"WHACK A MOLE" (My three daughters)

Introduction: Three teenaged daughters decide their father needs a sex life-them

God I was beat, it’d been a rough day, I do elevator repair and installation for a

national company so I do have to travel occasionally but with service contracts and

other jobs here in the city I’m usually able to make it home by five. I’m gonna be just a

little late tonight, I had a repair job today, the work area was confined, I had to be a

contortionist to get into the space. Ok when I was a bit younger but my birthday’s

tomorrow, February 21st, Valentines Day and I’m gonna be forty; right now I feel every

day of oh, I don’t know, maybe sixty. I’m gonna stop at Clancy’s Pub, have me a couple

of doubles of Bushmills Blackbush whiskey and I’m gonna back them up with a couple

of glasses of stout, Guinness’s Stout, medicinal, for the analgesic effect.

It was six by the time I was properly analgesized, I wasn’t exactly weaving but I was

feeling a whole lot better. I made it home in one piece.

I was late, I was buzzed and I knew I was gonna be chastised by the ladies of the

house. No, no, not my wife; she’d passed away six years ago; leukemia took her: no, it

was my daughters. I have three, a s*******n year old and two sixteen year olds. I call

them Frick and Frack and the Taskmaster. Linda, the s*******n year old, she’s the

Taskmaster, Frick and Frack, they’re my twins Sheri and Teri; I don’t really call them

those names but I think it. They, when they all gang up on me can be worse than any

wife ever could.

I know I’m gonna hear it, this’d be from Linda, she does the cooking, “Well you could

have called, I know you like your supper as soon as you come in, it’s been ready since

five, then she’ll huff at me and go back into the kitchen.

‘Bout that time Sheri or Teri will catch the fragrant aroma of Bushmills on my breath

and I’ll hear, “Daddy have you been drinking?”

So, it was with more than a little trepidation that I opened the door.

I damned near fainted; I was greeted by a three way chorus of, “Hi Daddy.”

I must have looked a bit dazed, the Bushmills or the shock, I don’t know but I kinda

froze like a deer caught in the headlights. Sheri and Teri took my arms and walked me

to my recliner and Linda brought me ‘bout three fingers of old John Jameson’s finest

and a little old glass of Guinness Stout; now I knew I didn’t have a bottle of Jameson’s

in the house. I wondered for a moment where they’d gotten it, then I didn’t want to

know, I knew these gals could charm a leprechaun outta his pot of gold.

“Daddy, I’ve fixing your favorite for supper tonight, an Irish boiled dinner with a loaf of

soda bread. Why don’t you just relax while I finish up?”

The twins had my shoes off and were putting my bedroom slippers on my feet.

As one they said, “Can we do anything for you Daddy?”

“Well yes, lasses, you can explain what’s happening here tonight.”

Linda had stuck her head around from the kitchen, in surround sound three voices as

one said, “Happy Birthday Daddy,” then Linda went on,

“Daddy, we know it’s been hard for you, three daughters to raise and then, God bless

you, three teenaged daughters to live with, Daddy, we, all of us know the sacrifices

you’ve made for us, the extra hours you’ve worked so we could have nice things, and

we know how you’ve missed Mam; Daddy, we miss her, too, every day we miss her.

Daddy, I was eleven when she passed away, the twins were only ten, we all remember

her, and we remember her with love but I guess we’ve sorta moved on; Daddy you

haven’t, you don’t date, you don’t have lady friends; we just want to say thank you for all

you’ve done for us.”

Now we, the Irishmen can be some tough sonsabitches, ask any perpetrator whose

gotten the soft caress of Boston or New York City Irish cop’s baton, but we’re also a

sentimental race; the tears were streaming down my cheeks,

“God I love you gals,” I choked out as we enjoyed a group hug.

Linda ducked back into the kitchen, one of the twins, Frick or Frack; I couldn’t tell

through my leaking eyeballs, stepped behind my chair, massaged my shoulders and


“It’s ok Daddy, it’s ok; we miss her, too.”

My girls, my daughters, Linda was the spittin’ image of my wife, Megan, truth be told

when I looked at Linda, unless I was totally aware, I saw Meg, if I was drowsing in front

of the TV and Linda sent me to bed, I saw Meg, same height, same shape, same

auburn hair and mostly, the same smile. The twins, well, they didn’t look like Meg and

they didn’t look like me, they were cute as a button, auburn locks but they look like, well

they looked like each other; suppose they should, they were identical twins.

Linda called us to supper. Sorta like corned beef and cabbage but a whole lot better,

Irish boiled dinner, potatoes, carrots, leeks and a corned beef with seasonings,

peppercorns, bay leaves, a little of this a little of that, then a head of cabbage cored

and cut into 6ths, use a toothpick so it doesn’t fall apart then boil it in two bottles of

beer, you’ll never have plain corned beef and cabbage again.

By the time we’d finished it was nine o’clock, the day, the liquor and the big meal, I

was whipped, I went to bed, I stripped down to my boxer shorts and collapsed, I’d

shower in the morning.

Since I’d gone down so early I woke up early, it was only about five thirty when my eyes

came open. I was greeted by a chorus of voices, “Happy Valentine’s Daddy,” we have

your Valentine’s Day gift.

Still about half asl**p, almost wondering where the voices were coming from, “I get a

Valentine’s Day gift, what do I get.”

One my left side from under the covers an auburn head popped up, “You get me

Daddy,” then she ducked back under the covers. Before I had a chance to catch her,

from the right side another auburn head popped up; “No, you get me Daddy.”

My twins, what were they up to. Then from under the covers at the end of the bed rose

my vision of Meg, “No, you get me Daddy,” she said as she ducked back under the


While I was trying to get my head together, figure out what was happening, Sheri and

Teri popped back out, with dazzling smiles they told me that this was my day, for

everything I’d done for them, for not having relationships that would taken have time

from them, today they were going to repay me.

Each took one of my arms and pulled, I looked like I was on the cross, not a chance,

both had little nighties on, both put my hand under her top, they were firm and they

were swollen, they guided my hands so that I felt their rock hard nipples, “You like

Daddy?” They asked in unison.

I really couldn’t deny the obvious, they were each holding my hand in place but I was

kneading them, not screaming for them to get the heck outta my bed.

Linda had disappeared, I found her, the snap on my boxers opened and a hand sought

me out. I was already semi-stiff, her touch brought a firm hard-on and then she took me

in her mouth. God was she soft and hot and wet. My hands, each on a beautiful firm

breast, and my daughter, the virtual reincarnation of my sweet Meg under the covers

fellating me with a mouth as soft as velvet, I mean she went up and down on me, she

licked my shaft, she teased me, her tongue dancing over my little hole,

“Aaaaaah,” Girls what are you doing; it wasn’t like I didn’t know what they were doing, I

damned sure knew, but these were my daughters, this couldn’t be happening, it had to

be a dream, a figment of my imagination.

My right hand was empty, that auburn head disappeared under the covers, it popped

back up without a top on, my right hand was now filled with a firm young breast, and my

left hand was empty, woops, up popped another reddish head. From under the sheets

at the end of the bed, my third daughter popped out, gave me a grin and dived back

under. I thought what the hell is this, “Whack a Mole,” one pops out, another ducks

under, then I thought I should stop then.

Oh, good Daddy, they were having fun, far be it from me to interrupt them, rain on their

parade if you will, no I wasn’t gonna do that, but I was about to cum in one’s mouth.

Linda had me, she was deep throating me, she had me at the back of her throat giving

me a little humming action and I was about to…well I was about to blow my cookies.

“Oh God, Linda, Baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” I wanted to warn her, she

sucked harder. I arched my back, two titties got a hard squeeze, I wasn’t thinking

about them, and I came, with a groan,

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnh,” I can’t remember when last a woman had brought me to climax,

Meg, six years or more, and Linda was still on me, milking that last drop from me.

Linda popped up at the end of the bed from under the quilt, didn’t say a damned word,

grinned at me and licked her lips.

Cailleach feasa, my great granny’s words, Gaelic Witch, I wanted to chastise them, tell

them what they’d done was wrong, it was i****t, i*****l, socially unacceptable, I really

did want to say that, what came out of my mouth was,

“Linda, where did you learn to do that, my God girl you are fantastic.”

Again, all I got was a smile; she wasn’t giving up her secrets.

She slinked out from the quilt at the bottom of the bed, she had on sexy baby dolls, she

stood letting me admire her for a moment then,

“Sheri and Teri will take over now, I want to fix you a special breakfast,” with that she

left for the kitchen.

Both auburn mops were under the covers, each sucking on one of my nipples, I’d

never thought of my nipples as an erogenous zone, I was wrong, it was exciting, it was

arousing and then one of my nymphs, the one on the right popped up.

Leaning in toward me, a breast held in her hand, she offered it to me, “Suck my breast

Daddy, please suck my breast.”

I did, I took her hard little nipple in my mouth and I sucked, a little grazing of teeth, circle

her areola, tugging, teasing; this was Sheri. I hadn’t noticed Teri come up on my left

side but I heard her, she was breathing strangely, there was raspiness in her every

breath, the sounds were almost a contradiction, I heard arousal and I heard fear.

She rose from under the covers, I still had Sheri’s breast in my mouth but I saw her

come up, she cast the covers away, I was displayed, my monstrous erection sticking

straight up.

Teri was naked; too, she’d taken off her panties at some time that I hadn’t noticed.

She raised her leg and straddled me, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” Daddy.

She guided me to her and sat down, “Ooooooooh,” as she impaled herself, I could see

the bl**d, my God, my daughter was a virgin, and then she began to post, riding me

up and down. I tried to say, “No, no condom;” she just shook her head no and

continued to ride me.

I hadn’t been in a woman in over six years and certainly never one as tight as Teri, as

she’d slowly sunk down on my shaft it was as if I could feel every crease and fold in her

tight vagina, I’d never experienced anything like it. A glove around a clenched fist,

velvet glove, wet velvet glove, tight, wet wonderific, spectacular, there really is no

adjective to describe, and she posted on me, rising and falling rhythmically. She sped

up but I wanted to be sure, I wanted to help her. I slid two fingers under her, I touched

my sixteen year old daughter’s clitoris and she felt it, immediately she felt it, forward

and backward on my fingers, up and down on my cock.

I was ready to cum, I wanted to hold off, let my mind wander back to her mother, to

Meg and then I didn’t. Meg was a conquest, a prize won, she became my wife, she

was the mother to my three daughters, she was my love.

This was my c***d, giving her virginity to me, giving herself to me. Why, because they

thought I might have given so much for them, I say them, I realized she was the

representative for each of them, I know, but a back sliding Catholic Irishman has to

think, she’s giving her bl**d for herself and her s****rs.

And then I was no longer thinking philosophical thoughts, I was thinking how incredibly

tight Teri was, I was ready, I gripped her hip with my free hand, she still had my fingers,

fast, I rubbed her fast, when her breathing changed, when she started trembling, her

sweet young vagina clamped me, her climax hit her, orgasm after orgasm coursed

through her, as each hit her vagina contracted, squeezing me. I came, I came with a

roar, pulse after pulse flooding her, I held her hips, she gotten hers, I could use both

hands, I gripped her hips, arched my back and filled her. I left it in her, she sat on me,

impaled, I was still in her, I was softening but I was still in her.

“Daddy,” she said, it wasn’t a question nor was it a statement, it was a plea.

“Come here, let me hold you baby,” I said as I pulled her down onto me, my chest and

let her sob just a little.

I stroked her auburn locks and caressed her back, told her how much I appreciated the

gift she’d given me.

Sheri sat silently at our side, through everything, she’s seen Teri impale herself on me,

she’s seen the bl**d of lost virginity, she’d seen the climax.

I held out my arm to her, “Come lie down with us, tell me what this is all about.”

Sheri answered, “Daddy we want to make you happy, all of us, we talked, all three of

us agreed.”

“Honey, I am happy; how could I not be? I have three lovely, beautiful daughters, you

girls do all of the cooking, Linda does, and you two clean and take care of the house;

what more could a man want?”

Bluntly she said, “A woman; you haven’t been out on a date in six years, we know you

haven’t been with a woman in all that time; Daddy, you’ve sacrificed your life just to

care for us. We know that and we love you all the more for it. We decided that’s not

right. You’re the one that said you have three beautiful, lovely daughters but Daddy,

we’re not c***dren any more, Teri and are nearly s*******n; Linda will be eighteen next

month. So we decided you needed a lover, then we couldn’t decide which one of us it

would be; Daddy, you get all three of us.”

For a moment I lay stunned into speechlessness, they had decided I needed a lover,

honestly I couldn’t disagree, a man has urges and I’m a man. But I’d never sexualize

my three girls; oh, certainly I recognized their beauty but I’d never thought of them as

sexual beings; not even Linda with her uncanny resemblance to Megan, they were my

daughters, I’d do anything for them, I loved them unendingly, they were my c***dren. But

Sheri was right, they weren’t c***dren any more; all were nearly adults and they had

decided I needed a lover; I was getting three.

Sheri continued, “After breakfast I want you to come back here with me, it’s my turn;

Teri will come with me, I got to watch her, she gets to watch me. Tonight Linda will

come to you; she wants to sl**p in your bed with you tonight.”

I know I should have put my foot down, stopped this immediately, I didn’t, I didn’t say

anything at all.

Teri raised her face from my chest, her hazel still glistening with her tears, “We’re

going to take care of you Daddy, the way a man needs to be taken care of.”

Saved by the bell; Linda called that breakfast was ready. Sheri put her top back on,

Teri her panties and top and I put on a robe, we went to eat.

Linda had put herself out, “A special birthday / Valentine’s Day breakfast for you


She’d fixed eggs Benedict, hash browns, melon balls, both cantaloupe and honey dew

and mimosas. There were warmed Danish pastries and coffee for dessert.

“Wonderful, simply delicious, Linda, this is certainly a birthday I’ll never forget.”

Three sheepish grins, three stunningly beautiful faces gave me three sheepish grins; I

had to smile.

“Why don’t the three of you go on along, I’ll clean up in here,” Linda said.

So, holding hands, Sheri on my right and Teri on my left we walked back to the


With Teri it was spontaneous, I was caught unawares, this was different, three of us

walking, all of us knowing, knowing I was going to deflower another of my virgin

daughters, I felt strange. On my right, I could feel Sheri, there was a little tremble in her

body; anticipation, fear, I didn’t know.

Sheri took my robe, I was nude; Teri took off her top, “Suck my breasts for me.”

I lay beside her; she rolled me onto my back. I felt Sheri’s weight on the mattress.

My twins, Frick and Frack, Teri had ridden me cowgirl, Sheri had to do it the same


She straddled me, guided me to her vagina and sat down on me.

They weren’t exactly the same, When she’d lost her virginity Teri had voiced an

“Oooooo,” not Sheri.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Ooooooooh,” she moaned,” “Oooooo Daddy you’re so big.”

Her eyes teared, she didn’t cry but her hazel eyes were teary.

She sat for a few moments, adjusting to the fullness, to the pain of her torn hymen, to

the loss of her virginity then she started to move. They were twins; Sheri was tight, just

as tight as Teri, no more no less: the same, her curly untrimmed muff the same vivid

auburn, the pained smile on her face; she began to pant and move faster on me. Like

I’d done for Teri, I slipped my fingers under her.

“Daddy, squeeze my titties, please, squeeze my titties,” she grabbed my free hand

and pulled to her breast.

I kneaded her swollen firmness, I twisted the hard pebbles that were her nipples, she

pounded her bottom against, she was ready, she was there, tremors shook her, she

released, liquid, hot fluid gushed from my daughter, she rode me, she slowed, slower,

slower, she stopped. I was still in her, I was still hard, I hadn’t cum.

Sheri fell forward on me, I hugged her then I rolled, her to the bottom, me on top and I

began to stroke, deep into sweet baby girl.

Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me in, I went, long deep

thrusts, tight, her so tight vagina, gripping me, sucking me in, the sensations, so

vibrant, so very vibrant, with a wail, “Oooooo, yes, yes,” I spewed, pulse after jerking

pulse, my cum, my daughter, filling her; I slowed, I stopped. I bent and kissed her.

“Hold me Daddy,” she implored.

I rolled off and took her in my arms, she buried her face on my chest, I rubbed her back

as she wet my breast with her tears. I took Teri with my free arm and held both of my

cute Irish sprites.

When Sheri looked up and gave me a smile, I knew everything was gonna be ok.

Teri said, “I need a shower, come on s*s.”

Before she followed Sheri whispered, “Remember, Linda’s going to come to you

tonight, please be in bed waiting for her.”

I got up and showered, myself then dressed in just shorts and a Tee-shirt I went to the

living room and turned on the TV, ESPN Sports Center. I kicked back and relaxed.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to the television, I was engrossed in thought. The

loss of their mother, Linda had been eleven, the twins only ten; I’d been father and

mother to them in the years after Meg’s passing. If I could get a day off, chaperoning

field trips, dancing classes, attending to the things young girls do and need. As they’d

gotten older, in truth they mothered me. They cook, cleaned, tended to the house.

Linda even handled the expenses; kept our f****y books. Now they were taking me as

their lover, all three of them my surrogate wives. I loved them, I’d never thought of them

in that way but now I desired them and the one I wanted most still waited, Linda so

much like my Meg.

Dinner was a simple meal, Italian; tossed salad, spaghetti with a meat sauce, garlic

bread and glasses of Chianti. Our big dinner had been the night before. It also

seemed a bit somber, not much in the way of conversation. I think Sheri and Teri were

sore. Linda would look at me and give me a wan smile every few minutes; nerves,

wondering what the night would hold.

When we’d finished the twins handled the clean up, Linda switched on the television, I

went to my bedroom; it had struck me, Megan was extremely anal erotic; she nearly

preferred me having her that way, between her cheeks; I hoped Linda had inherited

that desire, I lusted for her tight bottom. I rummaged around under the bathroom sink,

yes, it was still there, shuttled to the back, I hadn’t had a need for it in six years but I

found the tube of KY Jelly. I checked to be sure it hadn’t dried out; it hadn’t, I put it in

the drawer of my night stand and closed the drawer; good Boy Scout, “Always be


Back out in the living room I sat in my recliner, some inane sitcom was droning, the

canned laughter intruding on my thoughts.

Linda went to her room around nine, I heard her start the tub filling. Give her time I

thought. At nine-thirty I told the twins good night and went to my room, took a quick

shower, shaved, spritzed on a little Old Spice, turned on the dim night light, and got

between the sheets. I was surprised by my anxiety, I could hardly wait.

Linda came a little after ten. She stood in the doorway for a moment, she was wearing

a white gown, gossamer, gauzy fabric, back lit by the hall light I could see the

silhouette of her body, a bride, she was coming to like a virgin bride. She stepped in

closed and locked the door.

Shyly she said, “May I come to bed Daddy?”

I turned down the sheet in invitation, “I’ve been waiting for you, please come.”

She was stunning, her auburn locks were long, usually pulled back in a ponytail but

tonight, cascading over her shoulders, framing her beautiful face, she was a vision.

She lay beside me; I took her into my arms. She was shivering, not from the cold, no it

wasn’t fear; not of tonight, she was afraid that, to me she represented a ghost.

“I’m not Mum Daddy,” told me of her concern.

“No your not, she’ll always hold a place in my heart as I know she does with you and

the twins, but you’re Linda, a beautiful name; it means beautiful in Spanish you know, a

beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”

I kissed her, a deep passionate kiss, crushing her lips to mine, bruising us both; she

pressed against me, her breasts to my chest.

“Undress me Daddy, take my gown, please.”

I helped her with the garment, lifting it over her head, her panties were white, too, high

cut, trimmed in French lace, I rolled them down, unwrapping my birthday gift.

I admired her, her breasts weren’t huge, my guess would be 36C’s, her tummy was

flat, her hips flared, her mons veneris was a mound of auburn curls, reddish brown,


Her eyes, emerald, her face unblemished, so beautiful, so desirable, so very, very

desirable and I did, I desired her, my daughter.

I kissed down her throat to her breasts, swollen, aroused, I took a nipple into my

mouth, lightly grazing it with my teeth then I sucked. Her other breast I fondled,

kneading, twisting and tugging gently at her deep pink nipple. Her skin was milk white,

silken, creamy, I kissed down, over her tummy, tongue, lips, tasting the saltiness, down

to her mons.

I nuzzled her curls and down, she scent, I opened her lips and inhaled her redolence

then I tasted her, my tongue licking her vulva, peaches, ripe peaches, sweet juicy and

flavorful, I ran my tongue between the inner and outer lips of her labia, first one side

then the other, tickling her, my tongue snaked down her vulva, peaches, I dipped my

tongue into her vagina then moved on, over her perineum to her anus, I rimmed her

then pressed with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh, Daddy,” with a slight moan and a little quiver, “Oh Daddy,” I thought perhaps I’d be

visiting later, I moved back up.

I held her open, her clitoris was red, bl**d engorged, anxious for my lips, her little gem,

opaline glistened in the low light, I took her into my mouth, batted her pearl with the tip

of my tongue and flicked it with feathery touches while I sucked.

Dampening my fingers with her moisture, I parted her cheeks and massaged her tight

ring then slid the tip, just the tip of a finger in, I wanted to be in her when she climaxed, I

wanted to feel her contractions.

Gently pumping her bottom I sucked her harder, flicked faster. Her orgasm ripped

through her body, first the rippling muscles of her tummy then the clenching

contractions; she tightened on my finger as she moaned,

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaah, Aaaah,” contracting with each orgasm, relaxing, my

finger sliding deeper, then contracting.

I left her clit, laved down her vulva to her vagina and drank of her nectar, I sucked her

fragrant juices into my mouth swallowing, tasting her essence.

I rose between her thighs, seeing her, eyes a little dazed, giving her a few moments to

savor the experience then I guided my penis to her opening, my finger was still in her

bottom, I took it out and gripped her hips.

“Linda honey, this may hurt a little,” I told her.

“I know Daddy,” she replied in a whisper, “I know.”

There is no easy painless way to take a girl’s virginity; it’s a violent act, the infliction of

pain, the rending of flesh. I pushed forward ‘til I encountered her hymen then with one

hard thrust I was through.

The searing pain of her torn membrane was momentary, then it was a burning

sensation, Linda moaned as I pushed further into her.

“Unnnnngh, Oooooo,” her sounds, I could read her pain on her face.

She shifted her hips under me, I began to stroke, slow, long strokes, into her tight satin

depths then out, slowly, gentle deliberate strokes, letting her accept my violation,

letting her begin to enjoy. I was poised high, my cock touching her love button with

every stroke, enflaming her once again, with the pain comes the pleasure, she gave

me a wan smile, pain still greater but the pleasure was following.

I sped up, a little faster, a little deeper; she started to move her hips to my rhythm. I

reached forward for her hand, took it and guided it down, touching herself, her fingers

touched me, my strokes brushing her clitoris, I held her hand in place until she began

to rub, she’d get hers, I was nearly ready for mine.

Faster, my cock, her fingers, touching that same precious jewel, her hips are gyrating,

faster, harder I thrust into her, trembling, contracting her vagina wept, her luscious

juices flowing over me, providing more lubrication and I came, with a roar, I came,

gush after gush, spewing into her, my Linda, my beautiful daughter; at that moment I

wanted her, I wanted her as my wife, the mother of my c***dren, c***dren that we’d

never have, only a dream.

I slowly stroked out and curled to the mattress beside her, I took her in my arms.

Whispering in her ear, platitudes, sweet nothings, holding her, she was cooing, soft

loving sounds; it had been good for her, pain; of course, but the pleasure and

excitement overcame and she cooed.

Refractory period, I’m forty, today I’m forty, I need a little time. Linda, my sweet, sweet

Linda; I pull her up so she’s laying over me, face to face and I kiss her, her lips, soft

pliable, she opens her mouth and accepts my tongue, we kiss, a lover’s kiss.

I rub her back, caress her sides, both hands slide down, massaging her bottom,

kneading her, spreading her, massage some more, knead again and again, opening

her, then my fingers touch her, circling, pressing circling.

Linda’s beginning to respond; slowly she starts to grind her pelvis against me.

“Daddy,” just a single word, more question than statement. I think it means what are

you doing to me, why is my body responding this way.

I press the tip of my finger, to the first knuckle into her, pump lightly and Linda sighs.

She sighs and relaxes, I push in a little further, she begins grind against me, a lot

harder, more desperate.

I ease her off me, face down on the bed, her auburn tresses cover both shoulders, I

sweep her hair aside and kiss the nape of her neck then over her shoulders, trailing

kisses, tongue touches as I work down her back, I kiss her buttocks then move

between her legs.

Open, I hold her open, my tongue rims her, tickling and teasing, I press the tip to her,

tasting her earthy flavor, she’s grinding harder, on the mattress, she emits a low moan.

“Daddy are you going to?” She doesn’t add more, I know the question, she knows the


“Yes Sweetheart,” I answer as I reach to my night stand and open the drawer.

“Come across my lap,” I instruct her.

Tentatively, after a momentary hesitation she’s prone upon my thighs. I lubricate a

finger and press into her, she tenses.

“Relax Sweetheart, try to relax.” I add more lube, pressing it into her, and more lube, a

second finger then more lube.

She’s as prepared as I can get her. I move back toward the head of the bed and

gather up the two pillows, I stack them one atop the other.

Lifting her, “I’d like you here,” I say as I lay her on the pillows, her hips the highest point.

Her legs are together, not clamped, just close to one another, I don’t mind, I want my

feet and knees outside, balance and leverage and, if she can take it, thrust.

Balanced behind her I guide my penis to her tight opening, I rest the head against her

and apply constant, firm pressure, not pushing in, waiting for her to relax. I massage

her hips,

“Relax Linda, relax for me,” continuing to massage her, “Just relax for me, just relax.”

I feel the tension leaving her, her muscles not taut, not flexed, yielding, the firm constant

pressure, I slide into her.

Through the first muscle of her sphincters then the inner sphincter, even relaxed she’s

incredibly tight, tighter than Meg ever was, tighter than any of the three virginal vaginas

I’d deflowered earlier, strong muscle constricting me but she’s stretching, her velvet

passage, ceding space, inch by slow inch, further into her.

Linda moaned when I entered her, “Unnnnnnnnn,” not pain, from the strange new

feeling, the incredible fullness as I inch further in, stretching her anus, filling her rectum.

When I was completely encased I paused, for her to adjust, accept; for me to read her


She was lightly panting, I rubbed her back and caressed her hips, talking to her: how

good she was making me feel, that she was a special and spectacular woman, how

desirable, she is, sweet words, soft touches; I started to stroke, long slow strokes,

giving her that full feeling, letting her enjoy the fullness, a different feeling, far different

that penetration of her vagina.

As I stroked, Linda’s soft voice, “Unn, unn, unn, unn, Daddy, I feel so full, God you’re

filling me, nice, oh nice.”

She was accepting the feeling, I stroked a little harder, a little faster.

I started to reach under her, help her then decided, no, I wanted to know her affinity for

anal penetration, and could she attain orgasm through anal sex alone.

I mounted a little higher, pushing downward toward the backside of her vagina and

stroked faster, pumping her, in and out, full, empty and full again.

Her breathing changed yet again, almost like the chugging of a steam locomotive, “Oh,

oh, oh, oh,” she was forcing her hips back to meet me, forcing me deeper with each


The cum was rising in my balls, I was nearly ready when Linda’s anus spasmed and

she gasped, “Unnnnnnnnn,” then she went limp upon the pillows, she’d had an orgasm,

nothing like the wild, wantonness of one induced by contact with her clitoris, this

seemed to affect her entire body, taking her strength with it, she was conscious but

she was limp. I ejaculated, into her prone limp body, I spurted, spewing hot cum deep

in her, I pumped out, drained, yet I stayed in her ‘til I’d softened. I pulled out and bent

over the pillow beside her, my arm around her.

“You’re a special woman Linda, my special girl.”

She turned her face toward me, “I do feel special, I gave what the man I love wanted

from me and received from him, from you Daddy, I liked when you tasted me and even

when you took my virginity but this was special, I felt like I was bonding with you,

melding with you, that we belong together, does that sound silly Daddy, am I just being

a silly goose?”

“No Linda, not silly, not silly at all, I feel much the same way, you are special. I’d like it if

you’d share my bed, every night, I want you with me.”

“But the twins Daddy, they’ll be jealo…”

I interrupted, “I’ll deal with the twins, they both have double beds, I’ll join them there if

they want but I want you here in my bed, will you?”

“Yes, I’d like that, too.”

Getting up she said, “I need to potty,” and she walked to the bathroom.

She was gone about ten minutes, when she came back she had a warm wash cloth;

she cleaned me then took it back.

As she walked toward the bed, still nude, I admired her feminine beauty, she lay down

beside me and gave me a kiss, I rolled her onto her side and moved behind her,

spooning, I wanted to hold her but when she snuggled back against me, when her

bottom came in contact with me I was hard again.

She was still lubed, “Arch your back Sweetheart, raise your hips.”

She knew what I wanted, I guided myself to her, she eased back against me taking me

in. I didn’t pump, I wanted to be in her when we went to sl**p, I kissed her shoulder,

“Good night, Sweetheart.”

“Good night Daddy,” she whispered.
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