Daddy's little slut

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I was a freshman in high school and had just tried out for the junior varsity cheer-

leading squad. I think i was the youngest one in the new recruits being only f******n

but i really wanted to be a cheerleader so i worked hard to make sure i made the cut.

After a long day of boring classes then cheerleader audition after school i was beat. I

went home, took a nice hot shower and got dressed for bed. I think i ate dinner, but i

was so exhausted I don't remember. I do know that I was asl**p as soon as my head

hit the pillow.

I wake up in the middle of the night because i feel something caressing my breasts. It

feels so good i don't know if I'm dreaming or awake. I keep my eyes closed hoping its

a dream and it'll keep going. I want it to keep going. I feel one hand slide down my

tummy to my young tight pussy and feel it started massaging my mound. My pussy

starts to throb and ache at the attention its getting. It feels good and it wants more,

much more. My body starts to grind against the hand on my crotch as my pussy swells

and pulsates with desire.

Suddenly the hand stops and i feel my panties start to slide down off of me. At this

point i know it can't be a dream so i open my eyes to see who is giving me such

pleasure. I look up at the figure standing above me and realize its my dad. He's

looking down at my freshly bare pussy and concentrating on getting my panties down

and doesn't see me open my eyes. I'm shocked and afraid but I'm so turned on at the

same time so i just close my eyes again and let him strip me. after he removes my

panties he eases my night-shirt over my head and lays me gently back on my pillow. I

feel his lips on me as he starts kissing my shoulder then my chest, then my breast then

cover my nipple with his mouth and sucks on it a little. As he sucks on my little nipple

he slides one of his hands back down between my legs to play with my wet little pussy

again. I spread my legs more to give him better access and he slides a finger into my

young cunt.

As he fingers me I start to moan and grind against his hand all the while he's

alternating tits in his mouth. I move my arm out to the side and feel his bare leg

standing beside the bed, before he has a chance to change his mind or react i run my

hand up his leg to his fully erect cock and start rubbing it for him.

I open my eyes and look up at him and he's looking down at me somewhat surprised. "

Hi daddy," I say with a smile as i continue to stroke his enormous cock.

He smiles back and says "hi baby." I let out a moan at the sound of his voice.

"Have i been a good daughter daddy?"

"You have been a very good daughter and now I'd like to reward you, would you like


"Oh yes daddy, please show me how good I've been." At that point he leaned over me

and started sucking on my nipple again and teasing it with his tongue then he kissed

down my belly. When he got to my pussy he repositioned himself and turned me a little,

got down on his knees and started going down on me. I was in heaven, my pussy was

gushing out juices on my dad's lips and tongue. I started moaning and grinding against

his face while he ate out my young little hole.

"Oh daddy your tongue feels so good inside my little pussy, please fuck me with your

tongue daddy." He obliged me for a while longer before he stood beside me again

and started fingering me.

"Now daddy needs some attention baby, do you know how to suck a dick?" Without

responding i put his huge erection in my mouth and started sucking his cock like it was

the best tasting lollipop in the world for surely it was the best dick I'd ever seen. He let

out a low moan and said, "where'd you learn to suck a dick so good little girl?" I didn't

want to disappoint him and tell him that his little girl was a little slut and had sucked off

at least a dozen guys, so i just shrugged and concentrated on his cock. "Your a little

slut aren't you baby? Well that's OK, now your daddy's little slut. I'm glad you learned to

suck dick so well so you'd know how to take you daddy's dick." That couldn't have

been a truer statement, I'd always dreamed about being with my dad and now it was

happening. this couldn't get any better.

"Your little pussy's really wet, you want daddy to put his big cock in it and fill it up?"

I took his cock out of my mouth and stroked it hard for him and said, "yes daddy, i want

your big cock in my little pussy" so he repositioned again and laid on top of me and

slid his huge cock into my tight hole. I let out a long moan as his cock entered me and

stretched my aching little pussy to make room for him.

When he finally got all the way inside of me he gave it a good thrust that sent such a

wave of passion through me that arched my back and made my eyes roll back in my

head. "You like that big cock don't you precious?" I could hardly talk.

"I love your big cock daddy," i finally managed to gasp and he pumped again, "OH,

god daddy, fuck my little cunt daddy, fuck you daughters wet pussy Please." Then he

started to pound away at me, thrusting into me deep and hard. I was on cloud nine

from the moment he entered me and each thrust just added to the pleasure. I never

wanted this to end, i wanted him to fuck me forever. I don't think i stopped cumming the

entire time he was fucking me, I was in rapture as they call it. It felt like i had an out of

body experience. I could feel him ripping into me with his cock and manhandling me

like i was his little fuck toy, which i guess i was and i loved every second of it.

I don't know how long it went on, but eventually he pulled out of my and stuck his juicy

cock in my mouth and told me to suck it clean. I was still floating from the ecstasy so I

acted without reserve and went at his cock hard and passionately. His hands were

caressing my tits and roaming all over my body as i know his eyes were. "I just can't

get enough of you beautiful body little girl, you are simply succulent. I moaned at that, I

could never get tired of his voice, of his complements. As i moaned i his cock jerk a

little in my mouth and somehow become fuller, even though i didn't think it could get

any more so. I moaned again at the new sensation of his cock and it reacted again

and I heard him let out a little moan. This renewed my vigor in sucking him off as i

started moaning and humming on his shaft and caressing his balls with one hand and

stroking what didn't fit in my mouth with the other. I felt him start to tense up all over and

he said "I want to cum on your little titties baby." I was kinda disappointed because i

wanted to taste it, but who was i to say no to daddy, so i backed off his cock just as he

started to spray his sweet hot cum all over my face and tits. It was glorious, his warm

jizz felt so good on my breasts that i almost came again. As he finished I stuck his

cock back in my mouth and sucked out the last sweet drops, it was the best cum I'd

ever tasted, i sucked out every last drop and when there was none left I used my

fingers to sc**** up what he sprayed all over me and licked it clean until there was

none left.

When i was done he gave me a long gaze up and down, kissed me on the forehead

and said goodnight.

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2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it for us
3 years ago
very good