May I Mother,? (Part II)

There wasn’t much hesitation in calling Cindy. Only in my wildest dreams did I ever

think this would actually happen. Could she be serious? There was this big “what if”

going on in my mind about this being a set-up. I mean, after all, I am dating her

daughter and she could be setting this up to see where I morally stand with our

relationship status. Even if she were to pull such a stunt, she would be just as guilty as I

am, right? She could play it off as “playing along to see how far he’d go”. What I

needed was black mail. I needed something along the lines of an insurance policy just

in case this opportunity turned sideways.

Cindy and I rarely spoke on the phone as it was far too dangerous. Not that chatting

online was better, but at least we didn’t run the risk of someone listening in on our

conversation. Besides, saved chat logs on a flash drive was the insurance policy I was

looking for.

Over the next few months, Cindy and I chatted on a daily basis and each day brought

something new. It got to the point where she had to bring an extra pair of panties to

work as she would soak right through the first ones before lunch. We discussed

everything from oral sex to doing it in public, to swallow or not to swallow, if she would

let me give her the shocker or not, and different positions. This woman was willing to

do whatever the hell I wanted and I was getting tired of talking about it. Finally, I had

decided to take a trip home to “visit Sheryl” even though my true intentions were much

more disturbing.

I made the drive to Sheryl’s and was excited to see her. As bad as it sounds, the odds

of getting laid this weekend were heavily in my favor but it was a 50/50 chance of who

it was going to be with – Cindy or Sheryl? In all honesty, it was a little unnerving to see

Cindy for the first time since the hours and hours of chatting had began. Every

conversation and fantasy raced to my head when I saw her – both heads. I couldn’t

help but imagine her lying in the bathtub with her waterproof red vibrator named after

me while sliding in and out of her warm pussy as she closed her eyes and begged for

it to really be my cock that’s inside of her.

“Hey baby,” Sheryl said as she ran up and hugged me. Oh. Shit. Reality just set in. I’m

hugging Sheryl and looking at her mother that’s standing behind her as if it’s mating

season and I’m just a buck on the prowl. “This is going to be an interesting weekend” I

thought to myself.

I got my bags unpacked and got settled in for a weekend of fun with old friends. There

were plans made to go out on the town or just invite everyone over for a bonfire and

some cold beers and I opted for the latter. Sooner than later, there was 15 or so of

some old faces that I hadn’t seen in some time. It was good to catch up with old friends

and tell funny old stories. I knew Cindy was inside and it only took about 6 beers to

build the courage to go face her alone. She had been inside the entire night watching

a movie as the rest of us “k**dos” were outside carrying away. I knew I’d be able to get

a few minutes alone with her before someone came looking for me.

I walked inside and sure enough, Cindy was curled up on the couch watching a movie

on the Lifetime® channel. I sat down on the couch directly in front of her line of sight to

the television and smiled. I ran my hand up her leg on the outside of the blanket and

just paused – I waited for her to say something but there was just this moment of

silence. It was if she knew exactly what I was looking for and she was more than willing

to accept my silent proposal. She slid her warm hand up the inside of my leg and

wrapped her fingers around my fully erected member. The Nike® shorts I was wearing

gave her pretty simple access to such areas. She smiles at me and says, “it’s fatter

than I expected and I’m going to enjoy wrapping my lips around it to milk your sack

dry.” Never in my life has anyone ever talked so erotic to me. With a few pumps I came

instantly in my shorts – loads after loads after loads. She smiled and withdrew her

hand and licked it clean of all the warm stickiness. She leans up and bites my ear and

says, “it’s not the right time, go get cleaned up before someone notices.”.

My body was drained. I ran to the bedroom, dropped my shorts, and found some jeans

to put on so I could use the “I got cold” excuse as my reason for changing. As I came

walking back out, Cindy was gone, the TV was off, and I assumed she retired to bed

for the evening. I went back out and sat by the fire and my mind kept racing back to

five minutes ago. Right then and there is when I first realized that during an orgasm,

absolutely nothing goes through your mind. It was so fucking erotic that I didn’t know

what to do with myself. I was getting hard just thinking about it! It was the kind of

orgasm that makes your body goes tense, your toes curl, and every thought flees your

mind as your body and soul just explodes with an unexplainable feeling. I don’t think

there is a verb in the English language that could accurately describe the sensation,

but un-fucking-believable comes to mind.

Sheryl and I later called it a night and retired to the bedroom. She was soaking wet

and ready to jump my bones the instant we closed the door. This was out of character

for her. Normally, she was kind of passive when it came to sex. It’s not that she didn’t

want it, but she was more of a conservative girl. You would never find her riding my

cock with the seat back while driving down the interstate with the truck on cruise

control. That’s another story. Anyhow, the only thing I could chalk it up to was the scent I

was giving off after just having the best orgasm known to mankind. I don’t think Sheryl

had ever been fucked before, literally, and I was trying to think about Cindy but all I

could focus on was Sheryl screaming “Ohhhhh myyyy fuckinnnng Goddddd” over and

over. I was fucking her so hard that my sack was slapping against her clit and her tits

were bouncing all over the place – (laughing in my head – good memories). It was

always the slow, sexy, love making sessions that she enjoyed. I didn’t give her the

option this time. It was face down, ass up, as I plowed in to Sheryl like a wild b**st on

a****l Planet® with Mike Rowe as the commentator.

The weekend came to an end and it was time to return back to campus on Sunday

night. I said my goodbye’s to everyone before I headed out of town. Sheryl was sad to

see me go but it was a feeling we were both used to after being in a distance

relationship for quite some time. Oddly, though, Cindy was glad to see me go. I didn’t

understand it until I got back to school and found an instant message waiting for me on

my computer. The message was dated Sunday morning at 1:43am. She wrote me the

message while listening to Sheryl and I fuck each other’s brains out. “Scott, I’m sitting

here listening to you and Sheryl and all I can think about is how badly I want you inside

me. It’s very dangerous for us to be around each other and I think it’s best if we try to

avoid being alone – I hope you understand. I’m sorry.”

I sat there in shock. “What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened.”

I hadn’t even unpacked yet and shit already hit the fan. How could this be? What did I

say or do? I was dying to talk to Cindy to try and save this. After all the chats, secret

phone calls, fantasies, and minutes of ecstasy this past weekend, I wasn’t about to let

this one just walk away. It wasn’t that I felt Cindy owed me anything, but I felt the need

to conquer her. She was the forbidden fruit…

I waited until Monday to instant message her so I could catch her at work and we could

talk in private at length. Monday came and went and Cindy never signed on. Tuesday

came, then Wednesday, and finally Friday and she finally signed on. It was late in the

evening and everyone in her house had probably already gone to bed. In consideration

of the time, I knew Cindy must have had a few drinks in her and that’s why she signed

on. Being a college k** and its Friday night, she wasn’t expecting me to be home. She

thought she was just going to sign and on and read all the messages I had left her –

which was none.

“Hey Cindy,” I said.

“Scott, how are you?” she replied coldly.

“Good…so, is everything okay? I haven’t heard from you all week! The last I heard

from you is your message I had on my chat when I got home Sunday,” I replied.

“I know. And I’ve been avoiding you because I don’t know how to act around you. I just

think it’s best as I don’t want to get anyone hurt. Listen, I signed on because I wanted

to invite you to the beach house this weekend and I know Sheryl would love it if you

came. Maybe we can find some time to talk too so things don’t get awkward.” Cindy


“I understand completely, Cindy. I know it’s a big risk and things could get really ugly if

people were to find out. No hard feelings, okay? I would love to come to the beach

house tomorrow. Count me in! I’ll call Sheryl and let her know I’m coming.”

I pulled up to the beach house early the next morning as I was excited to see everyone

again. Very rarely did Sheryl and I get two weekends in a row. Being there was a lot of

fun. There were 4-wheelers, jet skis, great food, and relaxing on the beach drinking

plenty of cold beer. As the day went on, things were fine and Cindy and I got along. I

had kind of let everything go to help keep my mind of things to prevent any awkward

moments. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it was a smart decision for either of

us considering who my girlfriend is.

That night we returned to the beach house and came up with this crazy idea of staying

up all night, drinking beer, and smoking a brisket on the BBQ pit. I know it sounds like

a good idea, but after being in the sun all day, swimming, and already having

consumed double digit counts of beer, we were already in a losing battle. (For those of

you that don’t know, smoking a brisket on the BBQ pit is a low heat and very slow

method. Usually, smoking a brisket takes about an hour a pound so this could very well

be a 12 hour cooking event.) Moving on. The idea was to start the brisket late at night

and let it cook through until the next morning where it could be served for lunch. By

2am, the “cooking team” had all passed out except me. Looking around, it was pretty

peaceful. The full moon, no noise except the tide rolling in, and myself was all that was

around. I’ll admit, I was pretty trashed but I still had my wits about me. I sat in peace for

a little while and pondered random thoughts in my head and…bingo. This was it. This

was the moment of all moments. It’s quiet, it’s dark, and there isn’t a soul that’s

coherent for miles. “Let’s go wake up Cindy.”

When you walk in the master bedroom of the beach house, the bed is right next to the

door. With the way her husband snored, I knew it would be pretty safe leaning in and

subtly waking Cindy. I slowly walked through the house with all my focus on that

bedroom door. I leaned in, tapped her on the shoulder a few times until she leaned up

and looked at me. I waved for her in a follow me motion as my nerves starting going

crazy. I didn’t wait for her, but instead I started walking back through the house and

back outside to the deck below. If she shows up, then she knows exactly what my

intentions are. A few minutes go by and I see her walk out in her mid-thigh spaghetti

strap nightie. Her hair was a mess from sl**ping and she was half awake and I wasn’t

sure if she had caught her snap yet. She walked up to me and kissed me and said

“follow me”. Jackpot! This is it.

I followed her down another flight of stairs to the ground level where all the jet skis

where kept in the garage. She opened the door and pulled me in by my hand and told

me not to turn on the lights. With the full moon out, no lights were needed. She walked

around to the back of the Jet Ski trailer and climbed up while I quickly started removing

every piece of clothing on my body. I walked around to the back of the trailer and found

her lying face up on the Jet Ski with her white spaghetti strap nightie pulled over her

breasts. I froze. “Wow” I said. All I could think about is this older woman lying in front of

me with one little strip of hair coming from her clit and very perky nipples just begging

to be sucked.

She had her legs spread and hooked her legs around my ass and pulled me in close

to her. She leaned up, grabbed my cock, and guided me towards her throbbing wet

pussy as she leaned in and kissed me. Lube? No fucking way. She was so drenched

that you could see her juices dripping down the side of the red Jet Ski seat. I can’t

remember ever being that hard before. My cock was literally one solid piece of pipe

that I was about to lay in her. The tip of my dick was pressed right against her lips and I

could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Her pussy was almost magnetic the way it

drew my cock in towards her!

Without any friction or hesitation, I slid all the way in to pure – 100 percent – ecstasy. It

was hotter and moister than any woman I’ve ever experienced before. I could barely

function. It was a natural reaction to start sliding in and out. I felt so primal – like a

fucking cave man taking my woman and having my way with her. She also had

something I had never experienced before – muscles. With each stroke as I slid out,

she would squeeze her pussy and choke my cock. She could make her pussy so

freaking tight it was incredible. We never said a word to each other. It was all body

language and feeling. What seemed like days was probably only fifteen minutes. I

fought urge after urge to pull out and cum all over her because I wanted it to last

forever. Another new experience – her head jolts back, hands pulling the hair on the

back of my head, and her legs tightened around my waist as her pussy soaked us with

cum. I had heard about this before but never did I think I would experience it. She’s a

squirter. It was everywhere and I fucking loved it.

We were both drenched in her cum and it was erotically hot. I couldn’t help but taste it. I

continued slowly sliding in and out and now that she came everywhere, it made the

vinyl seat very slippery; thus allowing me to move easier. I reached down and rubbed

her clit with my thumb and within minutes she came again. This time it wasn’t an

explosion, but it was all over my hand. I licked her cum off my fingers one at a time just

as she did to me after our experience on the couch the previous weekend. Her body

was shaking, almost uncontrollably, and she leans up and demands me to fill her full of

cum. I lunged forward trying to reach her deepest darkest spots of her womb as my

legs straightened, toes curled, and head back – I unleashed every ounce of cum I had

in my body into her. It was the first time I had ever came in a woman and it seemed to

just go on and on. Finally, I collapsed on top of her as we both tried to balance on top

of a cum soaked slippery Jet Ski seat. As soon as euphoria ended, we both jumped

up and snuck to the ocean to rinse off. The both of us had to get in bed with our

significant other and the last thing we should do was get in bed smelling like fresh cum

and raunchy sex.

We rinsed off in the ocean and dried off, returning to our original clothing. The smell of

burning pecan wood filled my clothes from smoking the brisket which helped cover the

smell of sex. Cindy and I sensually kissed before returning to the deck. She looked me

deep in my eyes and said “you’re everything I could imagine and more – you’re the

first person to ever make me do that…you know…cum everywhere thing.” I smiled,

kissed her on her forehead, and told her “it was the hottest fucking sex I’ve ever had, or

will have, and you’re un-fucking-believable”. Cindy returned to her snoring husband

and I sat outside on the deck to finish the brisket to drink a celebration beer of my

recent conquered conquest and to reflect on the most amazing experience I’ve ever


I returned to school the following day and went on with life as if nothing had ever

happened. Until this day, that night remains unknown to anyone else except Cindy and

me. It’s our little moment on earth that will never be truly shared with anyone else. I

don’t think it would be as erotic as the first time and therefore have moved on. To

recreate that passion and excitement would be very difficult to do again successfully,

and Cindy agrees. We both have moved on in to different times in our lives and do not

remain in contact. As for Sheryl, that chapter, too, came to an end but not for quite

some time after that special night. Looking back, it was very dangerous with the risk of

damaging families and lives to the point of beyond repair, but if I had to do it all over

again, I would. I believe an experience like that passes you only once in a lifetime and,

in that quick window of opportunity, you must capture it. It’s not meant to be forever, it’s

not meant to grow relationships with, but more so, it’s an experience that every person,

man and woman, must experience in this life.

Thank you all for taking the time to share this experience with me and I certainly wish

each and every one of you the best.

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