Coaching p1
He felt horrible. Matt had never ended a practice early in his life. These girls were

making a commitment to get better at volleyball and their parents were paying a lot of

money, so he prided himself on making sure they got their money’s worth. But today,

he had to make an exception to his rule. After all, if the girls had noticed the hard-on

that was growing, he would have a whole new set of problems. While all of the girls

had just turned 18 within the past few months, they were still in high school and he was

a respected guardian in a way to the girls on his team.

He couldn’t help himself. Matt had been unable to attend the day of tryouts so a friend

of his, another coach, picked the team for him. When he showed up to the first practice

to meet his team, he found that the girls were very talented…and very good looking.

They all had athletic, trim bodies. There was a good amount of height among the girls

which Matt liked considering he was 6’3” himself. And it definitely did not hurt things

that female volleyball players always wore tight, spandex shorts.

At this particular practice, Matt found himself watching Courtney. She was 16, about

5’6”, short blonde hair, a cute little face that had not quite developed a grown-up look,

smallish breasts, but that didn’t matter to Matt as she had a great butt and amazing

legs; Matt was a leg man!

Matt always paced around the court during practice so he could watch the play from all

angles and make sure he could watch all of the girls to give them individual instruction.

But today he found himself constantly in the area of Courtney, watching her bend,

stretch and lunge in any possible direction. He also loved when she raised her shirt to

wipe the sweat from her face, exposing her flat stomach and the very bottom of her

sports bra. One time, while watching this happen, Matt stared a little too long and

Courtney caught his eye as she pulled her shirt down. And what was that? Did she

give him a little wink before moving back into the drill?

Courtney had noticed him staring at her and now she was going to have fun with her

coach. She started to wipe her face in between seemingly every play. When she was

next to him she would bend over to stretch, making sure to turn so her ass faced him.

She even ran after a ball that she had no chance to play and in doing so ran into Matt

and lingered there with her body pressed against him just a second too long. It was

that body contact that finally put Matt over the edge, causing him to suddenly dismiss

the girls early. They did not complain, quickly leaving the gym before Matt could

change his mind.

He stood in the gym, cock swelling, waiting to hear the girls leave. When he was sure

they were all gone, he pulled his now hard cock from his shorts. After watching

Courtney for the past hour and a half, he knew there was no way he could survive the

drive home without unloading his dick first. He thought about heading to a bathroom

stall for privacy, but he knew all of the other coaches and staff had left the school hours

ago and he was completely alone. He began stroking his cock slowly and closed his

eyes to picture Courtney. He was going to enjoy this!
And in his enjoyment, he failed to realize the presence in the room with him. Matt felt a

second hand on his cock as he heard a voice ask, “Is this because of me?”

Matt knew the voice. He opened his eyes and saw Courtney standing an inch in front o

him, starring straight into his eyes with her small hand on his erect penis. He knew this

was wrong. He knew he had to stop this. But he also knew that he couldn’t. He was too

excited and she was too attractive and she was willing. He had fantasized about this

girl at home too many times and had shot too many loads thinking about her to not do

her now.

“Yes, I am hard because of you, Courtney,” he finally replied.

“Is this the first time you have jerked off thinking about me?”

“No,” he again replied. “I have done this with you in mind a lot of times.”

With that answer, they both knew who was in charge here. For once in this gym, the

player would control the coach. Courtney pushed Matt’s shorts down and told him to

take off his clothes. She slowly did the same, teasing Matt as she did.

She told him to lie down and he obeyed. She slowly lowered herself until her tiny

breasts were in front of Matt’s mouth. He took the cue and began sucking her tiny tits.

Courtney was in heaven. Most boys her age ignored her small chest, but Matt was

licking and sucking them with all his might. She especially liked it when he would bite

her hard nipples. The harder he bit the more she squealed in pleasure.

After awhile, Courtney wanted more. Still hovering above her coach, she moved her 16

year old pussy above his face and sat down. Matt was in heaven smelling her sweet

scent and began eating her pussy. As he got into the act, her pussy dripped more and

more. The more he ate, the more he wanted. Courtney began grinding her pussy into

his waiting mouth, sensing her orgasm coming on; probably her first.

“That’s it coach, lick my pussy,” Courtney screamed out. “Oh my God, suck my clit!

Suck my clit, Coach! Oh, my God, I’m cumming! Oh, my God!” And with that, Courtney

soaked Matt’s face in her young juices, which he eagerly lapped up.

Courtney was experiencing lust like never before. The more she tried, the more she

wanted. And now, she wanted to feel her coach’s cock deep inside her pussy. She slid

down her body, still straddling Matt’s body, but now her tight pussy was a mere inches

away from his straining dick. Matt knew this was wrong, knew the trouble he would be

in if anyone ever found out about this, but he couldn’t help himself. He had to feel the

inside of this 16 year old girl.

Courtney began rubbing her soaking pussy against the tip of Matt’s cock. “How badly

do you want to be inside me, Coach?”

“Very badly! I have never wanted to fuck someone as badly as I want you right now,”

was his honest reply.

“Beg for me.”

“Please, please let me fuck you.”

“Ok,” she said. “But you should know something. I’m still a virgin.”

And with that, Courtney slid herself down onto Matt’s waiting cock. Slowly, at first. Matt

could feel his cock straining to push inside, and could feel Courtney’s hole straining to

let him in. Inch by inch he went inside until, finally, his entire shaft was in her canal.

“Oh, God,” escaped both of their mouths. Courtney couldn’t believe the feeling of her

first sexual experience. She was shocked at how it could be both painful and so

pleasurable at the same time. Matt couldn’t believe how tight and wet she was for him.

This was like no pussy he had ever felt before. The combination of her tightness and

his anticipation of the whole scenario were almost too much for Matt and he almost

came as he entered the girl. But he went slow to regain his composure and, in no time,

the two were rocking to a nice pace.

Courtney began to feel another orgasm coming on. “Oh yes, make me cum again. Oh

yes, fuck me, fuck me harder!”

Courtney was on top and she began rocking faster, harder, trying to get Matt as deep

as possible inside of her. He felt like he was going to push inside her stomach he was

so deep.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming again!” And Courtney began to spasm on top of Matt’s cock.

The pressure was too much and Matt was on the verge of his own orgasm. He

suddenly remembered that he didn’t have a condom on and quickly tried to pull out, but

Courtney kept riding hard, enjoying the end of her ride.

“Oh, crap; I’m about to cum, Courtney. You need to get off of me.”

She just kept riding him, though. Courtney was lost in the throws of her first sexual

experience and she couldn’t hear a word Matt was saying. She just kept fucking him,

hoping it would never end.

Courtney pressed her body down harder and it was finally too much for him. Matt shot

six or seven good, hard loads of cum deep inside the girl’s pussy. She collapsed on

top of him, panting heavily, fully satisfied.

“You came inside of me,” Courtney whispered into his ear. “If anyone finds out what

you have done to me, you will be in a lot of trouble. And if you don’t keep doing this

and keep doing what I want, I will make sure people find out.”
Matt took a deep breath as he realized he was now this girl’s sex slave for as long as

she wanted. He smiled a very happy smile.

Coaching, part 2
As Matt walked into the gym to start practice, he felt the knot in his stomach growing

larger. He had no idea what to expect after sl**ping with his young player, Courtney,

after the team’s last practice. He had not received any angry calls in the last two days,

so he was pretty sure that she had not told her parents. But, had she told the other girls

about it? Would she be awkward around him now? Would she decide that she no

loner had to listen to his instruction because of the secret she was now holding over

him? Would she try to sl**p with him again after practice?

It was that last question that truly had Matt flustered and conflicted. On the one hand, he

knew what had happened was very wrong and he knew it should never happen again.

On the other hand, he was almost positive that he would not be able to turn down any

advances the beautiful girl may make. His attraction to the fit 18 year old was

undeniable. And that attraction brought up another question that troubled Matt. Would

he be able to control himself to not make an advance of his own towards Courtney?

He knew that he should let any initiation of sex come from her end.

The girls began to file in to practice, Courtney at the end of the line of them offering her

normal, perky salutation, “Hey, Coach! How are you doing today?” Maybe things would

be normal? And as practice moved along, they remained that way. The girls were all

focused as they geared up for their tournament that weekend. They worked hard; none

harder than Courtney. As practice came to an end, the girls all began to get ready to

head home for the night, Courtney included. Matt had to admit to himself that he was a

little disappointed as he saw her head to her car and drive off without incident, but he

also had to admit that it was for the best. Yes, technically she was 18 and legal. But he

was still her coach and her parents trusted him to look after her, just as all the girl’s

parents did. “This is right,” Matt said to himself. “We had one night together. It was

amazing, but we need to move along and never speak of it again. And most definitely

never let it happen again.”

And that was the sensible thing to do. But sensible or not, Matt could not deny the

intense lust he had for the girl. And that night, alone in his apartment, he masturbated

to the thought of her body riding him long and hard, until he shot his load, cleaned

himself up, and went to bed …

The tournament was going great. The girls had carried over the intensity from practice

the day before and now found themselves in the championship game, leading by 5

and needing just one more point to win. Matt had been conflicted all day. He was as

intense as ever making sure to do everything he could to help his team win, but he also

found himself stealing glances at them all in their tight spandex shorts and form fitting

tops. He had always been amazed at the combination of talent and attractiveness

each of his girls possessed. As the girls scored the final point to win the match and the

tournament, coming together as a group to embrace and celebrate the victory, Matt

stood on the sideline happy for the win, but wishing he was able to be in the middle of

the group hug.

As the girls packed up and started to head to their cars, Matt headed to the bathroom

to relieve himself before the drive home. As he was finishing up at the stall, he heard a

lock on the door behind him click. He turned around and standing in front of him was

Courtney, wearing just the spandex shorts and her sports bra.

“Did you enjoy the games today, Coach?” asked Courtney, obviously leading

somewhere else.

Matt cleared the lump in his throat. “Um…yeah … you girls were amazing today. It’s

nice to finally win the whole tournament, huh?”

“Yes, yes it is. I think it is so great that we should celebrate.”

“Courtney, I really don’t think we should do what I think you are getting at. I am your

coach. We should keep our relationship strictly to volleyball.”

“Oh, come on now,” she replied. “You don’t really want that, do you?”

Courtney began to slowly walk over to Matt. As she walked, she moved her hands to

the bottom of her bra and lifted the fabric over her head, exposing her small breasts.

As she reached Matt, his instincts kicked in and defeated all reason in his brain. He

reached out towards her, grabbed her hips and pulled the girl to him. He leaned over

her small stature and kissed her. He couldn’t believe this was happening again. And

he was shocked that she wanted this to happen here, in a school bathroom. But she

obviously did not care where her coach fucked her, as long as she got her way. They

remained in their embrace, kissing each other deeply and letting their hands explore

each other’s bodies. Matt’s hands landed on Courtney’s small tits, caressing them at

first and then beginning to lightly pull at her nipples which provoked a moan of


Courtney ended the kiss and squatted in front of her coach. She began to work at his

belt and pulled down his pants and boxers, freeing his rock hard tool. As his pants

were pulled down, Matt lifted his shirt from his body not wanting anything to get in her

way. Courtney reached her small hand up and wrapped it around the girth of Matt’s

cock. She began stroking the flesh slowly, watching intently as her hand went back-

and-forth over his six-and-a-half inches. After a couple of minutes of the best hand job

Matt had ever received, he opened his eyes and looked down at the young girl

squatting before him. At that same moment, she looked up and the two caught eyes

just as Courtney took the head of his cock in her mouth.

She couldn’t take much of his dick in her mouth as she was still new to this sort of act,

but it hardly mattered to Matt. He was enjoying the feeling of her mouth and tongue

sliding over his penis. She was working his cock well, her head moving forward and

backward, with her hand working the skin that was not covered by her mouth. Matt was

enjoying the sensation so much that he nearly let himself go in her mouth, but gained

his composure. There was no way that he was going to pass on feeling himself inside

her tight little opening.

“Ok, Courtney, you can stop now.”

“Am I not doing a good job? I’m sorry. I haven’t really done this before…”

“No, that was amazing.” Matt had to stop the still na? girl from believing she had done

a poor job. “There are just things that I would rather do to you right now.”

That brought a smile to her face as she stood up. Courtney wasted no time in pulling

down her shorts and panties. She had been dreaming about feeling Matt back inside

of her all week. She had masturbated thinking of it several times each night since they

first had sex. One night, when her fingers were no longer satisfying her needs, she

snuck downstairs and grabbed a medium sized cucumber from the fridge to slide

inside of her. It did the job that night, but was nothing compared to the feeling she

remembered of the real thing.

Matt reached between her legs and found her pussy lips already moist to the touch. He

slowly stroked around her labia, making sure that she was sufficiently wet as he

spread her lips open and found her clit. He rubbed the clit for awhile, feeling her juices

run down his hand and wrist. Courtney stared at him in a daze, enjoying the feeling.

Matt slid his hand from her pussy up to his mouth and sucked her juices from his

fingers. Courtney licked her lips as he did this, which gave him another idea. He slid

his fingers back between her legs, re-wetting them. He again pulled his hand away,

this time moving two outstretched fingers to Courtney’s mouth. She had a deer-in-the

-deadlights look on her face, but as the fingers stopped right in front of her lips, she

opened her mouth and sucked on the fingers, just as she had done to Matt’s dick a

few minutes ago.

“Is this the first time you have ever tasted yourself?” Matt asked.

“Mmhmm,” she replied with the fingers in lips.

“What do you think about the taste of a pussy?”

“I like it. I don’t know what I thought it would taste like, but it is good.”

Matt couldn’t help himself now. Here was this sweet, young girl admitting that she liked

the taste of pussy and he had to push the topic further. “Maybe one night we can

involve one of your teammates and we can see how well you like the taste of another


“Who would you have in mind?” Courtney asked. She was so horny now that she could

have been talked into just about anything.

“Anyone you want. Who on the team would you like to go down on, Courtney?” Matt

was worried that he may push his luck and ask too many questions, but this was too

good to let go.

“I don’t know. They are all so pretty. There are a lot of girls on the team that I would be

interested in if they approached me. But if I were to ask one of them, I would probably

ask Tara. She is one of my best friends so I would feel comfortable with her. And her

body is so different than mine that it would be fun to explore.”

Matt swore he felt his dick grow another inch with that answer. He adored Tara almost

as much as he did Courtney. And she was right, the girl’s bodies were almost

opposites. While Courtney was shorter at 5’6” and very trim with small breasts, Tara

was 5’10” and a little thicker with larger breasts. By no means was she fat; like all of

the girls on the team she had a perfectly flat stomach from so many hours spent in the

gym running and jumping. She just had more muscle to her. That was one threesome

that Matt would be fantasizing about later…

He came back to reality and could no longer wait to have Courtney. “Turn around and

bend over,” he commanded the girl. She readily obliged and bent over, sticking her

butt in the air and bracing her arms against the side of the stall wall in front of her. Matt

approached her bent over body and spread legs, grabbed one of her hips with his

right hand and guided his penis to her opening with his left hand. He placed the tip to

her young hole and in one smooth motion slid his cock deep into her soaking pussy.

The two took little time establishing a rhythm. He pushed his hips forward and she

shoved her ass backwards as far as each of them were able to maximize the depth

that Matt’s penis buried itself inside of her pussy. They were slamming into each other

at such a pace that the wall of the bathroom stall that Courtney was holding herself up

on was rocking with them a little.

“Oh god coach. Please fuck me!”

“I will fuck you anywhere and anytime you want, Courtney. Christ, you feel so good. I

have never been inside a tighter pussy.”

Courtney loved feeling the length of Matt’s cock start at the opening to her pussy and

push all the way inside of her womb. She felt so full, it was amazing! She couldn’t get

enough of the feeling. She loved feeling his pelvis smack against her pert ass. She

never wanted the fucking to end and would do anything that Matt wanted her to do. She

would ride his cock in the middle of practice if he asked her to.

The fucking continued on. Matt was in a trance watching her ass piston back onto his

member. He was staring at her ass so much that he began to look at her pink, empty

ass hole just above his cock. He decided to test the girl’s threshold for what she would

try. Matt slid his right hand from her hips to her ass cheek and stretched out his thumb

to her tiny ass hole. He began running his thumb in little circles around the hole. When

Courtney had not protested after a minute, he started to push the tip of his thumb ever

so slowly into her ass. He pushed until the knuckle was in and, again, she moaned with

approval. Matt pressed on until his thumb was all the way into her butt. “Oh, fuck” was

her only response.

“Is that ok,” he asked?

“Yeah. A little tight. But ok.”

“Courtney, I would love to put my dick there. Would you let me fuck your ass?”

“Yes, if you want to, I will let you,” she said with a hint of fear in her voice.

Matt continued fucking her pussy and removed the thumb from Courtney’s ass. He spit

onto her ass hole and pushed two fingers inside. He wanted to loosen her up a little to

ease some of her discomfort she would feel when he pushed his dick inside of her

ass. But at the same time, he was also excited at the prospect of causing the little girl

some pain as he split her ass in two. After a couple of minutes of fingering, Matt pulled

them out of her ass.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Um, I think so.”

He spat on her hole again and removed his cock from her pussy. He took his cock,

soaked in her pussy juices, and lined it up to her ass hole. “This is going to hurt a bit,”

he warned her. “Try to relax as much as possible. If you tense up it will be even more

painful.” And with that last piece of advice, Matt grabbed her hips and thrust forward

while at the same time pulling her back. The first two inches of Matt’s dick pushed into

Courtney’s ass, causing her to scream out.

“Oh, fuck that hurts!” Courtney screamed at the top of her lungs. Matt reached around

with one hand to muffle her voice. For the first time they remembered they were in a

public place and they needed to be more quiet. They held their position, partly so

Courtney could adjust to the size of the cock in her ass, partly to see if they could hear

anyone coming.

After a few moments had passed and they didn’t hear anyone, Matt asked her, “How

does it feel?”

“It hurts so badly. My ass feels like it’s on fire.”

Matt smiled to himself. It had been a long time since he had been with someone so

inexperienced, yet also so willing to try seemingly anything. “You will get used to it in a

minute and it won’t hurt so badly” was his only answer, and he pushed forward again.

Matt no longer cared if he was hurting Courtney. He could feel the cum brewing in his

balls as he was fucking her ass. And, as he had told her, the pain subsided and she

began to enjoy having her ass fucked. She began pushing her ass back on to Matt’s

cock. Matt pushed forward again and began moving in and out of her ass. Just as they

had done when he was fucking her pussy, the two began moving in unison as he

pushed in and pulled out of her tightest of holes. She was so tight, in fact, that there

was no way that he was going to last now. Matt had to cum!

He pulled his cock from Courtney’s outstretched ass, spun her around and pushed her

to her knees. He stroked his cock a few times, held it steady, and shot his load all over

Courtney’s pretty little face. She opened her mouth and caught a few strings of cum on

her tongue. As Matt was finishing, he shoved his cock in her mouth. Courtney sucked

on his spent prick, tasting a combination of his cum, her pussy, and her ass.

Matt pulled his dick from her mouth and looked down to see cum all over Courtney’s

face and lust still in her eyes. He loved the sight and couldn’t wait to do it again. “How

was that for a celebration?” he asked her.

“It was great,” she said. “And as an FYI, I wouldn’t make any plans after practice on

Monday, Coach. I have a pretty strong feeling I will need some extra practice.”

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that was good but man u teasing with these stories make more.
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Lucky coach.