before wedding day!

Step daughter shows daddy pent up love before wedding day.
I met Dawn when she was 7. A cute girl with big brown eyes and brown hair. Dawn's mom and I had just returned from a date. She was separated from Dawn's biological father and the divorce was nearly final. Dawn initially was guarded when she met me, and I can't say that I blame her. She didn't see her biological father much during the separation and the prospect of seeing him after the divorce was slim.

As time went on Dawn seemed to warm up to me and once she saw more of me, she actually enjoyed my company, and I hers. They lived in a small one-bedroom apartment and generally shared the bed, unless, of course, I stayed the night. Then Dawn slept on the sl**per sofa in the living room while her mom and I got busy in the bedroom. There was a time or two when I thought Dawn may have heard the noises coming from the bedroom, but I couldn't be sure.

As the months went on we all moved in together. I eventually married Dawn's mom and we were now a f****y. Dawn and I became good buddies and we played when we could. I helped her with homework and did all the things a step dad did. What made things dramatically easier is that Dawn's biological father never wanted to see her after the divorce. He didn't call, he didn't write nor did he return Dawn's messages. His lack of parenting caused Dawn to look to me as the father figure she lacked and she was soon calling me daddy, at her request.

Months turned into years...high school and then finally Dawn came home and announced her plan to marry her boyfriend. The house was abuzz for about a year as we made the wedding plan. During this period, Dawn seemed somewhat anxious about something but she never said what it was. Of course, I thought it was the excitment of the wedding, perhaps coupled with nervousness.

Dawn was 24 and had grown to be a beautiful young lady. She stood about 5'1" and weighed 105 pounds. Her big brown eyes seemed to only get bigger and her shoulder length brown hair was straight and shiny. She was always athletic so when I saw her in a bathing suit her body was toned and her stomach was flat. Her breasts where bouncy and pert and to be honest, it was hard to keep my eyes off of her some days.

About six weeks before the wedding, Dawn said she'd like to spend a father-daughter weekend at a popular resort destination that was about 90 miles from where we lived. I asked her why and she replied, "Because I'm getting married in a few weeks and I won't be able to spend alot of time with you afterward. I've spent almost the last year with mom making the wedding arrangements so now I want to spend time with you." She had a point. I rarely saw her since she started the wedding planning, although she became quite familiar with my bank account. We talked to her mom and she thought it was a great idea. So, we made reservations in a two bedroom suite. The next weekend, we were 90 miles away, poolside, drinking Mai Tais.

We were both happy to get away from the hectic year and we both were very relaxed, except Dawn still seemed anxious about something. The first night went off without a hitch. We came in from the pool, went out to a nice dinner and had a very nice chat about the wedding and what was to be. We retreated to our suite and we were both pretty tired and went right to our respective beds.

The next day started off as good as the first one ended. We had a terrific breakfast which included bl**dy Marys and Screwdrivers. Afterward, we returned to our suite to change into our bathing suits for another day of Mai Tais and sun. Dawn said she'd meet me at the pool so I went ahead and found an empty cabana. In this desert climate, it pays to find a location where you can escape to the shade when the sun gets too hot. But for now, I pulled the lounge chair out of the cabana and began the routine of the day. "Two Mai Tais, please!"

Dawn joined me about fifteen minutes later wearing the room robe. She stood next to me and said, "How do you like my new bathing suit?" She removed the robe and I was floored. She wore the skimpiest thong bikini I had ever seen. First I looked at her tits and there was such litte material covering them, not only was her cleavage exposed, but so were the sides of her tits. I saw the soft under curve of her breasts and her nipples were pushing at the material as if they wanted to rip through it. Her bottoms were just as skimpy. There was a small patch of material in front and it was clear that Dawn shaved her bikini area. In fact, she had to have shaven her entire pussy because any hair at all would have been noticeable. The thoughts in my mind must have been written on my face because without prompting Dawn said, "Full Brazilian wax." Not knowing what to say I said something totally stupid, "I thought it had to be something like that." DOH!!! Did I just admit to my stepdaughter that I was wondering about her waxed pubic region??? Jeez, how do I get out of that one? Well, Dawn changed the subject by saying ,"What do you think of the back?" She turned around and exposed her perfectly round and toned ass. The thong came right out of the top of her crack leaving nothing to the imagination. She may as well have been nude, I thought to myself. "That's one hell of a bathing suit, honey", I said. She turned toward me and said, " I want this weekend to be memorable for us." At that she sat down and began to drink her Mai Tai. I ordered two more.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of Dawn in her skimpy bathing suit. In fact, she was downright HOT! I wasn't the only one who noticed. Everyone at the pool took notice. A couple of vacationing overweight, pasty skinned, middle-aged ladies wearing their one piece bathing suits whispered amongst themselves and shook their heads in disapproval. The men also took notice, as did their significant others. Dawn was creating quite a stir, but I didn't really care. This was my stepdaughter, she was with me and I revelled in the fact that nobody knew how we were related. As far as anyone knew, I was her rich sugar daddy. I liked the mystery, it was exciting.

When lunchtime came, Dawn and I were feeling the effects of the Mai Tais very nicely, thank you very much! We had been talking and taking the occasional dip in the pool to cool off. Watching Dawn get out of the pool did nothing to cool me off. Her wet bathing suit stuck to her smooth hairless skin to where every fold was visible. Her nipples, still protruding as if they wanted to rip the material. We decided to go to the suite and figure out what to do for lunch. We ordered a couple more Mai Tais for the walk to the room. On the way back, Dawn didn't put her robe on and I can't say that I minded at all. In fact, I walked behind her most of the way staring at her fine ass. Of course she knew I was doing it and she didn't say a word, other than, 'Still like my bathing suit?" "Oh yeah," was my only response. Then she would giggle and wiggle her ass a little bit. It was at this point I had serious fantasies of making love to my stepdaughter. But why did she want this weekend to be memorable? Why a father-daughter weekend?

Once in the suite I went to my room and removed my wet bathing suit, putting on a room robe instead. I went to the living room and Dawn came out of her room, also wearing a room robe, and sat on the sofa next to me. I asked her why it was important for this weekend to be memorable. Dawn got a serious look on her face and asked, "Do you remember the very first time we met?" I repied, "I sure do. I brought your mom home from a date." Dawn said,"That's right. I thought you were a knight in shining armor. Mom had a crappy marriage with the sperm donor (a term Dawn used to describe her biological father) and I could see how happy you made her. That made me happy and I immediately liked you." "Thanks, but...," Dawn interrupted. "Ssshhhh," putting two fingers on my lips, "Let me finish. By the time I was 13, I started to crush on you. I crushed really hard, to the point I fantasized what it would be like to make love to you." Silence filled the room for what seemed like forever. Then Dawn continued, "Daddy, I've never gotten over those feelings and now that I'll be married soon, I'm afraid I may never be able to fulfill my dream of making love to you." My mind was realing, but before I could say another word, Dawn removed her robe and exposed her firm, luscious, nude body. I now saw that her 'full Brazilian wax' left behind nothing but silky, soft and smooth skin. Her breasts were even more beautiful than I imagined. Her aereolas were about an inch and a half in diameter and were a shiny pinkish color. Her nipples stood about a quarter inch erect.

I looked at Dawn's perfect body and began to get an erection. Dawn leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue pierced my mouth like Cupid's arrow piercing a young lover's heart. My mouth opened and I accepted her warm wet tongue, wondering if I should murmer the words,"Stop." I pulled away and said, "You know, we're both cheating on your mother." Dawn replied, "Mom and I have a bond that can never be broken. We had it before we met you and if my mom can make love to you, so can I. What happens here, stays here. After this weekend, it will never be discussed again." At that she undid my robe and exposed my throbbing hard cock. Without notice, she immediately went down on me. Licking the tip of my cock and rubbing it up and down with her hand as if she's done this before. I leaned my head back , closed my eyes and enjoyed the wonderous sensation Dawn was giving me. The sensation only a step daughter could give her daddy.

I don't remember ever having an erection quite like this one. I opened my eyes and watched Dawn at work. She masterfully worked her lips and tongue on my cock while she methodically moved her grip up and down my shaft in cadence with her head movements. She was a sight to behold. Her beauty was far beyond what my imagination could ever conjure up. As she sucked and licked my cock, Dawn reached down between her legs and started rubbing what I now so desired. I gently moved her from my cock and layed her on the sofa. I spread her legs and in doing so felt just how silky smooth her skin was. Dawn opened her legs and there I was, inches from her 'full Brazilian wax.' I moved my hand to feel her silky smoothness and it was truly a feeling I've never felt. No hair, no stubble, just silky smoothness. My fingers explored her moist, warm folds and as I gently spread them apart, I saw that Dawn's love canal looked like a snug refuge. I moved my tongue to her pussy and tasted her sweetness. As I licked her clit her juices began to flow and her hips began to set the rhythm. Dawn's breathing became heavier and her chest began to heave. Her head moved slowly from one side to the next as soft moans came from her throat. I continued to lick her sweet juices and she tasted like honey. I put my lips around her slightly erect clit and applied gentle pressure as my tongue made tiny circles, gently massaging the area she was tenderly rubbing just minutes ago. Dawn released a moan of pleasure and her hips began to move faster. I looked up at her and saw that she was watching me. "Oh God, daddy. It feels so good. Don't ever stop," she said in a breathless voice. I continued probing her pussy with my tongue and on several occasions, I moved my tongue to her ass and gave it a quick lick. Dawn let out a loud groan each time I did that and on the last time she leaned forward and pulled me up to her. Her legs stayed spread and I naturally fell between them. "Daddy, you're making me crazy. Make love to me. I want you inside of me." At that her tongue darted into my mouth and her hand found my hard cock. She put the tip of my cock into her very moist pussy and moved her hips to make certain it was on it's way in. I pushed my hips forward to finish the thrust she had started and the tighness of her pussy was more than I ever imagined. I drove my hard cock into her pussy until I couldn't push it in any more. Dawn let out a shriek, "OH DADDY! OH YES. PLEASE DO IT HARD. " I began to thrust my cock into her pussy, harder and faster with each stroke. "YES! YES! DADDY I LOVE YOU!" Dawn grabbed behind her knees and pulled her knees almost to her ears. "PUT IT IN DEEP DADDY!" I drove my cock deep into her pussy and with each thrust Dawn moaned with satisfaction. She was so tight around my cock I was ready to explode. I continued to thrust harder and deeper and faster as Dawn held her legs wide apart for me. "DON'T STOP DADDY! IT'S HAPPENING...IT'S HAPPENING...UH,UH,UH" she began to groan with each thrust of my piston. And then it happened, Dawn thrust her hips as hard as she could and let out a screech,"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, NNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG" I continued to pound her as I felt my load begin to blow. I thrusted my cock as deep into her pussy as I could and released my cum inside of her, "OH BABYYYYYYYYYYYY. I'M CUMMING," I yelled. "DO IT DADDY! DEEP INSIDE ME! I WANT IT!" Dawn replied.

We both came in unison and I collapsed in her arms. We layed on the sofa, breathless, amazed and in wonder. After a few minutes I lifted myself off my baby and we layed next to each other. "Daddy," Dawn asked. "Yes baby," I replied. "You were the best thing to happen to mom and me. I've always wanted to show you how much I appreciate and love you for the things you've provided us and the love you've given us over the years. You're the only daddy I have. I love you." I held Dawn tightly and replied, "I love you too, baby." At that we both drifted off into a quiet slumber.

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