Country girl gets a job in the Big City

Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing

this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here

I was overcome with temptation and I reached a point where I gave into his desires.
I moved to Seattle in 2002, at the age of 24 to get a better job. I grew up in a rural

white community and I found the mixture of cultures in the city to be fascinating and yet

almost alien compared to my life in the country.

I finally got a job at a night club and I was really nervous the first night. The club was

pretty vacant except for some regulars. At the first table I stopped at my hands were so

unsteady that I dropped my tray which held all the money from my till. I felt so

embarrassed as quarters were rolling all over the floor and I had to scramble around

on my hands and knees, hurrying to retrieve all the money.

I finally recovered from my clumsiness and went to face the next customer who had

obviously witnessed my mishap, because he was staring straight down at me from the

upper level of the bar where he was sitting.

I was feeling so humiliated and embarrassed, and I just had this wild thread of hope

that somehow this dark and exotic looking black man would be the one to reverse the

bad luck I had and bolster my self confidence. Ha Ha, little did I know he had his own

ideas about how to cheer up a red haired, pale white skinned, slender new girl in town.

I must have looked so naive and vulnerable to his hungry eyes that seemed not to miss

a detail of me. Jay is the name he gave when I took his order for another Tanquaray

and g****fruit juice and since my boss was really strict, I had to take Jay's ID which

told me that he was 10 years older than me. I took a giant risk by acting on some

rumors I had overheard that black men have a weakness for pretty, pale, white girls.

So boldly acting on this scrap of information I said to him, "Can you do anything to help

a poor white girl feel better on her first night?"

Today I laugh when I remember what I said to him, but on my first night I took a huge

risk all for the chance that he would say something to me to make me feel all better. My

bold speech payed off better than I could have imagined. He said just the things that I

needed and wanted to hear him say.

By the time I moved on to place his order, my self confidence was soaring. I was

certain that I was going to be an excellent cocktail waitress with an apron full of tips

every night. The rest of my shift was fun and exciting as I sauntered around the club

floor and flirting with all my males customers who were just as generous with tips as I

was with my wide smile.

At the end of my shift I sat waiting by the door for my husband to pick me up. Jay was

leaving too and I was completely unprepared for his first goodbye. He leaned so close

to my ear that I could smell the heavy, fruity smell of gin and juice when he whispered to

me in his smooth and sexy voice, "You are the most beautiful lady that I've seen in a

long time. I hope I'll be seeing a lot more of you."

And then he leaned an inch closer and very softly and gently kissed me with his warm

soft lips. I knew it was wrong since I was married, but I didn't want the kiss to end. Then

he turned to go and left me sitting there with my heart racing.

Over the next few weeks I was tortured by temptation every time I saw Jay at the night

club. It wasn't long before I was impatient to see him and when he walked through the

door my heart would race uncontrollably. Finally he gave me his phone number for

about the fifth time but this time I didn't throw it away.

On the day of my next shift I went to work about two hours early. I called him from a pay

phone and told him I was ready for him at last. When we got to his apartment he lit a

fire in the fire place and sat next to me on the couch. The next moment his lips were on

mine and his kiss made me moan deep in my throat. I had been anxiously anticipating

this moment for so long that simply his kisses made me wet and still I kept moaning.

He said to me,"I think I know what you want" and he led me by the hand upstairs to his

bed. He laid me down and slowly began to undress me until I was naked. Then he

pulled my hips to the edge of the bed and slowly softly ate my pussy. My husband

never did any of those things to me and I never knew how good it could feel. I was a

little nervous because I wanted to please him as much as he had and I was unsure

what to do. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." So I began to undress him and

when I saw the size of his cock I was a little intimidated.

I took a deep breath and started sucking on him, trying to fit all of his length deep in my

mouth. I looked up at Jay and admitted to him that I had only ever been with my

husband. He laughed softly and said, "Don't worry I 'll go easy on you."

So I lay back on the bed with my legs spread and he thrust his 10 inch black cock

inside me. I had know idea how good it was going to feel and I started screaming in

pleasure so loud that I began to fear the neighbors would call the cops. I loved the

feeling of laying flat on my back in complete surrender to his huge cock. After an hour

of screaming like this he finally came inside me and I had to hurry because I was going

to be late for work.

When I got to work I was d***k on the sensations I had just felt. My head was spinning

and I actually fainted because I was still in shock about what I had just experienced. My

manager wanted to send me home and tried to call my husband to come pick me up

but I refused. Jay's cock had felt so good that I wanted more and demanded that he

come and pick me up instead of my husband. When Jay arrived at the club I fainted as

I walked out the door. Jay and another one of my black customers picked me up and

put me in Jay's car.

That night Jay and I had sex 3 more times and I loved every minute of it. We had sex

twice a day for two weeks and then I realized I had made a mistake. I called my

husband and told him I wanted to come home. That night at home my husband asked

me about where I had been and what I had been doing. I recounted the whole affair in

every detail to him.

My husband got so turned on by the image of his pretty wife getting plowed twice a

day by a 10 inch black cock. When I finished telling him what happened he wanted to

make love to me really bad and he even came twice without stopping. My job at the

night club was a once in lifetime experience and its something none of us will ever


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