I am not proud of what i did with my son.

Note:I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing

this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here
Things happen for a reason.
I believe things in life happen for one of three reasons. Things happen because they

were planned, as a result of circumstances, or because they were preordained or

destined. This story about my son and me, I believe, was a combination of

circumstances and destiny; it certainly was not planned.

This story is about the events that happened early in 2002, shortly after the invasion

of Afghanistan . At the time I was 38 years old and my son was 16. As a loving and

close f****y, we all played sport and shared much time together. I was tall and athletic

at 5’-9”tall and still retained a good figure and good looks; whilst my son who was still

growing, was already 6’-2” tall and an excellent middle distance runner at school. My

husband and I played competitive tennis and golf and had a high level of fitness.

Harrison, my son, followed us everywhere we went and started playing the sports we

played. Every year my husband would take us on holidays to the mountains or lakes

where we enjoyed camping. My husband was in the regular army and had attained the

rank of Major.

In February of 2002, Shaun, my husband, was sent to Afghanistan to help fight the War

on Terror. Shaun was stationed near Kabul , in the east of the country, near the

Pakistan border, and was assigned there for a period of some 12 months. It was

these 12 months that changed the course of my life, unforgettable experiences that I

will take to my grave with me.

The first few weeks without Shaun were very hard as I was always used to having

someone to cuddle up to and make passionate love with. I got by the best I could,

looking after Harrison and playing tennis and golf with him. I know he missed his father

at the time as well, as they really had a solid father-son relationship. Two months into

his stay in Afghanistan left me both frustrated and horny. I had to resort to masturbation

in order to relieve my tensions, but missed the feel of a hard cock inside me and the

feel of his cock spewing ropes of cum inside my vagina. Even then, I had no sexual

feelings for Harrison, my son.

What happened next changed the course of my life. On returning home one afternoon

after picking my son up from school, we discovered that the house had been burgled.

The television set, DVD player and surround sound system, and some jewelery were

missing. This left me a little nervous and apprehensive as there was no man around to

protect me. There had been other burglaries in the area around that time, without any

arrests or suspects. Late in May, I was in bed and thought I heard a noise outside, and

got out of bed only to see someone running down the street. Putting on some panties

and a top, I called the police who were quick to respond to my call. They had a patrol

car search the area and dusted my bedroom window for finger prints, but found

nothing. It was 2 a.m. in the morning when they left.

I was scared and beside myself, and needed someone near me. I asked my son if he

would mind sl**ping with me for the night as I would feel so much safer. I lay on my

side as we talked and he was on his side behind me. I asked him to put his arm

around me, which he did and ultimately went to sl**p. I awoke in the morning with

Harrison lying on his back, fast asl**p. I was so relieved to get through that night in

one piece. We got up and had breakfast and I took him to school as I always do.

Going back to my son for a moment, he has had a couple of girlfriends, but none of

late. He has always preferred to concentrate on his studies and athletics and sport,

leaving little time for girls. For some time now, I presume he has either masturbated

regularly, or had many wet dreams, as his bed linen was often stained. I have

mentioned it in the past with Shaun, and he says it’s perfectly normal for a teen boy to

jack off on a regular basis. Shaun says that boys that age have raging hormones and

need a sexual outlet. That afternoon I picked him up from school, had dinner, then I

helped him with some homework from school.

The time was getting late and Shaun said he was going to bed. I told him I was still

very nervous and afraid, and if he could sl**p with me again. He replied “sure mum, if

you really want me to.” I told him I really needed his presence and to get ready for bed

while I had a shower. After showering, I put on panties and a top to avoid any

embarrassment, not seeking any inappropriate behavior. He was already in bed

wearing boxer shorts when I came back into the bedroom. I got into bed beside him

and pulled up the doona to cover us. We talked for a little while, thanking him for

looking after his mother. I cuddled up to him and I was soon asl**p. Some time later,

in the early hours of the morning, I awoke for some reason. There was some

movement under the doona and I could detect some faster breathing from Harrison . I

do believe he was masturbating beside me. I never said anything and pretended I was

still asl**p. After a little while he gave a little grunt and then rolled over and cuddled up

to me again. When I got up in the morning, there were obvious cum stains on my


The same thing happened the next night as well. I was a little bemused by his

behavior, wondering if it was out of habit, need, or did he find me as a sexual object.

Throughout the day I thought about it a lot and knew I had to say something that night.

Just thinking about the fact that someone was masturbating beside me, made me feel

a little horny bringing a damp spot to my panties. That night after my shower, Harrison

was in bed waiting for me as usual. I wore some sheer see-thru panties with my top.

As I stood by my mirror brushing my hair, I could see him looking at me, looking

around my panties area. I never shave around my pubic area as Shaun has always

preferred a bushy pussy. I trim to my bikini line, but that’s all. The see-thru panties were

clearing showing my dark pubic bush.

After getting into bed beside my son, I mentioned to him that I knew he had been

masturbating the past two nights. I told him not to be embarrassed as I understood that

all teen males have the need to jack off. Harrison was indeed very sheepish and

embarrassed but did admit that he had been. He said that he needs to do it every

night as it makes him relax and sl**p so much better. He also promised that he

wouldn’t do it again in my bed. I told him that if he needed to, that it was okay and that I

understood, something that he was agreeable to.

I told my son that if he needed to do it now, that I would love to watch him. He replied

“really mum? Do you really want me to jack off now?” I replied that I did. I pulled down

the doona and could see a big bulge in his boxers. I asked him to remove his boxers,

which he promptly did, and then he started to stroke his cock. His cock was

circumcised with a large head, probably just over 6” long with short curly hair around

his ball bag. He wasn’t as big or as thick as his father, but still quite impressive all the

same. As he stroked, I removed my panties and started to finger myself as well. He

was watching me with anticipation, then said he was about to cum. I was amazed to

see his first rope of cum shoot back over his head on the pillow, followed by three

shorter ones on his chest and a few more smaller ones on his pubic hair. I couldn’t

believe that I had just witnessed my son jacking off. I kept going on myself for about 10

minutes until I also orgasmed. Harrison said “that was so kewl mum, I didn’t know that

ladies did that as well.”

After that masturbation session, we both cuddled up and slept through the night without

waking up. When I awoke in the morning, I noticed that Harrison had another erection

whilst still asl**p. Shaun invariably awoke with an erection in the morning as well. I

reached over to my bedside drawer and got some ky-jelly and squirted some onto the

palm of my hand. I then proceeded to start jerking my son off, to which he awoke.

sl**pily he said, “what are you doing mum?” I told him to relax and that I needed to

see him cum again. Within 2-3 minutes, Harrison deposited 6-7 ropes of cum over his

tummy and my hand.

I led him to my en-suite where we both showered together before getting dressed for

school and daily duties. Harrison was still beside himself, trying to grasp what had

happened the previous night and just then. We never said much that morning at the

breakfast table, but both of our minds were racing at 100 mph. Through the day I

reflected on the past 24 hours and knew I was losing control of the situation. With no

sex for almost 3 months, my pussy was aching for a hot, hard cock.

With the weekend coming up we went to bed around 10 pm that night. After my

shower, I never even bothered to put on panties and a top as I entered the bedroom.

Harrison was waiting for me and stared at me in amazement as I entered completely

naked. I quickly removed his boxers, revealing a very long hardon. I told him to lie back

with his legs apart, which he promptly did. I then went down on him, giving him oral sex,

and tickling his scrotum at the same time. Words tried to come out of his mouth as he

raised his head to see what was going on. Within a minute he tried to pull away and

said “mum, I am cumming.” I held him tight so he couldn’t withdraw and I took his full

load in my mouth and swallowed his hot sticky cum. I loved doing this with Shaun and

had missed oral sex for the past few months.

We lay down beside each other and chatted for a while and told Harrison how much he

meant to me, sl**ping with me and looking after me. I told him I was tired and needed

some sl**p, so we cuddled up together in bed. Just as I was getting drowsy, I could

feel his cock hard again, which was pressing into my butt. He was on his side behind

me and the head of his cock was right beside my pussy lips. I wiggled my butt a bit,

making his cock much harder, then grabbed it and guided it into me. I told him to push

forward and then pull out and keep doing that. My pussy was so wet that his cock slid

in and out of my pussy so easily. Before long, he got into a rhythm, and soon

deposited a load of hot sticky sperm deep inside me.

I then kissed him deeply and thanked his so much for having sex with me. He told me it

was the first time he had ever done that before. One of his girl friends had

masturbated him before, but never proper sex. I told him that I needed him to stay with

me every night until his father got back from Afghanistan . I also told him that he must

never tell anyone what had just happened. He promised me he wouldn’t. Over the next

9 months we had sex nearly every night. I showed him all the sex positions as well as

teaching him how to eat out a pussy. By the time Shaun arrived home, he was quite

experienced and could last much longer.

It was now February of 2003, and Shaun was due home in three days time. I enjoyed

my time with Harrison , but also missed Shaun sorely. I was looking forward to having

wild sex with him again, and I am sure, he wanted sex as well. My period was due but I

missed it, just hoping that it was a one-off thing. Surely I couldn’t be pregnant. After my

husband arrived home, I missed my next period as well, giving me much cause for

alarm. I went to see my gynecologist and she confirmed I was 7 weeks pregnant. I

waited another week and told Shaun that I had just fallen pregnant again and that it

must have been his sperm build up from Afghanistan that did it. I told him that I was 4

weeks pregnant and we could expect the baby in November. The baby, a wonderful

daughter named Candice, was born on 16 th November. One week overdue for

Harrison but two weeks early as far as Shaun was concerned.

We were both so happy to share the fantastic news and he of course had every reason

to believe it was his. Harrison has no idea that he is the father and will never know.

That would destroy Shaun and I couldn’t do that to him. That will a secret I will take to

my grave. In the meantime, Harrison completed university, has a good job and is

happily married.

I am not proud of what i did with my son. As I said earlier, it was not planned in any

way. Candice was a gift from heaven and a destiny that was welcomed.

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J loved it great story very good.
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A wonderful story with NOTHING to be ashamed of,,,parents are and always should be the teachers to their kids,,safe,,healthy and very loving.
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your a good mother
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