Desire Awakened

Catherine gets cosy with her b*****r-in-law
Catherine wandered through the noise-filled house, her heels clicking on the

floorboards as the music's heady beat thrummed through her veins. She sent an

occasional smile to one guest or another, raising the champagne flute clutched in her

fingers in a silent toast.

Friends and f****y filled her home to capacity, all in attendance to celebrate her

husband Sean's thirty-fifth birthday. She felt undeniably alone. Her eyes met with

Sean's as he took part in a conversation with his cousin and father in the kitchen. He

smiled at her in acknowledgement.

Catherine's heart plummeted. His smile held its usual tight edge, something she'd

grown used to of late. It worried her, made her think unthinkable things about the

husband she loved more than anything.

They'd drifted apart in recent times, relations between them strained. Catherine

couldn't decide exactly what to do about that; she wondered if their marriage had

begun an unstoppable downhill slide.

She strolled toward the glass sliding doors and stared out into the star filled night. A

strong desire for solitude travelled through her. With a quick glance over her shoulder,

Catherine dragged the door open and slipped outside into the darkness. She eased it

closed behind her and stepped onto the deck, careful to avoid her heels wedging in

the gaps between the wood.

Her chest filled as she drew a deep breath. She let the air out in a sigh and leaned

against the wall. Lifting the flute to her red-painted lips, Catherine took a long sip and

rested her head on the bricks. She swallowed and closed her eyes, fighting the wave

of despair washing over her.

Sean wouldn't talk about it, no matter how she approached the subject. He'd grown

cold toward her in bed, had become distant during their waking hours, too. Oh, he was

always polite, always treated her with respect, but there was an invisible barrier

between them preventing any real closeness.

It hadn't always been this way. They'd shared some passion, Catherine thought - in the

beginning. But even then it had felt strained, like he was holding back from her. She'd

never been completely sure if that was normal, if all couples reacted that way to each

other. Sean had been her first lover, her only lover. She had nothing to compare their

relationship to.

Catherine opened her eyes and stared into the blackness, appreciating the alone

time, a moment away from the festivities to pull herself together. It was all too much

trying to perfect the façade of happiness, smiling when she really just wanted to cry.

Her heart thumped when the glow of a cigarette brightened the gloom. She strained

her eyes and gasped. "Who's there?"

A husky laugh sounded in the dark. "Cat, it shouldn't be too difficult to work it out. I'm

the only smoker left in this whole godforsaken f****y."

She rubbed a hand against her heart, blowing a relieved breath through her lips.


"Uh, huh. Pull up a chair. Keep me company." The sc**** of metal chair legs pierced

the silence. "Tell me what's wrong."

Catherine picked her way through the darkness. She thought about leaning back

inside to flick the light switch, but somehow the idea of anonymity appealed to her

more. "What makes you think anything's wrong?" She set her glass on the table and

settled into the chair beside Jack. Sean's b*****r, younger by two years.

"I'm not blind, Cat. You're upset."

His deep voice soothed her, his understanding reaching inside to tug on her injured

heart. The smell of cigarette smoke wafted around her and she found the scent

surprisingly calming. "It's Sean."

"What's going on?"

Having grown accustomed to the night, Catherine could now make out his relaxed

features - always relaxed and affable - as he watched her in the dark. "We're having


His smile lit up the murky night before he inhaled again from his cigarette. He blew the

stream of smoke out, lifting his chin to keep it from trailing into her face. "What kind of


Catherine swept her gaze over his black hair, gleaming in the moonlight. His dark

eyes shined with amusement. She found his humour puzzling. "He doesn't want me


Jack chuckled again and the deepness of the sound - the rumble it made in his chest -

both excited and infuriated Catherine. "Whatever problems you're having, that's not

one of them."

She took another long drink of her champagne and twirled the glass between her

fingertips. Catherine hadn't dared talk to anyone about this up until now. If there was

one person who would understand, she guessed it would be Jack. He was honest and

forthright. In all the time she'd known him, fifteen years now, she'd never picked up on

any insincerity in him. She took a breath and decided to share her thoughts on the

subject for the first time. "We're not having..." Oh, it was more difficult than she'd

expected, voicing her deepest concerns, "We're not—"

"Fucking?" Jack raised his brows expectantly.

Catherine's mouth pursed. "Do you have to put it like that?"

"What do you want me to call it? Making love? Having sex?" Jack dragged on his

cigarette one last time and crushed the light in an ashtray on the table. "It's fucking,


Catherine released the glass from the tightness of her grip and hid her face in her

hands. Brash talk unsettled her. She'd grown up in a strict household where such

things were never discussed. She'd attended a private girl's school run by nuns. Crude

words were not and never had been a part of her extensive vocabulary.

Several breaths later she peeked over the tops of her fingers and scowled at the look

of amusement on Jack's face. He lounged in his chair, the top two buttons on his white

shirt opened to display his tanned chest. He was all confidence and relaxed male

sensuality; the main reason she'd steered clear of him in the beginning and gravitated

toward his more refined, politer, blonder b*****r. "We made love on a regular basis

until recently. I've been wondering lately if he's...." Catherine's voice trailed off as tears

clogged her throat. "I've been wondering if he's cheating on me."

Jack's eyes remained fixed on hers. "He'd never cheat on you."

"How do you know that?"

"I know him. He loves you. He'd never do that."

Jack reached his arms above his head in a long stretch, drawing Catherine's attention

to his hard stomach and the tight column of his throat. He tipped his head back to

stare at the inky sky. She wondered why his appearance had never particularly

appealed to her in the past. His raw sexuality and bold confidence had a trail of

women lusting after him, yet she'd been attracted to his more polished older b*****r. "I

thought I knew him too. Things have changed."

Jack lowered his arms and dangled them over the back of his chair. "You've been

married ten years. Things are bound to change."

Catherine sighed. She couldn't describe the feeling properly. She was too close to it.

"He's not interested in me anymore."

He took his time looking her over. A smile tilted the full line of his mouth. "I'm pretty

sure that's not an issue."

Heat flooded her features. "Stop looking at me like that. It's inappropriate."

Jack's low laugh sounded in the silence. "I'm just trying to take a step back and see

you as any man would."

"Oh?" Catherine couldn't stop the feeling of curiosity that washed over her. Just how

did other men see her? She'd always been pretty sure they didn't notice her at all.

"What do you see?"

"Hmm...there's a question." Jack sc****d a hand down his face, the gesture failing to

hide a smile. He met her eyes and she saw honesty shining there. He watched her a

moment longer and his expression turned to one of tenderness, sweeping over

Catherine until she felt it like a blanket of warmth. "What do I see, Cat? Full lips and

long golden hair. A great pair of tits. Want me to go on?"

Catherine crossed her arms over the offending breasts. "Can you try and keep it


Jack grinned, the brightness of his smile a shocking contrast against bronzed skin.

"Oh, believe me, I am." His fingertips tapped against his stomach. "I see kind eyes

and a sweet smile, and when we're done talking and you walk away, I'll see a tight little

arse in that skirt."

Catherine's lips twitched. She f***ed the amusement down, knowing he was only

goading her into good humour to push away the sadness he'd seen in her eyes.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Silence lingered a while, though it wasn't unpleasant. Catherine heard the sound of a

frog plopping into the pond bordering the deck. A cricket chirped in the garden bed

and a feeling of peacefulness settled inside her.

Talking with Jack had planted a little seed of confidence in her, had given her hope.

She'd work this out with Sean. She had to. Her love for him was too great to let him

walk away, to let him continue distancing himself emotionally. They'd talk after the party

and set things straight. Life would get better.

"Take off your panties."

Catherine's attention snapped to Jack. The roguish gleam in his eyes set her on edge.

"What did you say?"

"You heard me. Take 'em off."

She tried to stand up, to stalk way, but his eyes speared her, held her motionless.


"An experiment." Jack reached for his pack of cigarettes, drew another one out and lit

it. His eyes stayed on hers as he exhaled the first breath of smoke.

"I'm not removing my underwear."

"Proves my point."

"You have one, do you?" Catherine glanced in the direction of the sliding doors,

expecting Sean to materialize any second and catch her in a conversation far too

intimate to be having with his b*****r. The party continued on, the guests oblivious to

her disappearance.

"You can't act like a bad girl unless you feel like one." Jack watched her closely,

amusement warring with kindness to create the most appealing expression on his

rugged face.

Catherine realised then that he wasn't trying to seduce her or encourage unfaithfulness

to her husband. He was attempting to help her. She fought it though, as she fought

every decision when someone else tried to convince her it was right. "Who says I want

to feel bad?"

A quick grin flashed across his face. He leaned back in his chair and took another

drag of his cigarette. "Men like it. Take my word for it."

"Sean, too?"

Jack nodded.

Catherine closed her eyes against the knowledge that her husband wasn't satisfied

with her. Why did she have to change to make him happy? Why wasn't she enough?

"Take 'em off, Cat. Live dangerously." Jack said. "I'll even close my eyes."

Ire burned inside her and a blush crept up her neck. She wanted to wipe that self-

satisfied smirk off his face. She wanted to show him he couldn't embarrass her with

the sexual undertones in his voice. Catherine sucked in a breath and pushed her chair

back. She kept her eyes on him as she stood and hiked up her beige pencil skirt. It

reached to her knees and the material fitted around her thighs like a second skin.

"Want me to look away?" Amusement coloured Jack's voice.

Catherine f***ed herself to meet his eyes. "Only if you're shy." She ignored the low

laugh that escaped him and struggled with the skirt to lift it high on her thighs.

"Want some help?"

Catherine narrowed her eyes and growled at him, hooking her thumbs beneath the

edges of her cream-coloured lace thong. She dragged the flimsy fabric down her legs

and stepped out of it.

"See, now that's sexy, Cat." Jack's eyes dropped from her face to her legs, thoroughly

entertained by the show. "Your eyes flash when you're angry. It does amazing things to

your face."

Catherine ignored the fire his words ignited in her. She twirled the thong around her

finger. "What do I do with this now, oh wise one."

Jack grinned and propped the cigarette in his mouth, speaking around it. "Give it

here." He held out his hand, palm facing upwards, fingers wiggling in encouragement.

Before she had the opportunity to think her actions through, Catherine reached out and

dropped the tiny bundle of lace in his hand. Her mouth gaped when he fashioned it into

a slingshot and launched it into the darkness of the garden. A shocked laugh tore from

her. She clapped a hand over her mouth.

"Now," Jack pulled the cigarette from between his lips and regarded her with shining

eyes, "Sit back down and flick a few buttons open on that blouse. You look like my

fucking mother wearing buttoned-up beige."

Glee spread through Catherine, overshadowing her surprise at his taunts. The

freedom of being out in the garden, uninhibited, with a man she held a great affection

for, was nothing short of exhilarating. She'd never felt so carefree before. "One


He held up three fingers, silent in his appraisal as her hands went to work.

When she'd finished the cool night air caressed the tops of her breasts. Catherine's

eyes shifted down to examine the sight. Her breath caught in her throat. Cream lace

peeked from the open vee in her blouse, the valley between her breasts clearly visible.

Her skirt was still bunched around her thighs. Her nipples hardened and warmth

spread through her.

"You're getting turned on, aren't you?" Jack's knowing voice sent a streak of pleasure

through her.

Catherine's eyes shot up to meet his. The connection was more powerful than any

she'd experienced before. She didn't want him as such, she wanted the feeling he

brought alive within her. If she was being honest with herself, Catherine would have

preferred Sean to walk out the door right then, take her hand and lead her inside to

finish what Jack had started.

"Mess up your hair."

Her mouth opened to voice a protest, but she shut it again and did as he asked. He

seemed to know what he was talking about, and for once in her life she was going to

just do what she was told. Her fingers slipped through her silky strands, ruffling the

carefully straightened mass of blonde until it became a tousled halo around her head.

Jack made a small hum of approval and leaned over to extinguish his cigarette. "Now

Cat, you look like a woman a man might want to fuck."

Her stomach churned with his admission. She knew him, knew him well enough to

realise he wasn't making an offer. Jack would never pursue his b*****r's wife. She

watched him with appreciation in her eyes. A slight smile shaped his mouth,

encouraging a responding smile from her. Catherine could feel lightness in her chest

that hadn't been there before. "Are you done now?"

He shook his head slowly, his eyes flicking briefly to the glass door before returning to

hers. "Spread your legs."

Now that was taking things too far. Catherine's stomach lurched at the idea. Her knees

clamped together in u*********s reaction. "And do what, Jack?"

"Trust me, sweetheart."

She wanted to cry at the tenderness of the endearment. She wanted to bask in the

weight of his gaze a little while longer then throw herself in his arms to hug him, thank

him for awakening this feeling inside her.

He seemed to understand her intentions and nodded toward her legs. "Do it."

Willing herself to forget everything she'd ever been taught, Catherine f***ed her legs to

part under the table. Brisk air invaded her inner thighs and she could feel moisture

gathering there.

"Touch yourself."

Her worried eyes returned to Jack's. The warmth in his gaze softened the complete

seriousness of his expression.

"I...I can't do that."

"Have you ever?"

Catherine's face bloomed with colour as she shook her head.

Jack released a part laugh, part groan. "Jesus Christ. What's my b*****r been doing

with you?"

Her eyes clouded with hurt. It hadn't been all Sean's fault. She was too straight-laced to

do anything other than missionary position, or sometimes, if he pushed her, she'd

climb on top and straddle his body. He'd wanted more, she could see it in his eyes, but

he'd never persisted, never tried convincing her. "You're laughing at me."

The amusement left Jack's eyes and he raked his hands through his hair. "I'm not. I'm

just surprised."

Catherine thought about closing her legs, putting an end to all this. She teetered on the

edge of control, wanting to touch herself as he'd suggested, but needing him to tell her

again. It had to be someone else's decision.

"Let's start with something less intimate. Slip your hand inside your bra, Cat. Cup one

of those tits."

Catherine hesitated a moment. Her fingers twitched in her lap, then rose slowly to her

opened blouse. She unhooked the front closure of her bra and slid her fingers inside,

working them under the heavy weight of her breast. She closed her eyes at the

sensation. "Ahh...what next?"

"Look at me." Jack waited until he had her attention. "Keep your eyes on me,

sweetheart. Eye contact's good."

Catherine watched him as she kneaded her breast, feeling her nipple pucker beneath

the lace. Her cheeks heated under his gaze. She f***ed herself to continue watching


Jack groaned and shifted in his seat. "Cat, baby, you're every man's wet dream." His

eyes blazed with heat and a muscle worked in his jaw. "Slide your other hand down

between your legs."

Catherine fought the ingrained need to rebel against his request, to put such a private

moment on display. Her fingers hovered at her thigh, running lightly over silky flesh.

She pleaded with her eyes for Jack to retract his request, to let her go, but another part

of her begged him not to. He smiled and shook his head. "Uh, uh, Cat. Slip your

fingers into that heat. I want to see you come. If you won't do it, I'll get under the table

and use my tongue."

"Oh, God." The idea of him doing just that shocked and thrilled her. A rush of longing

swept through her, swelling and spreading. Catherine's fingers moved to her inner

thigh, teasing her senses, making her want. It was hard to push through the mental

barrier she'd constructed for herself over the years, but when she experienced that first

sliding touch of soft fingertips against the inner lips of her vulva, the sigh that broke

free was guttural. She stroked the moist flesh once, twice, feeling tingles shiver and

travel throughout her body. Her head tipped back on her neck, her fingers increasing

pressure as they sought out her pleasure point. When they reached their intended

target, Catherine's hips jerked.

Jack groaned at the sight, leaning forward to capture her chin in his hand. Her glazed

eyes shifted and refocused, fixing on his. He smiled gently and released her. "Keep

looking at me, sweetheart."

Catherine pushed her blouse aside, then her bra, baring her breast to Jack's hungry

gaze. Her fingers pinched at the pale pink nipple, plucking it to an erect point. Her

other hand continued its ministrations down below. She worked her fingers over her

clit then slipped them deep inside her heat. Her musky sweetness drifted on the night

air. Her hips began writhing on the seat. Jack's breathing increased in tempo.

She watched him rein in his tight control, watched the hard strength of his face as he

fought the natural progression to drag her onto his lap and sink inside her. She knew

what this was costing him and the knowledge further heightened her desire. Catherine

increased the pressure on her clit, gripping her breast tightly. She could feel it building

inside her, the sensation she'd been denied for too long. Her legs spread wider and

her hips thrust upward against the stroking of her hand.

"That's it, Cat." Jack leaned back in his chair, his face tightened against the need all

but consuming him. Catherine's mouth softened and parted. She slipped her fingers

inside her pussy and pressed back harder into the chair. She raised one leg and

propped her foot on the seat, baring all her secrets to Jack's darkening eyes.

"Oh, fuck, Cat." He placed a hand over his erection, rubbing it through his black dress

slacks. His eyes never left hers, their intensity shocking and calming simultaneously.

Catherine's breaths grew shallow, panting from her open mouth. Her stomach

clenched against the shots of pleasure sparking through her. "Oh..."

"Are you coming, honey?" Jack's voice grew thick and a groan rumbled in his chest.

"Oh, yes...I think..." Catherine arched her back and pinched her nipple hard. She

pressed against her clit, moving her hips in time with the stroking of her fingers. Jack's

eyes connected with hers as she pushed herself through that final barrier. Pleasure

rushed through her. The breath caught in her throat and she threw her head back,

thrusting her breasts out, gasping as spasms racked her body. Her butt lifted from the

chair and she cried out, the sound tearing from her throat. Her fingers continued to

stroke, bringing on tiny aftershocks that left her shuddering and weak. She'd never felt

an orgasm so intense, and sobbed with the release.

Catherine lowered her eyes to meet Jack's again. Flushed and breathless, she ran her

palm over her bared breasts, her fingertips stroking her nipples gently as she came

back down from her high. Catherine sighed at the softness of his expression, at the

affection in his eyes. Her senses slowly returned and she shifted her legs,

repositioning her skirt to cover her nakedness.

Jack watched her in silence, his eyes taking a slow tour over her, from her mussed

hair to the tips of her heels. His mouth finally quirked in a smile. "I could watch you do

that all day. You're one sensual woman, Cat."

She could see his erection still painfully filled out his trousers. Her mind began to

wander as she mentally ticked off all the single women in the house who'd be more

than happy to take care of that for him. She had more important things on her mind; a

man she loved and needed to seek out. A man she needed to drag away from the

party. Her voice filled with regret and promise as she spoke. "I'm so sorry, Jack. I have

to go."

He smiled and reached for his cigarettes again. "I know."

"Thank—" Tears flooded her eyes and she blinked to set them free. "Thank you, Jack.

I mean that."

"You just make sure that b*****r of mine looks after you."

Catherine stood, fastened her bra and re-buttoned her blouse. She glanced inside to

see if she could locate Sean. Her need for him hadn't diminished with the physical

release Jack had encouraged from her. It had only grown stronger. "I will."

She and Jack contemplated one other in silence, an understanding between them. A

poignant moment both knew would never happen again. Sadness crept through

Catherine, but at the same time she felt like he'd set her free from the confines she'd

placed on herself.

It was time to explore this new side of her, time to see if she could work on making

amends with her neglected husband. He deserved it. And so did she.

She gripped the door handle and looked at Jack one last time. "I owe you. So much."

He waved away her admission and pointed to the door. "Inside. Now."

She smiled and ran a hand through her tangled hair. "Are you coming with me?"

Jack shook his head and released a breath of air through his nose. "Fuck no. I need a

smoke after that."
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