The Hunger appeased. For now


My body was telling me I needed to start planning dinner. I don't need to eat the way

you might. I sustain my life with fluids, but my race always calls it The Hunger.

My life-mate and I were the last of our line on this continent. She was destroyed by the

Others. No one seems to know why they hate Us. I'm not even sure if the Others know

any more. Their attacks on Us have cost me some friends over the years. Of course, it

affected me, but those who had been destroyed had not been mine. The loss of my

life-mate was different. For the first time, I was truly alone. For the first time, I knew


I choose to introduce myself by the name I use among mortals: John Smith. My life-

mate was a female known to mankind as Alexandra. We had partnered centuries ago,

back when vampires roamed freely. Many mortals mistake Us for that race, but we are

different. While we use mortals to sustain Us, we don't drink their bl**d. We do not

harm the mortals we encounter, like the incubus and succubus can. We give pleasure.

We gain our nourishment from the fluid of their loins.

Nourishment can be taken both from mortals and from the members of our clan. Any of

Us can “make” a mortal into one of our brethren. We tend to hunt outside our group,

preferring variety in our diet. As any mortal hunter or huntress knows, the hunt can, in

its own way, be nearly as rewarding as the feast at its conclusion.

There is magic in the feedings given by a life-mate. The power of this magic keeps us

free from disease and the ravages of time. My semen kept Alexandra as fresh and

beautiful as the day I met her, and her pussy was my fountain of youth and health. If one

of Us loses a life-mate, as I had, it can be the beginning of the end, as we are exposed

to illness and aging much like mortals.

At the time of my beloved's demise, I still appeared to be in my early twenties, as I had

for hundreds of years. Only a short time had passed since her destruction, but already I

saw the faint beginnings of creases at the corners of my eyes. Mortals would see them

as laugh lines, or the result of outdoor activity. I only appeared to have aged a few

years, still a lean, fit man in my mid to late twenties. The changes were subtle, but my

time was limited. I had to make a new life-mate.

But where should I seek her? Every college campus, every shopping mall, every golf

course has women from whom I can feed. Our species has adapted well to living

among the mortals. None of Us f***es ourselves on those we prey upon. Instead, we

seduce them, not unlike the way the vampire “glamorizes” his victim. The difference

between Us and the bl**dsuckers is that those who feed Us leave the encounter

unharmed, with nothing but life-long memories of amazing sex with a stranger.

It is my duty to perpetuate my species. I must seek out females in whom I can kindle

The Hunger, women who will show me the lust necessary to survive as one of Us. By

the teachings of The One Who Sees All, a mortal must be a virgin when taken and


To escape my grief over the loss of Alexandra, I decided to leave North America for a

while. The Others were no doubt watching me. They had been tightening their noose

on our race for a very long time. If they knew I was the only one left here, it wouldn't be

long until they pounced.

I decided to go to Europe. It's where my ancestral roots are, both mortal and of the

clan of Us. If I made my escape carefully, the Others would not look for me there right

away. They are somewhat dull-witted compared to Us, but their numbers are large.

I teleported myself to Ireland, since many of Us still lived there. It would be a safe place

to begin re-building my existence. Whether because of the size of our clan, or due to

the ancient magic of races and clans that had preceded Us, The Others do not thrive


My thought was to search for a new life-mate, perhaps with the help of others in the

clan. But first, I needed to feed. The Hunger was very strong. I might need more than

one woman tonight to satisfy me.

I materialized on Harcourt Street in Dublin, across from Copper Face Jacks. The

place looked busy. I didn't expect this to be where I could look for a suitable virgin to

“make” or to take as a life-mate, but feeding there would be relatively easy.

Clusters of young mortals were arriving in taxis or on foot. Many of the females were

attractive and were dressed in a way that told me they had a certain “hunger” in them,


I went inside. The place was teeming with sexually active young mortals. Pheromones

were heavy in the air. Hunting would be rewarding. I could re-build my strength and

begin my quest for women to “make” into clanswomen, and even for a new life-mate, in

the morning.

I sat at a high table for two near the dance floor, where I could best view my prospects.

A young barmaid approached me. She was auburn-haired, full-figured, dressed in a v

-neck shirt and leggings. Her clothing showcased the cleavage between her generous

breasts, her succulent ass cheeks, and her puffy lower lips.

She was definitely a prospect for feeding. I sniffed the air around her. No human would

notice the perfume of her womanhood at this point, since she was only mildly aroused,

but my senses, particularly when I feel The Hunger, told me she could produce a nice

helping of the fluid I craved. I wondered how easy it would be to bewitch her sumptuous

legs apart.

“What would you like to drink?” she asked.

“A Virgin Mary,” I replied.

“What's that?”

“It's like a bl**dy Mary -- tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco

sauce, and a stick of celery. Just leave out the vodka,” I said.

“How spicy do you want it?” she asked. Her sultry emerald eyes penetrated mine.

“Spicy and full-bodied, the way I like my women.”

She blushed a bit at that, averted her gaze, and left to get me my drink.

I watched her move as she returned to me. Her breasts bounced gently as she walked,

and my sensitive ears could tune out the music, allowing me to hear the soft wet sound

her moist labia made with her movements.

The glass was decorated with a lemon wedge. She placed a small pepper grinder on

the table next to it. “Some people like fresh-ground pepper as a garnish on a bl**dy

Mary,” she said. “Do you want some in your drink?”

“I do.”

Her hands shook slightly as she grasped the grinder and held it over my glass. “Say

when,” she said, turning the handle.

I watched as the crumbled bits of pepper fell. Each piece hit the reddish liquid with a

plop, and I could smell the heady spiciness of it, a pleasing counterpoint to the alluring

aroma of sex emanating from this girl.

“When,” I said.

She set the pepper-mill on the table next to my glass.

“It should be stirred,” I said. I took her hand in mine, and used her index finger to stir

the pepper into the drink. When it was blended to my satisfaction, I fixed my gaze on

her eyes and raised her hand to my mouth to suck the liquid from her finger. A new

wave of her aroma enveloped me as her pupils dilated slightly. She stood transfixed

after I released her hand, her jaw slightly slack, lust burning in her eyes. Yes, this one

could be a lot of fun.

“I'll run a tab,” I said. She continued to stand there, her nipples erect under her shirt.

“Sweetheart, you have other customers,” I reminded her.

With her face slightly flushed, she hurried away.

I sipped my drink and surveyed the room. There were hundreds of young people, all

dressed to impress and seduce. My thoughts drifted to my departed love, Alexandra.

She would have liked this place. She was a good huntress, and with only a glance

would have had young men and women fighting each other for the chance to offer her

their fluids. She and I enjoyed hunting as a team. We were good at it. We would have

dined well here.

The barmaid passed by several times before I finished my drink. Every time our eyes

met, I could see a slight hardening of her nipples and could smell a new whiff of her

nectar. Could she alone produce enough to satisfy The Hunger in me tonight?

She arrived, right on cue, as I was setting down my empty glass.

“Another, sir?” she asked.


In moments, she returned. “More coarse-ground pepper?”

“Of course,” I said, looking in her passionate green eyes.

This time, I didn't have to guide her as she stirred my drink. She seemed to hold her

breath as she pulled her wet finger from the glass. I could see the wanting in her eyes

as I raised her finger to my lips. She shivered as my tongue bathed her digit. Even

though the lights were low, my sensitive vision could detect the slight dampness that

was appearing on the front of her leggings. The Hunger became more insistent.

Usually, if I hunt in a crowd, I don't decide on a source of nourishment right away. I

enjoy hunting, selecting and preparing my meal. I must dine anyway, to sustain myself,

so why not get all the pleasure out of the experience that I can? That usually means

admiring the appearance, smell, and sound of numerous attractive women before

experiencing the touch and blissful taste of one.

As I enjoyed my drink, I chose several women I wanted to talk to. There were a few I

wanted to dance with, to touch and inhale before making my selection. This was going

to be the perfect night. The tall blond was intriguing. A slutty-looking brunette had

glanced my way a second time. The smiling, tiny Asian girl could be fun, too.

Maybe The Hunger was too strong, but when the barmaid came to my table again, I re

-thought my plans. “Sir, I'm going off duty,” she said, “so I need to close out your tab.

Another waitress will stop by your table in a few minutes, and she will be here until

closing. Would you like something else to drink?”

“Yes. Something different this time.”

“What would that be, sir? What would you like?”

This time, she knew I was inhaling her aroma. “You,” I said.

“Sir?” she said, almost in a whisper. Her nipples were straining against her shirt, and

the intoxicating smell from her pussy made me almost weak with Hunger.

“You,” I repeated. “I want to drink ... you.”

Raw desire oozed from every pore of her. “I'll be at the side door in fifteen minutes,”

she said.

A car and driver met her at the employees' entrance. Wordlessly, the driver ushered

her into the back seat of the limousine for the short drive to the Westbury Hotel, where I

had booked their best suite. A uniformed young man soon delivered her to my rooms.

As the door closed behind her, she spoke. “I've never done this before.”

“Never done what before?” I asked. “Never been in a suite at the Westbury?”

“No,... well, yes,... I mean, no I've never been in a hotel room like this. What I mean is,

I've never gone to any hotel with a stranger,” she said.

“Call me John. It's a pretty easy name to remember. You are Nicole,” I said.

She looked a bit shocked. “How do you know my name?”

“It was on my tab at the club. See, we're not strangers.”

“I don't know whether I should be here,” she said.

“Do you want to leave?”


“Then, take off your clothes.”

“Excuse me?”

“Would you like my help?”


Eyes down, she walked to the bed and slipped off her shoes. “I can't believe I'm doing


“You may stop,” I said.

“I don't want to,” she whispered, pulling her shirt off. Her large breasts were straining

against the lacy camisole she wore underneath. She looked at me. I could see the

inner struggle of her lust against her better judgment. She removed her cami, finally

exposing her beautiful full breasts to my view. Then she wriggled out of her moist

leggings. Her trimmed, leaking pussy was revealed. At that moment, I knew we would

not sl**p before dawn.

“Now, undress me,” I said.

The fire of lust burned brightly in her eyes now. She began to unbutton my shirt. As she

did, her movements caused her large breasts to bounce and sway. Her nipples were

very hard now, long, fat, swollen with her need. I tried to concentrate on them, but my

brain was overwhelmed with the mouth-watering aroma of the moisture emanating

from her portal.

She knelt in front of me to undo my trousers. When she pulled them down, my rigid

member sprang up, nearly hitting her in the face.

“It's huge!” she exclaimed.

“It will fit,” I said. “Lie down.”

“I've never had anything like that inside me before,” she whimpered as she climbed

onto the bed.

“What do you mean? Nothing this big?”

“No. I've never had a man inside me before. I'm a virgin.”

“How old are you?” I asked.


A young virgin, the same age I was when I was taken. Just what I needed for a new life

-mate. If I chose, I could make Nicole mine for eternity tonight. I struggled with my

Hunger and lust. It might be better to drink her dry and then continue on my quest, but

her eyes spoke of an inner lust that enticed me, the lust necessary in a good huntress.

This was not the time for those thoughts, however. Turning her into one of Us could

come later, if she seemed worthy. She would have to be very special for me to

consider her as a life-mate. For now, I needed to feed The Hunger.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed, spread her legs, and lowered my mouth to her.

Tangy-sweet, abundant juice clung to the trimmed dark hair surrounding her

womanhood. Perhaps, as a mortal, I would have wanted to take my time with her, but

The Hunger compelled me to taste. The first pass of my tongue over her made my

stomach growl.

Nicole gasped at the sensation. “Oh, God!”

All women can orgasm. Many of them can squirt, given the proper stimuli. If this girl

were one of those, I would feed well.

I spread her outer labia with my fingers and tasted the pink flesh inside. Delicious. My

tongue moved up to her clit. She squealed her passion. More life-sustaining fluid

seeped from her. I curled my tongue to scoop it up. Sweet nourishment! My strength

was already returning. Each pass of my tongue over her sex was rewarded with more

nectar. She breathed more quickly. Lust was overcoming her.

“Oh..., oooh..., oh..., that feels so good,” she gasped.

“You haven't felt pleasure yet.”

“John, I think I want you to make love to me.”

There was no hurry. I planted small, delicate kisses on the soft skin of her mound and

upper thighs. “All in good time, my dear, all in good time.”

Her sex was flowing freely. I curled my tongue and probed inside her, lapping up more

of her honey. Her pussy was swollen, the outer lips staying open on their own, proudly

displaying the dewy pinkness inside. It was time to find out how wet she could be.

“Are you ready, my dear? You're going to have an orgasm.” I slipped a finger gently

inside her, barely touching her intact hymen, and renewed the attack of my tongue on

her clit. “Cum for me, my sweet Nicole,” I said, pausing from my feast. “Cum for me

now.” I reached behind her and began to massage her tiny asshole with my thumb.

Fearing for her hymen, I replaced the finger in her pussy with my tongue, and fondled

and pinched her hard clit.

“God! Oh God!” she wailed.

I could smell it coming, and it made my cock throb almost painfully. Suddenly,

f***efully, a gout of ambrosia erupted from her. I drank my fill. I could live on that for


She was u*********s for a moment. When she roused herself, she had the a****listic

look I had so cherished in my beloved Alexandra. Could this girl become a huntress?

Should I “make” her?

Nicole struggled to prop herself up on her elbows. “Who are you?” she asked. Her

green eyes shining, almost as though she felt The Hunger, she grabbed my head in

her hands. “WHAT are you?”

“I'm John Smith. Don't laugh. I have ID if you need proof. In answer to your second

question, I'm someone who likes oral sex.”

“No, John, no. I'm a virgin. I know you felt that. But, I've had oral sex before. No one has

done it like that!”

“I've had some time to practice. Tell me, my dear Nicole, how is it that you've let some

naughty boy lick your cunt, but you've never let one fuck you?”

For the first time since she had revived, she lowered her gaze. “It wasn't a naughty

boy,” she whispered.

“I see.” I stood and helped her to her feet. Pulling her sumptuous body against me,

letting my cock drool onto her belly, I grasped her chin and pulled her mouth to mine. In

a matter of seconds, we had moved from a first, gentle kiss to one that expressed our

mutual need. “If you like girls, are you going to let me make love to you, my sweet

innocent?” I asked.

“I've never wanted a man enough before this. I've had some experience with men,

enough that I've been a little hesitant about letting one go that far.” She lowered her

eyes again. “Girlfriends can't make me pregnant.”

“I can't either. I also can't make you sick. If I learn to trust you enough, I may explain that

to you, but for now, you're just going to have to believe.”

Her huntress-like eyes scanned mine for a long time. “You're not telling me everything,

John Smith. But yes, I do believe you. I want you to take me.”

“I will be gentle, my dear. There is no way to avoid some pain, but your pleasure will

make you forget it quickly. Now lie down. We must get ready.”

She got on the bed and turned on her back with her knees bent and spread,

presenting herself to me to mount. I had other plans for the moment. Lying down next to

her, I pulled her to me and began my work on her breasts. They tasted of her citrus

body wash, fresh sweat, and hot flesh ready to be enjoyed.

When I grasped her nipple between my lips and pulled, the smell of new feminine

moisture stirred my tongue again. Much as I needed my release, I could not deny

myself one last taste of her virgin cunt.

This time, she had an idea of what to expect. Her hips began to move almost

immediately, and the amazing amount of sweet, flavorful juice she produced added to

my euphoria. She squirted only a little. It was just as well. I could not have d***k

another drop.

I moved up in the bed and pulled her into my arms. As her strength returned, our

impassioned kissing resumed. Her hand moved down to touch my twitching cock.

“God, you're hard,” she said, pulling her lips from mine. “Please, John, put it inside


“Get on top of me and mount me. You can control how much you take and how fast you

take it that way.”

Nicole seemed eager to do just that. She squatted over me, a string of her fluids

dripping onto my balls as she moved. Grasping my cock in her hand, she aimed me.

The first touch of my wet cockhead to her leaking lips brought a gasp of passion from

both of us. She held us in that position for a moment and bored into me with her

predatory eyes. Then she worked my cock into her opening.

As her lips stretched to admit me, she said, “I've wanted this for a long time.”

“Why haven't you done it?”

“I was afraid of being alone afterward.” She lowered herself slightly. I could feel the

head of my cock pressing against her membrane. “This is going to hurt, isn't it?”


“Will you promise not to f***e yourself into me?”


“Okay.” She grimaced, seeming to anticipate the tearing, burning pain she was about

to feel. She raised up a little, and then allowed herself to drop. Her barrier was

ruptured, and she sank onto my shaft.

“Oh, that stings,” she moaned. I supported her buttocks on my hands, preventing her

from taking too much all at once.

“Breathe, my darling. Take it slowly. Give yourself some time. We have all night.”

Her eyes each released a single tear. I watched them slide down her cheeks and then

break free, to fall, seemingly in slow motion, to adorn each proud nipple. I pulled her to

me, and licked them clean. Still holding her firm cheeks in my hands, I asked, “Are you

ready for more?”

“Uh huh,” she muttered as she rose slightly, taking some of her weight off my hands.

Then we allowed her to drop a bit further than before, impaling her more firmly on my


Pain was being replaced in her eyes by renewed passion. “It's so big!” she whispered.

I thought back to my first sexual experience as an innocent youth, so many lifetimes

ago. My teacher, my seducer, some would say my downfall, was one of Us. I had

thought she was not yet quite two decades old, the same age as me. We had met at a

ball given by her uncle, duke over the area in which I was raised. She had been, I

realized, quite similar in appearance to Nicole. She took my virginity that night. When

she allowed me to splash my seed inside her, timing her orgasm to match my own,

she “made” me one of her clan.

Her uncle sent a carriage to my parent's estate the following morning, requesting my

presence again in his castle. I could barely comprehend his words as he explained my

new reality to me, and I was filled with fear. He led me to his chambers and ordered a

group of servant girls to prepare me for my first feeding. They bathed me, perfumed

me, groomed me, and finally, pleasured me. I was shocked to find that I could cum

almost at will. All four of those wenches drank from me.

I slept numbly. When I awoke, I first understood The Hunger. It was the Duke's own wife

who fed me for the first time. A slender, stunning blond woman, she appeared to be

around the age of forty. I had thought her handsome, regal looking, well-preserved for

her age, but when she appeared at my bedside, dressed in a white silk gown, I saw

her as an object of intense sexual desire.

“You feel The Hunger, don't you?” the Duchess asked. “That deep need wrenching

your guts apart – you know it now, don't you?”

“Yes,” I hissed.

“I will feed you,” she said, undoing the gold and ruby clasp that held her garment. The

gown parted, revealing her nakedness to my view. She shrugged her gossamer

raiment off her shoulders, allowing it to pool on the floor at her feet. “You are one of Us,

now. You must take your nourishment.” She mounted the bed, then positioned herself

over my face. The newly found need of my race took me, and I lowered her aromatic

sex to my mouth.

The duchess and her niece educated me on the ways of the race into which I was

newly born. They helped me learn to hunt. Along with many others, they fed me and

took some of their feedings from me. I learned lust in their home, lust mortals could not

understand. I also learned love.

The duke summoned me to his personal dining room one morning to partake of the

mortal foods all of Us still enjoyed. “My young friend,” he said, “you are growing well in

the skills and pleasures of Us. It is time that you helped to expand our clan. Have you

learned how this is done?”

“My lord,” I replied, “I am told that I must de-flower a virgin and bring her to orgasm

whilst releasing my seed inside her.”

“That is correct. In a fortnight, there will be another gathering in the grand ballroom.

Among the guests will be several fair maidens. It will be your privilege to have first

pick. Choose well. Make Us proud.”

At the ball, I danced with the girl who would become my Alexandra. She had tasted so

sweet. There is no flavor on this earth that can compare to that of a young maiden.

The taste of the voluptuous young beauty I had now de-flowered was still fresh on my

tongue. Nicole was nearly in full possession of my turgid flesh. The pain that had

caused her incredible eyes to weep was being replaced with a look of pleasure.

“Only a little bit more,” I encouraged, bringing her face to mine. As we kissed, I felt her

weight come to rest on my pelvis. Slowly, her virginal tightness relaxed enough for her

to lift her hips a bit and then come back down.

“I never knew it would feel like this,” she gasped. She raised her hips and lowered

them again, stroking my manhood out, and then into her sheath. Again. And again.

When she found her rhythm, she no longer needed the support and encouragement of

my hands. I started rubbing my fingers over her anus once more. She moaned and

moved a little faster, taking me deep on every thrust. It seemed that her pleasure

increased when I fondled her puckered star. I had discovered the same thing about my

late Alexandra. It was one of the things that endeared her to me. Penetrating her

sphincter always made her orgasm. Nicole, I learned, was no different.

I paused to allow her to recover. My finger rested protectively over her asshole, my

erection stayed still inside her quivering cunt. We simply kissed with love.

She raised her upper body so she could look into my eyes. “John? Can we do that


“Do what again?” I asked, flexing to make my cock twitch inside her.

“Ooooh,” she hissed. “That. Can we make love again?”

“We never really stopped,” I said, clasping her to me and rolling her onto her back. “I

just gave you a moment to catch your breath. Now, I'm going to make you cum again.”

I pulled my length nearly out of her, barely maintaining our most intimate contact. My

shaft glistened with her virgin bl**d. Her eyes were an opening into her soul, showing

lust I had not seen since my beloved was taken. This girl already looked like one of Us.

With only my gaze, I made her wetter. My lance stabbed slowly back into her

maddeningly tight depths. Her legs moved to encircle my waist, helping her to draw

our loins together. Just as we had never broken the contact joining our bodies

together, this time we did not break contact between her lusting eyes and mine. I

stroked myself in and out of her grasping cunt until I felt it begin to milk me. It would

have been easy to fill her with my seed, feeling that, but I wanted her to cum more. She

rode out her orgasm locked tightly on my shaft.

Being careful not to lose the magical contact between our genitals, I rose up on my

arms to stare down at her. A droplet of sweat ran from between her ample breasts to

join its s****rs on her belly. Her nipples were as hard as any I had seen. The look in her

eyes told me she was ready to be “made.”

“John,” she gasped, trying to regain control of her breathing. “John, what are you doing

to me?”

“I believe it's called fucking,” I replied.

I pushed my length as deep inside her as I could, flexing my groin muscles to apply

more pressure inside her wet, tight cunt.

“Oh God! Are you trying to make me cum again?”

“Yes.” I began to plow rapidly in and out of her, grabbing her legs and forcing them up,

bending her so I could go deeper. This time, it only took a few dozen quick strokes to

make her cry out her ecstasy.

“Aaaah, aaaah, stop, please John, stop for a minute,” she moaned as she gathered

herself once again.

I released her legs and held her, my cock still inside her. We had not broken contact

since I first destroyed her hymen. “What's wrong, my Nicole, don't you like this?”

“Yes, yes, of course I like it. I'm sore, but I want more. I just can't keep up with you.”

A few gentle thrusts made her begin to move her hips again. I kept my rhythm slow,

luxurious, and deep.

“Why haven't you cum?” she asked. “How can you still be so hard?”

“I'm not like other men.”

“You can't have an orgasm?” she asked.

“Oh yes, I can. I can have many in a night. I can pour my seed into you whenever I

choose, as many times as I choose.”

“How is that possible?”

“I told you -- I'm different from other men.”

She grasped my head and stared into me. “What are you, John Smith? You need to

tell me what's going on.”

I thrust hard into her, rapidly, forcing another orgasm from her. Her gaze never faltered.

Her emerald eyes still glowed brightly with her lust. I knew now that I must transform her

into one of Us.

“I'm not like other men. I was, a long time ago, but then things changed. I am no longer

a mortal man.”

If she had shown shock at that, I would have erased the memory of my words from her.

But she did not. Desire had overwhelmed her.

“Are you a ghost?”

“No. You've probably never encountered one like me before.”

“Are you a demon?”

“No, my precious one. I am of the clan of Us. We are beings who can live forever. We

take our sustenance from each other and from humans.”

“Are you a vampire? Am I going to die in your arms?”

“Not at all. If you accept the gift of my seed, I can make you live a very long time

indeed. Members of the clan of Us feed on the sexual fluids of others. We minister to

the genitals of our partners orally, taking sustenance from the fluids they produce. I fed

from you before I entered you. If you choose, you can be one of Us. You will live out

your existence giving pleasure to others, both male and female if you desire. When

your lover climaxes in your mouth, you will be nourished. You will spend your time here

on earth seeking out partners who can sustain you.”

“Will I be immortal?”

“Nearly so. We have few enemies. You will hunt for your food, as I do.”

“Will I stay young?”

“If I take you as a life-mate, your days may never end. You will hunt and feed from

whomever you choose, but feeding from me, and allowing me to feed from you, will

preserve our youth and make us immune to all disease. You will never be ill. You will

remain as beautiful as you are at this moment.”

Nicole rose up and kissed me. Her passion burned my tongue. “Fuck me some more,”

she said.

I did. Her pussy was trying to drink my essence.

She seemed near exhaustion after her next orgasm. “What will I be like if you change

me?” she panted.

Rolling us over again so she could lie on my chest, I said, “Just like you are now. You

could continue working. After I teach you to hunt, and share a few feedings with you, I

could move on.” My penis, still hard as steel, twitched inside her.

“How will you do it?” she gasped.

“I will bring you to orgasm on my cock, and I will fill you with my semen. But I warn you,

my dear, there will be no turning back. You will be forever changed. You will feel The

Hunger of Us. You will devote the rest of time to drinking from the loins of others. Do

you understand?”

Fire flashed in her eyes, the passion of a true huntress. “Do it.”

Her abundant moisture, still tinged with the bl**d of her virginity, lubricated me as I

clasped her to me tightly, pumped purposefully in in and out of her tight depths. “I will

cum inside you soon, my precious one. I will bathe your womb in my juices, and you will

be changed. Do you want this?” I demanded.

He stare told me the answer, but she whispered, “Yes.”

This time, I allowed her pussy to draw my fluids into her. Every pulse of my seed was

answered by a cry from deep in her soul. When I was done, she collapsed on top of


After a while, she stirred. Looking at me with the true passion of Us, she said, “You're

still hard.”


“Can you cum again?”

“Of course.” I twitched my cock inside her.

“I've never wanted a man to cum in my mouth before. I think I do now,” she said.

“That is what we call The Hunger. The only way to satisfy it is with oral sex. We must

drink the sexual fluids of another,” I said.

She began to rock her pelvis gently, moving almost imperceptibly on my rigid shaft.

“I've had oral sex with my girlfriends, and I've gone down on a guy before, but I've

always had him finish on my boobs. But now, I want to swallow as much cum as I can!”

“I shall take you hunting, my dear. Perhaps I might look for a snack myself.”

“I don't know if I can do it right. I want it, hell, I need it, but I don't know if I can just

approach some random guy,” she said.

“Let me ask you a question, my dear. How often do you let yourself get picked up and

taken to a hotel by 'some random guy'?”

“I don't.”

“Correction. You didn't. Why did you come here with me tonight?”

“I don't know,” she replied. “You were just different from anyone I ever met. I wanted you

almost the moment I saw you. I don't know what came over me.”

“My dear, you never had a chance,” I chuckled. “I was feeling The Hunger tonight, and I

came into your bar to hunt. I smelled your little pussy as soon as you came to my table,

so I seduced you into letting me feed from you. I simply used the charms that all of Us

possess. I can have any woman I want. I've d***k from movie stars, businesswomen,

queens, and slaves.”

“Will I be able to do that?”

“Of course. I could see in your eyes that you already had far more raw talent than most

mortal women. When you had your first orgasm, the fire in your eyes looked very much

like The Hunger. You've been controlling people all your life with your eyes, haven't


“I suppose I have. Do you think I will be able to find someone to feed from tonight?”

“My poor, sweet, innocent newborn,” I murmured as I kissed her, my small thrusts into

her soaked sheath adding to our mutual pleasure. “Do you really think it will be difficult

to find a man who would like to receive oral pleasure from an anonymous, pretty girl?”

“May I practice on you, John?”

“Of course. I will always be available to you, as you will to me.”

“May I feed from you now?” she asked.

“If you feed from another first, you will fulfill your new destiny as a member of the clan of

Us. We will hunt together, nourish each other, take pleasure from each other, but you

will never have a life-mate.”

“Why?” she asked.

“The teachings of The One Who Sees All require that only males choose life-mates.

New females in the clan become life-mates by taking their first feeding from the one

who took their virginity. This feeding must be done immediately after they have been

de-flowered. The female must drink not only her life-mate's seed, but also her own

virgin bl**d. This is why I have remained inside you from the first, so that, if we chose,

you could do that. I would be blessed to have you as my life-mate.”

“May I still feed from others?” she asked.

“You may, as I will also feed from whomever I choose. We will be partnered for eternity,

but we will have what some modern people term an 'open marriage.' In fact, to

symbolize this, I choose to give you this name to be called by mortals: Azelia.”

“That is a beautiful name. What does it mean?”

“It is a Hebrew name, probably based on the early Greek word 'azelos, which means

'not jealous.'”

“Azelia. Yes, I like it. I want to be your life-mate, John. I want to clean your cock of my

virgin bl**d and drink your essence. Please feed me.”

The Hunger burned fiercely in her eyes as she finally separated herself from me. She

moved to kneel at the altar of my groin and stared for a moment at my hard, wet,

bl**d-tinged penis. Her tongue snaked out from between her lips to graze the head. A

mortal would not have noticed, but my ears detected the sound of The Hunger in her


Again, she tasted me. As her belly growled, she smiled at me. “That's The Hunger

talking, isn't it?” she asked.

“It is, my sweet Azelia.”

“No mortal would hear that, would they? It would be a little embarrassing,” she said.

“It is a sound beyond the capabilities of mortals to detect. You will find all your senses

more powerful than they were a few minutes ago. All of Us would hear the sound you

make. We consider it a compliment.”

She moved her tongue, slowly exploring my glans. “I can taste bl**d, and I can taste

my pussy and your sperm, but what I taste most is life.”

“You understand, don't you?” I asked.

“Uh huh.” She moved her head to lick the spilled fluids from my scrotum. “I'm wet

again,” she said.

“I will help you with that after you've sated your Hunger, my love.”

“Feed me, John,” she breathed. Then she began to engulf my cock. At first, she took

only the head between her lips, her tongue snaking out to lick my upper shaft. Slowly,

she began to move, taking a bit more of me on every thrust. When she reached her

comfortable depth, she extended her tongue again to tease my flesh.

Such passion. This woman was a natural. She seemed to know instinctively what I

wanted, what I needed. Bobbing her head slowly up and down my length, she smiled at

me, a look of pleasure mixed with the need in her bewitching eyes.

“Don't cum yet, lover,” she whispered, having paused in her sucking to more thoroughly

cleanse our combined juices from my groin.

“I can wait. You're doing well.”

“This is making me so hot, I could almost cum.”

“You can, darling. You can cum at will, whenever you like.”

“Cum with me, John. Feed me.”

She took me in her mouth again, sucking, licking, begging for my semen. It was time.

Her hips were bucking with her orgasm on an imagined cock as I committed my soul

to her for all eternity, filling her mouth with stream after stream of my product. She

swallowed greedily, gratefully, The Hunger appeased. For now.

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