My best friend's mom needs a massage

My best friend Tony and I grew up next door. We have been best friends since the first

grade. Tony and I are both 19 now. My mom and dad divorced when I was very young

and I lived with my dad. Growing up without a mom was hard.

Tony’s mom, Mrs. C. always insisted I call her mom, I think she felt sorry for me and

tried to be the surrogate mom that I didn’t have since my own mom remarried and

moved out of the country.

I was over Tony’s house every day since my dad worked long hours. Mrs. C. didn’t

mind since Tony was an only c***d she liked having me over keeping him company.

Growing up next to Tony I got to see a lot of Mrs. C. and let me tell you she aged well.

She must be around 42 or 43 years old now. She is not what you call beautiful like a

Model but she is very attractive with lots of curves.

Mrs. C. is about 5 foot 9 long brown hair, if I had to guess I would think she weighed

about 150 pounds. Big beautiful butt and large pendulous breasts.

Mrs. C. and Mr. C owned a pool, so Tony and I spent many a days swimming back

there. Mr. C. traveled a lot that left Mrs. C., Tony and I alone. Mrs. C. would often come

out by the pool and join us, she usually just sunbathed. She always wore a bikini that

barely held in her large breasts.

I always had to stay in the pool longer to let my hard on subside. Whenever Tony went

inside to go to the bathroom or get a drink I took the opportunity to steal glances at the

bathing beauty.

Whenever Mrs. C. got out of the pool she would wrap a towel around her mid section

but left her bikini top uncovered, she would often come out by the pool and hand us

sandwiches and a drink. I always loved stealing a look at her breasts when she bent

over to hand us the food.

I would always be very polite of course and thank her “thanks mom you make the best

sandwiches” “

“Your welcome Mike, now Tony why can’t you bee more like Mike and be so well


Which Tony would always give me an angry look for making him look bad

As the years went by Mrs. C always occupied my fantasies, finally the year arrived

when Tony and I graduated from High School. Tony went off to college out of state, but

my dad couldn’t afford college, so I went from job to job.

I always took the opportunity to visit Tony whenever he was down for the summer; I

would hang out every day at his house, what Tony didn’t know was that now I was

hanging out with him just to be near Mrs. C. I missed being around her.

Anyway I went over to see Tony one day, and Mrs. C answered the door. “Hi mom is

Tony home”

“Come in mike, no Tony left for school this morning” Of course I knew that I just wanted

to be around her so I pretended like I didn’t know”

“Oh man, I thought he was leaving tomorrow Oh well I guess I better go”

“Don’t be silly Mike come on in, are you hungry? I can make you a sandwich”

“That sounds great, mom do you have any ham”

“Sure honey, here sit down”

I sat down and watched Mrs. C. make the sandwich; she was wearing a nice

sundress. Whenever she walked by the back door leading out to the pool it became

rather see through, and you could make out her underwear and long beautiful legs.

“Here you go Mike enjoy”

“Thanks Mom”

“So tell me Mike what are you up to these days”

“Well I just started classes”

“What are you studying?”

“I am going to massage school”

“Really sounds like fun”

“Well I guess it can be, but I have no one to practice what I am learning”

“Don’t you have a nice girlfriend you can practice with?”

“No I am single right now Mom”

“Hmm I have an idea, it’s been a long time since I had a massage but how you

practice on me”

Oh my god, everything I had hoped for was coming true: “okay that would give me the

practice I need, when should we start”

“How about right now Mike, I have nothing to do” By now you must be wondering where

Mr. C. is, well he is in another state setting up a new branch, and he will be gone for

another month while he does that.

“Mike you have to do me one favor”

“Sure anything Mom”

“Keep this between us, I am not sure If Henry or Tony would understand”

“Okay Mom no problem”

I got up to leave and she said “Mike where are you going”

“I will be right back going to get my table and massage cream”

“Okay hurry back, I can feel the tension in my muscles” she smiled as I left the home.

I came back 5 minutes later and set up the table in the f****y room, put on soft music

and closed the curtains and lowered the lights.

She walked in and said “Oh my you really set the mood”

“Just following my instructions I learn in class Mom”

Mrs. C. was wearing a robe and said “okay now what”

I said “well why don’t you take off your robe and lie face down on the table”

Mrs. C. took off her robe; she was wearing her bikini underneath. She said “I hope this

is okay I wasn’t sure what to wear”

“That’s fine Mom I can, lie down on the table”

I was wearing track shorts and a muscle shirt. Oh I guess I should describe myself I am

about 6 foot 1 190 pounds of well toned muscle. I play a lot of sports so I ma in good

shape. Anyway I couldn’t help but stare at Moms beautiful ass>

“Mike is you ready”

“Oh yeah sorry I was ah looking for the cream”

I took some massage cream and rubbed my hands with it and I reached for Mom’s

neck and started rubbing it. She purred “hmm that feels good Mike”

I kept rubbing her shoulders working my way down her back, being careful to go over

her bikini strap, I then lifted my hands off and I applied more cream. I moved down to

her feet and gave her a long sensuous foot massage; she loved it as I rubbed her feet

and toes. She moaned as my fingers massaged in between her toes.

I then proceeded to slowly work my hands over her ankles, and I slowly separated her

legs slightly so I could massage the interior of her legs. As I separated her legs I

stared at her inner thighs mesmerized by her beauty.

My hands worked they were up past her claves and now my hands ever so slowly

massaged the exterior of her thighs, I could feel Mom’s melt right before my eyes as I

moved my hands massaging her inner thighs, she parted her legs slightly, and I could

see a wet spot forming on her panties.

She was getting real worked up as my hands moved closer to her pussy.

She abruptly got up and said “wow Mike I feel so refreshed I can’t wait for my next


“No problem Mom I can come back tomorrow if you like”

“Sure honey that sounds good”

I left with the biggest hard on, I hoped she hadn’t seen it, I immediately went home and

jerked off thinking about her, I came so hard my cum hit my chest.

Well these went on for about a week, every time I got close to her pussy, she would get

up and thank me for the wonderful massage, and I was getting rather frustrated

because I didn’t think anything would ever happen. Then one day I came up with a new


I said “mom I really appreciate you helping me out but I might have to find a new

person to practice with”

“But why”

“Well I am kind of embarrassed to tell you”

“Come mike spill the beans”

“Well you see when I go to class the instructor tells us that when we do massages in

the real world, people are usually nude and covered by a towel, it makes it easier to

massage the body that way, and I didn’t want to embarrass you by telling you that”

Mike, don’t be silly, I can lay on a table nude we just have to make sure I have a big

towel to cover me, that’s all”

“Are you sure MOM I don’t want you felling awkward”

“No problem, honey, if that is how it is done, that is how we will do it, besides I am

really hooked on these massages now”

“Okay then why don’t I give you a little privacy, and come back into the room when

you’re on the table all covered up”

“Okay darling, I will call you when I am ready”

I couldn’t believe it worked, I heard mom calling me so I stepped back into the room.

“Are you ready?”

“Do your magic”

I could see mom lying on the table with the towel covering her back and ass. I put

some cream on my hands and lowered the towel to the top of her butt, and proceeded

to massage her back.

I said “wow this is a lot easier without the bikini straps in the way” “Well good now give

my back a good massage, you have no more excuses now” and she smiled as she

closed her eyes

I rubbed her back and let my fingers massage all the way to the bottom of her back,

very close to her butt. I lifted my hands and applied more cream and went to work on

her legs. Her legs looked beautiful as my fingers glided up her thighs, I had to stop and

pull her towel up higher so I could massage her further up.

As my hands massaged her inner thighs, she absentmindedly opened her legs to give

me better access, I was now massaging her inner thighs and I could look and see a

little bit of pubic hair which gave me an instant hard on.

I continued to massage her thighs and when I got to close she said “thanks Mike that

was wonderful, I will see you tomorrow” I gathered my things and left.

The next day I knocked on the door and she yelled for me to come in, she was already

lying on the table ready for me.

She said “Mike I think I strained my lower back today I want you to really massage my

lower back good”

“Okay mom”

So I applied the massage cream and went to work on her back, I continued

massaging her lower back but she said could I go a little lower because I was not

hitting the spot where the pain was. So my hands went even lower and I asked “is this

where it hurts”

“No lower” “Here” as my hands was almost near her butt”

“A little lower mike, you might have to put your hands under the towel to hit my spot”

So I let my hands glide under the towel right at the top of her butt crack.

“Yes there, that is where it hurts, can you rub that spot deeper”

so I started to rub the top of her butt and I made sure that when I rubbed it, my forearms

would lift the towel a little so I could see her butt crack, her butt looked delicious nice

and big and soft.

I was rubbing the top of her crack and I felt her slightly moving it. She was really

enjoying the massage. I let my fingers move down slightly more.

I was now massaging both sides of her cheeks and she wasn’t stopping me. I was

rubbing her ass all over and she was squirming under my touch, I made sure to pull the

towel slightly and the weight made it fall to the floor, but instead of reacting she let me

continue rubbing her butt, I was now staring at what had consumed my fantasies since


I couldn’t believe my hands were all over her ass and she loved it. I got a little bolder

and let my fingers glide over her small pink hole and barely touch it.

She gasped but didn’t move, Now I knew I had her, I got bolder and let my fingers

invade her crack was massaging in between them and I continued my downward

movement till I hit her pubic hairs.

They were all soggy, I let my pinky glide over one of her lips, and she gasped again. I

moved my fingers further down and was now rubbing her pussy, she was extremely


I looked up at her and her eyes were closed tight. I let my forefinger enter her pussy

and she reacted by pushing her butt down on my hand, she wanted me deeper, soon I

was driving my hand deep into her pussy and soon thereafter she had a mind blowing


She then got very embarrassed and got up picked up the towel and said “Oh my god

what have I done, Mike please go”

I left and went home and jacked off till I exploded.

I tried to call her the next day but she wouldn’t answer the phone, I finally went over and

said “Mom please let me in I am sorry”

“she opened the door and let me in and said “mike it is not your fault I shouldn’t have

let it go this far, but it felt so good and it has been so long that I was weak and couldn’t

resist your advances, but we must never let it happen again, if Henry or Tony ever

found out I couldn’t bare it”

Mom don’t worry they will never know, and I promise not to get carried away again”:

“Okay Mike comes back tomorrow and we will try it again”

I came back the next day and I noticed she had a bigger towel covering her up. I

started to massage her but I was more careful where my fingers went, she finally said

“mike I didn’t mean for you to all nervous just relax and massage like you always have”

“Okay mom just let me know if I go too far”

“Don’t worry son go ahead”

Wow that was the first time she referred to me as her son, I mean I always call her

Mom but she always called me Mike, maybe it was nothing but it sure got me hotter.

I started to rub her lower back and she whispered “lower son”

Damn she said it again

I rubbed lower until I was rubbing the top of her crack again she whispered “lower”

I was now massaging her ass again and I took of her towel so I could admire her

beauty. She opened her legs wider and I started to massage her inner thighs and

started rubbing her pussy again.

This time she really got into it and let me know “hhmmm son deeper honey”

I couldn’t stand it anymore I bent over and licked the top of her butt, and moaned even

louder, pretty soon I was licking down her crack as I spread her legs wide open and

licked all the juices flowing from her pussy. I couldn’t lick her pussy well enough so I

told her to flip over, and she obliged, I dove for her pussy and let my tongue lick all

around it.

As I licked her pussy I let my hands glide up her stomach to the top of her breasts. Her

breasts were beautiful, large and pendulous with large brown nipples. I let my hands

roam all over her breasts.

I massaged them as I continued licking her pussy, she kept gyrating her hip as I ate

her pussy, I started to blow on her clit and she loved it, then I licked it all around before

taking it in my mouth and sucking it gently, she was getting real close to Cumming and

I pulled my face away.

She begged “Oh son don’t stop now”

I took of my shirt, pull down my shorts and took of my boxers revealing my hard 8 inch

cock, she looked at me with wild eyes and watched me get on the table and I took at

hold of my cock and aimed it at her pussy, I put it right on her pussy lips and teased

her with my head.

She begged “please Mike put it in”

I said “tell me how much you want it mom and call me son”

“Oh please honey put it in” “Beg me mom tell me how much you want it”

“Oh son I want you, I want to fuck your mommy please Fuck me baby”

With that I slipped the head in and she gasped as I drove it further in she kept begging

me “hmm deeper son fuck your mommy with your big cock”

I drove my cock deep inside her pussy she wrapped her legs around my butt to drive it

deeper, as I fucked her I kept saying “does mommy like being fucked by her son”

And she screamed back “oh yes yes I love my son’s cock fucking me”

I loved watching my cock enter her pussy, I loved watching how her pussy devoured my

cock, finally I heard her start to cum which sent me over the edge and I exploded inside

her pussy. I kept fucking her slowly now as I came inside of her.

She kept rubbing my butt as I did. Finally I started to get up, but she held my butt and

said “not yet honey I love the feel of your big cock inside me. I sated a few minutes

longer and I got up.

She got up also but took me by my hand and led me to her marital bed. She sat on the

bed and pulled me to her and grabbed my cock and licked the head and purred “let

mommy clean your cock for you”

She gently licked my cock up the entire length and let my head slowly enter her mouth,

she sucked my head in deep into her mouth, and I could feel her tongue swirling

around my cock as she sucked it.

She soon got me hard again, and I grabbed her head and started to face fuck her and

shouted “suck my cock mommy I want to swallow your son’s cum”

She sucked me deeper and faster as I face fucked her soon I felt my knees weaken

and I exploded inside her mouth, she was a trooper she swallowed most of it but a lilt

ran leaked out the side of her mouth, she stood up grabbed my face and frenched

kissed me, it was the most erotic thing. We were both sharing my cum.

She pushed me back on the bed and climbed up my body rubbing her pussy all over,

she finally made it to my face and rubbed it all over my face before grabbing the back

of my head and pushing it into her, she was bucking on my face.

I thought she was going to cum but she had other idea she lifted her self up above me

and lowered her pussy onto my cock, she lowered her pussy very slowly watching it

devour my cock inch by inch until our pubic bones met and she was impaled on my

cock, she rode my cock and lowered her breasts to my face and said “suck mommies


I licked those beautiful nipples all over; as she fucked me I massaged and licked her

breasts. She started to ride my cock really fast, bucking up and down on my cock

yelling “I’m Cumming baby cum with mommy”

When she said that I started to fuck her faster and we both exploded, I was trying to

drive my cum deep inside her pussy. I could feel her muscles contract, as she drained

every ounce of cum from my cock.

She fell exhausted on me and we both fell asl**p, with my cock buried in her pussy. I

woke up a few hours later and we were now sl**ping in the spoon position. Her back

to me, with me hugging her.

I got horny feeling her ass rub my cock, and I started to rub my cock all over her ass, I

reached over and grabbed the massage cream and rubbed it all over my cock and

started to toy with her but hole. She woke up and said “you naughty boy, is sonny trying

to fuck mommy in the ass”

“Yes I am”

And she purred “hmmmm”

I pushed my head just past her sphincter and I felt her ass open up as it devoured my

cock, I now had my head inside my mom’s ass and I loved it. She was pushing back

telling me not to move, that she wanted to ease me in. She took a deep breath and

pushed back till she had consumed half my cock. I gently pushed back and forth and

she pushed harder till I bottomed out. She said “fuck mommy baby. Fuck me hard”

I flipped over on top of her and drove my cock deep inside her letting my hips hit her

butt hard as I fucked her. I pulled her up to the doggy position, grabbed those soft

cheeks and pulled her back onto my cock she yelled “oh yes fuck me hard honey


I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could till I just exploded inside her ass. I fell on top

of her and we shifted so we were both on our sides again with my cock still buried in

her ass. I watched as she started to masturbate.

I played with her breasts and kissed her neck, she took on me of my hands and took it

down to her pussy, we both played with her pussy, my hand on top of her, I could feel

her giving her self pleasure and it was so erotic. I started to fuck her as again and she

soon came. I kept fucking her till I came again and we drifted off to sl**p again.

When I woke up she was coming into the room still naked but carrying a tray. “She

said good morning sl**py head, do you sl**p well”

“oh yes, but I ma not to tired to massage you again” I grinned as I said it”

She purred “oh baby I am going to fuck you every day till Henry comes home”

And that we did, we fucked every day till Henry came home and whenever Henry goes

on a trip I am at her doorstep 5 minutes later to fuck my mom

Hope you enjoyed it please give my any feedback and don’t forget to grade my story
96% (206/9)
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