back and guided me in .

I rammed her with my 10" and she cried in lust saying that she was never ever taken like this. Her husband is small it seems! I was now lying on her so I reached in front and squeezed her tits and tugged on her nipples hard... she wanted that again and I realized that her nipples were super sensitive. We both came together and she turned around and thanked me ... tears in her eyes... saying that she loved it and she was mine always whenever I wanted her!
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great as always
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very good & hot
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Great story
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Ohhh, so fuckin' HOT. Thanks.