OH MY GOD.Uncle Jack

Room 1205
Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain

that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this
usiness opportunity has unexpected results
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are

figments of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to events and/or persons is

entirely coincidental.

(If you just want the sexy stuff, you can skip to below the dotted line in the story. I hope

you'll take the time to read the intro, but I don't want you to get frustrated in the

beginning. Up to you tho! Thanks for reading, and kind comments and nice scores are

always appreciated! - Sara)

It was nearly the middle of June and I continued to be without a job. Still, I was

absolutely loving San Francisco, and as it got more into summer, each and every day

in the city was beautiful. Sam and my s****r were being great about not pressuring me

to contribute money, but I could tell that things were tight for them as well and I needed

to find something very soon.

While my Uncle Jack was still in town, I decided to ask him a bit about his business.

Unfortunately, as he explained how he made his money (something about sports and

“branding”), I had no idea what he was talking about. He could tell by the look on my

face that I was disappointed, as I was hoping I could work with him on something to

earn some money.

“It’s just all about supply and demand, Boo. You need to think outside the box.”

Easy for him to say. He was a great businessman. He is a very enterprising old man

and I’m sure ideas came to him all the time.

“Will you help me?” I asked him. “Just get started. Just with an idea.”

He smiled, as if asking him was stupid. I actually felt my skin turn warm with

embarrassment. I was 35 years old and begging for a job. I already felt like a failure. I

didn’t need him laughing at me.

“Of course, Boo. Leave it to me.”

And Immediately, I felt safe again. Just as quickly as I felt frustrated and embarrassed,

I felt grateful to him for helping me. God! My emotions were really all over the place

lately. The stress was really getting to me.

A week after I asked Uncle Jack to help me, he called and told me he had a project set

up. I was shocked. “What is it?” I eagerly asked him.

“Well, nothing yet. I’ve got some investor friends lined up who want to meet with you

and talk about it.” This was sounding very mysterious.

“What is “it”?” I pressed him for details.

“I feel like you lack self confidence, Boo. Remember when you asked me to read your

University thesis? For Psychology?”

…what in the world was he getting at. “…Yes, the one on “Non Verbal Communication”

How men and women differ in signals they put out, and how we constantly

communicate with each other all the time without saying a word.”

“Yes!” Said Uncle Jack. “My business friends, I think, would stand to gain quite a bit

from your thoughts on the matter. So tonight you’re going to give a little lecture about it

at the Carlyle Hotel.”

Was this a joke? Oh sure – just whip together a lecture on a dense subject, which I

haven’t studied in a decade. Plus, there are literally hundreds of professors and

psychologists much more qualified to give such a lecture.

“Enough! Nonsense!” Uncle Jack shut me down. “That’s exactly what I’m talking about!

You’re not giving yourself credit for what you can do! What you’re capable of! Sure,

there are those with more degrees, time in the field, expertise… but you are unique.

You have your own qualities, thoughts, perspectives, etc.”

He was right. Why not me? I could make money at this! Especially with Uncle Jack’s


“Open your mind, think outside the box and believe in yourself. What is it you want?”

“To make money!” I said, immediately. “Lots of money!”

“Let’s do it!” Uncle Jack enthusiastically replied. “Plus, I wouldn’t get involved in

something financially if I didn’t believe in it. And in this case, “it” is you.”

I arrived at the Hotel Carlyle at 6PM, wearing a long black skirt, and tight, white button

down blouse. Sure, it was a bit too tight, and I elected to wear my favorite push-up bra,

but I figured looking a little sexy could never hurt when trying to get men to pay attention

to me. Still, I would be totally lying if I said I wasn’t quite nervous. The truth of the matter

is I felt as though I could throw up. But I had done hours of research that afternoon,

reread my university notes, and I felt as though I knew the subject well.

I found Uncle Jack talking sitting with three other men at a table in the bar. Honestly, I

thought there would be a larger group. Despite my nerves, I was a bit disappointed.

“Hey Boo--, er, Sara.” Uncle Jack said when he saw me. Yes, I did not need him

calling me by my c***dhood nickname in front of potential business partners. He

introduced me.

“This is Neal, Tom, and Gary.” The three men stood, looked me in the eye and shook

my hand. I felt out of my element. What did I know about business? These men were

intimidating. Gary, a tall Black gentleman smiled as he shook my hand. He was not shy

about looking at my breasts. Neal and Tom followed suit. At least I knew they “liked”

me. Now the challenge would be getting them to listen to what I had to say.

After a short, awkward pause, just as I was ready to ask if they were ready to hear

what I had to say, Uncle Jack turned to the rest of the bar.

“Can I have everyone’s attention please?”

What on Earth was he doing? The 20 men in the bar, all wearing suits, turned to look.

“Our guest speaker has arrived. Let’s all gather in the Conference Room and begin.”

Uncle Jack looked at me. “How long is the presentation?”

I was speechless. I felt as though I might pee my pants.

“…20 m-minutes??” I stammered. I cleared my throat. “20 minutes.” Uncle Jack

laughed and put his arm around me.

I thought there would be a podium, yet there was just an empty stage with a

microphone stand. The 25 men sat in chairs and kindly looked up at me, watching my

blue index cards shake in my trembling hands. I was glued to those cards. I was so

nervous, I finished in 10 minutes. The men were very kind and applauded, yet I felt like

a k** in a school play, getting courtesy applause. I had no idea what I was talking

about and they all knew it. I was embarrassed for dragging them out to see my total

failure. My cheeks were bright red. Fortunately, Uncle Jack walked on stage to rescue

me from my embarrassment.

“OK,” he said. “All of you received a card when you came to the hotel tonight. Some of

you have a red card, some of you a blue card.”

I was still so embarrassed from my awful presentation, that I just assumed this was

something beyond me. Honestly, I wasn’t even paying attention.

“The Blue Cards can go back to the bar, continue drinking, and I’ll see you in 30

minutes. Red cards can meet me in 1205 for more information!”

Uncle Jack took my hand and led me off the stage.

As Uncle Jack and I got into the elevator, I had to apologize to him. “I’m so sorry, Uncle

Jack. That was terrible. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your friends.”

He laughed. “My friends? First of all, you were brilliant. It was perfect. Second, these

aren’t my friends. Most are friends of friends, and some are even men from a different

conference whom I just met tonight.”

“Besides,” he continued, “I think they’re all going to be very happy with you.”

The elevator stopped at the 12 th floor and we got off.

“What do you mean?”

I asked him.

Uncle Jack opened the door to room 1205. It was spectacular. Views over the entire

city at night.

“While you were talking to them, they were considering the business proposition. I

suspect every last one of them will be interested.”

Just as I was getting the picture, the men with red cards started filtering into the room.

First a wave of four men, each giving Uncle Jack a few hundred-dollar bills. Next came

a group of five men, who also gave Uncle Jack a few hundreds. Then another group of


I understood that my being brought to the hotel to give a speech on nonverbal

communication was a ruse. My Uncle was pimping me out.

As betrayed as I was, I won’t lie and tell you my pussy didn’t get wet at the thought of it.

But THIRTEEN guys?? That was impossible. I couldn’t do it.

“While you were talking to them about your psychology stuff, you were communicating

with them in other ways, Boo, “ Uncle Jack said.

“Lay down on the bed.”

I hesitated. Uncle Jack handed me the money. $2600.

“Lay down, on your back, with your pretty little face hanging over the side.”

I did as I was told.

“These men cannot touch you, but you may suck them if you wish. What they’ve paid

for is the right to cum on your face.”

OH MY GOD. I was so fucking wet. I started unbuttoning my blouse.

“No, no. You are to remain clothed. You are to look exactly as you did on the stage.”

The men were not paying attention to either me or Uncle Jack, but rather unzipping

and removing their hard cocks. I’d never seen so many dicks in my life – big black

cocks, big tan cocks, of all shape and size.

With my head hanging upside down, I saw them form a line in front of me.

A black man presented his huge dick to my lips. I tasted him. He pushed into me. With

my face upside down he could slowly push into my throat. He slid in and out of me.

After only a few seconds, I felt another cock pressing into my cheek. I took that cock

into my mouth.

“Next”, Uncle Jack called out. The black man and the big white man moved aside, and

two other men took their place. Honestly, I didn’t even have time to see what their

cocks looked like before the first was in my mouth.

Uncle Jack kept a rotation of no more than a few minutes at a time. My fucking jaw

was beginning to lock up from all the sucking before I realized I needed to relax and let

the men do it. I needed to let them use my mouth as they wished. The more I

completely relaxed my face, the more I heard them moaning, building their cum. I was

happy when I sneaked a glance to find another black guy enjoying my mouth. I admit

that I’d always fantasized about sucking a black guy, so being paid to suck a few

anonymously was getting me really hot.

“May they touch your face, Boo? While the face fuck you? It may help them if they have

something to hold on to. “

Like the cheap slut I am, before he was done asking I was moaning “MM HM”, with an

unfamiliar cock in my mouth. I think it was the now the first black gentleman again. We

got thru the rotation many times. Yet, still no one had cum. Uncle Jack was having fun

calling time just as the men were about to cum.

Finally, he said it.

“Alright boys, let her have it!”

And that’s all they had to hear.

I opened my eyes to see a huge white dick, less than an inch away from my face, with

a hand furiously pumping it.

“You’re gonna cum on my face? Do you want to shoot your cum on my face?” I thought

I’d help him out. It worked a little too well, as I didn’t have enough time to close my eyes

before he got me.

“OOhhh, thank you. Thank you.” As I got more vocal, more men approached me at

once. As I felt the cum from the first load running over my eyelids up across my

forehead, I again opened my eyes to see two cocks pointed at my face.

“Give me that salty warm cum, boys.”

I felt the sticky clumps of semen hit my cheeks. I’d never had three loads of cum on my

face before.

More men came. I sucked the black cock. I liked the way it tasted. I let him cum in my

mouth. I looked up at him as I swallowed, while two other strange men shot their load

on my neck and forehead.

I think the first man came on me again. His cock looked familiar, and it wasn’t much

cum. But all the cocks were starting to blur. Uncle Jack took a photo of me with his

camera phone. He showed it to me. My face was glazed with thick cum. Thirteen?

(f******n?) loads of cum slowly oozing down my face. Another two men came in my


Slowly, the men who were spent and had no more, zipped up and left while a few

finished up with seconds. After a few minutes it was just me and Uncle Jack. I started

to get up.

“No, no.” Uncle Jack stopped me. “Not so fast.”

Uncle Jack must’ve taken 30 photos of my face from different angles, all in the course

of five minutes. I loved how much my Uncle was attracted to me sexually. I loved that I

got him so hard. I loved that he fantasized about fucking me. I realized that he hadn’t

had his turn yet.

I opened my mouth for him. He laughed at me.

“What are you doing, Boo?”

Just then, the blue cards started coming in. They’d been waiting outside. Twelve of

them. All at once.

“Round two?” I asked. Uncle Jack was not listening to me. He was too busy handling

the money. These men each handed him five hundred. Five hundred!!

Uncle Jack counted it while these men got completely nude.

The cum from the thirteen men was running into my hair and dripping on the floor. A

few of the thirteen men had really thick, gobby cum which was stuck in clumps on my

face – beneath my eyes, in my hair, over my mouth, on my forehead. Thru the cum

haze, Uncle Jack showed me my money.

“6,000 dollars, Boo. With the 2600, that’s 8,600. You up for this?”

How in the hell could I know if I was or not? But I needed the money. And… I was

fucking horny. I wanted to give myself to the wolves.


Uncle Jack addressed the men. “Groups of three at a time.”

The men listened and immediately split up into four groups.

“Fuck her.”

The first group of three men, two black guys and a white guy, stood over me. The black

guy ripped my shirt open, climbed on top of me and pushed my breasts together, still

inside my bra. The second black man lifted my skirt up and started rubbing my pussy

beneath my panties.

“Look at me, look at me…” the first black man said. I tried to lift my head, but I’d been

hanging down there for so long it was hard. He helped me by grabbing my hair and

pulling my head up to face him.

With his fingertips he smeared the thirteen loads of cum into my face.

“I love sluts,” he said. With his free hand, he pulled my bra cups down, ripping my

favorite bra open. He pinched my nipple, finding pleasure in watching me scream. I

loved it.

He squeezed harder and lifted up, shaking my small, natural breast.

“Please fuck me! PLEASE! Fuck me hard.” I was begging him. I was so wet! My

embarrassment over my poor speech had me craving this attention. My body felt so

good. I needed to cum. Many times. "Please fuck me...."

“I will, I will,” he laughed. What was his name again? Gary, I think. He continued to play

with the cum on my face. He gathered it in his fingers and shoved his fingers in my


He let go of my hair, dropping my head down.

“Fuck. “ He said. “It was better when you had more cum on your face. Before I made

you eat it.”

I felt the second black man put his long, thin, rough fingers in my pussy.

“OOOOOhhhh” I moaned. “Yes! Make me cum.. Please. It hurts…”

“Eric?” Gary said, “Come shoot a load on this pretty girl’s face for me.”

I remembered Eric from the presentation. Very muscular, and very cute. A deadly


“Can Eric fuck me instead?” I asked, just as Eric began stroking his cock at my face.

The men laughed.

The two black men laughed.

“Sure, pretty girl. Is that your wish?”

“Yes,” I said.

I felt the hand withdraw from my cunt. I felt Gary release my nipple and climb off of me.

Eric pulled me roughly off the bed and pushed me on the ground. I knew it! I loved it.

The cute boys always have something to prove.

He flipped me over, belly down on the carpet. My blouse was already ripped open, my

bra destroyed and flung to the corner of the room.

Eric pulled my hips up, my ass in the air, ripped my panties off, tossed my skirt up and

buried his face in my wet pussy. I don’t think he was ready for it. Laughing, he pulled

his face away. He was soaked.

“What the fuck?!” Everyone laughed at how wet I was. Eric immediately dove back in.

The amount of moisture was a green light that I wanted it. I felt his nose pressing into

my asshole. While Eric sucked lightly on my pussy lips, giving me little love bites, he

began to finger my pussy.

I had my first orgasm. It’d been building for the better part of an hour. Clear juice shot

out of me, onto the floor. As I trembled, I heard the men laughing at me.

Eric ran two fingers thru the pool of my liquid, spanked my ass, and shoved his fingers

in my asshole. As he finger fucked me, he had the decency to ask:

“Pussy or ass?”

I was still having mini quakes from my orgasm. I barely heard him.

“Pussy or ass, Sara?”

“Pussy,” I asked.

“Too bad,” he said. “I was thinking of your ass all night.”

“OK, you can fuck me there.”

Immediately, he pushed me down on the carpet. His fingers had opened my asshole a

bit, but not enough for his huge cock. It burned when he shoved it in me. I screamed.

I heard twelve men laughing as Eric fucked my butt.

He gripped my hair in his hands and whispered in my ear. He was grunting as he said,

“I’m going to cum in you.”

“OK,” I said.

God he was strong. SO strong! I felt his thighs, on the outside of my creamy thighs,

pushing them together. He was fucking my ass hard. Driving into me.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Eric said. He licked some cum off my cheek and kissed me.

He fucked faster.

He fucked harder.

With his feet, he pushed up on the carpet. He was already into my ass as far as his

cock would go. His powerful legs pushed us forward. He pumped and pumped.


He shoved my face in the carpet as his cock convulsed up my ass. I loved the warm

feeling of his seed filling me. I loved feeling his body twitch over me. I loved his hot

steel pulsating inside of me.

He picked me up and bent me over the bed.

I felt his hard cock enter my pussy. Now I was the one screaming in pleasure. It was

like a perfect key. I was DRAINED, exhausted, my thoughts, fears, everything


Gary climbed on the bed, turned away from me and bent over. Putting his asshole and

his balls in my face. I was in so much ecstasy, I took his balls into my mouth while Eric

pumped my pussy.

“Lick his asshole, pretty girl,” Eric said.

I did so. Gary reached around, grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into him.

I felt the warm tingles. I felt the pressure mount. I felt it building. I was going to cum. I

pulled away from Gary's asshole:

"Oh god, oh god oh god oh oh oh oh OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!!"

The men laughed. I came again.

Eric was amazing, but he couldn’t handle three loads of cum. After he filled my pussy

with his second load, he was finished and having a whiskey with my Uncle in the

corner. He watched the remainder of the festivities.

One by one, sometimes the entire group of three fucked me. Some pulled out and

came on my stomach, most enjoyed putting their seed as far up my pussy as possible.

Some liked cumming on my face.

I was filled that night, covered in cum. Sometimes, one stranger would hold my arms

up over my head while standing over me while men took turns fucking my pussy.

They enjoyed playing with my body. They would shake my breasts. They got their

money's worth out of me. They spanked me. They asked me to beg them not to spank

me. I played along, begged them not to, I told them I was a "good girl", but they

spanked me anyway.

They spanked and fucked me.

Gary, the taller black guy, asked me if I was ready. My pussy should've been raw from

all the dick. It wasn't. There was so much cum in me, out of me, around me, that I was

highly lubricated.

"I'm ready".

And he fucked me. There were no theatrics, no Kama Sutra positions. He just laid me

on the carpet (the bed, he said, had too much give. He really needed to "feel" me. He

wanted to drive into me), spread my thighs apart and fucked me. Slow, rhythmic half-

thrusts at first, but ending with the full cock. Ending with his thick cock ramming in and

out of my pussy, his balls spanking against my loosened asshole. Ending with my

panting and screaming. Ending with my legs parted parted for him, lying heavy on the

ground in defeat. Gary had the most cum. Gary pumped and pumped and pumped

cum deep inside me.

I loved being an object of such lust. A sex toy. I loved being filled with cum. I loved the

feeling of laying on a man whom I did not know, his cock up my pussy, while another

man I did not know pumped my butt from behind me. I loved impressing the men with

my willingness to eat cum – either shot directly into my mouth, or licking it from a cock.

I loved impressing them.

Uncle Jack had rented the room for the night. I chose some men – Eric, Gary, one of

the other black guys, and a few others, to stay with Uncle Jack and I. I’d sl**p for an

hour or so until one of them needed me again.

I loved fucking the men. I loved how they used me. I loved how they did not love me
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I've only read part of it and I like it! It gets my full attention tomorrow.
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hot & very good
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i what it to :(