Only Jhonny can make me squirt

Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing

this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here

It was a normal Monday night and instead of doing my study work I was browsing the

web on my pc. I was 19 and a virgin but that did not mean i wasn't horny and gagging

for it. I had a secret drawer under my bed that was full of things to get me off, such as

clit massager, a vibrating tongue, anal beads, and lube. But my most treasured

possession was a 10 inch silver vibrator that I bought off the internet two weeks

before. I had nicknamed it Jhonny Silver.

I had never used it because I wasn't quite sure how to use it. I had given myself many

orgasms before, but the thing is, I really wanted squirt. Maybe my Jhonny Silver could


I typed in "squirting porn" on my search engine and clicked on the first website that

came up.
It was a video called "milf makes two college girls squirt". I am not a lesbian, or even bi

,but the thought of it arouses me.

This porno was amazing. The milf was slowly teasing their clits rubbing it hard and as

soon as the girls were about to squirt she would stop, leaving them panting and up for

more. My clit started tingling, but I was not ready to masturbate yet. The milf in the

video then started licking one of the girls out while rubbing the other. This made me a

little wet, but the part that got me soaking was when she pulled out a giant dildo and

started pounding into their vaginas. The moans and groans got me begging for it.

Soon one of the girls screamed and whined. "Stop, stop, I am going to cum".

The milf replied, "You're not allowed to cum, not until I say so". She turned the dildo to

maximum vibration and pounded her with it. The girl's body shook and her eyes rolled

back as she screamed with pleasure. Her cum shot out of her like a bullet from a gun

and hit the camera.

That was it. My panties were soaking. I had to have it. I needed it. I stripped and lay on

my bed. I didn't have time to rub my nipples or body. I wanted to cum and wanted to do

it there and then. The sound of groans coming from the porn made my whole clit throb.

I grabbed my Jhonny Silver and plunged it deep into my pussy. "Give me, all you got!" I

shouted. I turned the vibrate to max. I could feel waves inside me. The pleasure was

unforgettable. I plunged Jhonny in deeper. That's when I found my G spot. I knew I was

close to cumming, but I didn't want the fun to be over so I took Jhonny out.

I placed him on my clit, massaging it on low vibrate. I let out a little whimper. I was

ready to cum. I turned Jhonny back up to max and plunged him back into my wet

steaming pussy. The vibrations tickled my G spot. my moans got loader. I couldn't

resist. My urge to cum was getting stronger.

Then I placed two fingers in my asshole. Two pleasure points was way better than one.

I got on all fours with Jhonny and my fingers still inside of me. "I'm not allowed to cum!"

I screamed. I was trying too resist cumming. I wanted to squirt so badly.

I howled and moaned and groaned. I pushed Jhonny up even deeper. That was it — I

couldn't resist it anymore. I felt like one of the girls in that porno. Feeling the presure

build up inside me I took Jhonny Silver out and threw it across the room. My legs

shook and I went red.

"I'm cumming!" I screamed. That's when I felt a rush of warm liquid rush out of my

vagina. Oh the PLEASURE. I turned around a saw cum all across the floor. There was

loads of it. I even dipped my finger in it and tasted it. I had squirted. None of my other

sex toys had ever made me do that.

Since then I have had sex with loads of guys but none of them has made me squirt. I

guess that means only Jhonny can make me squirt.

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2 years ago
Fabulous story Adel.
Even if it wasn't you in the story, it was still great.
Would love to know if you have posted any other stories.
Thanks, Tim.
3 years ago
they just do not know how too